>Subject: Another Scientologist leaves
>From: cerridwen@freedom.net
>Date: 4/28/01 2:16 PM Central Daylight Time

Thank you for your very valuable post. And welcome to the readl...wog world.
You will feel great when you really realize that you are free of L. Ron
Hubbard's madness.

>I have decided to walk away from the C of S, but not quietly. I have
>instead, decided to speak out.
>I have also decided to post anonymously. Some day, I may be in a position
>to post my name but as it stands now, I would prefer not to.
>When the day finally arrives that I out myself or I am outed by OSA, I will
>tell you my complete story. In the meantime, I would like to contribute to ARS
>in ways that will help others see the truth about the C of S.
>I would like to give you my opinion about the OSA posters here. Many of you
>already know this data, but it may be new to others.
>The OSA posters are working off of evals, programs and orders on what to say
>and write.
>I can tell by the recent OSA posting that a new "eval" was done and a new
>program issued.
>The OSA posters in the past few weeks are very antagonistic. Much worse that
>usual. It appears that Davey may have issued an order for everyone to star
>rate and clay demo the policy on Fair Game and handling attacks and then let the OSA
>posters go to town. This may also be the result of some of the OSA posters
>going a bit "PTS" and it was "evalled" that if the OSA bots got more "at
>cause" then this would handle their PTSness.
>We've all seen the OSA posters "stat push" with posts on Wednesday
>night/Thursday before 2:00 LA time.
>Well here, imho, is why. The OSA posters each have a Stat. The stats work
>something like this.
>5 point for a an anti psych post
>5 points for a post that slams the critics
>5 points for a post that gets the C of S " line" in. Definition of line is
>that the C of S is pushing i.e. Minton is a criminal, Minton is a psych
>case, psychs
>are criminals etc.
>10 points for a response. ( I noticed one OSA bot bragging that he got over
>100 responses to his thread)
>Bonus Points
>100 points for outing a critic
>100 points for getting the critics fighting among themselves

I think they have another one

  100 points for antagonizing a critic into posting something we can

the show to a court, out of context, and call it HATE speech..

>500 points for getting a critic to stop posting
>Minus points
>-5 for degrading posts about LRH
>-10 for degrading posts about DM ( Davey is now more important than LRH)
>- 5 for degrading posts about the OT levels or mentioning the word Xenu.
>-25 for a newly posting critic
>Now I am sure there are more points for different things but you can see how
>game works. I am also quite sure that some of the critics can have lots of
>fun with
>these stats and dream up some really good ones.
>If you are a Scientologist and working for OSA, you can bet your last dime
>you have a stat. Gavino Idda's stats are a combination of all the OSA
>posters stats put
>together because he is the I/C (in charge). If stats are down and they
>want to get
>them up, they just post a ton of a spam with their "lines".
>Of course, stats have to be UP so by Wednesday afternoon they figure how
>posts have to be made to get the stats up.
>Many of you oblige or assist them by answering the antipsych posts.
>I am not suggesting the OSA bots be completely ignored. I think it is very
>important that their lies and deceit be made known to people lurking here.
>I think
>that one good slam deserves another and I intend on answering a few of their
>myself. But I also want you to know what kind of game they are playing
>some of these posts.
>Based on OSA posting lately, I'd say they are applying affluence, which in
>Scientology speak is very good.
>Since I am now an SP for speaking out against the church, I say we crash
>their stats!