Here is a rough translation by my German Attorney, Johannes Eisenberg of the
Berlin Court's decision. I would like to sincerely thank Rev. Thomas Gandow
and Tilman Hausherr for their help, support and encouragement in prosecuting
this case against Scientology. Without them the result would have not been
possible :-)

Regional Court of Berlin
Tegeler Weg 17-21
D-10589 Berlin

Public Hearing of the Regional Court of Berlin
File-Number: 27.0.764/00 at 27. March 2001

Under presence of
Head of Panel, presiding Justice Mauck
Justices Gollan and Becker

In the Complaint of
Minton against Weber, Church of Scientology Deutschland e.V., and others,
called Defendants

At the end of the hearing it was decided and pronounced:

1. The defendants are obliged, on penalty of a fine of up to 500,000 DM in the
case of violation, alternatively detention, or detention of up to 6 months, to
be enforced against the defendant under 2. and 3. on one of the members of the
Board of Directors, to refrain from propagating, literally or analogously,

1. "Freiheit", issue with headline "Menschenrechtspreis" für
Dritte-Welt-Ausbeuter (Human Rights Award for Third-World Exploiter),
p. 2, top of first column: "According to a criminal complaint against 'Robert
Minton and accessories' for fraud, money laundering and forgery of documents,
filed by the Republic of Nigeria on June 23rd, 2000 with the Attorney General
in Geneva, between 1987 and 1993, Minton, following a secret fraudulent plan
'diverted several billion US$ to the damage of the Republic of Nigeria...
Robert Minton deposited the diverted money in several business and private
numbered bank accounts'. After the Nigerian government asked a Geneva bank
concerned to freeze Minton's bank accounts and give information concerning
accusations of money laundering 'Robert Minton met on May 20th, 2000 with the
directors of that bank', the criminal complaint continues. 'To our knowledge
he demanded the immediate transfer of his money and the destruction of
Green box page 2, right column: "Wrocklage ... semi-accomplices of a man, who
is charged with half the penal code".

2. Flyer: "Gnadenlose Geldgier" (Merciless Greed for Money)
Column 2: "According to the certified public accountants of the globally
operating firm Arthur Andersen billions of Nigerian oil dollars were basically
stolen during the mentioned period of time. All in all it is said to be a
matter of at least 12 billion US$. The ex-military dictators moved them to
foreign bank accounts by means of banks and cover companies. The unscrupulous
wheeler-dealer Minton was involved in these money rackets, after he and his
accessories got hold of illegal inside knowledge to maximize their profits ...
Presently there are a great number of examinations and hearings dealing with
this gigantic fraud scandal which was carried out using 200 different bank
accounts. Only recently, a further 'vanished' 1.31 billion DM were discovered
and frozen by the Attorney General in Luxembourg."

3. Freiheit issue "Scientology in Schweden endgültig als Religion
anerkannt" (Scientology Finally Recognized as a Religion in Sweden)
Page 2, column 3: "It comes as no surprise that even proven buddies of
dictatorial killer regimes are welcome guests at the Office for the Protection
of the Constitution - that they are 'against Scientology' seems to be all that
matters. Caberta and the Hamburg Department of the Interior, the latter being
responsible for the fight against crime, recently honored the American Robert
Minton with a press conference, shortly after his close ties to an
international money laundering racket of gigantic proportions became public.
As African and English newspapers are presently reporting, the former Nigerian
military dictatorship channeled several billion (!) US$ to foreign bank
accounts with the support of Minton and his accessories. This was part of a
fraudulent deal that only superficially had to do with repaying foreign debts."

4. Freiheit issue "Also doch: Caberta nahm größere Geldsumme!" (It´s true
after all: Caberta Took Larger Sum of Money)
Page 2, fifth column: "... According to a criminal charge filed by the Nigerian
Republic with the attorney general of Geneva he was accused of defrauding the
country of serveral hundred million US$ during his business transactions with
the former Nigerian military dictatorship. The complaint also accuses Minton
of forgery of documents and money laundering."

2. The Defendants have to pay the costs.

3. The sentence is provisionally executable under Payment of security …..

Amount in controversy: DM 100,000- .


29 March 10 AM  IMAGE of German ruling [ in german ]