Title: *** The Emmons Report: Investigative Summary
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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 01:55:52 GMT

There's no name on this document from the Clearwater Police Department,
but I assume that it was authored by Lt. Ray Emmons, since that is what I
requested.  It has been scanned and OCR'd, but not thoroughly edited, so
beware the typo's.




The following is a very brief generalized summary concerning the
investigative effort employed by the Clearwater Police Department
regarding the organization known as Scientology.

Some aspects of this report over periods of time and portions of the
investigation in which members of the U.S. Attorney's Office, The F.B.I.,
The Attorney General's Office of the State of Florida, The State
Attorney's Office in Pinellas County, The Sheriff's Office of Pinellas
County and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement were contacted or
involved.  The agencies mentioned above were involved in the investigation
with the Clearwater Police Department between 21 March 1983 and 28
February 1984.

The investigation took on many facets, the first being examination,
collating and deciphering many Scientology documents.

Another phase of the investigation was interviewing witnesses and
collecting new materials and evidence.

The cultivation of persons both in and out of the Scientology organization
was a priority item.

All three of these phases, the documentation process, the collection of
new evidence, the cultivation of sources was to some degree accomplished.

Most of the documents were deciphered in preparation for court
presentation until it was learned by this writer that the documents in
question would not be used in court proceedings due to their complexity
and difficulty in court procedural presentation.

Two very important witnesses were interviewed concerning fraudulent
statements made about the Founder's background biography and financial
transactions.  Both of these witnesses testified to the incorporation of
shell corporations designed to pay L. Ron Hubbard exorbitant large amounts
of monies.  The witnesses testified to being in possession of documents
and evidence to support their allegations of unlawful inurement to L. Ron
Hubbrd.  These documents are currently under seal in a Los Angeles Court.
The presiding judge in the case in which the documents were sealed laid
down guidelines by which certain investigative bodies could retrieve these
documents.  The Assistant State Attorney assigned to the Scientology case
determined the documents in question were not possible to obtain in
accordance to the criteria for discovery set down by the presiding judge
in the court case in Los Angeles.  This State Attorney determined that at
the very least a grand jury would have to be impaneled to show the
presiding judge in the Scientology vs. Armstrong case, the need for law
enforcement to obtain the documents in question.

This investigator raised several questions concerning the Assistant State
Attorney's rendering and interpretation of Judge Cole's criteria for
'Discovery' to law enforcement.  This investigator called the attorney
representing Gerald Armstrong in the Scientology vs. Armstrong case to gee
her opinion and procedural guidelines in obtaining the documents in
question.  The lawyer in Los Angeles, Julia Dragojevic, told this
investigator a motion would have to be entered into the court system
showing a need for law enforcement in obtaining the documents.  Miss
Dragojevic further stated since the State Attorney's Office has taken a
sworn statement showing the content of the documents and attendant
criminal violations, the motion to obtain the documents would probably
stand a good chance of being entertained in a positive fashion.

This investigator relayed this information on to the Assistant State
Attorney assigned to the Scientology case.

This assistant told this investigator a motion filed by their office to
obtain the documents in question would let the Scientologists know the
State Attorney  is interested in these documents.  The assistant further
stated in all probability, a motion filed by the local State Attorney in
Pinellas County would require several trips to Los Angeles defending the
right of the Pinellas State Attorney to possess copies of these documents.
These documents were never obtained by the Pinellas County State
Attorney's Office.

It should be noted:  This investigator sent the instruction letter from
Mrs. Dragojevic concerning the obtainment of the documents in question in
the Scientology vs. Armstrong case, to the Ontario Provincial police.  On
the 26th of February 1984, I was instructed by Det. Sgt. Al Campini, of
the Ontario Provincial Police, their legal counsel in the Scientology case
was flying to Los Angeles and entering a motion to obtain the
incriminating evidentary documents from the court.  These documents will
be part of the investigation and ultimately the court presentation in the
case of the Province of Ontario vs. Scientology court case.

A discussion of the Canadian investigation will be included in this
summary in a later portion.

