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What do poetry slams and John Travolta have in common? Well, nothing,
really. Except that host Jamie Kennedy is the great-grandson of
Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, who counts Travolta among his
disciples. Tourettes is an open slam that's as vulgar and unexpected as
the name suggests (so much so that it roves from one venue to another,
much like an underground rave). In fact, Kennedy, a past Silicon Valley
and Oakland slam team member, likes to refer to it as "aesthetic
terrorism." What would L. Ron think?
For info, contact Jamie at:

by Jamie Kennedy
I'm a marked man. Hunted by a cult. A real deal cult, I'm not
making a word of this up, no need to. NONE OF THE

There's an almost absolute certainty that my phones are tapped,
(and almost a little too obviously judging by how the lines sound
now), I probably have a private detective following me trying to
dig up dirt, blackmail angles being looked at, a lawsuit being
prepared, cult members at my shows in the audience studying me,
and quite easily this email is being hacked into and read at the
same time that you read it. In fact, the reason for this email is a
public statement to all the Bay Area and friends and fans so it's
been said and is on the record: that IF I VANISH FOR LONGER

I'm not being paranoid, I assure you. If you're not familiar with
the Church, go RIGHT NOW to, look my name up in
the search directory and listen to the track JUDAS' SON. LISTEN
TO IT. The recording is from the first time I performed it ever in
San Jose.

The recording details how the now deceased leader of
Scientology L. Ron Hubbard is my great grandfather on my
mothers side, my grandfather being the right hand man in the cult
for many years until he defected as well. L. Ron is where I got my
red hair. It also details how the Church is quite simply one of the
most dangerous cults on the planet, (not counting Christianity).
They sue people, blackmail people, frame people, fake suicides
and straight out kill people. They've inflitrated the FBI, the IRS,
the CIA and the State Department. The FBI has actually stated
that their own surveillance equipment is not even close to what the
Church has. They have BILLIONS of dollars in secret accounts
and over 8 million followers including Tom Cruise and of course
John Travolta. And ALL of it was started by my great grandfather.
Don't believe me? Fuck you, it's my family history. I already
wrote a huge piece about it and don't need to reiterate it all for
you. Find out for yourself, check out Operation Clambake and
other Church watchdog groups on the Internet.

JUDAS' SON is the very same recording that an
anti-Scientology group out of Florida called the Lisa McPherson
Trust (named for a woman who was killed by the Church when
she tried to defect) heard on the Internet and is now paying all my
expenses to fly me out to Florida to perform and MC at a first of
it's kind benefit concert in November in the city of Clearwater, a
city that Scientology owns HALF of, literally millions of dollars in
real estate, half the police force, and where the international
headquarters of the Church is located. The benefit features ex
members of the church, DJ's, local bands, all kinds of shit.

This very same recording and this very same concert is why the
Church came to my HOUSE in Vallejo last Thursday. They
actually came to my ex girlfriends house (where I used to live and
where my daughter lives now), two of them, a man and a woman
claiming that they were "poets" who were throwing a "show" with
me and they really wanted to discuss my poetry with me. This was
of course an absolute lie and a ruse to find out where I was staying
these days. My ex didn't know any better and directed them to my
mothers house (where I've been crashing) a few blocks away.

I was still at work. They arrived and tried to sell my brother the
same line of shit. They kept trying to weasel information about me
to him until my mother came across them. She instantly got a bad
feeling about them, telling me later that she can always recognize
Scientologists by their "dead eyes" and nearly robot like behavior.
They tried to sell her the same lines but she wasn't buying it.
When they said they were throwing a show with me, she said what
show, they didn't have an answer. When she asked what poems
they wanted to discuss with me, they shuffled a bit. She asked if it
was any poem in particular, they said yes, my poem on
Scientology. "Are you Scientologists?" she asked. They tried to
change the subject saying it wasn't important until she drilled them
on it again and the man uncomfortably admitted that the woman
was a Scientologist and that he was "with the church" (meaning a
high ranking officer).
With that out, they grew more aggresive asking if it was true that
I really the great grandson and my mother of course I was, and
that they were speaking to their leader's granddaughter, a fact that
sort of awed them a bit. They then asked if I knew that my piece
was being used by opponents of the Church. "Of course he does."
she said. "Well he claims in his piece that we threaten people-" he
said. "Then what the hell are you doing on my porch?" my mom
shot back. They actually started quoting lines from my poem,
claiming they had never seen any of evidence of any of it and my
mom started laughing, sadly shaking her head at their devoted
ignorance, told them she prayed they'd escape the cult and politely
told them if they wanted to speak to me, to leave a number and
get the hell off her lawn.
I came home an hour later to discover all of this, and called my
uncles for advice who said quite simply that knowing the Church's
tactics, that surveillance on me had already begun and that they
had probably been coming to my shows for the last few months
spying on me, hell they might have bought books off me and that
almost certainly my phone was tapped, a P.I and everything else.
My uncle said they would probably use every possible means to
keep me from going to Florida, from threats, lawsuits and simple
intimidation. He said my one advantage is that I'm such a public
figure that if they fuck with me, they've got to know I'll take my
war to every damn newspaper that I know a reporter from and
that I know how to get press.
The people in Florida have been threatened in every way
possible, pickets, near riots, beatings, frame-ups, phone taps,
everything. The promoter lives in a house will security cameras
everywhere and has one of his attacks on film. I'll even have my
own personal bodyguard when I get there for the show, press
conferences and tight security.
Some of my family thinks I'm sticking my head into the mouth
of the lion by flying out and doing the show. My family prefers its
silence and to be left out of it. I refuse to go down quietly. If they
want a war, I'll give them one. I've walked my entire life on a
razor, and I ain't gonna back off now. In fact, there's a strong
possibility that the Church will show up at my next few shows. In
secret of course, recording anything they can to use against me
later. My mom sadly shook her head and told me that this is only
the beginning, that they won't ever stop until I'm quiet, they have
too much money, too many thugs and slaves and lawyers, that I'm
fighting an impossible fight, that this fight almost killed my
grandfather and HAS killed other people.
So: if I vanish, you know who the suspects are. Just had to
let everybody know.