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"...Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy... censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives." --Robert A. Heinlein, -If This Goes On

May 25, 2005

Creed Pearson's children when younger, from My story of leaving Scientology

Discovering Scientology’s Greatest Secrets
& Why I Was Silenced
Part One
by Creed J. Pearson

Also Issued as
Creed Pearson’s Doubt Formula
And Suppressive Person Declare

To those who care:

Before I begin this rather lengthy expose’, I would like the reader to read the "affirmations” of L. Ron Hubbard written in 1947. These are also known as the “admissions.” It was only after reading these and continuing my research that I was able to finally come out of doubt for real. These are not OT levels and are not confidential. To read these, see Gerry Armstrong's web pages HERE. If you are in a hurry, please keep reading.

I have lost three children that I have loved and nurtured for two decades, as a result of the church’s policy of "disconnection". I am hopeful that this report is passed along and one day reaches them, so that they will learn the truth of why I have been silenced.

Creed Pearson before Scientology

I began Scientology in 1979 and formally left the organization in February 2005. For brevity, let’s start with where I began to look and move forward to how I arrived at the truth.

I arrived at Flag (the main technical delivery center in Clearwater, Florida) as a grade IV completion (one step away from Clear – a being without his own reactive mind). I was given the message right before my first Dianetics session that, “the case supervisor just wants to check a few things on your grades first before you can begin.”

This turned out to be a falsehood. I wound up burning up $60,000 of unnecessary auditing (counseling) and was only getting ready to finish the second lowest of the five levels that I had already completed. Frustrated, I walked out. The actions had clearly been out-tech (nonstandard procedure).

Two weeks later Inspector General Network Bulletin Number 39, entitled “Your Progress to OT (Arbitraries Cancelled)” Dated 6 June 99 came out and stated what I had been saying all along. "Moving one down the bridge instead of up is wrong."

Flag was inundated at the time with auditors coming in to do their “golden age of tech” training. I had lots of money on account and there were auditors (counselors) who needed people for the grades. It was an effort to procure new public to audit. Why bother with it when there were people like me that had money on account already? In my mind, that was why there were arbitraries. Once all the auditors were trained, Religious Technology Center (RTC) could stop cannibalizing pre-existing Flag public and move on, hence “Arbitraries Cancelled.”

Picture by Creed Pearson while at Flag

Needless to say, I was a bit upset at being programmed almost all the way down the bridge, especially when I had previously obtained all the end phenomenon (desired results) of the grade levels in Tampa and had worked damn hard at it. I had wasted nearly $60,000 at Flag (the main technical center, also called “The Mecca of Technical Perfection”); the money was spent on needless actions, protests, and on in-session cramming. I was to waste another $50,000 or more on unnecessary actions in the years to come.

The bulletin “Arbitraries Cancelled” was to me an incomplete liability formula on RTC’s part. Recognition of not doing one’s job or being guilty of betrayal after trust is only the first step of taking responsibility. There was never any second step taken. This step is “amends” (making up the damage). Thus, it was rip-off exchange. This is the exchange of con men and criminals.

Of course, per L Ron Hubbard, all upsets stem from missed withholds {hidden transgression}. So I was “the who,” not anyone else.

Eventually I returned only to have more out-tech and arbitrary sec checks a few years later. In between this I managed to actually do what I came to do. I completed the false purpose rundown for the third time, went “Clear”, and finished L-11, a high level costing between $8,000 and $10,000 an intensive (a 12 ½ hour block of time). Finally, I took a break. I was away for a while.

One day, I decided to come in for a briefing by my C/S (case supervisor, the guy who looks over the counseling reports). The briefing was only two minutes long. It was really just a means to get me back in session. After the briefing, I had a Director of Processing (D of P) interview on the e-meter (a device where one holds a soup can in each hand and a small electric current is passed through one’s body. The meter’s needle shows electrical resistance. There are various needle reactions that occur when one is interviewed). Anyway, I had my wedding ring on at the time. Rings can cause false undesirable needle reactions called “rock slams” (slashing wild uncontrolled needle reactions). Whether this happened or not, I do not know. Rock Slams are supposed to indicate evil intentions.

The Director of Processing had not checked my hands, as per standard procedure. I didn’t notice the ring on my finger until I was driving home. My ring is tight and requires a tremendous effort to take off. I always put it in my wallet during sessions. Anyway, I called straight away to let him know.

I was called in the next day for an interview and again I told them that he had forgotten to check my ring finger. For some reason he may not have relayed this information - or perhaps the C/S didn’t care. So, I began a round of security checks. Scientology's 'security check' is done using an E-meter. This procedure is not confidential. They can pass it on to whomever. There is no priest pentient confidentiality...Hubbard used such data for control,

It is possible that someone in the church wanted data on my brother Jimmy, who had concurrently left the Sea Org. He had been on the Rehabilitation Force program for three years.

Jimmy  and Louise Pearson


Above: My brother and sister are sitting side by side

The auditor and C/S were never satisfied that I was clean and kept on with endless auditing. These sec checks were supposed to handle the “black PR.” resulting from me being upset with RTC. The only problem was, at that time, I wasn’t spreading any black PR.

I eventually withdrew from my last session and told my auditor that I had enough out-tech and arbitraries and advised her to put a red tag {meaning session did not end well} on my folder. I stated that the last month of auditing was totally unnecessary and out-tech. All that would have been needed is to have gone over any concerns in a D of P interview. I started to get up to leave and my auditor insisted that we finish the session. So, we did.

creed pearson image ex scientologist tells it all

The next day I was given a statement from the C/S “We understand that you do not agree with this programming and that you find it unnecessary. We are therefore going to audit you on a different program.” I said, “listen, I have been telling you for weeks that I only came in to hear the C/S. It was never my intention to come here for auditing. That I had a wedding ring on my finger during my D of P interview, was never acknowledged.”

I later returned to Flag and was put on an ethics program. I had to listen to "The State of Man Congress" for the fourth time. While listening, I noticed significant out-points. One in particular can be found on page 70 of the 1992 transcript, copywriter by L Ron Hubbard Library. In the tape entitled "Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments" Ron lectures the following:

"I remember vividly when I charged up Bunker Hill - just - what's this all about? I was going to withold that."  

"No, my overt act (crime, contra-survival action) against the American Government comes about with killing your favorite general, fellow by the name of Prescott, in the Battle of Breeds Hill, 1775. I wasn't even a combatant. The rebels made a mistake of killing a friend of mine who was part of the British troops."


Now here is the problem. The glossary of that same issue on page 153 states, "Prescott:  William Prescott (1726-1795) American soldier in the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). He was commander of a body of men that were ordered to fortify Bunker Hill. Prescott, however, decided to fortify Breeds Hill since it commanded the town more effectively. As soon as the British saw the Americans in position on the morning of June 17, 1775, they opened fire, especially training their muskets on Prescott himself. Several bullets pierced his clothing but he paid no attention to them. His extraordinary coolness under fire inspired his men, and he is remembered as the major hero of the battle. See also Bunker Hill in this glossary. No, my overt act against the American government comes about with the killing of your favorite general, fellow by the name of Prescott, in the battle of Breeds Hill, 1775 - Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments 3 Jan. 60).  