The investigative task force housed at the State Attorney's Office from
March 21, 1983 through August 1983 which investigated the activities
mentioned in the preceeding pages of this sunrmary, ultimately was phased
out as productivity was at a standstill.  The documents in the Armstrong
case could not or would not be obtained, the documents explaining
Scientology practices and policies were not going to be used in court due
their complexity and the other investigators assigned to this task force
were constantly being assigned to other assignments not relating to

During this time frame, this investigator contacted representatives from
the Attorney General's Office of the State of Florida regarding the
Scientology investigation.  These attorney's reviewed the documents and
testimonies of witnesses and came to the conclusion any investigation of
Scientology should remain on a local level or a federal level.  The
attorney's from the Attorney General's Office would be willing to
cooperate in helping the local State Attorney's Office with any civil RICO
litigation the State Attorney might want.  In the discussions this
investigator had with these representatives they emphasized the complexity
of the Scientology organization, the immense amount of litigation any
prosecution lawyer might encounter, and the amount of work and manpower
required to prove fraudulent activities.  After this investigator
explained to the Attorney General lawyers the scope of financial
fraudulent activities involved, these lawyers made reference to the
tremendous undertaking a financial investigation would take in form of
manpower, accountants and lawyers.  The Attorney General lawyers told me
if more traditional type RICO violations could be proven such as murder,
extortion, etc., the investigation would be on better standing.

This investigator then consulted with representatives of the U.S.
Attorney's Office in Tampa concerning the Scientology organization.

At the two meetings with the representatives of the U.S. Attorney's
Office, one of these meetings, City Attorney Thomas Bustin was present,
the representatives were not too optimistic about federal involvement in
the investigation.  The federal officials emphasized an investigative
undertaking involving the Scientology organization would have to be
staffed by 2 or more lawyers, accountants, and several investigators. The
investigation would tie up several people for a long extended period of

When this investigator told the federal officials Scientology is a massive
fraud which involved several shell corporations designed to hide money
flows out of the country, the federal officials told Mr. Bustin not to be
too optimistic about federal involvement.  The federal officials told Mr.
Bustin and myself, financial investigations of this magnitude involve a
great deal of court appearances by the prosecution legal staff regarding
subpeonas and bank records.  The federal officials continued to state the
Scientology organization uses the court systems as a tool by issuing
subpoenas for legal staff in various courts across the country in an
attempt to keep prosecution legal staffs tied up in court appearances and
"wear them down".  The federal government did not want to get entangled in
court appearances throughout this country that were time consuming and
costly.  The federal officials also emphasized any prosecutor who takes on
Scientology would have that case alone for 3 to 4 years.  The inference
this investigator gathered by this statement is that careers would come to
a standstill for the period of the investigation into Scientology.

All the prosecution staffs of the State Attorney's Office, the Attorney
General's Office of the State of Florida and the U.S. Attorney's Office
were cautious about the Ist Amendment rights and did not want to approach
anything in the Scientology investigation which might be deemed as

Federal prosecutors told this writer any investigation of Scientology
would have to include as members of the investigative staff 2 to 3
lawyers, 2 to 3 accountants and several investigators.  The federal
attorney's told both Mr. Bustin and myself it was doubtful the superiors
in Washington would approve of any such expenditures at this time. The
federal prosecutor told usr Mr. Bustin and myself, he would be in contact
with us at a later date with an answer to the federal involvement with the
Scientology case.

It should be noted:  The federal prosecutor conducting this meeting was
extremely critical of the investigative effort employed by the
Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's Office regarding the Scientology
investigation.  He particularly took note of the fact, a lawyer or lawyers
were not assigned on a fulltime basis, no accountants and a limited
investigative staff was operating.

