I want to know how God created the world, I am not interested in this or that phenomena, in the spectrum of this or that element, I want to know his thoughts.. all the rest are details. Albert Einstein ..

What is Scientology? They are America's Taliban... Arnaldo Lerma's answer:

The Art of Deception

Scientology is like a 19th century seedy carnival side show, whenever
someone in the audience would yell out how the trick was done, he would be
dragged outside by a couple of toughs stationed there for this purpose, and
beaten up. Scientology’s demeanor is identical to this, only in the ‘civil’
20th century they use lawyers. And the entire sordid affair is cloaked in
bogus religiosity. P T Barnum, the father of the circus, would be proud.

When direct litigation is rendered no longer possible due to broad awareness
Scientology operatives generate false reports,
based upon Hubbard's doctrines, "make it go right" ,
"fair game" and "if possible, destroy utterly"
they then try to manipulate by ARTIFICE: state, local and
Federal law enforcement to do their work for them - silencing critics.

That John Travolta and Tom Cruise are entranced by this particular
sideshow, should be interpreted as evidence of the
mastery of the art of deception, sleight of hand, misdirection of attention,
and linguistic trickery used by Hubbard. That Scientology then
keeps the tent flaps tied shut, so that the deluded cannot see outside, is just confirmation
that it indeed is merely a plot to deceive..
(c) Arnaldo P. Lerma 1999

how does scientology work?

  click on Hubbard's picture to listen to L Ron Hubbard saying "There was no Christ"

  "L Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, sentenced in France to four years in prison and a 30,000 Francs fine in 1978 because of  FRAUD."

Factnet has been recommended by The Guardian.

Web watch
The Guardian
> By Jack Schofield

Mind control

Factnet is never less than interesting, and its take on the World Trade
Centre atrocity is an example. It argues that the terrorists themselves
were victims of a mind control cult, and needs to be tackled on that
basis. Factnet is better known for tackling a different cult:

T.K. says:  It's amazing: The FBI said it can't investigate Scientology "because
the IRS has it listed as a religion." Yet, the bureau has no
compunction investigating the Islamic Al Qaeda Synod.

June 22nd - legislation passes in French House and Senate to make 'mental manipulation' a crime.

Canadian legislation to end abuse of process techniques used by Scientology in Canada

Bob Minton wins injunction in libel suit against Scientology in Germany
27 March 01: Today in Berlin, Bob Minton won his libel suit against the Church of
Scientology in Germany; Sabina Weber, the head of OSA in Germany; and Freheit,
Scientology's Freedom magazine in Germany.

As a result of this decision, Scientology is enjoined from distributing the
three editions of Freheit that contain libelous statements about Bob. The
court's formal statement will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Translation of German Ruling More Proof that Scientology LIES

Fallout from Slashdot article : The Age, Melbourne Australia
"What we need right now is a brave politician
who is prepared to take the first step to remove from the statutes
the privileges that are accorded superstition and scams."
Also see The Standard.com

Declaration and Letters to Scientology by Ed Hattaway
It has taken me 7 years to sort through the chain of incredible lies and
deceit that duped me out of a fortune and nearly ruined the lives of my family
and me. I have decided to come out and state for the record the truth about our
financial ruin, all mind you, at the hands of Scientology.

Highly trained "class 9" Scientologist tells her story
Declarations of Maria Pia Gardini

Maria's daughter died of AIDS,
contracted when she used a dirty needle
given to her by another drug user while
being treated at Narconon.

