Title: COS' Soft Underbelly EXPOSED!
Clam Baker <jesparolini@oc-inc.com>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 16:41:37 -0600

COS’ Soft Underbelly EXPOSED!

by John M. Esparolini

(NOTE to COS shysters:

The following is a statement of an editorial nature; makes no claims of
factuality or actuality; is in accordance with and protected by the First
Amendment of the Constitution of the United States; and expresses the
opinions and ideas of the author, and the author alone. In accordance
with the Copyright Law of 1977, no copyrighted materials have been
reproduced herein other than in accordance with Fair Use doctrine as
defined and interpreted by Federal courts.

Therefore, ANY correspondence, verbal or written, received by the author
from ANY attorney in response to or in reference to this article will be
regarded and construed as an act of intimidation or harassment and an
attempt to violate the civil rights of the author. All primary and
secondary sources of such correspondence will be dealt with accordingly
and in the most severe manners allowed by law.)


". . . Resist the devil, and he will flee from you!" -- St. James the
Apostle, letter to the first Christian churches (James 4:7)


"Every insider knows where the weak chinks are in his movement's armor.
The BEST TEST of a critic's mastery of his opponent's system is his
ability to go straight for his OPPONENT’S WEAKEST SPOT. He will not be
sidetracked. If he can do this, he will draw blood. HE WILL CREATE

-- Gary North, "Christian Reconstruction: What It Is, What It Isn't",
Tyler, TX: Institute for Christian Economics, 199I, p. 175 (emphasis


The key to de-constructing COS through "creat(ing) consternation and
confusion" in its "camp" is to openly, aggressively, repeatedly,
publicly, and PERSISTENTLY attack it’s SOFT UNDERBELLY until the beast

The weak spots which comprise that soft underbelly are:

WEAK SPOT #1 – Intellectual laziness, incompetence, shallowness,
irrelevance. Dependency on factual errors, irrelevancies, and
self-deception. No training in Logic except for a very limited, truncated
"secrets of logic" in Hubbard’s "Data Series".

abundantly cite quotes by experts and scholars, historical examples,
documentation, and ESPECIALLY primary source materials.

Continually and repeatedly emphasize factual errors and SPECIFICALLY NAME
logical fallacies presented in COS literature and posts from COS drones
and shysters(lawyers). Publish and re-publish these over and over again
and spread them throughout the net.

For a really BOLD and effective touch, let’s CC copies of everything we
write to every COS e-mail address we can get our hands on. Don’t wait for
COS drones and shysters to spot it on newsgroup boards and then post
their vacuous tripe. Instead, repeatedly flood the entire Borg (er, I
mean, COS) Collective with OUR stuff.

WEAK SPOT #2 - COS’ teachings and or practices are neither "new" nor

OUR BEST WEAPONS: Keep in mind that one thing COS has an abundance of
besides money and lawyers is massive shortages of original thinking.
After all, in over 30 years they can’t seem to come up with a logo or
icon any more original than the Cross of Jesus Christ despite the fact
that Hubbard and COS have openly, repeatedly, and vehemently denied and
disparaged him.

Therefore, repeatedly show and document how Hubbard and COS stole,
borrowed, or re-wrote others’ ideas and teachings. Repeatedly cite
references to parallels of its "unique" doctrines in the literature of
other, especially pre-Hubbard or pre-COS, religions, cults or movements.
For example, strong evidence suggests that Hubbard didn’t even coin or
define the word "scientology" itself, but instead "appropriated" both
word and defintion from a book by a 1930’s psychologist in Germany.

WEAK SPOT #3 - Dependency on harassment and intimidation. Taking the
first step in order to silence or discourage.

OUR BEST WEAPONS: Take the initiative and come out fighting from the
gitgo –on the net, in the media, in the courts. Then the very second we
get a crank call from a COS drone or even a form letter from a COS
shyster RUN, do not walk, to a notary public, lawyer, or district court
and prepare and file an appropriate affidavit. This is very inexpensive
to do, usually requiring a small filing fee –about 25 to 50 bucks. In
some cases, banks will do affidavits for free for their customers. Then
file ALL types and classes of suits and/or charges that are even remotely

WEAK SPOT #4 - Dependency on manipulating critics and dissidents into
hiding by engendering fear or insecurity or self-doubt.

HIDING FROM EVIL AND DARKENESS! Moses didn’t, the Hebrew prophets didn’t,
Jesus and His Apostles didn’t, Martin Luther and the Christian Reformers
didn’t! All confronted the evil forces of their times with boldness and
backbone, AND conquered them! Recognize COS and its shyster army for what
they are: A pack of cowards. Then BOLDLY defy them. Take precautions for
personal safety, of course, but STOP HIDING! That’s what they WANT us to
do! Instead, let’s BOLDLY and PUBLICLY declare ourselves, our views, and
our intentions on the net, to the media, and to the general public.

WEAK SPOT #5 - Messianic self-importance; UNDESERVED arrogance; UNEARNED
pride; NO evident sense of humor.

by the sweat of its own brow to merit even a micron of pride or
arrogance. It parasitically leeches off other peoples’ talents, labor,
and hard-earned money. After all, we’re not talking about Bill Gates and
Microsoft here! Therefore, continually and repeatedly apply generous
doses of parody, satire, ridicule, and sarcastic intellectual debunking
–preferably all at the same time. Again, CC everything to every COS
e-mail address we can find.

WEAK SPOT #6 - COS’ DEEP POCKETS and it’s preoccupation with, focus on,
and apparent worship of MONEY.

OUR BEST WEAPONS: Identify all COS-owned or COS-tied businesses, law
firms, real estate holdings, and other economic ventures and work to
isolate them or ostracize them in the business community and in the
market-place: 1. Identify and notify their clients, subcontractors, and
service providers, making them fully aware of who they’ve been dealing
with and helping to expand. 2. Publicize and inform the media of the
names, addresses, and phone numbers of all COS or COS-tied ventures and
their officers. 3. If harassed or confronted in any manner, sue –for
TENS of MILLIONS, or more.

LET’S GO FOR THAT SOFT UNDERBELLY! The Cult of Scientology started this
PSYWAR, it’s OUR turn and OUR job to finish it.

Yours for a COS-Free New Millennium . . . There are 722 days remaining!

John E (aka John the Calvinist, aka Sloopjohne, aka Clam Baker)


PS: For you COS drones and shysters, here are my address and phone number:

2579 Babcock Road
Vienna, VA 22181

Crank calls, threats, harassment, and hate mail are VERY welcome! I can
always use the inspiration and the entertainment. Not to mention some o’
them BIG BUCKS . . . I have my eye on a nice 28-foot O’Day sailboat.

1998 by John M. Esparolini

This article may be copied, posted, and distributed electronically
WITHOUT ALTERATION but may not be printed in whole or in part without
written permission of the author.

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