Also this prosecutor did not give Mr. Bustin and myself a definite NO as
to federal involvement in the investigation of Scientology.  He did,
however, state for us not to be too optimistic concerning federal
involvement.  I told the prosecutor I was intending to travel to Ontario,
Canada and review the documents and case preparation put together by the
Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Crown Attorneys in their case
against Scientology.  The prosecutor told me not to bother with the trip
to Canada as it probably wouldn't make any difference in the federal
government's position on Scientology.  During all the meetings conducted
with the federal prosecutor, this investigator emphasized the need for
federal involvement due to the tremendous amounts of monies being
transferred from one Scientology corporate shell to another Scientology
corporate shell and ultimately to foreign banks.  The Clearwater Police
Department does not have the capability to trace and track monies
throughout this country and foreign countries.

The last meeting with the federal prosecution staff of the U.S. Attorney's
Office, Florida Federal Middle District was held on 29 September 1983. To
date we (meaning any official of the City of Clearwater) have not received
a reply from the U.S. Attorney's concerning federal involvement in a total
investigation into the Scientology organization and its attendant
fraudulent practices.



On or about 20 December 1983, I was contacted by a private attorney
concerning the following information:

The private attorney told me he had a witness who could provide
infor~ation concerning a covert operation involving a federal judge.  The
private lawyer further stated the Scientology organization paid in excess
of $200,000 to a private investigator to conduct the operation.  The
purpose of the operation was to entrap and compromise a federal judge who
was presiding over a federal civil case.

I contacted a federal prosecutor concerning the information provided to me
by the private lawyer.  The prosecutor was aware of the situation and was
also contacted by the private lawyer.

The federal prosecutor told this investigator his office would be handling
the investigation.

Apparently after the reporting of the first covert operation involving the
federal judge, it was discovered the Scientology organization had
conducted another covert operation involving the same private
investigators and involving local businessmen:  refer to attached
newspaper accounts.

This investigator contacted the federal prosecutor involved in the federal
judge case and asked him if the City of Clearwater could conduct the
second investigation concerning covert operations involving Scientology
operatives and local Clearwater businessmen.  The prosecutor told this
investigator both covert operations conducted by Scientology would be
investigated by the U.S. Xttorney's Office with the aid of the F.B.i.

The reason this investigator asked the federal prosecutor about local
participation stems from the news article concerning the covert operation
against the local businessmen.  in this news article, attachment A, the
lawyer for the Scientology organization made the following comments:

"Johnson acknowledged, however, that church attorneys paid detectives to
uncover what the church believed was a City conspiracy to deprive the
church of its rights."

Three private investigators used a yacht and the cover story about the
wealthy foreign investors to carry out their inquiry, he said.

Johnson would not confirm or deny whether the yacht contained hidden
microphones and cameras but said no drugs or prostitutes were on board.

The investigators successfully obtained evidence of a conspiracy said
Johnson, a former Hillsborough County State Attorney.

Based on this news article and the fact the attorney for the Scientology
organization would not confirm or deny the use of monitoring equipment in
an attempt to obtain evidence of a community conspiracy this investigator
felt violations of Florida State Statutes, Chapter 934, entitled, Security
of Communications, may have been violated.

This investigator contacted an investigator from the State Attorney's
Office who made the same inquiry as this writer to the federal prosecution
staff.  The investigator told this writer the U.S. Attorney's Office would
handle the investigation in total including the covert operation against
the local businessmen.

This investigator then called the F.B.I. agent who was assigned the
investigation.  This agent toldthis investigator he would be out of town
and would not start the investigation until he returned. This conversation
took place on the Ist of February 1984.

On the Ist of March, this investigator was contacted by the F.B.I. agent
assigned to the federal judge case.  The F.B.I. agent told this
investigator he would begin interviews of persons involved in the covert
operations.  I asked the agent if his investigation would include
interviewing the local businessmens' case as well as the federal judge
case.  The agent wasn't sure if his investigation would encompass the
local businessmen.  It was apparent by the agent comments no investigative
work was conducted from the time the covert operations were reported until
the Ist of March 1984.  This time frame is from around 20 December 1983 or
a total of 70 days.

