Want to help expose Scientology or have you just announced leaving Scientology?

I personally insist, that for your own protection that you MUST do these things FIRST -

I call it building your perimeter

Scientology's Ken Hoden describes the Hubbard policy used:

"The GO's covert harassment was not restricted to operations against faceless government agencies. Individuals who church officials claim were "attacking" Scientology were the target of GO efforts as wall. A Hubbard policy released at the GO's inception offered a blueprint for Scientology operations against individuals:

"As soon as one of these threats starts, you get a Scientologist or Scientologists to investigate noisily. You find out where he or she works or worked, doctor, dentist, friends, neighbors, anyone [sic) and phone up and say, 'I am investigating Mr./Mrs.... for criminal activities as he/she as been trying to prevent Man's freedom and is restricting my religious freedom' just be NOISY - it's, very odd at first, but makes fantastic sense and WORKS."

An earlier Hubbard statement was even more explicit: "People who attack Scientology are criminals. Politician A stands up on his hind legs in a parliament and brays for condemnation of Scientology- When we look him over we find crimes - embezzled funds, moral lapses, a thirst for young boys - sordid stuff. "

Also see "Operations Officer" - a series of guidelines Scientology's uses for dealing with its perceived enemies that are a real eye-opener..LINK

Do all of these things first BEFORE you post using your real name, to Enturbulation.org, Xenu.net chatboard, Ex Scientologist Message Board, or Usenet

1) Print out a flyer - I use judges quotes, and inform
the following that you think $Scientology is worse than they think,
and you plan on trying to do something about it - ask them all for
help and point them to a website, tell them your story.

My What is Scientology flyer
I use assorted Judicial quotations on the back side
More judicial quotes here
Rod Keller's Scientology Hurts People
David Gerard's page "Leaflets about, against and from Scientology"
More Flyers are here
a) neighbors, Your neighbors become your eyes, the local kids on my block playing on their skateboards, alert me whenever that white panel van comes into the cul-de-sac and parks watching my house.
b) local politicians - contact them because scientology certainly will
c) local law enforcement - scientology likes to entrap its enemies and get the state to do their work for them, education prevents many of these incidents.
d) state politicians and state police and attorney general's offices
e) your congressmen and senators
f) your boss
g) his boss
h) your clients / customers, I have customers who are scared to do business with me, I had my best customer purchased by 'Two guys from Florida", the largest music store in Arlington county- ALLSTAR Music.. it then stood vacant for months and turned into an ice cream parlor.. now a Wise listed music store "ACTION MUSIC" opened a few blocks from me. This "operation" cost me 15,000 a year..I used to have a nice repair business.. now I need your help
i) friends
j) family
k) your doctor, local businesses - one report of a bogus prescription being called in
l) local media - build a relationship with a reporter, this may help save your life someday
m) your trash men - scientology like to do something called a "D-Line" which means to collect your trash and then go through it to find out information they can use
n) password your utility, phone, bank accounts etc - Scientology has repeatedly, and successfully gotten copies of phone bills claiming they were 'lost'.
o) local churches and charities
p) local civic groups
q) your children's school counselor
r) local society for prevention of cruelty to animals - Scientology has called in false claims just to get activists harassed.
Get the idea?

I call this step building your perimeter
These folks all become your eyes and ears...

A little bit of prep work, is worth a lot of after-the-fact-of-a-cult-op clean-up.

Once you have FULLY INFORMED EVERYONE around you,

THEN you are ready to vocally and publicly expose scientology.

Practice SAFE cult-busting

Arnie Lerma

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