As you can see, Prescott did not die at the Battle of Breeds Hill. He didn't die until 1795, some twenty years later. In fact, he served in the Massachusetts State legislature for two terms after the war. See for more details. So, Hubbard’s remark was a fabrication.

'old' , original, unedited, 'state of man' Hubbard lectures that Creed is quoting from

When I found this out I told the Flag Ethics Officer. He looked at this for himself and jotted down a few notes.  

I began to get curious. I knew just where to go to find the answers to my questions - Wilhite Collectibles. It had the most esoteric of Hubbard’s works.

The Wilhites owed a favor to me. A few years ago, Colleen Wilhite had cancer and was only supposed to last two months. Her husband, Virgil approached me and begged me to give him twelve thousand dollars to save his wife's life. There was a treatment in Mexico that he wanted her to try. I gave him the twelve thousand dollars and asked nothing in return. The treatment worked. She is still alive today. Virgil, however, ironically developed cancer after his wife was cured. He died last year. Insert accommodation from Colleen.

Virgil's son Luke let me have pretty much what I wanted in exchange for helping his mother earlier. I think Virgil may have actually hidden some of these records in hopes that someday someone would find them. He was himself aware of the Church's purge of certain documents and I am sure it troubled him. In chapter 21 of the book "L. Ron Hubbard Messiah or Madman" Virgil's name is mentioned on three occasions. He sold $65,000 worth of rare LRH artifacts to the church. Included in this was the original "Scientology 8-80” manuscript edition of 1952 where LRH claims in his own handwriting to have been a nuclear physicist. I obtained from Virgil's collection an old "All About Radiation" book where it says on the dust cover "by a Nuclear Physicist and a Medical Doctor." In truth, LRH actually failed his only physics class at George Washington University and dropped out of college after only two years. His doctorate was from a now defunct diploma mill and isn't worth the paper that it is written on. So, Virgil knew about these lies. The treasures that I managed to collect before OSA ordered Luke Wilhite not to let me look are incriminating.

image of the cover of a 1967 printing of All About Radiation claiming Hubbard was a Nuclear Physicist which was and is a lie

The cover of the old edition of “All About Radiation” said “Written by a Nuclear Physicist and a Medical Doctor.” I knew this was untrue as LRH had actually failed his only physics class at George Washington University and had dropped out of school after only two years.

Among the archives was the “TRS Remodernized” Bulletin HCOB 16 August 1971RA Re-revised 4 September 1980 (TRs means training drills or training regimens). This 14 page HCOB (Hubbard Communication Office Bulletin) was included on all Professional TRs Courses as well as the Survival Rundown TRs and Co-Audit Course until 8 August 1983 when it was cancelled and the previous issue was reinstated. The issue of 4 September 1980 appears nowhere today. The issue that removed it is called HCOB of 8 August 1983 Cancellation of Issues on TRs. It stated:

"The following issues on TRs, not written by myself, are hereby cancelled:

3. HCOB 16 August 71RA Training Drills Remodernized …”

The major outpoint is that the “TRs Remodernized Bulletin of 16 August 1971RA clearly indicates that it was written by LRH. Back in the old days the author of origin’s initials always appeared at the bottom left hand corner along with who assisted in capital letters and who typed it (or the stenographer) in small capital letters. Now that is pretty interesting because the initials appearing at the bottom was LRH: dr (probably Donna Rice). So, LRH wrote it and Donna Rice typed it. Nobody assisted.

I wondered, what the hell is going on? Will the real LRH please stand up?

This question led to an extensive review. I got my hands on as much old material as I could find. I got books, bulletins, and tapes, charts, etc. I was not alone. Two other Scientologists were at Wilhite’s house looking for out-tech. We began to piece together some closely guarded secrets.

My wife was in India at the time helping with the Tsunami victims. As a result of a comment that I made to Luke Wilhite about Philadelphia Doctorate Course tape number 20 being altered in 1992, and him overhearing a discussion about out-tech he wrote it all up and sent a copy to Alphonso (the Senior Flag Ethics Officer). This report is called a KR (Knowledge Report).

Click on image below to view entire document (LINK to Image only 244K)

Teaser image that is linked to a copy of a Scientology Knowledge report. - a snitch report

The report is pretty much accurate with the exception of the last paragraph. I never worked with L Ron Hubbard. I was on the TRs Course Pilot that led to the writing of the 1980 bulletin. Supposedly LRH was reviewing videos of people on the course at that time.

What was said at the bookstore was in the interest of learning.

I was called into Flag and was shown a copy of Luke’s report. Alphonso the main ethics officer and Heather Hoff (Senior Director of Inspection and Reports) questioned me about my motives and asked if I had been on the Internet. Alphonso specifically asked if I had read anything by Robert Vaughn Young or by Virginia McClaughry. I said no, but that I appreciated the tip and would be sure to check them out. Alphonso didn’t care for this comment and said, “Why didn’t you just come to us.” I said, “I don’t work that way. I have more hospitals under contract than anyone in my field. I audit the auditors. It’s what I do. If there is something there I want to look for myself and I’ll find it too.”

They then told me that my daughter in LA wrote me up after she had spoken to my other daughter. They did not let me see that report. My youngest daughter, my youngest daughter was contemplating joining staff in New York as opposed to going to college. I talked to her about what I was finding out in hopes that she would not join staff. She told her sister, my oldest daughter about it and my oldest daughter wrote the report.

I protested and said, "What is this, Nazi Germany?" I can’t even talk to my own children these days about their future. Come on. We were discussing college and joining staff. I told my youngest daughter that she should wait until after I had found out more before making a decision”. What right do you have to dictate what I speak of in my own home?”

They were silent, got up, handed a non-interbulation order to me, and showed me the door. This means I was thereafter forbidden to talk to anyone about what I had found out, including my family. L Ron Hubbard’s marvelous technology was about to ruin my life.

This was the case despite the fact that all such comments were true. Getting to the truth was not their concern. Thier intent was to procure my silence.

View Entire document below by clicking ( HERE - 350K .jpg )

Sea Organization Flag Land Base Ethics Order 1715 dated 29 January 2005

Some of this information I imparted to Drew Sweet and to Steve Honke when they came over to my house to find out what was going on. I also talked to one of my daughters about it.

Creed Pearson's daughter

Another Image

I didn’t present it very well as I was still sorting it all out. I have heard that they all wrote reports on me.

My wife got wind of what I was up to when she landed in New York. She refused to come home. She went directly from the airport to the Church in Clearwater. She hasn’t been home since, except to gather some things, and has filed for divorce. That is a story in and of itself. It is too long to tell here.

