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I have concluded that Hubbard wrote Dianetics with a copy of William Sargant's book "Battle for the Mind" in his right hand says Arnie Lerma see article Scientology and Communism

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Just how long would I have to run a small electric current through your body, while telling you things that you wanted to hear, before you became convinced that I held the secrets of the universe?


  E-Meter Papers - Tom Cruise's Erratic Behavior Explained!
Lerma's Endorphin theory is vindicated...

INTRODUCTION:Watch this new video (Feb 15th 2008) on YouTube does a dramatic portrayal of the materials on the E-meter pages. LINKto The E-meter's dirty little secret.

I have been discussing the E-meter - Endorphin theory for thirteen years, and have endured considerable ridicule for even having the idea much less promoting it, I just found some very good news, before we begin, take a look at this definition:

Adj. 1. transcutaneous - through the unbroken skin; refers to medications applied directly to the skin (creams or ointments) or in time-release forms (skin patches); and CSF means Cerebral Spinal Fluid

Now, read these citation from and others: (BOLD emphasis is mine, those who are skimming this material may just read the bolded text..))

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 75, No10, pp. 5170-5172, October 1978 Medical Sciences

Title: Appearance of B-endorphin-like immunoreactivity in human ventricular cerebrospinal fluid upon analgesic electrical stimulation.

"Electrical stimulation led to substantial increases (13- to 20-fold) in immunoreactive material in every subject." "This analgesia bears many of the characteristics of opiate action, including partial reversal with opiate antagonist naloxone, and the development of tolerance to and cross tolerance with morphine." "Most of these reported effects are longlasting, with durations ranging up to several days."

Hosobuchi Y, Adams JE, Linchitz R.

Pain Relief by electrical stimulation of the central grey matter and its reversal by naloxone. "Electrical Stimulation relieved the p[atients pain and was accompanied by an elevartion of CSF endorphin-like substances."

Tseng LF, Loh HH, Li CH: Beta endorphin as a potent analgesic by intravenous injection. Nature 263:239-240, 1976

"The longest acting and most potent endogenous opiate is B-endorphin, which is 30 times more potent on a molar basis than morphine."

Loh HH, Ross DH, (ede): "Neurochemical Mechanisms of Opiates and Endorphins, NT, NY, Raven Press, 1979

"Evidence suggests that B-endorphin is released into the blood by the pituitary gland in response to stressful stimuli."

[Re: stressful stimuli google "Scientology RPF" "Scientology Conditions Formulas" and "Sea Organization"] and, if electic shock is stressful, perhaps even a subliminal, 80 microamp electric shock is a bit stressful?

Neuroscience Letters
Volume 361, Issues 1-3, 6 May 2004, Pages 258-261
Acupuncture and endorphins
Ji-Sheng HanC
Neuroscience Research Institute, Peking University and Key Laboratory of Neuroscience (Peking University), Ministry of Education, 38 Xue-Yuan Road, Beijing 100083, PR China Available online 27 March 2004.

Acupuncture and electroacupuncture (EA) as complementary and alternative medicine have been accepted worldwide mainly for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Studies on the mechanisms of action have revealed that endogenous opioid peptides in the central nervous system play an essential role in mediating the analgesic effect of EA. Further studies have shown that different kinds of neuropeptides are released by EA with different frequencies. For example, EA of 2 Hz accelerates the release of enkephalin, B-endorphin and endomorphin, while that of 100 Hz selectively increases the release of dynorphin.

------------ [Because the E-meter provides DIRECT current, not Alternating Current, it is important to note that by this study of TENS machine use with Acupuncture, that the LOWEST frequency used (2 Hertz) - which is 120 cycles per minute - is closest to the frequency of Direct Current, which is, of course this might infer Direct Current would produce even more Endorphins and endomorphins/i>]

Effect of transcutaneous electrotherapy on CSF beta-endorphin content in patients without pain problems.

* Salar G,
* Job I,
* Mingrino S,
* Bosio A,
* Trabucchi M.

To test the hypothesis of opiate-like peptide release after transcutaneous electrotherapy we measured beta-endorphin cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) content in 13 patients without pain problems. The results indicate a time dependent increase of CSF beta-endorphin in the group of patients studied. This fact suggests that the analgesic properties of the treatment may be ascribed to an involvement of the endogenous opiates system, independently from the basal clinical conditions of the patients.

PMID: 6267542 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

NEW - another citation that specifically mentions electrical stimulation of the peripheral nervous system

Electrical Stimulation, Endorphins, and the Practice of Clinical Psychology
Authors: Ulett G.A.1; Wedding D.2
Source: Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, Volume 10, Number 2, June 2003 , pp. 129-131(3)
Publisher: Springer

Abstract: Recent studies have demonstrated an alternative to drug treatment for patients presenting with anxiety disorders. This new technique involves electrical stimulation of the peripheral nervous system to induce chemical changes in the brain that can support and promote healing. This method was developed in part from studies of ancient Chinese acupuncture, but it is noninvasive and does not require needles, and it does not depend on prescientific rituals or metaphysical theories. Endorphins, natural neuropeptides active in basal brain structures, act upon anxiolytic mu receptors. Solid evidence from fMRI and neurochemical studies show that a simple office procedure involving electrical stimulation can stimulate the expression of endorphins in the brain. Patients have demonstrated symptom relief from this simple adjunctive treatment with a concomitant reduction in dependency on psychotropic medications.

Keywords: endorphins; anxiety; pain; acupuncture; electrical stimulation

Language: English

Document Type: Research article

Affiliations: 1: Missouri Institute of Mental Health, University of Missouri‚, Columbia, School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri; 2: Missouri Institute of Mental Health, University of Missouri Columbia, School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri

When a person is IN PAIN, and he takes opiates, his pain will reduce to tolerable levels..

