Title: A.r.s Week in Review - 9/21/97
Author: rkeller@voicenet.com (Rod Keller)
Date: 22 Sep 1997 01:03:45 GMT

Week in Review Volume 2, Issue 23
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
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> Berlin Protest

Additional details from Scientologist Hermann Schubotz were posted this
week concerning the planned human rights protest in Berlin this October.

"The Start has changed to 12.30h gathering at the Brandenburger Tor.
14.00h Start of Demonstration March. There will be T-shirts available,
banners, loudspeakers etc. 20.30h interreligous Prayer at 'Church of
Memory'. This is a very famous place in Berlin, The old
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kirche was left as a ruin from the war and right next to it
they build a new modern church, where the Tower is separate from the main

"OSA works hard to get other religious groups involved too, like the
Moslems who have signaled participation, and other small Christian and
religious groups. NAACP officials will be there and of course Scientology
Celebrities. And the German female professor (protestant) from Berlin who
spoke so courageously at Frankfurt Demo in July. She said in Frankfurt:
She hasn't flown from communistic East-Germany in her youth to escape
religious suppression, to live again in a state, where some are harassed
because of their religion and religions freedom is undermined.

"There is a race between the German and non-German Scientologists, who
gets more participants to Berlin. In Frankfurt there were more foreign
than German Scientologists. Now the German Orgs will take their pride and
want to be in majority at the Demo in Berlin. Nevertheless the best
Organizer will win and it's for religious freedom for us all."

Message-ID: <352bd80571b55ee96ed6b79311f9922d@anon.efga.org>


> Brighton Protest

Martin Poulter provided details of the latest protest in Brighton,

"There were ten people in attendance, plus the homeless guy who handed out
leaflets for us. This number of attenders allowed our protest to cover
both sides of the street at the spot where Scientology recruiters usually
work. Three different kinds of anti-Scientology t-shirt were being worn(!)
and six placards were in use. It was the first picket of Scientology in
this country at which there was almost no interference from the
Scientologists themselves. At previous events, we have been shouted at,
called 'criminals', physically intimidated, extensively filmed and
photographed and (in one case in London) even punched in the face. Since
we were only a short journey from the cult's former world headquarters in
East Grinstead, we were prepared for an especially large number of
scientologist counter-protestors. Instead, we were merely photographed by
one brown-suited member of OSA (Scientology's intelligence agency). This
lack of interference deprived us of the opportunity to converse with the
Scientologists themselves, but gave us more time to talk with the public."

Message-ID: <EGv3p3.42C@fsa.bris.ac.uk>


> CAN Ruling

The Cult Awareness Network received a favorable ruling this week from the
Illinois Supreme Court, who overturned the lover court dismissal of their
malicious prosecution case.

"The court indicated that the lower courts' interpretations of Illinois
malicious prosecution law was too narrow in the CAN case and
out-of-keeping with trends in the law in other states. The Illinois
Supreme Court noted that CAN claimed that the defendants conspired with
each other to carry on a campaign of malicious prosecution for the express
purpose of causing CAN's bankruptcy and eventual disbandment.
Specifically CAN alleged that between January 24, 1992, and July 1, 1993,
various members of the Church of Scientology filed 21 lawsuits around the
United States which named authentic CAN as the defendant.

"The court stated that 'The invidiousness of the alleged conspiracy is
best reflected in the fact that plaintiff was sued 21 times over the
course of a 17-month period in jurisdictions ranging from New York to
California. Such sustained onslaught of litigation can hardly be deemed
ordinary if plaintiff can prove that the actions were brought without
probable cause and with malice.'

"The court further commented: 'The Constitution affords protection to the
honest litigator in search of resolutions to true legal disputes;
however, it does not provide the right to any individual to assist
another, with money or otherwise, in the prosecution of a suit which has
been filed with malice and without probable cause.'"