I later returned to Wilhite’s house and had Luke listen to the 1980 PDC tape Number 20 that I owned and had him compare it to his 1992 version. Sure enough, he saw for himself the deletions. I also showed him the rest of the out-tech that he had overheard me speak of and I convinced him that I was right. Nevertheless, he told me that he could not withdraw his KR. He also told me that OSA (Office of Special Affairs) had instructed him not to let me look at any more of his father’s archives. At that time, my primary goal was to find out-tech. I was simply applying the policy “Keeping Scientology Working.” Strange that OSA wasn’t supporting this review, nor was HCO. Were they afraid to look or worse, were they hiding something?

PDC tape Number 20 says:

"This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we’ve got some new ways to make slaves here. Let’s see that none are made.” “Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced. Did you ever read poor old George Orwell's 1984? Yes, yes, that's wonderful. That would be --- could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence.

“It's a very simple remedy. And that's - just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That's all. Don't horde it, don't hold it; and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn't available. Because he's the boy who would be electing himself "The New Order". And we don't need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled.”

Note:  The italicized portions of the above LRH quote denote what was found and documented as having been deleted from the tape by the current Church management in 1992.

Anyway, my wife moved out, filed for divorce, and changed the phone numbers of my children so that I could not talk to them. Shortly after moving out she attended the new "Golden Age of Knowledge" event at Flag. A few days later, five boxes arrived at my house from Golden Era Productions. Contained therein were the new "Congress Lectures." I took the liberty of opening the transcript for this new version of the “State of Man Congress.” I looked at the glossary. Sure enough, the entire reference to Prescott had been removed.

How's that for the "Golden Age of Knowledge”?

new Miscavige / RTC EDITED Version of State of Man Tapes

I continued my research and proceeded to write up my findings, which I have not included here. These findings are lengthy and have numerous attachments. It is actually an expose’ on out-tech and reason enough for any sane person to leave the church. I also began researching other outpoints. I have saved this information and given some to others for safe-keeping in case the church ever decides to attack me as “fair game.”

Here is the fair game policy from the website “Operation Clambake. “ I have an original amongst my Scientology materials. The name “fair game” was cancelled by HCOPL 21 October 68, but the “tech” of handling enemies of the church remains unchanged to this day.Fair game means, anyone declared a suppressive person by the church may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. He may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed”. How’s that for religious “scripture?”

                           HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE
                     Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

                       HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967,
                                     Issue IV

                          PENALTIES FOR LOWER CONDITIONS

                          (Applies both Orgs and Sea Org)

LIABILITY  Suspension of pay and a dirty grey rag on left arm and day
           and night confinement to org premises.

TREASON    Suspension of pay and deprivation of all uniforms and insignia,
           a black mark on left cheek and confinement on org premises or
           dismissal from post and debarment from premises.

DOUBT      Debarment from premises. Not to be employed. Payment of fine
           amounting to any sum may have cost org. Not to be trained or
           processed. Not to be communicated or argue with.

ENEMY      SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by
           any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the
           Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

LRH:jp                                                   L. RON HUBBARD
Copyright (c) 1967                                       Founder
by L. Ron Hubbard	 

In my archives, I have HCOPL 22 September 1967 entitled “Non-Existence Formula”.

It starts out by saying this, “(Conditions for Scn Orgs, All Staff, Additionally to applying Formulas.) (Does not apply to Sea Org, which has its own, much worse.)

Non-Existence - Must wear old clothes. May not bathe. Women must not wear make-up or have hair-do’s. Men may not shave. No lunch hour is given and such persons are expected not to leave the premises. Lowest pay with no bonuses. A black ribbon is placed on their com basket and a black flag by their name on the Org Board.

Danger Condition – May not bathe, wear make-up, have hairdos, or shave. No lunch hour and expected to work at night. Lowest pay with no bonuses. Yellow ribbon on com basket and yellow flag on Org Board.

Emergency – No lunch hour. Expected to put in overtime without pay. Medium pay with no bonuses. Red ribbon on com basket and red flag on Org Board.

It gets worse.

The steps of the Treason Condition are:

Deliver a paralyzing blow to the enemies of the group one has worked against and betrayed.

Perform a self-damaging act that furthers the purposes and or objectives of the group one has betrayed.

Inform the group project or org one has betrayed of one’s previous betrayal and (1) and (2) above and petition each member for forgiveness. Abide by their reaction or decision.

So, now you know how LRH got others to commit crimes on his behalf and why his wife went to jail. They had to perform self-damaging acts and paralyzing blows. Remember the quote, “Does not apply to Sea Org, which has its own, much worse.” No wonder some Sea Org issues are never shown to the public.

A class XII auditor that left the church recently informed me that “unauthorized expenditure” is the name of the “crime” of a pregnant Sea Org. member. Girls are encouraged to have abortions. Per LRH’s “Affirmations” written by him about 1947, which you have hopefully read at the beginning of this doubt formula, he imparted this about his first wife,

” She was always terrified of childbirth but conceived despite all precautions seven times in five years resulting in five abortions and two children.”

This assertion and others in the affirmations give credence to many of the alarming claims of Ron Jr. made in Chapter 3 of the book “Messiah or Madman.” This is quite a contrast to Ron’s views on abortion expressed in the Dianetics book.

I had been absorbed, perhaps beyond reason, in my quest to unravel whether Miscaviage acted alone after 1982 or if he had the blessings and/or direction of LRH.

Norman Starkey claimed that LRH was not in the know after 1981. The ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT and the Robert Vaughn Young Affidavit at paragraph 29 of the web page show that Starkey was lying or at least was incorrect.

To some it may not matter if LRH had control, as he is dead anyway. To me it is vital to know this. It is key. It had to be resolved in order to answer the questions that I had. Was any tech after 1981 reliable? For that matter, was any tech prior to 1981 reliable?

I wanted to believe in the tech regardless of what L Ron Hubbard may have done in his past. I felt this way despite realizing that LRH promoted how successful the tech is on nearly every bulletin and book that he had written. I had grown weary of reading this self-promotion. Despite this, I wanted to know if the positive aspects of Scientology out-weighed the bad or vice versa.

I found many of my answers through reading LRH’s Brainwashing manual, written by him in 1955.

If one substitutes the word Scientology for Psychopolitics when reading the Brainwashing manual one can clearly see another agenda that L Ron Hubbard had. See for an insight into the RPF and the brainwashing used therein.

If you accept the fact that he had another agenda, namely total acceptance of his ideas, knocking out all counter-intention, and taking over the planet, then the events of the early 1980’s and beyond make sense. Per LRH the purpose of ethics is to remove counter-intention from the environment and the purpose of the Sea Org is to put ethics in on the planet. This would translate to planetary removal of counter-intention - a cleared planet.

This explains why previously abolished sec checking and disconnection policies were reinstated. These are actually control mechanisms and are harmful practices. To enable this to happen, the references as to why sec checking doesn't work were removed from the level 2 tape “What is a withhold” and the previous bulletins showing why these technologies are harmful were removed from the red and green volumes.

