Title: "SERPENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE" Chapter 1, Laundering Dianetic (reference:clinton and scientology)
Author: cescah@my-dejanews.com
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 17:25:22 GMT

subtitle: how the satanic underground of scientology seized the Executive
branch of The United States Government

reference: Clinton and scientology

[In response to the e mail I'm getting I want to stress the need to suspend
judgment.  Read it as a novel, but it isn't.  All of the facts are facts. 
I've stated my conclusions first.  You're free to disgard them. Make up your
own mind.  All of the facts I used in my analysis are going to be laid out.
There are so many.  If you feel that it's meaningless coincidence turn away. 
But facts are facts.  how many of you knew that Clinon said, "Im proud to
announce the opening of a nationl museum of scientology on the mall?" What
explanation would satisfy you.	How gullible are you?  That choice is yours. 
read on---] ------------------------------------------- CHAPTER ONE:
Laundering Dianetics (part one)

"Lying is the lowest form of creation."  LRH

     But it's still creation.  And as it is the lowest order of creation, a
scientologist must master the art of lying.  If you can't master the
lowest form of creation how can you move up the bridge.  Lying is required.

  With all of Clinton's dodgy relationships being brought to attention, why
hasn't anybody thoroughly investigated his unbashful endorsments of the
scientology cult?  Because they don't understand scientology and they haven't
asked the right question: are the Clinton's practicing scientologists? I
believe scientology is the missing link between the Clinton administrations
actions and motives.  Like scientology, the Clinton administration holds
itself above the law and has mastered use of the fair game policy.  This is
the topic of a later chapter, but the most recent illustration of this
concerns the attacks on House Reps Hide and Burton.  The only diffeence is
the media calls it "the scorched earth policy."  It looks like scientology,
and it smells like scientology.  Is it scientology?  In later chapters we
will revisit this topic, but for now I want to discuss Hillary Clinton's
book, "It Takes a Village."  In order to understand the arguments I will
forward you must assume that scientology is serious about its goals of
"clearing the planet."	All of the plans I will discuss lead to their
ultimate goal, to "take this planet."  One of the major stumbling blocks is
the general public perception that Dianetics is nonsense.  This perception
has been shaped by Hubbard's flogging at the hands of professionals in the
fields of Psychology and Psychiatry who have consistently maintained that
Hubbard was a fraudulent liar, and that his "analytical studies" were total
fabrications.  In retaliation scientology adopted "the fair game Policy," as
a way of turning the camera away from them whenever they become exposed by
truth. But for scientology to succeed it needs to be recognized as a
mainstream therapy which genuinely works.  Their strategy has involved
infiltrating the mainstream with their concepts through the use of doctors,
scientists, reporters, and other various authorities who are working
undercover as double agents in the fileds of medicine, government, high
finance and the media [check the later chapter about CNN].  In the pages that
follow, I'm going to show you how they've taken one small discovery in
neuroscience regarding learned, instinctual alertness in rat defense
mechanisms, and twisted it into a whole new area of psychology. By laundering
dianetic concepts through this very limited study, Daniel Goleman, Hillary
Clinton, and neuroscientists, Joseph LeDou have filtered Hubbard's concepts
through legitimate science in the same way one would launder money through an
offshore bank.	Despite their brilliant plan they left a trail.  It's
impossible to see this trail if you don't know what you're looking for and
that's why the spin has been incredibly successful.  I never would have
spotted this had I not been reading "It takes A Village," as part of my
investigation of the Clinton Administration's relationship to Scientology.  I
read her book knowing I would find further proof to bolster my arguments.
What I found is incredible.  This is the most damning piece of evidence.
"Emotionl Intelligence" is clearly disguised propaganda for "Dianetics." And
in the true Hubbard style, Goleman blatantly lies about research and content.
 I found a scathing refutation of "Emotional Intelligence" at

http://www.obsidian.co.za/psheer/genetics/IQ.html [ Feb 2002, this link no longer works, 
the authors web page is here