Architect for Scientology's "Freewinds" cruise ship,
gives testimony of tons of dangerous, deadly, blue asbestos onboard
Declaration of Lawrence Woodraft

The attempted frame-up of the award winning humanitarian, Robert Minton and learn about the both the Nigerian head of OPEC - Lukman, and Nigeria's John Fashanu, who are both Scientologists - updated 17 July 00, - Here is a series of articles of how Scientology tried to set-up Bob Minton for fabricated criminal charges in Nigeria.... "Simulation of a felony" and how the facts came to light.. Updated 9:30 AM 19 July

Legendery Hollywood Writer,
Comedian and critic of $cientology,
Steve Allen dies at age 87

Harassment of Film Crew of new film: "The Profit"

Towards the end of the filming, a local news reporter, Kelly Swope did a TV
news piece on the strange doings of the Scientologists and the union. After
airing the news piece, Kelly reported to us that she was continually followed
by Scientology PI's and that the cult had bombarded her news editor with
propaganda--all to no effect.

Paris Protest by Scientologists Fizzles ,
approx 800 Scientologists assemble for worldwide picket in Paris

How to Picket Scientology October 2000
revealing transcript of a recent picket of a scientology
location in Canada that illustrates just how
Scientology controls its members in 1984 Orwell style

Spanish Criminal Trial begins September 2000
"t he accusations are illegal associations against liberty and security in the workplace, violations against public health, fraud, threats, professional intrusions,illegal detention, false accusations, and accessory to a crime, simulation of a felony." " falsification and false denunciations of followers in order to frame critical persons as guilty of a crime, and to cause their disruption and illegal detention and arrest in the airport of Barajas to another member that was trying to leave the church. "

Original Cable in same format as received is HERE

Cable with commentary is HERE

Ex - Member Tom Padgett's situation updates - here a few entries in the courts record for this mans child support payments to his scientology ex-wife 'disappeared' - a judge Boteler sent him to jail...after he refused an offer by this judge "in chambers" to take a gag agreement to never speak about scientology, then three weeks later this was 'discovered to be a clerical error', so they released him in middle of night, wearing only his orange COUNTY JAIL suit.. - hard to believe but a true story from Madisonville Kentucky - Another case of "Simulation of felony"


50 year old sci-fi scam meets 5000 year old religion...
6 Oct 99 - Israel's Lev L'Achim [anti-sectes department] is cracking down on $cientology..
another article in Israel about Zoglobek Workers "Intimidated and Threatened" by Scientology June 22, 2000 , says "A number of years ago, a Knesset investigation committee headed by then MK Taasa-Glazer determined that Scientology was a most dangerous cult which exerts tremendous pressures on those joining."

29 June Scientology LIES to I.N.S. - creates fake asylum case - this fabrication was later used as Congressional testimony

26 June 2000 Suspicious Death at Scientology's Armed Facility in Hemet California

France may BAN $cientology - Updated June 22th 2000
A government committee in France has recommended dissolving the Church
of Scientology there, on the grounds that its activities are considered a threat to the
public order. June 22nd - legislation passes in French house chambers to make 'mental manipulation' a crime.

Criminal Charges against $cientology in McPherson - Nolle Prosse

Crowe Report - re McPherson case

Scientology's Front Groups:

Citizens Commission on Human Rights-CCHR Narconon,
Applied Scholastics, ABLE,Criminon, Drug Free Marshals,
World Literacy Crusade - Are all FRONT GROUPS
to indoctrinate and funnel the naive into $cientology
[ front group list here ]

FLASH! Robert Minton wins human rights award

Slam the Artist Section


Battlefield Earth has recently opened in Australia - to dismal reviews

First : 120 Nasty reviews plus tidbits

Next: 174 Even Nastier reviews plus tidbits

"This L Ron Hubbard film might revitalize the career of
mst3k - Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - whom I remember
for the following dialogue during a cheesy 60's
Science Fiction story, while a volcano appeared
on the screen:
"wow man, Dianetics"
"Page 57, how to get more money out of Tom Cruise"

Professor Stephen Kent Affidavit on "is it a religion" in Lisa McPherson case -Jan 22, 2000

United Kingdom rejects $cientology bid for charitable status!

Raids in Belgium - 30 September 1999
Updated 3 October 99

French head of Scientology is CONVICTED OF FRAUD,
Leader gets 2 year Sentence, 15 November 1999 France

French court on Monday passed a jail
sentence on a former regional leader - Justice Minister Elisabeth Guigou has raised the prospect of banning the
Church of Scientology in France.

