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Hamburg org vacated by year's end Title: Hamburg org vacated by year's end
Author: GSNews <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 16:29:55 -0400

Psycho-Sect must vacate Hamburg headquarters

Hamburg, Germany
August 12, 1999
Focus 32/1999

The fast times for the Scientology psycho-sect have gone
by; its members have been running away for years. How
bad its finances have been getting is shown in the course of
a rental procedure before the Hamburg State Court which
has to do with the headquarters in the St. Georg district.
The building's owner, an ex-Scientologist, had sued to
vacate for back rent in the amount of 1.6 marks, and now
intended to settle after a months-long legal dispute: the
Scientologists have signed an agreement stating that they
will move out by the end of the year. Where to speaker
Gisela Hackenjos is not yet ready to say. 

At the wish of those concerned, how much of its debt the
sect will have to pay back will remain confidential. The
only thing certain is that the symbolic building will be torn
down; in its place modern office buildings will be built. 

Back Rent Due: At year's
end the lights will go out     [ picture of org at night at
in the Hamburg          ]
Scientology base in St.


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