Message-ID: <5vsout$4r2@bgtnsc03.worldnet.att.net>
Message-ID: <3422c0ae.5049817@news.ipgeek.com>



Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights announced this week a
drive to highlight mental health practitioners under Florida's new sexual
predators law. From a CCHR press release:

"Tomorrow, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), based in
Clearwater, Florida, will file letters of inquiry requesting that the
Attorney General, the Florida Legislature as well as the Courts review the
matter and to have psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health
counselors who have been convicted, disciplined or found guilty of sexual
crimes, included in the list of sexual predators or offenders.

"'Psychiatrists and psychologists found guilty of sexual crimes are not on
the list of sexual predators or offenders and they should be,' said Louise
Cournoyer, Executive Director for CCHR Clearwater. 'There are too many
rapes and other sexual violations being perpetrated by psychiatrists and
psychologists. The public has a right to know; for their children's safety
and their own safety.'

"Florida Statute 775.21 requires that sexual predators be listed with
local authorities when they have been found guilty of sexual crimes; 'most
sex offenders commit many offenses, have many more victims than are ever
reported and are prosecuted for only a fraction of their crimes. Requiring
the registration of sexual predators, with a requirement that complete and
accurate information be maintained and accessible for use by law
enforcement authorities, communities and the public,' is essential in the
case of sexual predators.

"'Psychiatry is destroying lives,' according to Cournoyer. 'It is a very
serious offense when a psychiatrist betrays the trust of his or her
patient and rapes them, especially children,' said Cournoyer. 'It is for
this reason that psychiatrists and psychologists who have committed sexual
crimes, should be labeled as sexual predators or offenders in order to
protect the public.'"

Message-ID: <afefc96481850204a0269cecf077f9fb@anon.efga.org>


> Chick Corea

Chick Corea is planning to open a Scientology mission in Boston, according
to a report on AOL this week.

"[A] private performance for Scientologists given by Chick Corea to go
over his plans to open a Scientology Mission in Boston. It was held at the
Lansdowne Street Playhouse. The evening opened with Chick getting up and
explaining why he wanted to open up his first Mission in Boston. His plans
call for having a center for musicians to come into. Chick had ideas for
seminar/performances given possibly by himself, Isaac Hayes, Mark Isham,
Billy Sheehan, and others. He also has plans to open other Missions in
Italy, Japan and elsewhere around the world."

Message-ID: <19970915135601.JAA11249@ladder01.news.aol.com>


> Washington Hearing

Scientologists and other religious figures testified at a Senate hearing
this week on religious intolerance in Europe. John Travolta, Chick Corea
and Isaac Hayes were among the participants. Arnie Lerma attended,
confronted Scientology President Heber Jen tzsch, and attempted to get
critical information to Senators.

"Saw Heber today, pulled out a blow up of him in handcuffs, asked him, is
this you, he said yes. Then he left in hurry. Cult began handing out an
Arnaldo Lerma Flyer. There were many there to see the Travolta, he and his
bodyguards were there as was Lisa Goodman, Susan Taylor, and perhaps 20
OSA's. Managed to get a 4" thick briefing pack into the hands of the PR
man for the council. After I did Susan Taylor OSA DC walked over to him
and gently placed her hands on the book as if trying to pull it away. He
held on and placed it in a box. The next hearings will likely hear our
side of the controversy.

From the Associated Press:

"The subject was serious -- religious persecution -- but girlish giggles
echoing in a Capitol hearing room Thursday signaled that some serious star
wattage also was under careful review: John Travolta. But the actor was
directing all of his heat and anger at Germany, accusing its government of
harassing and discriminating against his fellow practitioners of
Scientology, a religion with many big-name members.

"Travolta asked the U.S. congressional panel for the Commission on
Security and Cooperation in Europe to complain about the persecution in
Germany at the organization's next international meeting."

From Reuters:

"Travolta, a long-time Scientologist, and several other celebrities
focused on the treatment of Scientologists in Germany. A range of other
religious experts and activists addressed situations in several European
nations, especially in Eastern Europe. The witnesses appeared before the
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, a bipartisan U.S. panel
that since 1976 has monitored the Helsinki Accords on human rights.