Moscow, Russia - Revokes license for Scientology to operate! 10 Oct 99

"If good men do nothing", editorial, Clearwater Sun, 11/28/79
[ as true then as it is now ]

Moonies forced to pay for their lies - Kyoto News Service Japan

SAPPORO, June 29 Kyodo - The Sapporo District Court on Friday
ordered the Unification Church and its affiliates to pay 29.5 million yen
to 20 former followers who claimed that their youth was ruined
by the church because the church illegally enticed them to join. (16 :42)

Lawrence Wollersheim's lawsuit continues
May 2001 ruling gives great overview of how Scientology is organized

New Model of Cult Mind Control - R.V. Young

Real Story of Battlefield Earth

What is Scientology?
The Making of the Human Machine
in the Cybernetic Learning Laboratory
Dr. Jürgen Keltsch
Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior
Munich, August 4, 1999

What is Scientology?
Revelation of likely Source materials for Scientology
Much previously undisclosed material here

New information on 1980's Murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme in Sweden
In November of 1986 the attorney Pelle Svensson of Lars Tingstrom was
the subject of repeated harassment from OSA International
[ OSA = Scientology's Stazi Dirty Tricks Division], who
reported him on several legal abuses to the bar of lawyers. A program was
designed for him "to be handled", and due to his sayings there is
a connection between the bombings, the Palme murder and Scientology.

Testimony against Scientologist Attorney Kendrick Moxon
showing Criminal Suborning of Perjury
(as described by US Criminal Code at
USC Title 18 section 1682)

The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status
New York Times, 9 March 1997 By DOUGLAS FRANTZ

Jesse Prince Transcript TV4 Denmark [ in english ] June 11th 1999

Scientology Street Scum -
ask your congressman TODAY, how this conduct could be considered
a "charitable activity" by the IRS...


Greece discovers TOP SECRET
Greek Government documents in Scientology's files!
another example of the "We don't do that anymore" said by Sylvia Stanard OSA

OSA is Scientology's official office of defamation, their Orwellian style Ministry of Truth

Scientology, a threat to democracy?

US Dept State Report Quotes here!

Editorial about $cientology's take over of Clearwater Florida

Bob Minton and LMT get ten foot stay away Injunction lifted

Ex-Member Bonnie Woods wins Libel suit for being accused of Hate Crimes by Scientology

Opposition to Cult's Demurrer in Pattinson Case - 23 July 1999
A terrific compendium of cites that amount to an expose' of Scientology's true nature
"In pursuit of the conspiracy, [Scientology] filed false returns, burglarized IRS offices, stole IRS documents and harassed, delayed, and obstructed IRS agents who tried to audit [Scientology's] records.] [Scientology] gave false information to, and concealed relevant facts from, the IRS about its corporate structure . . ."

More FRAUD - German Cult Coalition Hoax by Scientology

Boston Scientology's OSA [ their nazi SS style division ]

left hitting Bob Minton with camera on right

this just in: Sept 11, 1998 - Bob Minton attacked by brainwashed Scientologists

17 August 1999 - The Harassment of Bob Minton's friends to tune of 20 million dollars! - the Horror story continues

Bob Minton remarks at Cult Info Conference 12 Feb 1999

the Harassment of Robert Minton

Interviewer: Do you feel

as though you've been harassed or bothered by them for some of the

outspoken criticism you've done?

"Robert Minton":

Yes, absolutely. I mean, they've [ Scientology operatives ] followed my 10 and 12 year old

daughters down West Cedar Street, [ in Boston ]

Clearwater Police Detective Emmons Report "The Emmons Report"

Congressman Leo J Ryan memorial page - Murdered in 1977

$cientology: Is this a Religion?
Stephen A Kent
University of Alberta, Edmonton/Alberta, Canada
Department of Sociology

Undue Political Influence? Sonny Bono and more

Scientology Convicted of Breach of Public Trust in Canada - Appellate Brief here

Attorney Graham E. Berry's website- includes Berry vs Hoden &
Ex Scientologist Michael Pattinson
[ did everything New Ot8 etc ] vs Scientology, Travolta et al

Can the IRS overrule the US Supreme Court?