Steve Farron, PhD wrote it.  He firmly establishes that Goleman lies using
footnotes to disguise the blasphemy of scientific procedures and research.
When I read "Emotional Intelligence" I found the footnotes to be fraudulent,
uncheckable, and extremely misleading.	Knowing what to look for, I also
found every aspect of "Dianetics" in its new disguise.	In order to fully
understand this subject matter, I studied neuroscience in depth.  That
research scientifically affirmed what my instinct and logic had already
established: they are pushing DIANETICS/EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE into the
mainstream quickly and successfully.  There's already over a thousand web
sites for "Emotional Intelligence," it's being studied in many universities,
and an "institute for applied emotional intelligence" has been established. 
"It Takes A Village," is the cipher, the Rosetta Stone of this case.  Daniel
Goleman is former editor of "Psychology Today," and current editor of the
Psychology Section of The New York Times.  In her sick book, "It Takes A
Village," Hillary Clinton cites "Emotional Intelligence," as her main source
in the chapter of her book called, "The Bell Curve is a Curve Ball." To fully
understand this deception we must review basic dianetics.  "Dianetics" claims
that any person can unleash the true power if their mind simply by submitting
to auditing.  "Dianetics" alleges that every physical and emotional painful
event leaves itsmark in the mind as an imprint called an "engram."  The
engram differs from a normal memory in that it acts like an entity hijacking
the emotional response of an individual just like a demon. This entity is a
perfect photograph or movie of thepainful event which takes in every single
thing that the mid perceived through the senses at the time of the painful
event.	In contrast a normal memory is much weaker and has no force or power
over the individual.  Hubbard states that painful events shut off the
"ANALYTICAL" mind while activating the "REACTIVE" mind, and therefore we
don't have the ability to use reason since the "engram" can't be viewed and
analyzed by the "RATIONAL" mind.

  This was Hubbard's big thing: the existence of two minds and two completely
separate minds, and two completely different memory systems in one head.
Hubbard claims the "REACTIVE" mind to be moronic in that it records every
perception as equal to every other perception.	The "REACTIVE" mind taes over
when one is rendered unconscious in varying degrees by physical pain or
emotional pain.  Hubbard claims that evolution prepared us for those troubled
moments with an electrical system cut off switch which would be activated
when the brain would otherwise be oveloaded with electrical charge:

     From "Dianetics,"

     "If there ever was a devil he designed the reactive mind." (page 70)
[That speaks for itself.]
     "If one were looking for demons in a human mind--such as those one
observes in some inmates at madhouses--he could find them easily enough.
Only they are not demons.  They are BYPASS CIRCUITS FROM THE ENGRAM BANK
[EMPHASIS ADDED]...How would you go about the building of a sensitive machine
upon which the life and death of an organism depended, which was to be the
chief tool of an individual?  Would you leave its delicate circuits prey
to every overload, or would you install a fuse system?  If a delicate
instrument is in circuit with a power line, it is protectd by several sets
of fuses.  Any computer wouldbe so safeguarded."

     Now let's look at "It Takes A Village,"

  "Any discussion of how the brain's processes affect cognitive intelligence
tells only half the story about the first blossoming of intelligence.  The
other half is how we behave in our relations with other people--what is now
being called our 'emotional intelligence...'  Now that I have read Daniel
Goleman's book, "Emotional Intelligence," I am better able to understand what
back then I could only wonder about.  Goleman brings to our attention new
breakthroughs in psychology and neuroscience that shed light on how our 'two
minds'--the RATIONAL and the EMOTIONAL--operate together to determine human
behavior."  (Pages 61-63 of "It takes A Village," by Hillary Clinton)

TWO MINDS!  This is Hubbard's "DIanetics" with a new wardrobe, new dressing.:

Hubbard's ANALYTICAL mind = Goleman's RATIONAL mind
Hubbard's REACTIVE mind = Goleman's EMOTIONAL mind

--to be continued in part two of Chapter One, "LAUNDERING DIANETICS."