Another Death at Scientology's Mysterious compound in Hemet California

for background about Scientology's Hemet facility I suggest you read:

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Articles and tips concerning this incident will be listed in date order,
with first articles appearing here with tidbits as we get them.

                 Coroner's Log

Coroner's File Number:     2000-3477
Name of Deceased:          UNIDENT FEMALE
Sex/Age of Deceased:       FEMALE
City of Residence:
Date/Time of Death:        06/25/2000 @ 1111 HOURS
Date/Time of Injury:       06/25/2000
Next of Kin Notified (Y/N):YES
Agency Investigating:      RSO- HEMET
                           IN UNDERGROUND ELECTRICAL
                           VAULT-SUSPECTED ACCIDNTAL

                                Hemet Station
                                PRESS RELEASE

Date/Time Written: 06/26/2000 9:15 A.M.
Type of Incident: Accidental Death
Date/Time of Incident: 06/15/2000 10:30 A.M.
Location of Incident 19625 Hwy 79, San Jacinto, CA.
Reporting Officer: Senior Deputy Moquin
File Number: DR00177018

Details: On Sunday, June 25, 2000, at about 11:10 A.M., deputies
assigned to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department-Hemet
Station, responded to the 19600 of Hwy 79, San Jacinto, in
reference to a report of an Industrial Accident.

Deputies discovered an unidentified female had descended into a
10'x10'x 8'deep underground electric vault located on the north
side of the property. While inside the vault, the victim came in
contact with a 7200-volt wire connecting two transformers and
was instantly electrocuted. The identity of the victim is being
withheld pending positive identification through dental records.

As a result of the accident, the Department of Industrial
Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal
/OSHA) was contacted and responded an investigator to the scene
to conduct a parallel investigation. The Coroner responded to
the scene and is continuing the investigation.

REFER: Senior Deputy Robert Moquin Hemet Station-909-791-3400

6/26/00 The Press Enterprise   Inland Empire Section

Site is near San Jacinto  By Claire Vitucci  (Press Enterprise)
A church of Scientolog member was electrocuted in a bizarre accident Sunday
morning in an underground vault at the church's film studio north of San
Jacinto, authorities said.

The woman's identity was not released Sunday, She was a woman in her 20s who
had been a church member for 2 1/2 years, said Riverside County sheriff's
spokeswoman Lisa McConnell.  The girl was a production company crew memeber
at Golden Era Studios, which produces promotional and training films for the

Firefighters  were called to the scene about 10:15 a.m., said Riverside
County fire Capt. Tim Chavez. "When we arrived we found a woman electrocuted
in a below-ground level vault, obviously dead," Chavez said, adding she was
badly burned.

Firefighters called sheriff's deputies, who arrived about ll:10 a.m.,
McConnell said.

Ken Hoden, the manager of Golden Era Studios said he believes the woman was
trying to figure out why a squirrel had died in the vault weeks earlier.
The woman loved animals and had a squirrel as a pet, he said, and was
saddened by the death of a squirrel that had ventured into the vault.  He
said he did not know how the squirrel had died.

The woman  had worked in maintenance and grounds but was not on duty at the
time of the accident, Hoden said.

"It's a tragic accident, : Hoden said. " We feel very bad for her family and
her  husband.  She was just a lovely person and we're going to miss her." 
Her name was withheld until her family could be notified, he said.
The entrance of the vault was a ground-level manhole, Chavez said.  The room
underneath was about 20 feet by 20 feet and contained four transformers
inside, he said.

The woman slipped on some oil and hit some wires, McConnel said.  the woman
was discovered by a security guard who is also a church memeber, she said. 
The vault was on the extreme north end of the site near a water tank and some
construction work, Chavez said.

The manhole cover, estimated to be about l inch thick, was next to the vault

Firefighters were working throughout the afternoon to cut all power to the
vault and set up a winch and rope system to retrieve the woman.
The woman was removed about 4 p.m. authorities said.
About a month earlier, construction work outside the film studio led to a
fatal accident.

A l6 year old San Jacinto girl was killed in a tragic collision May l7 when
she collided with a trator that was doing work for the studio.
The California Highway Patrol said no warning lights, flares or construction
workers were on the road to guide motorists around the tractor.  There are no
street lights in the area.

A day later, the San Jacinto City Council approved the Church of
Scientology's proposal to realign Highway 79 away from its film studio. Under
the plan the high way would be rerouted south along Sanderson Avenue and east
along the expressway to State Street.  The realignment is temporqary until
Riverside County settles on a new route for the highway.   

