Title: How to tell how Scientology is doing (reformatted)
The Worm <worm@hubborg.cult>
Date: 8 Nov 1997 07:35:19 -0800

Remember, Scientology manages its activities with "ethics conditions". That is,
you look at your statistic, and follow a generic formula based on the up or
downess of that stat.

One important condition is the condition of emergency. This means a statistic is

The remedy of this condition is to promote. So, if you see a sudden promotion
across the Scientology world, you know they are in emergency.

When things get worse it's called Danger. This is a rapidly declining statistic.
The formula for Danger is to first bypass the junior in charge and handle the
Danger yourself.

So, when you see people being removed from their jobs, posts or whatever, you
know that area is in Danger. I haven't seen Lisa Goodman (I think that's her
name) recently, the PR person who lied about XEMU on MTV. Ooops!

You probably won't hear much when they are doing well since the formula for
normal (gradual up stat) is to do nothing different. The formula for affluence
(large up stat ) is to find whatever you did that made it go up and do that some
more, so in that case they don't change their activities much.

It seems to me that lately, emergency and danger have been the order of the day.
Huge volumes of trash promo to extinct members. People disappearing from their
posts. etc.

Yep. It's pretty clear they are struggling and have been since, well, since ARS
started really.

There are many other conditions but these are the ones that are visible to the
world. Below Danger the person disappears from view really.

If the financial figures I've seen posted here are correct, they have a HELL of
a lot of money. Almost and endless supply, and that's only what they've admitted

I'm waiting to see when they beach the Freewinds. That turd MUST be expensive as
hell to operate and if they can't get enough suckers to pay for OTVIII they'll
have to put it away.

Another sign will be when they release OTIX or above. It'll mean they're trying
again to milk the long term customers instead of relying on fresh meat.

Here's another piece of info you should have to understand them. Hubbard teaches
that, if you can do anything about suppression, it helps relieve this
suppression. That's why they won't just leave demonstrators alone. They can't
just comfortably confront it. They have to do something about it or risk
becoming PTS (suppressed). They will never, ever, leave anyone alone who affects
Scientology in any way negatively.

What we are seeing here is an almost irresitable force (Scientology with lots of
money and traditional power) meeting an almost irresistable object (The internet
with free speech and revelation of the truth). Stay glued to your sets because
this is the "Third Wave" that Toffler is talking about. We are truly watching a
milestone in human evolution here. Who will win? The new or the old?

What is exceptional about Scientology is that their ultimate religious passion
is the standardness of the tech. In other words, how accurately can you follow
exactly what L. Ron Hubbard wrote. Scientology's ultimate Sins are all
associated with altering Hubbard's "technology". It is also a very high ideal to
ignore all arguments about it. In fact, believe it or not, one of the crimes in
Scientology is "being reasonable". You laugh, but it's there. Hubbard convinces
Scientologists to not even trust their own thoughts.

Essentially it goes like this: "We are all the products of our own thoughts,
thus, our difficulties are also the product of our own thoughts. Since you have
problems, by definition, your thoughts are screwed up. You can't trust them
because they are causing your troubles. Trust ME. My thoughts are the way out.
Don't listen to your thoughts, only to mine."

They will not change one iota. Ever. Because they are all, what is technically
known as "out of valence". They are being little mini-l ron hubbards. They
aren't being themselves. They aren't listening to their own heart, mind, soul,
whatever you want to call it.

This is an obscenely powerful mind control technique. It is cult of personality
cubed. But for it to take effect, the bait must have been sweet indeed. That's
why I say, there IS something special to Scientology, to make people give up so
much for it.

You have to admit, that there must be something to LRH Tech for this utterly
absurd organization to have continued to exist for this long. They are
artificially holding together something that wants desperately to come apart at
the seams. It's held together by fear, extortion, threats, silence legal
pressures and the ability to manipulate events that LRH tech gives these people.
In fact, that may be why it's so wierd. Because this technology, or technique of
manipulation I should call them, is so good, they have been able to hold
together something that just doesn't work!

I think it's going to go out with a big bang. There is no provision for bending.
They can only break. I wonder what form that end will take?

Will Miscavige abscond with the fortune? Will there be an internal revolt? Will
the government move in? Will there be an armed standoff? Will their
manipulations in US politics lead to WWIII with Europe? Will one of the insiders
wack Miscavige?

They could hold out forever just on reserves, even if they got 0 new recruits
which I think is becoming more and more the order of the day. The recent Golden
Era of Tech announcement was a bad sign. It's pretty obvious that they are
trying to recycle their old burned out suckers.

Boy. It sure would be nice to get some recent Bodies in the Shop numbers for AO,
ASHO, FLAG and the FreezeWinds.

More and more I'm seeing the truth to, "Everyone hates Scientology". The only
help they get from anyone is bought, extorted or manipulated.

  The Worm

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