False purpose rundown technology was also introduced and later changed allowing a new form of security checking. Some of us had to do this rundown both ways. The definition of a floating needle was “clarified” in the year 2000 with the additive “back and forth, back and forth.” This resulted in more red-tagged sessions (sessions with poor results). The pain and sex bulletin was introduced in 1982, resulting in masturbation as a new missed withhold for those received counseling.

Also in 1982, the mission holders were hammered. Nearly half the class XII auditors left the church. Most of us thought there was a management mutiny. Few suspected that LRH could have been behind the entire process.

I needed to find out if it these changes were planned by LRH or by someone else.

If planned by LRH and if successful, Bill Franks (the Executive Director and leader of the Church in 1981) and David Miscaviage (the new leader) would split the church in two. Splinter groups would form outside of the church structure to “save the tech.” These groups would battle back and forth with the mother church and as a result Scientology would grow even more. Ron’s contribution as man’s greatest friend would remain intact. Both sides, those that remained in the Church and those that left it, would immortalize his tech. As an added bonus he would stay out of jail and not face the court in the Operation Snow White scandal. All this would be done while he secretly guided the church. Brilliant. It is pure Machiavellian

On the other hand, perhaps Ron was left out of it and Miscavige only let him know what he wanted him to know, thus allowing Miscaviage to take control. Perhaps it was a blend of both.  

Regardless, the use of Black Scientology can indeed make George Orwell’s 1984 World look like a pale shadow.

The Church under corrupt management poses the greatest threat to the freedom of man since the Nazi regime of 1933 to 1945. It is essentially the same threat. In the beginning, Hitler was able to free his people and give them hope and purpose. To be German was to be superior, not unlike a Scientologist being more able than the wog (non-Scientologist). Yet, in the end, his paranoia and cravings to eliminate his enemies resulted in the very destruction of those he purportedly tried to serve.

Image of German Postage stamp bearing Hitler's image

During the final days of the war Hitler had his troops bomb his country’s railroads and escape routes to trap his own people inside Germany. He slaughtered much of the aristocracy and murdered an estimated 500,000 blond haired blue-eyed children that he had relocated from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, etc. (He called them "displaced Germans). He had previously trained these youths to run the German nation and it was intended that they supply the Aryan bloodline for the next 2000 years. Yet, rather than go through with his stated purpose, he had them put to death. Killing and more killing occurred until the end. In addition, it is estimated that he sterilized a million of his own people.

Pearson Family in Munich, Germany with Kirsten Renker's

Above: Pearson Family in Munich, Germany with Kirsten Renker's daughter.

It is interesting that Hitler purportedly suffered from Parkinson's disease. Many surmise that his invasion of Russia was accelerated so that he could achieve global domination in his lifetime. This proved his undoing. 

Hubbard also suffered from illness, having had a stroke in the late 70’s, and a growth on his forehead in his fading years, and duodenal ulcers a good part of his life, and he had suffered from venereal disease. These facts are documented in the following pages. He was overweight and he chain-smoked three packs of filter-less cigarettes a day for many years. It was clear that he could not achieve global domination during his lifetime and that he would have to come back through rebirth or abandon this purpose.

The finance dictator and the finance police essentially began destroying the Mission network in 1982 in order to procure money immediately and squash opponents. See for details. They did this after Hubbard had voiced that he only expected to live two more years. Perhaps he needed the money so that it could be stashed away and buried for retrieval in his next life.

According to Scientology Policy Directive of 15 July 1986 written by Ray Mitoff entitled, "Issue Line for Source Data,” Ron left specific instructions to be carried out after his death. Parishioners are not privy to this hidden data line.   

Let’s assume it comes to pass that we have a Scientology world and all enemies have been trampled. Will it ever end?

It cannot end. In the event that the statistics were ever to diminish, investigation would be undertaken. Knowledge reports would be requested, indeed required. Non-compliance would be punished. Inevitably an SP would be found - real or imagined - and a new enemy would be targeted for destruction. This is a “head on a pike” It doesn't have to be true, just believable.

It will be an “org board world of seniors” where even three-year-old children will be posted. There will be no free time and pay will be low. Everyone will be working for Scientology, which at such time will be synonymous to working for the good of the State.

Any “gains” one may have had will be erased in such a Scientology world.

What good is having the ability to talk to anyone on any subject when the subjects are censored and discussion of Scientology itself is taboo? “Look up your word, what does your material state, what did you do wrong” will be the order of the day. It’s never the tech that is wrong. It is never Hubbard. He and his tech, much of which was taken from the works of others, are beyond question, even though LRH himself was constantly changing it. Question the management or the tech and its off to the RPF or a declare awaits. You may even one day in the not too distant future be scheduled for removal, as per OSA Int ED 508R which states in part, “We must ourselves fight on the basis of total attrition of the enemy. So never get reasonable about him. Just go all the way in and obliterate him."

As he stated in the Brainwashing Manual, “The end justifies the means.”

Maybe Ron is right. The whole agonizing future of this planet may indeed depend on what we do right here and now in Scientology

To take an except from “Demons of Freedom” by Ken Rose, “Thomas Jefferson once said, "Our most fundamental liberties depend upon the freedom of thought and the freedom of expression; and you cannot limit either one in any way without destroying both."

“According to scientology policy it is a High Crime and a Suppressive Act for a Scientologist in good standing to remain in communication with any person who has been declared to be a "Suppressive Person." What this means, of course, is that a scientologist's right to freedom of speech is least it is limited in that one cannot exercise free speech with respect to declared SP's. Savvy scientologists might argue that they accept this limitation knowingly and willingly and thereby retain full freedom of speech. But Jefferson's caveat stands: one cannot limit this freedom in any way without destroying it. And, in fact, a scientologist who wishes to exercise full freedom of speech, risks the consequences that accompany violation of the above cited HCOPL. One can, of course, be declared a Suppressive Person oneself for continuing communication to another declared Suppressive Person. So how can there be “Total Freedom” in a Scientology world”?

There can’t be.

The concept of “Total Freedom” is a myth that can never occur.” LRH said it himself, “freedom cannot exist in the absence of barriers.”

His barriers to communication prevent freedom.

Ron told us, “There are no absolutes.” Yet today the church has absolutes when it suits their purposes. Here are some examples:

“The only reason a person gives up a study is because of a misunderstood word.” This is simply untrue. The subject may be boring, unsafe, not useful, or a different more exciting game may come up, not to mention being called away to war, or work, or to the golf course or any of number of legitimate reasons. Hubbard simply didn’t want people to “blow” (leave his games). Of course, if one did decide to take a day off or leave he would invariably find himself at the word clearer or in ethics. Now ethics is supposed to be a personal thing, but it is rigged. It is trickery because doing the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics translates to doing the greatest good for the group. Ethics is not personal in the Church, because if one does not “keep his own ethics in” the group puts it in for him. They call this “Justice.”

An example of this; if one is two minutes late for course or for processing, he is sent to ethics. Never mind that he was busy working, discussing politics, or any number of legitimate activities. He is deemed to be out-ethics. Yet, conversely, if he is made to wait three hours in the HGC waiting room waiting for his session, his auditor and those responsible for making him wait do not have to go to ethics.

