Title: Transcript of Co$ web spam plan
mirele@newsguy.com (Deana Holmes)
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 00:37:04 GMT

The following is a transcript of the pertinent segment from the LRH
birthday celebration on Friday, March 13, 1998.  The speaker, I'm
told, is Mark Ingber.

[] indicate segments that I could not hear.  <> indicate crowd respons
or my comment.

[] while we are moving new Scientologists onto the bridge, we must
continue to enlighten millions more, and on that score, I'd like to
tell you about a new crusade.

As I am sure you have heard since the launch of our internet sites,
many, many millions have visited those sites.  As a matter of fact,
the number of hits has just passed the 50 million mark.  Now, when we
launched our Internet program, we mentioned how we are factually
creating that perfect dissemination program LRH described in 1959 when
he stated, "The conditions of a perfect dissemination program would
be, of course, maximum dissemination with minimum effort. This adds up
to an instantaneous postulate which soars around the world without
even using space."  Then too he stated, "If we use the existing comm
lines within the society and these already through [proved] [it] and
not tied to [ ] trying to make new channels [] could be spent in using

Today, we are certainly making use of this channel through our 116
Scientology internet sites, comprising [] 37,000 pages of material.
Those numbers may seem high and according to most netizens <???!!!>
they are, such as in a letter recently received from the Association
of Online Professionals stating that the Church operates one of the
world's largest information oriented websites.  <audible whoop from
someone in audience>

Yet, while the Internet is a terrific communication channel, one
where millions all over the world have been finding out what
Scientology is, we want to take it to an even higher level, to get our
message out to everyone regardless of where they search that

You see, logging on to the Internet is like opening a giant phone
book. When you log in and enter the word "Scientology", you'll get all
the listings that contain that word from whenever and wherever,
anywhere in the world.  And while we've been reaching a high volume of
people through our 116 main Internet sites, we look at it this way, we
have a whole planet to clear.  

So how do we expand our dissemination power and reach even further?
What if we were to boost the number of Scientology sites from 116 to
1160 or 11,600, or, better, 116,000.  Now that would be expanding our
comm lines.  So here's a program that's going to expand our lines a
thousandfold, one in which you will be involved, and it will even help
you personally, because starting tonight, we are making it possible
for any Scientologist to go online with their very own Dianetics and
Scientology Internet site.

<cheers from crowd, lasts 13 seconds> 

That means that when somebody logs into the Internet, they will get
the full listing on Scientology sites, and that will include your
personal website. Our latest Internet project is called Scientologists
On Line. To establish your site, you will receive a Scientologists On
Line starter kit <"cool!" from someone near Brady Lard>, containing
everything that you need including software to construct your own

<cheers and applause for 11 seconds>

All you need to be able to do is type on a keyboard and if you don't
have a computer, you can use a friend's.  Let's say you live in New
York, and someone in your local area wants to find out about
Scientology and so types in "Scientology" or your name. Your site will
be there, and will have the name of your site and your location.  

Here is what your personal website will look like. Your home page
welcomes the viewer to your site in [?] a headline, "I am a
Scientologist. Support religious tolerance."  By the way, we'll be
campaigning that header, "I am a Scientologist" to other and any
religion:  "I am a Buddhist. Support religious tolerance," and so
forth. And so we promote religious tolerance of all faiths.

<10 seconds applause>

Your web page will provide the viewer with a little description of
yourself and your occupation.  Next, they will see your own personal
success story in Scientology and whichever LRH quote you pick, chosen
from the Knowing and Understanding [?] or the Way to Happiness books.

This kit is available, not only in English, but in German, French,
Spanish and Italian.  And that's just for starters, because in very
short order these internet sites will also be available in Danish,
Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian, Greek, Russian and Japanese.

<12 seconds applause>

As more and more Scientologists go online and get listed in this great
electronic phone book, here's what will happen. The next time somebody
logs on to the Internet and enters a search for Scientology, they're
going to get pages and pages of sites <whoop from audience> and
they're all going to be yours. 

<several seconds applause>

And the only qualification to receive this special Internet site is
that you are a Field Staff Member.  And so, tonight, I officially
appoint all of you FSMs.

<10 seconds applause and whoops>

What you are about to receive is your own personal dissemination
program, a program where you can achieve the maximum amount of
dissemination for the most efficient amount of effort. You are about
to be able to enlighten people on Dianetics and Scientology in ways
you've never imagined. 

So here's the bigger picture. For further enlightenment, any person
who comes browsing through your site, will also be able to instantly
connect to any of our main Scientology sites, by a simple click of
their mouse. In other words, as an FSM you will have the full support
of all our main central sites to enlighten your visitors. Your site
will also have a page for you to personally recommend the appropriate
LRH book for them to read. 

But there's more.  

Since they will be contacting you directly, you can give them further
information and enlightenment, guiding them onto the Bridge to
Freedom. Now, how is that done? With an FSM's selection slip, of
course, by email. <laughter> They can refer to your website [?] our
electronic FSMs selections slip. 

<several seconds applause>

After enlightening someone via email or a followup phone call, you
just type in the selection slip and send it on the Internet to the
selectee. At the same time it will print off copies for you to send in
to the org. In that simple manner, you become an FSM to untold numbers
waiting to be enlightened.

For years, survey responses have shown that Scientologists say that
their biggest problem they have in disseminating is contacting new
people. <laughter from audience> What with job [], raising a family,
going to course yourself and you name it, they say they hate to go out
to a coffee shop and approach strangers or people on the street that
either don't have the time or can't confront it.

Well, that problem has been totally solved, because now you're going
to have them contacting you.  <laughter in the background during this>
And let's not forget, every person that enters that word,
"Scientology," has already made a reach.  So unlike going out to a
coffeeshop, you have people coming to you, and the subject has already
been brought up--by them.  We're convinced that the next survey
response is going to show the largest problem FSMs have is so many new
people contacting them they can't handle the load.  <laughter from the

So no matter what you do, even if you aren't a full time FSM, be you a
plumber, a lawyer, a doctor, a carpenter, a fireman, or a construction
worker, you can become an effective disseminator and Field Staff

And, as for no time, it's as simple as this: when you come home from
work and are cooking your dinner, log on to your computer, and there
will be the names.  What this means to planetary dissemination is
almost unimaginable, and by being an upstat FSM, you're going to fly
up the Bridge yourself, personally.

<end transcript>

Our unanimous affirmance of the Court of Appeals' judgment concerning
16-1-20.2 makes  it unnecessary to  comment at length on the District
Court's remarkable conclusion that the Federal Constitution imposes no
obstacle to Alabama's establishment of a state religion.
Wallace V. Jaffree, 472 U.S. 38 (1985)    
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