When person is NOT in pain and they take opiates they will experience EUPHORIA...

Opiates bind at the same receptor sites as the body's natural pain killers called endorphins

Other scams, notably Hulda Clark's ZAPPER, which was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission, uses the same technique, only at a slightly higher voltage. As Scientology was under stress due to bad publicity and the Internet, they actually even increased the current through you body, in their latest models.. They told their members this was to make them more accurate, less prone to extraneous readings...I wondered, if they did this because they read my first speculations, and then used the information, with informed knowledge, as a means to "hold onto their flock", and hold onto Tom Cruise. The legal implications are quite astounding. I wonder if that is why they started setting out "stress-test" tables in shopping centers, to lure in the unsuspecting rubes. This indicates to me that David Miscavige is aware that he is running a scam.

One reader asked me why not hook a nine volt battery to some soup cans, which is basically how Hulda Clark's ZAPPER "worked"

Well, there is also a direct cancer risk.

That is why TEN's pain management devices, give you 1/10th the dose of an e-meter, but supply it in a pulse width modulated means to maximize the endorphin effect while minimizing the destructive, oxidative effects, which result in damage to DNA... It is like X-rays, besides the background X-radiation levels of bright sunlight, the damage from radiation is cumulative, there is lifetime exposure limit before you die of cancer, and strange auto immune diseases, the risk to benefit ratio of such a device must be weighed by a medical professional, and we also have evidence of an inclination of Scientologists to die of cancer and to die young. Further, TEN's machines reverse the current direction, they use alternating current instead of direct current. The dangers from electrolysis induced tissue damage of faradic (direct) current have been known for over 100 years.

There are also reports of a hypnotic effect:

"Regular gentle electrical stimulation in many parts of the brain including the lower part of the reticular formation can change the state of consciousness from alert to sleepy. An electrical band attached to a box is sometimes placed on the victim to produce a hypnotic state." external link

This is worse than the tricks of the Saltimbancoes, Quacksalvers, and Charlatans, who would offer Dr Hubbard's cure-all elixir... whose active ingredients bound to opioid receptors in the brain... (morphine and cocaine), it explains Tom Cruise's "Erratic" behavior....

Erratic behavior is in character
for a junkie or drug addict.

1) Hubbard used unethical hypnotic techniques in his books and auditing, repetition, fallacious argument techniques, combined with Hegelian means of creating agreement - testimonies, and fool one person and use that person as "evidence" to fool the next, the crowd manipulation techniques of Gustave le Bon,and the group dynamics as described by Eric Hoffer's 'True Believer'.., to name a few. More sources Hubbard stole his ideas from ( without attribution so you would think he was quite brilliant ) are HERE.

2) The auditing "therapy", though it does contain some workable elements of Volney Mathesin's "Creative Image Therapy", and psychiatric cognitive therapies, depends upon learned conditioning and implanted expectations and unethical hypnosis techniques. Combine this with the drug effect of the electricity of the E-meter, and it becomes very difficult for the victim to conclude anything else other than SCIENTOLOGY WORKS! ( as long as he does not know this secret ) What more PROOF does he need? The truth is that Electricity has worked since 154 AD, LINK when Scribonius Largus treated a man's leg pain by having him place his feet upon an electric eel!

The problem is,
Electricity has "worked" since 154 AD

But, JUST LIKE MORPHINE, or HEROIN, the effect does not last... and he desperately desires more....consider the criminal convictions of Scientology 'Minister' Reed Slatkin, the Tradenet Blue Laundry ball scam, and the charities fraud cases...these are individual members who had to make enormous amounts of money... to get that next dose of endorphin!

The addiction model should be similar for any two substances that bind at the SAME imagine a person was secretly 'dosed' with just a small amount of pain-killer.. and not told! What would that person think if he was told that he was being given a new miraculous therapy developed by the nuclear physicist L Ron Hubbard??? ( he took one course in atomic theory and received a F as a grade)

In fact Tom Cruise is
addicted to himself.

Tom Cruise's "erratic behavior" is the performance of a narcissistic drug addict.

He is literally addicted to his own body's own endorphins. A runner's "high" is based on the same endorphin 'rush'. If he were to understand what I have written above, he might come to realize why his career is tanking... And that is the trick Hubbard used to create Scientology. Each Scientologist becomes addicted to their own body's endorphins..


And unlike the penniless sea org members who escape with only the clothes on their back.. Tom cruise could do something about the Scientology problem....

He could fund the Tobacco style litigation from hell against Scientology... AND become a real hero, AND rebuild his career!

How long would I have to run a subliminal electric current though your body while telling you things that you wanted to hear before you became convinced that I held the secrets of the universe?

How long did Tom Cruise? Arnie Lerma

About the writer: My father Arnaldo Lerma Anaya founded the largest agricultural University in Mexico, I have three half sisters who all have advanced degrees in molecular biology, genetics. My mother graduated first in her class in Exeter High School in Exeter, Pennsylvania. Because my mother was an identical twin, I have a cousin, who is genetically my half sister, that is a Professor of Biology at Elan University in North Carolina. I am the one who was fooled by Hubbard's lies and joined Scientology, when I was 17 years old, leaving at 28 years of age, I then attended Northern Virginia Community College for their Electronic Technology courses, and was told by my professors that I needed to goto a better school. I have pursued self study in the sciences for 25 years and I have been self employed since 1981, I currently assist and deprogram members recovering from Scientology. I fixed my first television when I was 11, and have been reading Science Newsletter since the age of 13. I am also a retired skydiver with 225 jumps.

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