On or about the 7th of February 1984, this investigator cultivated a
potential witness who could testify to large sums of monies going to L.
Ron Hubbard through shell corporations.  This investigator contacted a
federal prosecutor concerning the witness's possible testimony.  The
prosecutor gave this investigator permission to interview the witness and
report back to him any information relating to the covert operation
involving the federal judge.

This investigator contacted an Assistant State Attorney from the Pinellas
State Attorney's Office.  The witness's lawyer wanted a Contract of
Immunity for the witness in exchange for her cooperation.  After many
days, the State Attorney's Office agreed to giving the witness a verbal
statement which would constitute a Contract of Immunity for the testimony
she would give.

The witness came to Clearwater and testified from 25th of February through
the 27th of February concerning practices and activities that are criminal
in nature.  Attending this meeting were officers and an accountant from
the Ontario Provincial Police Department and the Ontario Crown Attorney's
Office.  The witness testified to the following information:

L. Ron Hubbard is still in control of virtually every facet of Scientology
management and organizational command despite the fact he supposedly
resigned from church operations in 1966.

L. Ron Hubbard rules the Scientology world through a handful of selected

The statements from top management of Scientology is that the organization
is a business not a religion.

In 1972 a shell corporation was designed and enacted whereby L. Ron
Hubbard would receive massive funds from the Church of Scientology
accounts for foreign students coming to Clearwater, Florida to further
their Scientology studies.

(As can be shown by this statement:  This practice innuring L. Ron Hubbard
has taken another avenue.  Both witnesses interviewed in March 1983
concerning financial gains by L. Ron Hubbard testified to shell
corporations designed for only one purpose, payment to L. Ron Hubbard.)

The witness testifying in February of 1984 further told investigators and
prosecutors I. Ron Hubbard was given the title of Consultant and Director
and he billed one of the shell corporations for services he did not

L. Ron Hubbard maintains staff persons of the Church of Scientology for
his own personal needs and projects.  These staff members were paid by the
Church of Scientology and whatever profits from the projects and services
were derived by L. Ron Hubbard.  The Church of Scientology of California
paid expenses for:

A.  Consulting services by L. Ron Hubbard.

B.  The staff and household expenses of L. Ron Hubbard and his family as
well as to his personal office for research projects.

C.  The cost of research assisted by Church of Scientology personnel while
aboard the ship "Apollo"

D.   Facilitating L. Ron Hubbard in getting books and materials published
through church and the publications organization.

E.  Numerous projects initiated by L. Ron Hubbard, which then had to be
substantiated in board minutes and funded. Such projects included:

1.  Security advise and security checking the government of Morocco.

2.   Exploration (never conducted).

3.  Musical research and the creation of records.

4.  Movies -- Director's fees and script writing.

5.  Tape cassettes


Non-U.S. Scientology "Churches" forward funds to RRF along the finance

A Flag banking officer was appointed in almost every Scientology "Org" and
was paid locally.  The bank officer would forward monies collected from
students into a Sea Org Reserve accounts. These Sea Org Reserve accounts
were represented to Scientology members to be just that, reserve accounts
for the use in furthering Scientology.  In actuality, most of the monies
deposited in the Sea Org accounts were then transferred to shell
corporations and then to L. Ron Hubbard's personal accounts in Luxemburg
and Liechtenstein.

Exorbitant billings were made to local orgs from Flag Headquarters
(Clearwater, Florida) to facilitate more payments to "Sea Org Reserve"
accounts and ultimately to L. Ron Hubbard.

The shell corporations were made quite prosperous by these payments "up
the lines" for services never rendered.

Example of how the financial network operates:

A public Scientologist may wish to go to "Flag", the Scientology training
headquarters, to take what would be considered in the Scientology world,
the creme of services and courses.  They would pay in advance at their
local Scientology orgs for the trip to Flag and these monies would go into
the shell corporations accounts while the services were delivered by the
Church of Scientology members and staff.  The Church of Sciencology would
have to absorb all expenses of training and services while L. Ron Hubbard
reaps most of the proceeds.

The amount of money delivered to L. Ron Hubbard's personal accounts is
around $200 million dollars.