Staff reporter James Nash, contributed to this report.
End article

Webmaster's comment - if anybody believes Hoden's story, then Scientology has a bridge to sell you

6/27 HEMET NEWS  --RIVERSIDE ENTERPRISE   Woman's death probed by state

She was killed in a transformer vault at Scientology film studio
By Rich Saskel  Staf Writer

State work-safety officials are investigating the electrocution of a Church
of Scientology member at the film studio near San Jacinto.
The  young woman, whose identity has not been released, died Sunday in an
underground transformer vault, according to the Riverside County Sheriff's

She apparently died instantly after contacting a 7,200 volt wire connecting
two transformers in the l0-foot by l0-foot by 8-foot vault, the Sheriff's
Department reported.

"The individual was very badly burned  and visual identification was
impossible,"said Senior Deputy Robert Moquin.
She worked for  Golden Era Productions, which produces education and training
films for the Church of Scientology.

The general manager, Ken Hoden, said the woman, interested in helping
animals, was concerned about the death of a squirrel in the vault a few weeks
earlier, went to investigate and, apparently, fell on the wires.
California Division of Occupational Safety and Health  plans to investigate
and said spokesman Dean Fryer.
"We need to look into  such things as whether she was properly trained to
enter such an area, as to whether there are employees that are properly
trained, as to whether there are proper signs to place warning of high
voltage," Fryer said.

"This is purely a tragic accident," Hoden said.
Moquin said the Sheriff's Department investigation is in the hands of the
coroner's office, which is charged with confirming the victim's
identification through dental records and investigating other possible causes
of death.

An autopsy is scheduled for today.
Scientology's skeptics raised questions about the death.
"You wouldn't be allowed to be wandering around out there," said Stacy
Brooks, who described herself as having been a Scientologist for l5 years
including some time at Golden Era, before leaving in l989.

Brooks is president of the Lisa McPherson Trust, a Scientology watchdog group.
"These people watch you every minute. It's just not [possible to believe Hoden's claim ] knowing  how things
work out there, that she was just wandering around taking care of baby
squirrels," Brooks said.

Hoden questioned the motives of anyone questioning the accident .
"It was an accident.  Accidents happen," he said. "It was investigated by the
sheriff's office."

Scientologist accident victim is identified

The 20-year-old Hemet woman died after she fell in a transformer vault.

By Karin Marriott The Press-Enterprise June 28, 2000

A woman killed on the Church of Scientology's film studio grounds near San Jacinto is 20-year-old Hemet resident Stacey Myer, according to the county coroner. She apparently was electrocuted when she fell in a transformer vault at Golden Era Productions north of San Jacinto, said Riverside Countysheriff's spokeswoman Perri Feinstein-Portales. "Her autopsy was performed today," Feinstein-Portales said Tuesday. "Rightnow the cause of death is still pending, however, there is nothing toindicate ... she died at the hands of another."

The cause of Myer's death will not be confirmed until toxicology reportsare received, which could take about eight weeks, Feinstein-Portales said. The young woman's body was badly burned in the accident. The state is also investigating a number of safety issues, including whether employees at Golden Era were properly trained and if warnings wereposted about high voltage.

The state Division of Occupational Safety and Health spokesman, DeanFryer, said the agency expects the investigation may be done within threemonths. Fryer said the state will look into how the woman got into the underground electrical vault where she died.

The young woman was a member of the church and worked in landscaping andmaintenance, Golden Era General Manager Ken Hoden said. The studio produces promotional and training films for the church. Hoden said he spoke to the woman the day before the accident. At that time, she was trying to catch squirrels and put them in a cage so she could move them to another area. One squirrel had been killed when it ventured into the vault, he said.

The entrance of the 8-foot-deep vault was a ground-level manhole. Myer slipped on oil and died instantly after hitting a 7,200-volt wire, according to authorities. She was discovered by a Golden Era security guard. If the film studio is in violation of state safety rules, Fryer said, fines can range from a few hundred dollars to $25,000.

Karin Marriott can be reached by phone at (909) 487-5230 or by e-mail

Staff writer Katie Ismael contributed to this report.

My commentary? : . These scumbags that "duplicate source" are under indictment for "inducement to suicide" ... if they wanted to get rid of this girl, they might have forced her down in that hole, without a light, then pulled up the ladder, then waited for the sparks to fly. What appears to be an industrial accident sure beats anything that appears to be induced suicide. This makes more sense and is more in character than the pet squirrel shore story. Arnie Lerma
more soon


"I once told a bill collector what and who we were and that he had
wronged a good person and a half hour later he threw a hundred grains
of Veronal down his throat and was lugged off to hospital, a suicide."
[HCOB 31 Dec. 1959 "Blow-offs"]

This quote amazes me on many levels. First, it's a case where
Hubbard meets someone and the result of that meeting is the person's
death. Secondly, why would Hubbard write about this? Was he proud of
it? Third, is he trying to threaten people who go against his
organization with death? I'd like to hear how Scientologists interpret this statement by
Hubbard. {Question by Jeff Jacobsen }