Title: Odds and ends
Author: zed@magna.com.au (Zed)
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 98 18:08:46 GMT


This is just a collection of random stuff that piqued my interest.
It's in no particular order.

A URL that was posted a while back can come in useful:
http://www.guidestar.org. They provide a handy searchable database
of charities that have been recognised in the US. Some Co$
organisations - and their addreses - in the database are:
Church of Scientology Religious Trust
6331 Hollywood Blvd, Ste. 1011, Los Angeles, CA
Church of Scientology International
6331 Hollywood Blvd, Ste. 1200, CA
Flag Ship Trust
Sussex Rh194Jy, England (not sure what that means, exactly)
Scientology International Reserves Trust
Sussex Rh195Jy, England
Church of Spiritual Technology
419 Larchmont 162, Los Angeles, CA

There were two Co$ trusts that were to be dissolved by the IRS
Agreement: The United States Parishioners Trust and the Trust for
Scientologists. I can find no record of them in Guidestar. If they
haven't been dissolved, they're not tax exempt, and the latter seems
_very_ unlikely.

- From the terms of the agreement, it appears that these last two
trusts were being used to hold "advance donations" by Scientologists
taking courses at FSO and/or CSWUS(Church of Scientology, Western
United States). It appears that the IRS wanted this to stop, and it
was a condition of the Agreement that no further donations would be
transferred to the two trusts, and also that no money would go
directly to the two trusts from people taking Scientology courses.

Copyrights weren't the only thing that the Author's Family Trust B,
run by Starkey, had to hand over to the Church of Spiritual
Technology. All the shares of ASI that the Author's Family Trust had
were to go to CST as well. It would be consistent with previous
shellgames if Author's Family trust B held all, or virtually all, of
ASI's shares. Did it?

On a completely separate subject, Mark "Marty" Rathbun's name has
appeared in a place you'd never expect. By using the <META> tag on a
website, it's possible to create a list of keywords that aren't
displayed on the webpage, but will be used by a search engine to
determine if the page matches a search term. www.scientology.org's
top-level page is pretty thorough (in fact, I'd say their list of
keywords has tripled since I last checked), but it doesn't match the
keywords found on pages further into the site. Check this out:
META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, David
Miscavige, Dianetics, LRH, scientology, SCIENTOLOGY, DAVID MISCAVIGE,
Religious Technology Center, Mark Rathbun, L. RON HUBBARD, DIANETICS,
david miscavige, Co$, Scientology books, $cientology, Chairman of the
Board RTC, What is Scientology?, Hubbard, Warren McShane, Guillaume
Lesevre, religious freedom, freedom of religion, human rights, Scientology
faq, cult, Scientology celebrities"

See Mark Rathbun's name in there? This is from the "foreword"
section of http://www.scientology.org/, which has nothing to do with
Rathbun. It doesn't have anything to do with Miscavige, McShane or
Lesevre for that matter, which makes me wonder why their names are
in there. There's a whole slew of pages with those keywords.

I see that it also has "$cientology" and "Co$" listed as keywords.

I think the LOCIS database has been pretty much sucked dry, but
there are two entries which are a little odd. First there's this:

V3058 P180 THRU 186          (COHD)
   RECORDED:  29Nov94
   EXECUTED:  18Nov94
   PARTY 1: Mary Sue  Hubbard, widow, Diana Meredith Dewolf Hubbard
          Ryan, Mary Suzette Rochelle  Hubbard, Arthur Ronald Conway
          Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald Conway  Hubbard , Jr. a.k.a. L. Ron
          Hubbard , Jr. a.k.a. Nibs  Hubbard a.k.a. Ronald Dewolf &
         Katherine May Hubbard  Gillespie, children of deceased author, L.
         Ron  Hubbard, by Church of Spiritual Technology (Atty)
   PARTY 2: Church of Spiritual Technology (Los Angeles)
   NOTE: Ceremonies of the Founding Church of Scientology & 1,364 other t
         itles.  By L. Ron Hubbard.  Copyright assignment.
   FULL DOCUMENT RANGE: (In V3058 P155-208)

and a second one that's fairly similar:

V3176 P194 THRU 210          (COHD)
   RECORDED:  7Nov95
   EXECUTED:  22May95
   PARTY 1: Mary Sue  Hubbard, widow, Diana Meredith DeWolf Hubbard
          Ryan, Mary Suzette Rochelle  Hubbard, Arthur Ronald Conway
          Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald  Hubbard , Jr. a.k.a. L. Ron
          Hubbard , Jr. a.k.a. Nibs  Hubbard a.k.a. Ronald  DeWolf & K
         atherine May Hubbard  Gillespie, children of deceased author, L.
         Ron  Hubbard, by Church of Spiritual Technology (Atty)
   PARTY 2: Church of Spiritual Technology (Los Angeles)
   NOTE: The book introducing the E-meter & 159 other titles.

That's the entire surviving Hubbard family in there I think,
including Nibs. And just what does "by Church of Spiritual
Technology (Atty)" mean?

My confusion over the licensing agreements between CST, BPI and NEP
remains unresolved. From the lawsuit brought against Dennis Erlich,
it would appear that BPI's license to publish the public Scientology
works is granted by CST - a licensing agreement that was originally
between BPI and the Author's Family Trust B. However, the claims
court said that BPI got its license from NEP. I have in my
possession a fascinating list of exhibits that were presented by
Monique Yingling as part of a "complaint for declatory judgement"
filed on Oct 6, 1988. No license agreement between Hubbard and BPI
is presented. There's one for NEP, but not BPI. What's presented
instead is a "sublicense agreement" between NEP and BPI.

That list of exhibits - filed as part of CST's attempt to gain tax
exempt status - provides a menu of some choice documents. Wedged in
with various affidavits and Scientology books and materials are
things like a grant deed to Triple Jay Ranch(huh?), a list of CST
bank accounts(!), a whole bunch of letters between the IRS and CST,
a contract between CST and SOR Management Services, and a whole lot
of other stuff. I'd thought this had something to do with CST's Form
1023, but it's actually a court document of some kind. It was filed
in US Claims Court. Would any of these documents be in court records,
and if so, are they publically available? I'll post the list once
it's been cleaned up a little bit.


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