The witness further stated the practice of routing monies through shell
corporations to L. Ron Hubbard exists today.  The names of the shell
corporations have changed but the "game" is still the same.

The witness can also testify to being in charge of an operation whose
duties were to justify payments to L. Ron Hubbard, manufactured back
billings for services not rendered.  The duties of the witness also
included finding ways to legitimize fraudulent activities.

This investigator is currently in contact with attorneys for potential
witnesses who can provide information concerning covert operations
conducted by the Scientology at the bidding of the Scientology management
including its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.  Other potential witnesses can
verify financial transactions to L. Ron Hubbard, some of which took place
in Clearwater, Florida.

Potential witnesses can provide not only verbal evidence but in some cases
documentation and tape recordings in which the management of Scientology
openly discuss fraudulent transfers of monies and discuss these operations
in these terms.


The Ontario Provincial Police Department and the Ontario Crown Attorney's
Office begin the investigation into the Scientology organization and more
specifically in the practices of the Scientology organization in Toronto
in 1980 with the following allocation of manpower.

The investigation into Scientology began in 1980 with the assignment of 6
fulltime police officers.

In February of 1981 another fulltime police officer was assigned.

In March of 1983, a search warrant was conducted utilizing 129 police
officers.  904 boxes of materials were seized.  Much of this material
deals with financial transactions which pass through Flag Headquarters in
Clearwater, Florida on its way to L. Ron Hubbard's private bank coffers.

Two more fulltime police officers were assigned to the investigation on a
fulltime basis in March of 1983.

Five more police officers were assigned to the investigative process in
March of 1983.

In August of 1983, 7 more police officers were assignedto the

In July of 1983 an accounting firm was retained:  4 accountants assigned
cost $250,000.

The total cost of the Canadian operation is unknown at this time.  Total
officers assigned to the Scientology investigation:

	15 Officers 
	3 Supervisors 
	4 Accountants 
	4 Crown Attorneys

The thrust of the Canadian investigation is to prove the Scientology
organization is a massive criminal enterprise designed to fraudulently
induce adherents to take Scientology courses and monies for these courses
and services are received by a few top Scientologists, notably L. Ron

To show L. Ron Hubbard is not entitled to any fees for trademarks and
copyrights as he resigned from the Scientology organization in 1966.

To show L. Ron Hubbard collects fees for services not rendered through
shell corporations.  These amounts of monies represent in excess of $200
million dollars.

The adherents of Scientology are lead to believe monies paid into the
Scientology organization are for the furtherance of Scientology. The
adherents are not told L. Ron Bubbard receives about 50% of all monies
generated in the Scientology world.

The Canadian authorities have actively investigated the financial flows of
monies and the practices of Scientology since 1980.  Most of their
investigation centers around the Flag Headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.


The future investigation of the Scientology organization is contingent on
a variety of variables:

1.   Any investigation of Scientology has to be a joint federal, state and
local endeavor, with the proper number of investigators assigned.
Equipment, clerical staff and professional help such as lawyers and
accountants are extremely important.

2.  The total staff committed to any investigative effort would have to be
trained in Scientology practices, policies and procedures.

3.  The selection of an investigative staff would be based on each
individual assigned having demonstrated by past experience a total
commitment in tackling virtually impossible ventures.  The persons
assigned to this type of investigation would have to have a scholarly
background and on an individual basis, willing to take on extreme
challenges.  It cannot be overemphasized that an investigation such as
Scientology must be staffed with the proper amount of people who possess
the expertise in the various aspects of investigative/prosecution steps,
or the investigation of this organization is merely prefunctionary in

4.  Money should be no object.  If the scope of the investigation of
Scientology is predicated on a limited budget expenditure that is
conservative, the investigation should not conrnence.

5.  The U.S. Constitution was conceived to protect the citizens of this
country, and not for individuals to hide behind.  Determinations
concerning the possible court challenges and problems involving First
Amendment provisions should be made in court.  Prosecutors shy away from
possible court challenges because they are time consuming and the
possibility of winning these challenges is a 50/50 proposition.