When one gets through his course or finishes his auditing and refuses to re-sign he is again routed to ethics or to review. Again the individual has no power of choice. He is expected to always be on the next course or on the next level. Free time is only allowed for the privileged few or so it seems. The Brainwashing manual is clear on why this is so in Scientology.

For some of you, I have attached the brainwashing manual, secretly authored by L. Ron Hubbard in 1955. You will see that this is the tech that is used to run the Sea Org even today. Undoubtedly, it will be used outside of the organization should the wog world ever crumble. George Orwell’s 1984 could well be but a pale shadow of Ron’s World. In 1947 LRH was a disciple of Alistair Crowley, self-proclaimed Anti-Christ. He was a friend of Satanist Jack Parsons. What was Ron planning in 1947? Why did L Ron Hubbard adopt what appears to me to be a blend of the satanist, Alestair Crowley cross (the cross of the Anti-Christ)and the Nazi Mother Cross for use as Scientology's religious cloaking device?

Nazi mother mutterkruez cross awarded to women who had born blond haired blue eyed children for The Reich

Above: Hitler's "Mother cross" or "Mutterkruez" which was awarded to women who bore children for the Third Reich  

Link to source of the scientology cross

If you will click onto Crowley’s cross you will find more information from L Ron Hubbard's son , who said, in his 1983 interview with Penthouse Magazine:

"I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house! Scientology and black magic. What a lot of people don't realize is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it's stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don't see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology --and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also, you've got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan."

Ron had a dark side. Chuck Murray, my old TRs supervisor and the original “Volunteer Minister” told us once back in 1980, “You guys think Ron is Santa Clause. Let me tell you something. LRH is not a nice man.”

Obviously this comment stuck with me. I still remember it vividly. “The Affirmations,” in their original handwritten version, were brought into evidence in open court in Los Angeles in mid-1984, and are part of the court record.

One of these affirmations of L Ron Hubbard, per page 58 of Messiah or Madman is:

Blockquote>“All men shall be my slaves. All women shall succumb to my charms. All mankind shall grovel at my feet and not know why.”

I would say that that qualifies as a pretty blatant evil purpose. Don’t you agree?

Well, in any event, there certainly is a lot of groveling going on right now and most of us do not know why.

There are obvious truths in the tech and I personally feel that some of it is useful. Many well-intentioned people contributed to it, most without attribution by Hubbard. Hubbard himself said that we should always go to "source." Perhaps the unworkable techniques should be looked at and removed but the first step would require that the harmful practices of Scientology be brought to a end.

One is unlikely to do that because Keeping Scientology Working has been instilled in us so deeply. Many of us are convinced that the entire tech works. That is part of the problem.

Keeping Scientology Working is at the beginning of every course. We old-timers know that many contributed to the tech. This is obvious if you have pre-1991 tech volumes and admin volumes. A quick look at the Administrative Dictionary shows all the Board Technical Bulletins, none of which were written by LRH. Get the admin dictionary while you still can, before the “golden age of admin” is brought in. Take a look.

The new red and green volumes are stripped of their history. The older ones show who wrote or assisted on each policy letter and technical bulletin. They have memory.

image of a (c) RTC  advertisement for Scientology's E-meter

Many individuals contributed to the tech. Volney Mathieson invented the e-meter, Alfred Korzybski discovered misunderstood word phenomenon and had insisted upon defining each word, Dr. Nandor Fodor argued prior to 1950 that birth and prenatal experiences could be re-experienced with a resultant betterment to behavior. Purportedly, William Sargant, an English Psychiatrist, toured Naval Hospitals in 1945 at the time when Ron was a patient. Ron was being treated for duodenal ulcer flare-ups. Hubbard’s “Dianetics” is strikingly similar to William Sargant’s “Battle for the Mind.” There were many others that Hubbard failed to credit.

When I first came into Scientology there was no purification program. People were running around in rubber suits on the sweat program. Many of us thought to use a sauna. It is human nature to look for ways to make things better.

A lot of class XII auditors authored or co-authored the tech and then Hubbard approved it and later claimed it as his own. Power processes are an example of this as is NOTs.

There were splinter groups and guys were going off on their own. They were actually making money. The monopoly called Scientology was being lost. Perhaps this is the main reason why “Keeping Scientology Working” was written in 1965.

Anyway, per this policy, if the tech works, learn it and use it. If it doesn’t work get rid of it. There is much tech that doesn’t work. Personally, I think we need to get rid of quite a lot of it. The problem is, with the current management it is impossible to correct it, much less get rid of it.

Clearly, disconnection is wrong with few exceptions. An SP like Joseph Stalin perhaps deserves such treatment. Few others do. The policy creates upset and can ruin lives.

HCOPL 16 May 1980 Issue I stated, “The idea is to handle. Abrupt termination of a relationship, or “disconnection” is not a handling to be suggested or encouraged by any staff member and is forbidden. This remains a firm policy of the church.” HCOPL 15 November 1968 had also cancelled “disconnection.”

To me, that sounded right. However, RTC canceled that policy, perhaps under Ron’s hidden advice. Per Robert Vaughn Young’s court affidavit at paragraph 29 of he, meaning Vaughn, wrote the bulletin in 1983 reinstating disconnection. This was done on David Miscaviage’s orders and it never went to LRH for approval. This could mean that LRH wanted it reinstated with no evidence tracing it to him or it could mean Miscaviage acted alone. In either case, it should be cancelled and my children should be permitted to speak to me.

Creed Pearson's kids at the beach

I am a little upset at LRH playing God with his policies, especially as it relates to my ability to communicate with my children. He would no doubt say it is my overts and withholds making me upset. Could love have something to do with it Ron? Did the thought ever cross your mind?

Did Ron ever love? Could he? Let’s find out.

This is what he had to say about women in his 1947 handwritten, affirmations:

“It doesn't give me displeasure to hear of a virgin being raped. The lot of women is to be fornicated."

e) Sexual feeling has been depressed by several things amounting to a major impasse. To cure ulcers of the stomach I was given testosterone and stilbesterol. These reduced my libido to nothing. While taking these drugs I fell in love with Sara. She can be most exciting sexually to me. Because of drugs as above and a hangover from my ex-wife Polly, I sometimes am unexcited by anything sexual. This depresses me.

My wife left me while I was in a hospital with ulcers. Polly was quite cruel. She was never a woman for me. She was under-sexed and had bad sexual habits such as self-laceration done in private. She was no mate for me and yet I retained much affection for her. It was a terrible blow when she left me for I was ill and without prospects. I know, by this, she actually wanted no more than my ability to support her. This has had an effect of impotency upon me, has badly reduced my ego. Polly was very bad for me sexually. Because of her coldness physically, the falsity of her pretensions, I believed myself a near eunuch between 1933 and 1936 or ? when I found I was attractive to other women. I had many affairs. But my failure to please Polly made me always pay so much attention to my momentary mate that I derived small pleasure myself. This was an anxiety neurosis which cut down my natural powers.