Above - Image of 5" x 8" postcard Mailed to Members by Scientology after
gaining a sealed secret settlement! If this is not illegal it should be.

Keith Henson - an internet activist - outraged by Scientology, was sued...
A terrific summation by Attorney Graham Berry of Scientology's litigation tactics filed in February 1998 - as a trial brief...

Travolta - Clinton - Scientology- Undue Influence for personal gain?

Charts by Arnaldo Lerma of the
Anatomy of a Psychopolitical Terrorist Organization
[BIG 445K] a detailed description of the pattern
- it connects the dots... .gif format 4 images 100K each

Arnie Lerma speaks on Talk America Network - [ speaks twice no less! - thank you OSA ]

Racist facts about L Ron Hubbard - Blacks, Gays, and more

Scientology makes FRONT PAGE of NYT, & NBC National et al


Secret Lives of L Ron Hubbard - TV4 UK

Dec 28, 1997 - 60 Minutes Segment on Cult Awareness Takeover by $cientology - And New Times LA Article - 1999

29 Dec 1997, eXtra Segment on Lisa McPherson

XENU-TV Multimedia Archive


Revised Version of a Presentation at the Society for the
Scientific Study of Religion, San Diego, California (November 7,
1977). by Dr Stephen Kent [University of Alberta, Canada]

Click on image above for some of The 1982 Clearwater Hearings

Dec 97 WCJV Radio Show Report

"Scientology Paid IRS for Tax Exempt Status" [ Salt Lake Tribune ]
3 Jan 98

30 Dec 97: The IRS / $cientology Secret Agreement Revealed

Lisa McPherson segment on Public Eye 7 Jan 98

FRAUD at Scientology Run TradeNet? [ the blue laundry ball scam ]


Fox Millenium Skewers Scientology - Selfosophy segment

"evil incarnate - can't sue.."


on Hubbardian 'Study Tech' - 'A.B.L.E'., 'Applied Scholastics' etc
(tm) RTC or one of Scientology's shell corporations

(click on image for big version)
A Leader of $cientology
Arrested in France in November 1996, see arrested in France
for news articles

click image for bigger version

Heber, President of $cientology's "IAS" is out on one million Dollars bail! (those are handcuffs) Arrested in Spain in 1988, see Spain.html
for Criminal indictment

Why did Scientologist Tom Marcellus take over
Liberty Lobby's Institute for Historical review?

TV4 Sweden: 7 Jan 98: Scientologist implicated in Bombings in Sweden

RTC may have had no standing to sue Lerma & Wollersheim
- criminal fraud -

- motivation essay -

a one page broadside on scientology written by Lerma

The infamous 1990 LA Times series about Scientology

Cult Raid on Lerma's home- Video Stills ,

the good, the bad & the ugly.... and would someone explain to me how any group with a decades long worldwide criminal history, claiming to be a 'religion', can use the power of the federal government to have its OWN corporate director, Warren McShane, [shown above] and it's Scientologist lawyers Helena Kobrin & Earl Cooley and its scientologist employees search a citizens home and seize his property? I couldn't even call my friends to help - my phonebook was in my computer, and my rolodex vanished...

Travolta et. al. pressure UK TV4 re coming show (9 Nov 97)
The sect has reacted with fury to the programme and has fought hard to have
it cancelled. Channel 4 has been bombarded with letters and phone calls from
members around the world. Senior sect officials hhave twice had to be asked
to leave the channel's London headquarters after turning up and demanding to
meet Mr Jackson. [ the producer of the show about Hubbard ]

MORE Judicial Quotes
"My father and I created a 'religious front' only for tax purposes and
legal protection 'from fraud Claims'. We almost always told nearly
everyone that Scientology was really science, not a religion, but
that the religious front was created to deal with the government."

