Title: Re: New Hampshire picket and forced abortions [in Scientology]
Author: stacy8@gte.net (Stacy Brooks Young)
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 23:46:56 GMT

What Jesse and Warrior have described is absolutely accurate. The treatment of
children in Scientology, and particularly the Sea Org, is utterly heartbreaking.

I had a dear friend, Andy Lenarcic, with whom I worked for nearly ten years,
beginning when I first recruited him into the Guardian's Office in DC in 1979
and continuing when we both worked in the FREEDOM Office in the Office of
Special Affairs and later in the LRH Biography Unit under Pat Broeker and

Andy and his wife Ann, also a dear friend of mine, used to live in a small,
shabby room in the Hollywood Inn building on Hollywood Boulevard. They lived in
this room with Ann's teenage daughter Heather and Andy and Ann's young daughter
Jennifer. Andy used to worry terribly about living in such close quarters with
his wife and these two young girls. 

Family time was extremely important to both Andy and Ann. At that time, parents
were allowed to see their children for one hour during dinner, as long as it did
not cut across any production and as long as their stats were up. I was Andy's
senior at the time and I always covered for him so he could see his kids,
regardless of what supposed production "crisis" we had at the time. For God's
sake! There was always a production crisis, because we were always given too
little time to get our assignments done, which meant we were never able to get a
full night's sleep. Andy was never able to see his children at night, because
they were always asleep when he got home. If we were lucky we would be allowed
to leave post at 11 or 11:30 p.m., but usually it was much later than that, if
at all. So the only time he could ever see Jennifer was over dinner. Whenever
possible Andy and I conspired to make sure he could see her, for at least that
hour ever day. Often our production "crises" were so extreme that it was out of
my control and he was forced to go for days at a time without seeing his

This was the situation for all the parents in the Sea Org in Los Angeles. They
would be forbidden to see their children and then they would be blamed when
their children got in trouble or got sick. It was a totally insane situation. 

Although I didn't have children of my own, I heard about the problems in the
Cadet Org because I was in OSA, and it was OSA that was responsible for taking
care of the "flaps" caused by the children. For example, it was a huge flap when
all of the Scientology children showed up at their public school with lice. This
happened frequently. It was a flap when there was a health inspection and the
children's quarters were so filthy that an "all-hands" had to be called to clean
up the filth before the inspectors arrived. It was a flap when a Cadet Org staff
member was caught forcing sex on the children. This happened several times that
I can remember. It was a flap when parents wrote reports complaining that their
children -- including babies -- were being left totally alone all day long and
into the night because there were no personnel to take care of them. 

Many people routed out of the Sea Org because they were unwilling to allow their
children to be treated this way. Many others "blew" (meaning that they did not
just leave staff or the Sea Org; they left Scientology altogether). 

I know several women who are former Commodore’s Messengers. These were young
girls, usually in the early to late teens, who waited on LRH hand and foot when
he was on the ship, the Appollo. Some of these young girls had as many as six
and eight abortions -- in fact, the messengers required so many abortions that
it was part of the routine whenever they docked in a port for all the girls to
go to the local hospital and stay in a ward together for their abortions. 

Later, these messengers ended up mostly at the secret international management
compound (known as "Int") in Gilman Hot Springs east of Los Angeles. Children
were forbidden at Int, so these young women were forced to have abortions in
order to remain there. I know several former Commodore’s Messengers who are no
longer in Scientology specifically because they were unwilling to have any more
abortions. Some of them now have lovely children; others less fortunate are
unable to have children because of the damage they suffered from repeated

Something else that used to happen all the time was that parents would be sent
on mission to Europe or New York or Clearwater or wherever, and no provision
would be made for how their children would be cared for. Parents were supposed
to "make it go right," although how they were supposed to do this was always
maddeningly unclear. A parent couldn’t ask a fellow staff member to care for
their child, because only parents were allowed to have family time. So there was
no way a parent could ensure their child was going to be cared for while they
were gone. Often these missions lasted for months at a time, and the children
were simply neglected the entire time. 

Parents who refused to leave their children were subjected to relentless
screaming, cursing, sleep deprivation, ethics conditions, and security checking
to uncover the source of their "counter-intention." Basically, as in any other
situation in the Sea Org, the parents were simply beaten down into apathy until
they agreed to whatever they were told to do. Psychologically they were forced
to dissociate from their children completely so that they would no longer feel
any responsibility for them. This had disastrous consequences for these

But this is how it could happen that Mike and Kathy Rinder’s baby died (the
scientologists say of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, others who were
there say it was from neglect and dehydration) and Mike never went to Clearwater
for the funeral or to be with his wife. This is the state of mind that is
required of parents in the Sea Org. Had Mike protested, he would have found
himself in lower conditions or worse. The truth is that some losses are so
profound, you just keep them private, because you don’t want your seniors in the
Sea Org to come anywhere near you. For Mike, I’m sure he was terribly saddened
by the death of his child but never showed it to DM, because he had no desire to
have DM degrade the memory of his child with his Sea Org attitude that
"production is more important," or that "the kid can just pick up a new body
anyway, so what’s the big deal?" 