"'The freedom of religion or belief is under attack in some countries in
Europe,' panel co-chairman Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, a New York Republican,
said. 'We will hold to account those governments that fail to live up to
their promises.' Travolta said he aimed to 'lend a voice to the many
people in Germany whose rights as human being and citizens are being
trampled' because of their beliefs. 'Their experiences of discrimination
and persecution go unheard because there is nobody to speak up for them,'
he said.

CNN carried this quote from Travolta:

"Propaganda that has been passed out, uh. Where the minority religions
should be stamped out like insects, or uh prophylactics so, uh you know,
Scientologists shouldn't be procreated, you know. Things like that, that
were indirectly approved uh by uh parts of the government. So I, I don't
know. This is the kind of danger, that you really can't, I mean you know,
maybe, uh, nobody's been killed yet, or so and so so forth, but you can
see where something has to be done now to stop what could happen later."

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> Howard Stern

A transcript of the Howard Stern radio show, with call-in guest Senator
Alphonse D'Amato was posted this week.

"Howard Stern: What?! You're hanging out with that wacko?

"Alphonse D'Amato: John Travolta came to Capitol Hill yesterday and
testified about the Scientologists who are being persecuted and being
denied jobs and being boycotted....

"Howard Stern: And what did you do? Did you throw him out of there?

"Alphonse D'Amato: His films aren't being permitted to be shown in Germany
because he's a Scientologist.

"Howard Stern: Alright, do me a favor. Will you blow up John Travolta too?
Did you actually hang out with the Travolta?

"Alphonse D'Amato: No, but he's a very nice guy.

"Howard Stern: And where do you stand on Scientology? That can't possibly
be a religion can it?

"Alphonse D'Amato: Well listen, I think you have a right to believe
whatever you want. If you want to believe in the sun god I will defend
your right, Howard, to believe in whatever you want.

"Howard Stern: Alright, listen to me, Senator. But, in no way I can
believe that my senator believes L. Ron Hubbard is god. You should have
thrown Travolta right out of there, kicked him down the steps. Do you
know John Travolta thinks he can heal people with his hands?

"Alphonse D'Amato: No, I don't know that. If he believes that, that's his

"Howard Stern: I can't believe it. What are you going to do about Germany

"Alphonse D'Amato: Well, what we have done, our commission, Helsinki
Commission, will be looking into a number of the charges--people who have
lost their jobs because... Yeah, you know, ordinary working families. One
lost her license, she ran an employment center, it was revoked just
because it was revealed that she was a Scientologist, and they wanted her
to renounce this."

Message-ID: <34239467.0@news.inreach.com>


> Time

Time Magazine this week reports on a conversation with John Travolta in
which he describes meeting President Bill Clinton.

"Travolta described what happened when he met his real-life counterpart at
the volunteerism summit in Philadelphia last April. 'I hadn't felt the
exact seduction everyone says they feel when they're around him, and I
wondered when it was coming. Then he said he wanted to help me with the
Scientology situation in Germany.' '[Clinton] said he had a roommate years
ago who was a Scientologist and had really liked him, and respected his
views on it. He said he felt we were given an unfair hand in that
country, and that he wanted to fix it. That did it. It was like--wow!
You're kidding! Really? Well, all right.'"

Message-ID: <342b5d3c.35404175@news.snafu.de>


> Dennis Erlich

Dennis Erlich posted an update report on Scientology's copyright
infringement case against him.

"We have not had anything but a tentative ruling on RTC's motion to
dismiss my counterclaims of 'deprivation of civil rights under color of
authority' statutes, and other claims regarding conversion of property,
theft, invasion of privacy, etcetera. We are entitled to and have
requested a jury trial on the matter of the unconstitutional raid, theft
of property, false arrest and invasion of privacy matters.

"RTC produced some stuff, the contents of which has yet to be ascertained.
They were ordered by Infante to produce originals or 1982 documents
mentioned in the poodle's notary log. These documents include transfer
docs, option agreement, trust doc, etc. The 'time capsule' defense was
successfully used to thwart MoFo's request for production of the original
Elrong handwritten first draft of the works which I allegedly quoted a bit
too much of to qualify for fair use. Our request for these documents was
denied by Infante in the same order that demanded the documents due to
MoFo last Friday."

