"It's clear they aren't trying to help people with mental health but to get them to join their cult,"
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Beware Scientologists Claiming To Be Mental Health Professionals

Group Intentionally Confusing Public

ALEXANDRIA, VA (September 17, 2001) - The National Mental Health Association
(NMHA) today is warning the public and media to beware of representatives of the
Church of Scientology who are claiming to be mental health professionals
assisting individuals in New York City.

“This is a very important and sensitive time,” said Michael M. Faenza, President
and CEO of NMHA. “I urge the Church of Scientology to stay out of mental health.
The public needs to understand that the Scientologists are using this tragedy to
recruit new members. They are not providing mental health assistance.”

Faenza said Fox News had been broadcasting an 800 help line for “National Mental
Health Assistance” and the network was unaware that the number was being
answered by the Scientologist’s center in Los Angeles.

“The National Mental Health Association has received a number of unconfirmed
reports that Scientologists with the letters NMHA on their shirts have been seen
in New York claiming to be mental health professionals,” Faenza explained. In
fact, a Scientologist spokesman told the St. Petersburg Times they had 450
volunteers working there.

“The police, fire departments, federal authorities and the media need to beware
of these individuals claiming to be mental health professionals, and make sure
they are working with credible mental health organizations,” Faenza said.

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