Many former scientologists that I have spoken to feel terrible guilt for the way
they allowed their children to be treated while they were in the Sea Org. One of
my dearest friends was pregnant when she was assigned to the RPF. She was on the
1977 RPF in Los Angeles, when the RPF was used as slave labor to renovate the
newly purchased Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, which is now "the Complex." These
people were forced to do hard labor for thirty hours at a time, and then allowed
only three hours of sleep. They were not provided any beds; often they had to
sleep on the top floor of the parking structure, even when it was raining. My
friend was desperately afraid that her baby would be damaged by this physical
treatment which she was forced to undergo, but when she tried to get a more
lenient schedule because of her pregnancy she was assigned lower conditions for
"putting her own welfare before the good of the group." 

To protect her baby she finally escaped from the Sea Org, but by then her child
was already damaged. The doctors thought she had been a heavy drug user during
her pregnancy, because her baby was so seriously ill when he was born. In truth
it took several years before her child finally caught up with other children his
own age. Today, he is a wonderful, charming young man, but his mother will never
forgive herself for putting him at such severe risk in the first few months of
his development. 

There are many, many such horror stories that parents could tell about life for
children in Scientology. For those of you who have such information, I urge you
to come forward and tell your story. Only in this way will we be able to save
the next generation of children from similar abuse and tragedy. If any of you
are afraid to come forward for fear of harassment from scientology, please write
to me privately at stacy8@gte.net or call me at 206-463-6809. If you would
prefer to write to me via the mail, you can send me your story at PO Box 2698,
Vashon, WA 98070. 

Please help us save the children. 

Stacy Brooks Young 

On 6 Sep 1998 20:48:45 -0700, Warrior <warrior@entheta.net> wrote:

>In article <35f44ba9.4646218@news.tiac.net>, jesse.prince@gte.net says...
>>Today a small contingent of faithful Scientologists came out to Bob Minton’s
>>home in New Hampshire to picket. I say "small," as there were only two people
>>there --  the Boston DSA Maureen O'Keefe and Joe Stover, an OT8. 
>>Bob responded by pulling out and setting up ten times as many protest signs in
>>his yard! Pictures were taken by both sides, and all in all, it was pretty
>>peaceful, no shouting or anything. After a while, the police came and sent the
>>Scientologists off, saying they were a road hazard and they did not want them 
>>to become road kill.  
>>I talked to Maureen for a little while, just to let her know my true feelings
>>about Scientology and why I oppose it. She made an interesting assumption about
>>me which I hope I cleared up for her. She said to me, "You hate Scientology,
>>don't you?"  
>>I told her I don't hate anything. I just feel sorry for the fact that she does
>>not know what she is really doing or what she is trying to support. Here it is
>>Labor Day weekend, and she and another OT 8 are out in the hot sun with pitiful
>>signs protesting instead of enjoying the day with their families. At this point
>>we engaged in conversation concerning  just how Scientology denigrates and 
>>break down the most basic human structure in our society, which is the family..
>>We talked about specifics. Now, I could go on and on about others having their
>>families destroyed by Scientology, but I talked to her about my experience
>>specifically. We talked about  how the Sea Org  makes its members have enforced
>>abortions. In fact I now recall a Flag Order which forbids Sea Org members to
>>have children. In order to have a child in the Sea Org you have to submit
>>something called a "CSW" which means completed staff work. You have to say how
>>having a child will increase Sea Org productivity and forward the goals of the
>>group. During my time as a Senior Executive in RTC, no one -- and I mean no 
>>one, including my own wife, who was one of the women at the secret management 
>>base in Gilman Hot Springs who was forced to have an abortion – was allowed to 
>>have children as it was not the greatest good for the greatest number of 
>>dynamics. The reason for denial was purely financial. Kids cost money.
>>Standard procedure for any women who got pregnant was for the pregnant women to
>>read a PR (public relations) pack and/or get a briefing from the Port Captain
>>(PR post in the Sea Org) on how to explain to the local welfare board how you
>>were an adult indigent and had to have an abortion and the state needed to pay
>>for it. My wife and I went through this nightmare when she became pregnant.
>>Neither one of us wanted the abortion and it caused us much grief. However she
>>was convinced to have one anyway, and nothing I said or did would stop her. I
>>even told her we could both leave the Sea Org, but she didn't want to. All I
>>could do at that point was to support her in her decision and I went to the
>>abortion clinic with her. 
>>Going to an abortion clinic was a horrifying experience in the dark side of
>>human nature. We sat there and saw the misery of others who were there. To be
>>honest, it all felt unreal. It is dangerous to have an abortion, because in 
>>some cases the mother can no longer carry a child to full term afterwards. 
>>To make a long story short, my wife and I decided to have children once we got
>>out of the Sea Org. She was five months pregnant and we went to have an
>>ultrasound done.  We discovered that the unborn child was horribly deformed and
>>had to be aborted. In the end  I held the deformed fetus in my arms after it 
>>was born dead. The face was my face. I loved the child and was very upset and 
>>hurt by the experience. This experience devastated both of us and effectively
>>destroyed our marriage. We are divorced now. 
>>How is it that you can devote your life to an organization, yet have no medical
>>insurance or any assurance that you will be cared for by the organization? What
>>kind of crazy fools is the Sea Org creating in this modern world we live in?
>>No, I don't hate Scientology. But I sure hate what it does. What kind of coward
>>would demand the blood of the innocent unborn as a matter of law? L. Ron 
>>Hubbard is the answer, and just like the Nazi soldiers at the death camps, 
>>David Miscavige, Scientology's new dictator, keeps on pushing the button or 
>>giving the orders to kill. L Ron Hubbard is dead! Why does the slaughter of the
>>innocent continue?
>>Prior to my association with Scientology I was blessed with two healthy
>>children. It is my belief that as a result of Scientology I lost two children.
>>I plan to make the subject of enforced abortions in Scientology widely known 
>>and well documented.
>>I told Maureen O'Keefe that I have no hate in my heart for her. She is way low
>>on the Scientology hierarchy and far from the inner sanctum of her "church,"
>>Scientology.  She does not understand what she is supporting and promoting. I
>>have an obligation to her and everyone else in Scientology to reveal truth 
>>about Scientology, L Ron Hubbard and the people who are running his
>>organization since he has died, so that informed decisions can be made 
>>concerning what to support. After that, the burden is on them.
>>What about you? Where do you stand?
>>Respectfully  Submitted,
>>Jesse Prince 
>Scientology doesn't care about the welfare of children as much as it
>cares about *making money*. This is especially true in the Sea Org, and
>that is a deliberate understatement on my part. In actual practice, the
>Scientology cult has *ordered* staff to get their "stats" up, to make
>more money, and to *not* spend time with their children daily since it
>would interfere with "production" (*money* for the cult's coffers, which
>then gets invested in order to make yet *more* money for the dying cult
>of greed and power -- money which then is spent on lawsuits specifically
>intended to silence critics and to stop criticism of the Scientology cult's
>greedy, immoral, often illegal, and always reprehensible actions. If you
>have any doubts as to whether this is true, read the following excerpts
>from various Scientology orders and directives quoted below.
>Scientology would do well to get its own house in order, instead of
>attacking critics, their friends, their families and their children
>(who I point out have *nothing* to do with Scientology).
>I will continue to speak out and expose the harassive methods employed
>by the criminal cult of Scientology. Make no mistake about this, it is
>long-standing policy of the cult to *attack* critics, to never defend,
>but rather to continually attempt to shudder into silence and/or ruin
>utterly those who would dare to expose Scientology's corrupt and greedy
>I find Scientology's harassment of Bob Minton, his wife Therese and