Message-ID: <341ec288.9351914@snews.zippo.com>


> David Gerard

Australian critic David Gerard received word that he is the subject of a
Scientology investigation from his Internet provider, who sent this email:

"I just received a telephone call from a private investigator working for
the church of scientology. He claimed his name was 'David Middleton'. He
wanted to know the usual information (how long had you had an account,
what did I know about your personal life etc). To which I stated that I
couldn't possibly divulge information about my users, without their
permission, and that I didn't track what they were doing in any event. He
mentioned private investigator Greg Hooper, who I have a 'relationship'
with. Presumably to gain credibility."

Message-ID: <slrn6218sc.hib.fun@thingy.apana.org.au>


> Grady Ward

Scientology defendant Grady Ward posted an update on his case and personal
situation while his copyright infringement case continues.

"I plan on filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy within the next couple of weeks
or so, so anyone interested in looking at my finances or list of
belongings can take a gander at the court filing.

"Michael T. Mervis was admitted pro hac vice in the array of attorney's
against me in an August 28, 1997 order by Judge Ronald M. Whyte (they now
have seven attorneys in four law firms). I guess they need more attorneys
to attempt to steam-roller me at trial. However I intend to keep putting
up a stiff fight all the way."

Message-ID: <3420cf78.4785020@>


> Berry Leaves Factnet

Graham Berry has withdrawn from the Factnet copyright infringement case,
as Lawrence Wollersheim reported this week.

"Graham Berry and his firm have withdrawn from the Factnet Case with
Factnet's blessing. Because of Scientology outrageous litigation tactics
Factnet is short of money and mutually agreed with Graham's firm that this
economizing was necessary. (Scientology has vowed it will drive Factnet
out of existence and its directors into personal bankruptcy so why should
Factnet running low on money be a surprise!)"

Message-ID: <5vl0hm$rmv@bgtnsc03.worldnet.att.net>


> Gottfried Helnwein

Martin Ottmann reported this week that Gottfried Helnwein has withdrawn
his case against the publisher of a book that exposed his connection to

"On August 18th the Austrian Artist and Scientologist Gottfried Helnwein
has withdrawn his motion for an interim order against the publisher and
writer Peter Reichelt, who wrote a critical book about Helnwein's
connections to Scientology. It happened three days before the court
hearing in Berlin. Helnwein especially didn't liked to be called by
Reichelt 'New OT VIII', 'Patron of the IAS', and 'OSA Field Staff Member'.
Nevertheless Helnwein filed in the meantime a criminal complaint against
Reichelt at a police station in Koblenz, probably for stealing documents.
The complaint is still sealed."

Message-ID: <19970916145030.18357.qmail@hotmail.com>


> LA School Holds

The Los Angeles Times reported that a planned Scientology-run charter
school is on hold, possibly due to the adverse publicity generated by the

"A proposal for a charter school featuring the teaching methods of
Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard has been withdrawn by its primary
sponsor for personal reasons, according to her supporters. Linda Smith, a
veteran special education teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School
District and 16-year Church of Scientology member, had hoped to open the
Northwest Charter School in the San Fernando Valley this fall. But she has
postponed the plans while she cares for an ill family member, said Steve
Hayes, an attorney who has been working with Smith on the committee
planning the school.

"Los Angeles school officials wondered if the controversy surrounding
Smith's proposal also played a role in her decision to delay the
application, and pledged to scrutinize any new submission just as
carefully. 'I can't second-guess her reasons, but I'm assuming she may
need to let things quiet down for a while,' said school board President
Julie Korenstein. 'It has been tremendously controversial, nationally and

"Smith's plans had called for about 100 students to attend kindergarten
through grade 8 on a new campus to be established in the Sunland-Tujunga
area; a site has yet to be secured. Smith's proposal called for her to be
the principal of her proposed school, with most of her students drawn from
private schools. The Northwest curriculum would include standard texts,
as well as the Hubbard Study Technology, which Smith said helps bolster
student achievement by addressing three 'barriers' to learning. Students
use dictionaries to look up words they do not understand, apply their
lessons to real life and master each rung of material to obtain a thorough
understanding of a subject."