If the prosecutor is well-versed in Constitutional law or is willing to
educate himself in these areas, he or she should not be hesitant in taking
court challenges on a win-or-lose basis. We will never know if we can win
in court until we try.

Possible future avenues of ultimate prosecution of Scientology are as

1.  The Ontario Provincial Police are currently engaged in collating and
cataloging boxes of material seized in the execution of a search warrant
of the Toronto org.  (A total of 904 legal size boxes of material was
seized.)  This process is very time consuming and will probably not be
completed until April or May of 1984.  Some of the documents seized in the
aforementioned search warrant are referenced back to the International
Flag Headquarters of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida.  A determination
has not been made as to the scope of possible criminal violations
emanating or directed from International Flag Headquarters located in
Clearwater, Florida.

2.  The Federal government, i.e., federal prosecutors and the F.B.I., have
not formally refused to be involved in the investigation of Scientology.
In all the discussions with federal officials, these officials have stated
not to be too optimistic about federal involvement; however, a final
review of the Scientology case has not been conducted by the Justice
Department in Washington, D. C.

4.   The Consumer Affairs Division of the City of New York are currently
engaged in an investigation of SCIENTOLOGY, exact status, unknown.


The SCIENTOLOGY organization has been in existence since 1952 and in
Clearwater since 1975.  Since its inception, SCIENTOLOGY has flourished
and prospered despite setbacks in Australia, France and in 1977,
Washington, D. C.

Many governments throughout this country have expressed an interest about
SCIENTOLOGY and its practices and these governments have launched local
inquiries into this organization.  The conclusions of these independent
investigations have also been the same, an open investigation without a
definitive direction or purpose.

The SCIENTOLOGY organization is a multi-faceted, extremely complex
organization, purposefully designed to encumber any one investigation
conducted on a local level.  Added to this encumbrance is the fact
SCIENTOLOGY claims to be a religion and therefore, protected under the
provisions of the first amendment.  The SCIENTOLOGY organization exploits
every opportunity to hide behind their so called religious status.  This
posture is epitomized by a SCIENTOLOGY document entitled, Level O
Checklist.  In the Level O Checklist, instructions are given to
SCIENTOLOCY members who are approached by medical doctors while these
members are attempting to employ SCIENTOLOGY methods and practices to
patients in hospitals and nursing homes.  The Instructional Guide states
the SCIENTOLOGY member is to claim religious status when approached by a
medical doctor if the doctor is disturbed or displeased with the
SCIENTOLOGISTS administering medical treatment to the patient.  If the
SCTENTOLOGY Member is arrested, a lawyer will be provided immediately and
a suit is to be instituted in excess of $100,000 against the doctor and
anyone else that it might be advantageous to sue for violating the
SCIENTOLOGIST'S first amendment rights in practicing religion on the

As can be shown by this one rendering of a simple document, Level O
Checklist, the SCIENTOLOGY organization has prepared itself against
outside intrusions regarding its practices.  In the Level O Checklist, the
instructions are for SCZENTOLOGY members to safeguard against inquiries
about the quasi medical practices veiled to assume religious connotations.
The SCIENTOLOGY Organization and L. Ron Hubbard have authored hundreds of
documents and policies which are all designed to protect SCIENTOLOGY from
investigation and ultimately, prosecution.  One of the operations of
SCIENTOLOGY is to engage in harassing law suits designed to forestall and
negate any inquiry into their practices.  This coupled along with other
SCIENTOLOGI practices Of "Fair Game", "Attack the attacker", "The Black PR
Doctrine", (which is designed to find out damaging information about
SCIENTOLOGY detractors and make this information public), and other
SCIENTOLOGY practices designed to protect this organization at all costs
causes a great deal of concern among potential investigators and
prosecutors.  As shown in the investigative portion of the report,
prosecutors are reluctant to properly investigate and prosecute the
SCIENTOLOGY organization for some of the reasons mentioned above.  Also,
new prosecutors know from previous experience relayed to them by
investigators and prosecutors that have attempted to investigate
SCIENTOLOGY, a large legal staff is necessary to answer subpoenas in
various parts of the Country and file motions for Discovery of Evidence in
other parts of the Country.