Ron DeWolf, (L Ron Hubbard Jr)

A route out of Scientology - for current members
featuring Scott Mayer's sea organization photo album
And an expose' about the E-Meter - it is not harmless!!

29 June1997

1500 Irishmen protest for return of Family member

the Free Odhran Fortune Page

24 June The Star - re Lisa Marie Presley
Elvis Presley is quoted about Scientology:
"That SOB group- all they want is my money"

Watch L Ron Hubbard caught lying on Video

see: "Cult Awareness Network" now controlled by $cientology!

The Scientology Problem
Wall Street Journal - March 25th 1997 Editorial

Declaration of Charlotte Kates -

I'm proud to announce that by use of the internet and due to my own and others late night chats with Ms. Kates on Internet relay Chat Channel #scientology, on "EFNet" - Ms Kates has left Scientology and has now returned to College! - and helps fight Scientology in the evenings..bringing her own wit and contemporary insight to this odious organization. This is what the effort is all about....

German TV Show - MUST SEE
2 April 1997 - A dead body floats in Tampa Bay...
enforced abortions... and other horrors.

German Coverage from September 1997
ZDF - Documentary from 18 Sept 1997

Coerced Abortions by Scientology
The affidavit of Mary Tabayoyan

Why Scientologists Must not hold positions of Public Trust
by Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma 25 Feb 1997

1977 Grand Jury Original

Two Bad Days at Cult Rock
Rep. Payne's at Rayburn & then Germany's Press Conference at Nat. Press Club
February 97- Lerma Speaks - results? Firestorm In European Media

3 Jan 97 Press Release!!

Report from 3 Jan 97 RTC vs Lerma hearing,
by Rod Keller

Appeal for HELP!
(A letter mailed out in 1995, seeking assistance of any kind, lots of links too..)

"The Internet is the Liberty tree of the 90's"
(the current madness from a historical perspective, Quoting the "Forgotten Patriot" of Providence Rhode Island, Silas Downer. 1766)

David Letterman and others on $cientology
Concerning Oscar awards (from Alt Religion Scientology Newsgroup) 25 March 1997

Comedy Central Show # 1126 (with Pictures) and MORE about clams

Noah Lottick Memorial
Noah jumped to his death, clutching his last few dollars...
Who is Arnie Lerma?
quick links to two big (90+ column inches) stories in the Washington Post, Christmas Day 1994 & then the article in August 1995 that the Post was SUED for which the Washington Post WON!!
What really is Scientology?
Judges quotes speak for themselves, and you can't be sued for quoting them
Never 'secret' OT1,2,&3+Clearing Course - Exhibit A
.Woman chained in Basement - Exhibit B
Ex member Dennis Erlich describes the horror...
Spanish Criminal Case against $cientology
Amazing what Heber Jentszch their 'Spokesperson' doesn't ever mention - he's
chatting up the media, while 'free' after paying 1,000,000 US$ bail for inducement to suicide and
other felonies, someone ought to ask him about this ON CAMERA...
The story from an escapee of the GULAGS of Scientology
Andre Tabayoyan's Famous Affidavit - Scientology is Armed and Dangerous, and Razor Wire
US Federal Judge - Criminal Activity Report
Chief Federal Judge in District Where their headquarters is - response to my letter
Judge Brinkema's 4 Oct 96 Memorandum
Includes Judge Brinkema's description of Xenu and the Clusters, featured on NPR recently, which
you may quote freely and not be sued for, - Cult tried to SEAL this and FAILED...
Samples of Lerma's writings
(content of this varies from week to week)
Judge Kane's 21 Nov Order & Memo
FACTNet Colorado case