Message-ID: <342e86ae.40957821@berlin.snafu.de>


> Libel Suit

Three former Scientologists announced a lawsuit against Scientology leader
David Miscavige and OSA head Mike Rinder this week for publishing
bulletins in which they were described as criminals.

"The Verified Complaint, filed in superior court for Los Angeles county,
tells the short story: Miscavige and Mike Rinder, who heads up Office of
Special Affairs (OSA) for Church of Scientology International (CSI) - are
alleged to have been the approving authorities for a brochure called
'Public Warning.' Published by OSA, the brochure contains trademarks
ostensibly owned by RTC, used with RTC's permission. 'Public Warning' also
contains a measure of unflattering allegations against the
plaintiffs--about $190 million worth, according to them. (We'd love to
show more of 'Public Warning' to you, but it's copyrighted by CSI.)"

Message-ID: <4de3a1c401a6eeeb6c2eaf6727f53b9b@anon.efga.org>


> Toronto Picket

Gregg Hagglund reported on yet another protest against Scientology in
Toronto this week.

"3 Picketers (Gregg, Artemis and Slippery Jim) on a cold windy evening at
total cause again over Toronto Co$. This time at upscale Hilton Hotel.
Police afford us constant protection in light of assaults on Henson.

"Auditors Day for the Toronto Org saw a dismal turnout of less than 300
adults and children. Org blows over $5000.00 and false advertises event
open to general public.

"Much enturbulation after I mistakenly get invited by a LadyClam to tour
the Auditors Foyer set up 2 hours before the show. Near hysteria erupts
when I photograph Foyer exhibits & layout and they cog as to who I am."

Message-ID: <elrond-ya02408000R2109971018570001@news.cgocable.net>



Tilman Hausherr provided a summary of a German ZDF-TV program on
Scientology, Lisa McPherson and the Cult Awareness Network.

"Reporter Tartarotti was followed by PIs all the time. Jim Beebe can be
seen and interviewed shortly, but then he got asthma. Lisa photo in her
coffin. She looks different, much older. Cynthia Kisser can be seen in
her Methodist Church with her son. The community there supports her.

"And absolute first was an interview with Jason Scott! He told that Kenny
Moxon promised him a million $. He didn't know what Moxon was a top
scientologist. He calls himself now 'a pawn in their game'. When Moxon was
fired, he filed liens against Scott, even tried to get custody on him
(he's 25). Scott now can't buy a house, etc. At the end of the film, Scott
said that he found out that CAN wasn't evil at all, that they were helping

"Heber is such a loon, therefore is a sure bet for great fun. He was
unable to answer a question, instead he started attacking CAN and showed a
photo of 'CAN people' arrested. ZDF then showed a photo of Heber arrested
in Spain. Heber started to ask questions, and Tartarotti refused 'It's the
reporters who ask the questions'. Heber then said 'well why can't we both
ask the questions?' Heber attacked ZDF, claimed that ZDF was destroying
religions. What Heber really hated was to see photos of dead Lisa. He
refused to look at them, and said TV should interview Robert Davis (who
doesn't give interviews, as Heber knew)."

Jim Beebe described the private investigators who attended his interview
with ZDF.

"There were two cars of scientology agents outside of my house. After an
unpleasant confrontation the police finally ordered them to leave. I live
in a private subdivision and when we came out these two cars were waiting
plus 2 or 3 other cars. I was forced off the road and lost Franz and his
crew in their car. These cars of scientology agents followed and harassed
Franz all the way from Florida to Chicago. This whole thing was
frightening. Especially when our FBI informs you that they can and will do
nothing. I have had a threatening letter from Moxon recently and a series
of psychotic letters from a regional OSA agent. These letters which have
gotten increasingly more disturbing have revealed that this agent has been
stalking Cynthia Kisser and apparently myself and my ex-wife."

Message-ID: <3424a089.47578619@news.snafu.de>
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