Title: Antisectarian publication to come out in Russia
Author: Camilla Barker
Date: 12 Oct 1998 05:43:29 -0700

Antisectarian publication to come out in Russia

MOSCOW, October 7 (Itar-Tass) - The first antisectarian periodical will be
published in Russia. The journal "Prozreniye" (Seeing the light) is the joint
project of St.Irenee of Lyon Orthodox Centre and the Moscow Patriarchate

Its purpose is to disseminate trustworthy information about the essence of
doctrines and destructive activity of sects, new religious movements and other
movements gaining broad currency in Russia. The publishers have the information
that about five million Russians are in the grip of sects.

One of the characteristic features of the present is the emergence of
organisations seemingly unconnecting with religious teachings, the authors said
at the presentation. "In reality, an organisation advertising a new teaching
method or an effective medicine, or else a way to manage an enterprise and get
rich may turn out to be a recruiting structure of some or other sect, they said.

The publishers also noted with concern that the authorities do not resist enough
the sects that inundated the country. They believe the law on the freedom of
conscience passed a year ago does not work the way it should, specifically, in
protecting the country against the pernicious activity of pseudo-religious

One of the chief editors of the publication is Professor Alexander Dvorkin, head
of St.Irenee of Lyon Centre, a leading expert on sects. His new book
"Introduction to the study of sects" was also presented at the news conference.
In the book, the author deals with scientologists, Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons,
New Age and White Brotherhood movements and points out their danger for mental