In 1938-39 I met a girl in New York, Helen, who pleased me very much physically. I loved her and she me. The affair would have lasted had not Polly found out. Polly made things so miserable that I finally detested her and became detested by Helen, who two-timed me on my return to New York in 1941. This also reduced my libido. I have had Helen since but no longer want her. She does not excite me and I do not love her.

In 1942 - December 17th or thereabouts - while training in Miami, Florida, I met a girl named Ginger who excited me. She was a very loose person but pretended a great love for me. From her I received an infection of gonnohorea (sp?). I was terrified by it, the consequences of being discovered by my wife, the navy, my friends. I went to a private doctor who treated me with sulfa-thiazole and so forth. I thought I was cured but on a plane headed to Portland, Ore. I found I was not. I took to dosing myself with sulfa in such quantities that I was afraid I had affected my brain. My wife came to Portland. I took what precautions I could. I think actually that the disease was utterly cured very early. This fear further depressed my libido. My wife disliked the act anyway, I believe, even after she had a hysterectomy in 1938. (She was always terrified of childbirth but conceived despite all precautions seven times in five years resulting in five abortions and two children. I am quite fond of my children but my wife always tried to convince me that I hated them.) I must cease to take hormones. I must rebuild my feeling of excitement about things sexual.

I have a very bad masturbatory history. I was taught when I was 11 and, despite guilt, fear of insanity, etc. etc. I persisted. At a physical examination at a Y when I was about 13, the examiner and the people with him called me out of the line because my testicles hung low and cautioned me about what would happen if I kept on masturbating. This "discovery" was a bad shock to me. I had to be so silent about it that now when a bedspring squeaks I lose all libido. I eventually found out I would not be insane, or injure myself but the scars remain.

Polly pretended a hollow passion which disgusted me. But I am lingeringly fond of her even so. I am also nostalgic about Helen. By eliminating certain fears by hypnosis, curing my rheumatism and laying off hormones, I hope to restore my former libido. I must! By hypnosis I must be convinced as follows:

(c) That masturbation was no sin or crime and did not injure me. That no sexual practice has ever dulled me.

(d) That things sexual thrill me. That I am now returned to the same feelings I had at 16 about sex where excitement is concerned. That naked women and pornography excite me greatly. That Sara excites me greatly and gives me much pleasure.

Testosterone blends easily with your own hormones. Your glands already make plenty of needed testosterone and by adding to that store you make yourself very thrilling and sexy. Testosterone increases your sexual interest and activity. It makes erections easier and harder and makes your own joy more intense. Stilbesterol in 5 mg doses makes you thrill more to music and color and makes you kinder. You have no fear of what any woman may think of your bed conduct. You know you are a master. You know they will be thrilled. You can come many times without weariness. The act does not reduce your vitality or brain power at all. You can come several times and still write. Intercourse does not hurt your chest or make you sore. Your arms are strong and do not ache in the act. Your own pleasure is not dependent on the woman's. You are interested only in your own sexual pleasure. If she gets any that is all right but not vital. Many women are not capable of pleasure in sex and anything adverse they say or do has no effect whatever upon your pleasure. Their bodies thrill you. If they repel you, it merely means they themselves are too frigid or prudish to be bothered with. They are unimportant in bed except as they thrill you. Your sexual power is magnificent and they know it. If they are afraid of it, that is their loss. You are not affected by it. You have no fear if they conceive. What if they do? You do not care. Pour it into them and let fate decide."

Enough already. He is disgusting and pathetic. He has no idea about love and sharing. It is no wonder that he thought sex was painful and blamed pain and sex on the whole-track psyches. What a psycho. I wouldn’t let him baby-sit my children. That’s for sure.

He was a failure on the second dynamic, as evidenced by his statistics:

Wife One- Divorced

Wife Two – Divorced

Wife Three – Jailed for his crimes

Daughter 1 - Disowned

Son 1 – Disowned – Enemy - Helped Write Messiah or Madman

Son 2 – Dead – Suicide or Murder

Here is a guy that was totally insane on the second dynamic telling us how to raise kids. Those of us old-timers remember how much importance he placed on children.

Image of april; 23 1951 article Ron Hubbard Insane, Says His Wife

Link to article above

He said the world gives up its future when it gives up its children. Right here and now, in the Sea Org, there are no children. Maybe a few are permitted for those important enough.

Back in the old days there were children. They were tolerated until the church expanded enough. He gave two hours a day for parents to see their children. The nurseries were atrocious. Education was at a bare minimum.

Here is your proof of how much importance he placed on “our future.” Even today in the Sea Org, parents and children are often separated from each other. Sometimes even husbands and wives are separated as well.

According to my brother, he was told when he joined the Sea Org, that he would be eating his meals with his children and would see them every weekend. This was not the case. In fact, he lived apart from his children in a separate location, and rarely saw them. His daughter, Leah, was married and he could not attend because he was in the "RPF". He never even knew she got married until I told him a year later.

picture of the wedding my brother never saw

The marriage my brother never saw

Adolph Hitler once said, “The bigger the lie the more people believe it.” L. Ron Hubbard said in a PDC tape “ It’s a trap not being able to prevaricate”…”This makes life more colorful.”

What bigger prevarication than to promise, “total freedom” and deliver total slavery instead, especially when the slaves think that they are free. L Ron Hubbard himself said that the way to make slaves is to promise total freedom. He then went and did it.

Isn’t it smart to question what he was really up to? Especially, when his postulate (goal) was to have the world grovel at his feet and not know why?

Well Ron, the groveling is over and many know what you are about. You and your church have hurt people long enough. I am a truth seeker. I use logic and science in my approach - tools you despise. Your lies cannot stand up to independent verification. You are a charlatan and your empire is crumbling. There are too many who no longer are groveling at your feet. We have seen your incessant prevarications, which you pass on as truths. You promise to exteriorize people with your tech. You make us feel inadequate if we cannot. Yet, I come to learn that you yourself have never gone exterior. We all look inward if the tech fails. You bragged that you could get results when others couldn’t. You simply prevaricated to us all and pretended to get them. You are in the words of Judge Paul G. Breckenridge, Jr. of Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. C 420153 “a pathological liar.”

You have always had a hidden data line. You are like a king that sacrifices his pawns. Others take the blame and you take the goods. Indeed, you have put more heads on a pike than Count Dracula himself. But your time is coming to an end and so is the time of those pathetic souls around you who had not the courage to end this miserable game.

Per L Ron Hubbard, a Suppressive Person has 14 undesirable characteristics. He and his organizations have demonstrated all of them.

Every Suppressive Person Declare that I have ever read is written just like a suppressive person had written it. A Suppressive Person declare only concentrates on the bad things that one has done, ignoring all good. It is a broad attack without specifics and so on.