Head of $cientology in France gets prison time for manslaughter
"Big Story" TV Special in UK 28 November transcript
Scientology vs CAN front page Washington Post 1 December 96
Graham Berry to represent Jason Scott! in CAN lawsuit
15 & 17 Dec Newswires on Clearwater Homicide
Scientology History 101 (Clearwater Hearings - Scott Mayer)
Scientology History 101-A (goes with Heber in Handcuffs above)
Scientology History 101-B Affidavit of ex-attorney for the cult, Joe Yanny
Scientology History 101-B The Book - "The Commodore and the Colonels" an account of Hubbard's attempt to take over the island of Corfu, by Major John Forte, MBE)
Affidavit of Scott Mayer, a friend of mine who escaped

April 1994 Affidavit by Hana Eltringham
Russian Tax authorities RAID St Petersburg, Russia, cult facility
CIRCUS in Russian Courtroom - Eyewitness Update - 9 April 97
US State dept changes horses on cult
23 Dec Wash Post on Moxon Dismissed by Scott
An insider tells horrific details..SCANDAL!
German $cientologists Ousted
SF Chronicle 26 Dec on Cult in Germany
14 Jan 97 Prosecutors join homicide investigation in Clearwater.
17 Jan 97 Scientology shut down in Greece!
18 Jan 97 Italy Appeals Court sentences
29 Scientologists to prison
McPherson Case - looks more like murder
Scathing Article in 25 Jan 97 NY TIMES
Local Mirror of Jeff Jacobsen's Lisa McPherson memorial page
Scientology, on Front Page of Washington Post
NEW! Affidavit by Hubbard's Historian, Gerry Armstrong Jan 27 97
Coverage of US State Department re Cult of Power and Greed
Scientology sues Russian Orthodox Christian church
Scientology is a CRIMINAL organization, hiding behind the claim as a "church"
Wall Street Journal - March 25th 1997
- The Scientology Problem
Gulags in Denmark - Focus Int. TV PROGRAM Feb 97
Feb 10th Time Magazine, 1st article, 2nd article
Lisa McPherson family files LAWSUIT 18 Feb 97
23 Feb Clearwater Articles
28 Feb Clearwater Articles
22 June 1997 Bavaria demands surveillance of Scientology

22 July 97 Vancouver Canada - CJVI Radio show - report

Paris France - 30 July 1997 Update Scientology Not a religion but a sect

June 1997 updates:
Germany puts Scientology cult under state surveillance
Irish clan demonstrates for return of son

Real Audio files of Inside Edition 21 March & UK's Big Story TV programs

8 March 97 - Clearwater articles - Details of IRS Agreement emerge

Details of Coroners report on Lisa McPherson
sure looks like murder to me, why did she die? What did she know?
Someone ought to be sniffing around the strange outfit where she worked...
was paid 133,000 a year for selling insurance forms?
and 130,000 of that went to $cientology?????????
Smells like money laundering to me.


ANOTHER escape from Clearwater $cientology 2 March

A New 'anonymous' report from an escapee in French and English

My Favorite Truth about $cientology Hot Links
check before you leave this site

Gerry Armstrong's Appellate Brief
Gerry's crime was to defy the will of the totalitarian empire of $cientology,
and tell them to stop lying... his battle for truth continues, 25 August 1997

Arnie Lerma's Best of the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology


The Liberty Tree Story -

Liberty Tree II (The Internet is the Liberty Tree of the 90's - fall 1995 version after the RAID!, I consider this document extremely important to you, and our future, based on our own past...)

VIA - Volunteers for an Independent Arlington (I'm one of 3 founding, lifetime members, an active political reform group in Northern Virginia)

Freedom Speaks, show #318 stills

Cult's Lawsuit Against Time Inc. Dismissed
It cost Time Magazine Inc. 7.2 million to tell you the TRUTH, this fact is how & why America's "legal" system has successfully subverted the U.S. Constitution, Freedom of the Press - by using monetary means.... There is no Free Press in America..Where telling the truth can cost you millions - this is THE reason $cientology has grown so big in the United States.

Lerma's Pro Se motion of 22 August
(includes the story about the LSD drugging placed during the raid)
truth is stranger than fiction...again ...