Various prosecutors have expressed Court appearances as a large problem
when conducting a meaningful investigation and prosecution of SCIENTOLOGY.

The SCIENTOLOGY organization is a large, complex corporation with many,
many sub-corporations inclusive into its structure.  Once again, this
corporation and sub-corporate designs were devised to hamper any
investigation into SCIENTOLOGY practices.  A particular problem associated
with this organization and its many corporations, is the tracing and
tracking of financial flows of monies and credits.  The organization has
many bank accounts throughout the world (mostly in European Banks) that
are virtually impossible to monitor without the aid of Federal assistance.
A local investigator or prosecutor in Florida does not have the
wherewithal to flow a financial investigation from beginning to end
because money transfers within SCIENTOLOGY are done on an interstate basis
and from Country to Country.

In summation, the investigation of SCIEBTOLOCY should take on the
propertions displayed by our law enforcement brothers of the Ontario
Provincial Police in Toronto, Canada or an overall investigation should
not begin. In this report, an accounting of men and materials to date that
has been committed to the investigation or a single SCIENTOLOGY ORG is
included for your review.

In 1977, the F.B.I. arrested Michael Meisner for Burglary of a.Government
Office.  A Grand Jury was impaneled in Washington, D. C., and indictments
were handed down for the arrest of eleven SCIENTOLOGISTS, including Mary
Sue Hubbard.  A search warrant was executed on the SCIENTOLOGY ORG in
Washington, D. C.   This search warrant yielded volumes of SCIENTOLOGY
policies, practices and rules in document forms.  Of particular interest
was information seized pertaining to burglaries, extortion and other

The documents were in the form of Guardian Office Operations such as
Operation Taco-less, Operation Keeler I and Keeler ZI, Operation Choke,
Operations against the news media in Pinellas County and the Operation
against Paulette Cooper.  All these documents came to the attention of
both the Federal and local law enforcement agencies without results. The
ideal time for a complete investigation into illegal SCIENTOLOGY practices
would have been immediately after the revelation of these before mentioned
documents in 1977-78-79; before the Statute of Limitations took effect
over the attendent crimes mentioned in the seized


The City of Clearwater and the Clearwater Police Department are placed
into the position of investigating Vislations of the Criminal Statutes by
SCIENTOLOGY members on a case by case basis because of manpower
restrictions.  Any future criminal violations should be referred to the
State Attorney's Office on case by case basis as mentioned before.  A
total investigation of the policies and practices of SCIENTOLOGY is
completely out of the question when this investigation is conducted on a
local level.

Violations that are affected by the Charitable Solicitation Ordinance
should be referred to the City Attorney's Office after mechanisms for
referral have been instituted.

The records and files contained at the Clearwater Police Department should
be available to any authorized law enforcement agency or governmental body
investigating SCIENTOLOGY.

The investigation of the practices of SCIENTOLOGY should be a complete
investigative effort, properly staffed and with the conviction prosecution
is possible or not attempted at all.

In closing, I have submitted a newspaper article which appeared in the St.
Petersburg Times on Sunday, November 20, 1983.  This article is a
follow-up concerning the Rev. Jones and the Jonestown suicides.  The
portions of the article which should be noticed are set apart by

The purpose of this report is not to harbor ill will amongst the law
enforcement prosecution agencies in Florida.  The purpose of this report
is to unite all agencies together to investigate and bring this large
complex criminal organization to justice.

I use the concept of the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee as my
guide in asking for a joint committment of the various criminal justice
systems to ferret out information concerning a criminal conspiracy to
defraud within the Scientology organization.  The attached letter from
Robert W. Merkle, the U.S. Attorney, explains the concept of L.E.C.C. and
how the various agencies of the criminal justice system can coordinate and
combat a common foe:  Organized Crime.


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