The church has issued an SP declare on me but refuses to provide a copy. I have not seen it.

creed pearson ex-scientologist

My declare, no doubt, is no different than others. It probably reads something like this. My comments are in parenthesis. The declare would start out like this and end with, “Creed wouldn’t take our help, but continued on his course of upsetting others and being bad. Should he come to his senses he can do steps A to J. His only terminal (person that he can talk to) is the International Justice Chief:”

Creed Pearson of Clearwater Florida is hereby declared a Suppressive Person (for being there and communicating stuff that we allege is false, but we think might be true. We can’t look though. What would RTC say if we actually agreed? Oh my.)

The body of the letter would then follow each of the attributes:

He or she speaks only in broad generalities: (The declare would be in very broad generalities, with no specific mention of the out-tech that I found. Examples would read something like this):

Creed Pearson has been found to knowingly suppress, reduce, or impede Scientology or Scientologists. He is guilty of the following:

A. Engaging in malicious rumormongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology. (They are the ones altering tapes and reintroducing bad technology but Creed is the SP, because he found out.)

B. Organizing a splinter group to diverge from Scientology practices, still calling it Scientology or calling it something else. (This would be a false claim. I have my own religion now. It is called, “What are you doing tonight? Just kidding. I will say this though, there are splinter groups that are a lot more standard than the church ever dreamed of being. Personally, I am not interested in either one).

C. Being in communication with other Declared SPs (People of like mind that wouldn’t let LRH get away with false war records, false school records, false childhood experiences, false memory, false promises, etc.).

Declares deal mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression. For example, Creed is guilty of the following high crimes:

Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology Organizations (This is actually true. I am not a Scientologist anymore)

Public Statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened. (The proper lines are corrupted. The only way to get any changes is to bypass those lines. What are my statements? I challenge them to disprove any of them.)

Creed has enturbulated (upset) numerous people with his lies and entheta (bad news). We have received numerous reports. (I may have upset a few people. That often happens when one has to admit he has been wrong. The only KR I saw and got a copy of was the one from Luke Wilhite. Alphonso and Heather Hoff wouldn’t show me the others. How do they even know that the reports are accurate? My bad news is upsetting for sure, but true nonetheless. Print it and see for yourselves. Better yet, just attach this expose’ to my SP declare and let all who read it judge for themselves.).

The declare will alter to worsen the communication when it relays a message or news.

It may read, Creed demanded the return of fees paid for standard auditing received or received in part and still available but undelivered. (In actual fact I received a partial repayment and left enough for my wife to complete through Class VIII C/S and OT VIII. This is not a refund. A refund is a high crime a repayment is not. Before I was declared, a fifteen year old ethics officer there at Flag did not know the difference between a repayment and a refund and instructed one of the parishioners not to help me to remodel my house stating that I was a refund case).

4. The declare will attempt to show that one of the sad things about Creed is that he is a no-case gain and does not respond to treatment or therapy. (This should handle Flag’s false PR of alleging to deliver 100% standard tech and flub-less auditing. According to the old man himself, “the only reason for attacks is no results or bad results.” They’ve got that covered now. Creed is a “no-case-gain.”)

The declare will attempt to show that surrounding Creed we find cowed or ill associates or friends, who, when not actually driven insane, are yet behaving in a crippled manner in life. (My cat George has never been better. My sisters are changing their lives for the better now that the church is off my lines and we are back in communication).

They will probably also say that I am organizing a splinter group and infer that it is a group of cowed or ill associates. (The concept that a splinter group can be more standard than the church seems unfathomable to them. According to the church, all splinter groups are squirrel. Evidently, discussion of Scientology outpoints with friends qualifies as “Organizing a Splinter Group.” I am, therefore, guilty of this.)

The SP declares will habitually select the wrong target. (Creed is showing out-tech and lies. Let’s target him instead of really looking)

Speaking of selecting the wrong target, that reminds me. I heard that the Beverly Hills mission was attacked for being too upstat (making too much money). People actually preferred to go there instead of to the local orgs. Oh no. Can you imagine? Freedom of choice must be crushed, just like it was in 1982. According to RTC the mission was ripping off the orgs by not flowing the pcs up the bridge. Hum. I heard somewhere that “the overt speaks loudly in accusation.” Could it be that Super-Power, Planetary Dissemination, Author Services, IAS, and other professional begging institutions also rip off the orgs and the pc’s energy, slowing ones flow up the bridge? Shouldn’t Miscaviage rather look there? Who is it that is selecting the wrong target these days? The same guys that got it wrong in 1982 and practically destroyed the missions are at it again. See the link for details.

By the way, while we are on the subject, where does all that money from begging really go?

The SP declares will show that Creed cannot finish a cycle of action. (Forget about the half a million-dollar community center and art center that I completed and paid for myself in downtown Clearwater. This was the major safe-point action for Scientology for three years. We won’t count that. I know, I still haven’t finished renovating my house and I didn’t finish my ethics cycle at Flag. I reported out-tech on RTC and then the ethics officer (Heather Hoff) had the immediate realization that RTC is never wrong and that I had a misunderstood word. I was then ordered by her to look for my misunderstood words on Keeping Scientology Working” by doing Method 9 Word Clearing (reading it out-loud looking up any words that I stumble on). Brilliant! 100% standard tech.)

How does Heather know that the technology is correct? The tech is correct because RTC says so, that’s why. Also, it has LRH on it. Never mind that the Church of Spiritual Technology owns the use of the name LRH and can write whatever it pleases.

Now it sounds like I am using a broad generality here by saying that the Church of Spiritual Technology writes the tech. I would love to be specific and actually tell you precisely who it is in this Church that controls the writing of the technology these days. Unfortunately, that is a hidden data line. I honestly don’t know.

The SP declares will attempt to show that I freely confess to the most alarming crimes when forced to do so, but will have no faintest sense of responsibility for them. (No doubt they will say I am an alcoholic. I confessed to drinking in session and stated that I had no intention of stopping. I confessed to masturbating and stated that I had no intention to “reform”. I guess that makes me a drunken pervert).

The SP declares will attempt to show that I support destructive groups and rage against constructive groups. Let’s see, $25,000 to Clearwater Academy’s new building, $40,000 to Tampa Org’s Testing Center, $29,000 per child per year to Delphi Oregon, $600,000 or more onto the bridge, $7,000 to save Colleen Wilhite’s life, $6,000 to help Justin Ford join RTC, $20,000 or so to buy up the OT levels Peter Vossmerbaumer printed in German so that they could be destroyed, $100,000 in unpaid loans to Scientologists, various IAS contributions, ABLE Int contributions, Superpower contributions, etc. etc. Yea, maybe I have supported the wrong groups. I’ll go along with this one.

The SP declares will attempt to show that helping others is an activity that makes Creed go berserk. Activities that destroy in the name of help are closely supported. (There is no doubt that I have supported activities that destroy in the name of help. After all, I did help train over 1,300 book one auditors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and the United States).

The SP declares will try to convince me that I feel that nothing is ever really owned. (Well, I certainly didn’t own my money on my account at Flag. I learned that when I tried to get some of it back)

LRH said that we don’t really own our bodies either. We steal them. We steal them at birth and punish ourselves from there on out. I heard it on an LRH tape today of 2 December 1953 called “Blackness.” I was lucky enough to get one before it was pulled from the bookstores.