Declaration of Roxanne Friend [ another drugging by scientology ]

If you find the contents of this page outrageous, put a pointer to it on your website, tell your Senator and Congressman to read it, and ask them why the IRS granted a criminal organization tax-exempt status under an unprecedented SEALED, SECRET closing agreement, the subject of a public interest lawsuit by Tax Analysts of Arlington Virginia, and a violation of the IRS's own codes regarding tax exempt organizations...

You, the taxpayer, are FUNDING this madness by allowing $cientology to continue to be Tax exempt!, while in addition they are creating hundreds of thousands of dollars of direct expense to the taxpayer (who funds the Federal and State Judicial systems), which the cult is abusing to harass into silence those who dare try to make their true nature known...and operating as not only a business, but a criminal organization in conspiracy to defraud the public please Act NOW!

hits to this particular page since June 1, 1996, site hits are running at 15 times this figure, with 20 megabytes of data being downloaded from this site daily -proof that all this litigation has been about is the supression of information - being available to the public....

Help me expose Scientology! Patrons wanted

All copyright materials are the property of their respective owners, use on this site is for educational use only and not for profit, & moreover is in and for the public interest, in order to collect in one site the current events surrounding a dire threat to the public safety - the cult called Scientology, whose written intent is to dominate the world - a world where Hubbard said only members who had attained a state called 'clear' could vote, and have civil rights, and who stated that 2.5% of the population should be removed from society... [ included in this category are gays and lesbians ]


The information provided on this site is accurate and true to the best of my knowlege, if anyone, has evidence to refute the documents on this site feel free to provide them to Arnaldo Lerma with a notarized and signed statement that states clearly that what you are providing me is true under penalty of perjury under the laws of The United States of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia and I promise to make best effort to determine the truth and act accordingly. There is a good side to Scientology, but a handful of diamonds in a box of rat poison will not render it safe for human consumption- they are just bait to lure the unwary into that virus of the mind called Scientology.

Any amounts gifted to Lerma for this cause will be used to continue to spread the word about the truenature of this threat, and provide assistance to others who have risked lives, family and career and theintended ‘death by stress’ litigation tactics to bring you the truth - please make copies and pass this on...
Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma - 6045 N 26th Road, Arlington Virginia 22207 - (703) 241 1498

A plan to Reform Congress - Why 435?
This is here, because we must do something... if you have
a better plan let me know...

best of ars goto persecution page
best of ars2 goto lies page
best of ars3 for ex scientologists

Lerma Electronic Systems - Under construction

Email to alerma@bellatlantic.net
Arnie Lerma 6045 N 26th Road, Arlington Virginia 22207 (703) 241 1498

"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak"

"Secrets are the mortar,
binding lies as bricks together,
into prisons for the mind"


For a while you could VOTE for L Ron Hubbard for PHONIES AND FRAUD OF THE CENTURY but TIME removed L Ron Hubard, who by far is the FRAUD of the Century! Was it the memory of 7.5 million in litigation defending a frivolous libel suit by the Scientologists [ Which TIME did WIN - but spent $7.5 million......
click TIME 100 Logo below! to see the Score just before Scientology was removed from the contest...



Finally is appears that the american public
Is about to learn more than a few of the facts
that saavy netizens have know for some time.

that Scientology is not a religion,
unless fraud can be considered a 'charitable' endeavor,
a sinister apparation of
neofascist mind control techniques using Orweilian
doublespeak to invoke their main line battle
defense -a Romulan style 'religious' cloaking device..
used to escape government and public scrutiny,
cheat the hardworking american taxpayer,
while selling lies for a profit, about
an evil ruler named "xenu" and his plan to
enslave this sector of the galaxy...and
demonstrating that by their mere existence

that..fraud is apparantly legal in America...

This is end game for the empire of lies that ron built..

A plan to Reform Congress - Why 435?
This is here, because we must do something... if you have
a better plan let me know...