Creed Pearson and kids in europe

Maybe that’s why I shouldn't care about my kids. According to him they are not mine anyway. They stole their bodies too. He says so on the same tape, “He isn't the son or daughter of Father and Mother, and he knows it damn well.”

Note by Webmaster - Ida Camburn, who lives near Golden Era, the International Headquarters for Scientology, was told the following story by a tradesman as tears came to his eyes. He said he had gone to one of the cults facilities for children, separated from the adults "All the children were singing as they went around and around, "I have no mommy, I have no daddy"

picture of scientology's secretive goldbase taken from the air, showing running pole bottom 1/3rd from left

Above image of an actual 'running pole' at Scientology's 'Golden Era' - photo taken from the air by Barbara Graham

Gee. Thanks for setting me straight Ron. I guess we don’t even own our own bodies and my kids aren't mine either. My house is mortgaged. So, the bank owns it. I am an American and our country is 4 trillion in debt. So, theoretically, everything can be taken away.

Damn, maybe Ron is right? Maybe we really don't own anything?

Speaking of owning something, can someone explain who really owns the Church? Is it a business or is it a religion? Do the members have any rights at all in regards to corporate matters? Why can't the members see the new IRS agreements? Who owns the stock at ASI and L. Ron Hubbard Library? Where does the money go from all the new buildings if Scientology collapses?

If you really want to get declared (silenced) like I did, just ask someone at OSA about this and ask them to explain the command channels of CST (Church of Spiritual Technology) and IAS (International Association of Scientologists). Who is the trustee of the IAS? Where are the financial statements?

While you are at it, get them to explain where the $120,000,000 in donations to the Super Power building actually has gone? It looks like all construction halted well over a year ago.

If you are unfamiliar with the entities above or the command channels see these links for details of Scientology’s structure. You will not find this data at the ethics officer’s desk.

Ron always left clues to be caught. He carried twenty boxes of incriminating material with him throughout his life. These boxes were found at Gilman Hot Springs, California and Gerry Armstrong exposed him as a fraud Another clue has been staring us right in the face, as you will soon discover.

LRH created and maintained a monopoly since Scientology was developed. Many people worked on the technology and some left to start their own groups. LRH attacked such groups ferociously. In 1965 “Keeping Scientology Working” was written. It stated that there was only one way out of this trap, his way. Any splinter groups leaving the fold were attacked as “squirrels” by the church. Organizing a splinter group is deemed to be a Suppressive Act. Thus, there can only be a monopoly.

The use of trademarks and copyrights to expand the monopoly dates back to the corporate restructuring of 1982.

It was no accident that data was removed from PDC tape number 20. The reason it was done has remained a mystery, until now. It was done to put our attention on the tape in order to find the clue that he had left for us.

Here is the important part of the tape:

LRH tape #6 - December 1952 PDC 20 Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic:

“Let’s take the subject of Scientolog”

“It’s a servant of the mind – a servomechanism of the mind; it is not a master of the mind. Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that. Contained in the knowable, workable portions before your eyes there are methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe; control mechanisms of such awesome and solid proportions that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology. Fortunately, it was intelligently invented – and I say that without any possible bow; I say that because part of its logic was: the remedy should exist before the bullet.”

“But what kind of a government and what kind of a weapon is really serious? Not a weapon, which destroys mud; a weapon that destroys minds. That’s serious. Out of the body of knowledge, which lies before you are sufficient technologies to take over, seize and handle any government or people on the face of the Earth. You aren’t of an ethical level, even, that permits you to observe this. You wouldn’t think in these lines. And yet if only those principles were known, there would be people who could and would think in those lines. You can control men like you would control robots with those techniques. The implantation, Black Dianetics, pain-drug-hypnosis are very mild methods of control.”

“If you release the remedy and if the remedy is fast enough before the forces of evil can muster their machinations and use the overt act, it can’t ever be used.

There’s only one thing that could happen to Scientology and that is to say that it would be buried – the remedy would be buried. If it ever went out of sight, this world’s done. All you’ve got to do is invalidate it and put it out of sight and hide it, and it’ll come up in the wrong place doing the wrong thing and mankind will find itself a slave.

So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject – anybody that knows these techniques – is himself actually under a certain responsibility; that’s to make sure that he doesn’t remain a sole proprietor. That’s all it takes; just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man; it’s not safe for this universe.

This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we’ve got some new ways to make slaves here. Let’s see that none are made.” “Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced. Did you ever read poor old George Orwell's 1984? Yes, yes, that's wonderful. That would be --- could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence.”

“It's a very simple remedy. And that's - just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That's all. Don't horde it, don't hold it; and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn't available. Because he's the boy who would be electing himself "The New Order". And we don't need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled.

LRH said, “Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that.”

Scientology has already become the master of thinking in the Sea Org. It has every capability of spreading further.

Ron also said,

“Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man; it’s not safe for this universe.”

Indeed, it is dangerous. He said this as a warning, but Scientology has always been a monopoly. That’s right. Up until recently, it was even expanding to other groups that used to be independent.

The monopoly didn’t start with David Miscavige in 1982. It was hammered into place with “Keeping Scientology Working” in 1965. This policy letter together with Ethics technology ensures that there can never be anything else but a monopoly. It is destined to be unsafe.

Once the mother church has been corrupted, one is royally screwed. The remedy cannot exist. Good technology can be crushed. But guess what? The remedy is not the tech after all. That is right. It is not the tech and never has been.

Scientology has always been a means to an end. It is only a tool. In the 1955’s brainwashing manual Ron said:

"We must be like the vine upon the tree. We use the tree to climb and then, strangling it, grow into power on the nourishment of its flesh. We must strike from our path all opposition. We must use for our tools any authority that comes to hand. And then at last, the decades sped, we can dispense with all authority save our own. The end thoroughly justifies the means. The degradation of populaces is less inhuman than their destruction by atomic fission…. The end of war is the control of a conquered people. If a people can be conquered in the absence of war, the end of war will have been achieved without the destruction of war. A worthy goal.”

It will be a world without criminality, insanity, or war.

This is the greatest secret of all.

Ron has been saving the world - by enslaving us!

Now we know why he is “Mankind’s Greatest Friend.

Image of German Postage stamp bearing Hitler's image

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Fortunately for us, a criminal always leaves clues and enjoys almost being caught. Ron had a ball being our 'unknown third-party' all these years as we "groveled in the dirt and did not know why."

This expose is Part I of an ongoing series, to expose one of the most unusual men of the 20th Century, it is but a tip of the iceberg of what is to follow.



Creed Pearson

I appreciate you taking the time to read all this. I hope it has been of some benefit. If you choose to continue to grovel at his feet at least you will know why. Hopefully, we will all stop groveling and fight back.

"To be, or not to be,
that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer,
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing, end them.

Hamlet (III.i.64-68)

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Creed Pearson

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