>their children to be despicable. Their hypocracy knows no limits, as
>these issues below will completely demonstrate. Keep in mind that I am
>quoting the cult from their *own* issues, which were given to me while
>I was Sea Org staff. I have personal knowledge as to the veracity of the
>facts so thoroughly documented below.
>In preface, I would like to say that Scientology, based upon the writings
>of its founder, L Ron Hubbard, views children as beings who need to be
>subjected to "Ethics" (with a capital 'E') of the Scientology variety,
>since children can be "true Suppressives" (with a capital 'S') who
>can engage in "sheer psychotic covert violence". Remember, Hubbard said
>that kids can be "Suppressives", not just adults.
>From Aides Order 203-71, pages 1 & 2, which quotes a despatch from
>Hubbard to former L Ron Hubbard Communicator for the US, Lt. Toby Young:
>     "Also people forget that exact HCO PL "Ethics" has to be kept in
>     especially on children. They have to be hatted. And that many need
>     their own child MAAs [Master At Arms, or Ethics Officers], again
>     hatted. Twice, true Suppressives, though only 5 [years of age] in
>     one case and about 6 [years of age] in another absolutely ruined
>     not only the other kids but also every effort to put it to rights
>     and one org also! By sheer psychotic covert violence."
>                                                       --L Ron Hubbard
>Hubbard then went on to say:
>     "I get my wins with kids by treating them [kids] like people. And
>     those kids there are a big asset actually."
>Hubbard's intent, as forwarded through intense indoctrination into his
>Hubbardthink, and carried out by the Sea Organization of Scientology,
>is to make children into future Sea Org "personnel resources" by
>indoctrinating them with Scientology "study technology", often to the
>exclusion or neglect of education in the public school system. The result
>can be best summed up by the following, from Scientology's Aides Order
>203-71, page 2:
>     "Quite a number of children are behind their grade level on studies
>     in the public school system (which is absurd since we have study
>     tech and wogs don't)."
>In my experience, during my almost eight years inside Scientology's
>Sea Organization, the emphasis towards the "education" of children
>was very clearly focused on studying Hubbard's methodology, to the
>exclusion, or at best, to the neglect of receiving a proper education
>in the "wog world" (the world outside of the cult).
>Scientology's "solution" to "taking care" of children properly during
>my years in the cult actually consisted of confining the youngsters in
>filthy, run-down, overcrowded facilities, which were understaffed with
>regards to child care workers. The Sea Org child care facilities of which
>I have personal knowledge (including the "Melrose Org", the "Annex", the
>"Fountain building" and the "Singer building" were all operating in
>violation of California laws pertaining to legal requirements of minimum
>child care worker-to-children ratios.
>Quite often the result would be that children would manage to leave
>the child care facilities alone and unnoticed. Sometimes small groups
>of children would leave the Cadet Org . This was chiefly accomplished
>by the children who would take advantage of the overcrowding at the
>Cadet Org by sneaking out of the day care facilities, unnoticed by
>their nannies. I know of several incidences of this occurring. This
>intolerable situation was known by Scientology's senior-most management
>personnel and executives, who issued the following statements on
>behalf of the Board of Directors:
>     "Numerous reports of out-ethics and criminal behaviour by PAC
>     children, i.e. out-2D, stealing, etc."
>                                      --Aides Order 203-71, page 2
>     "Due to the recent filthy conditions of the CEO and the criminal
>     behaviour of the children the area has become a PR and Legal
>     threat to the Church."   --AO 203-71, page 3
>     "As shown by the Stat Section the Cadet Org and CEO scene is
>     wildly off the rails and the scene has become very degraded. PAC
>     SO children instead of becoming valuable personnel assets are in
>     many cases becoming criminals. There are numerous Founder advices
>     given over the years which make it clear that the way to handle
>     children so that they thrive, are happy and become valuable assets
>     and resources..."   --AO 203-71, page 3
>The issue mentions how parents would try to take children on "libs"
>(free time in the Sea Org) in violation of Hubbard policy!
>     "This was often covert such as parents insisting that
>     their cadet go on libs with them even though the cadet's stats
>     were down and he hadn't earned a libs..."  --AO 203-71, page 4
>The founder of the Scientology cult had this to say about Sea Org
>parents and executives who allowed children to have some time off
>when their "stats" were *down*:
>     "The industrial Age looks on a child as a non-resource and so
>     will anyone in the SO that is steeped in the culture from which
>     they come. They are sentimentally destructive and think it too
>     cold-blooded to look on children as a resource."
>      --L Ron Hubbard to Lt Toby Young, in a Sept 73 "advice" letter
>In this same "advice" to the LRH Comm US, he suggested:
>     "The handling for the above would obviously be to re-educate
>     parents and other adults who deal with the Cadet Org so that they
>     do treat children as resources and real SO members."
>Sea Org members who were "downstat", "out-ethics". "out-tech" or who
>were "CI" (counter-intentioned) to Hubbard's mandates were often
>"overboarded" from the ship, or were thrown in the lake at the "Gold
>Base", or were doused with a bucket of water. Punishment meted out
>towards children was not always as mild as punishments that adult SO
>members received:
>     "It was also found that the CO Cadet Org put on by the '76 mission,
>     Bob Raffe, was criminal and sadistic to other Cadets. He was
>     removed mid '77 after he handcuffed another Cadet to an electrical
>     outlet and nearly electrocuted him." -- AO 203-71, page 5
>     "Looking into this it was found that the Cadet Estates Org also
>     had a large number of DBs [Degraded Beings], criminals and perverts
>     posted in it. Some of these would slap the cadets around and treat
>     them like 'kids'. There is no evidence of anyone in the CEO taking
>     any responsibility ... but instead assisted in the unmock by bringing
>     cadets into the CEO to work as nannies and assistants to the adults."
>                                    --Aides Order 203-71, page 5
>In an August 1973 "Advice" regarding the Cadet Org, Hubbard wrote:
>     "Parents have dumped their parents hats [responsibilities towards
>     caring for children] on [the] SO. [The] SO has consistently
>     dumped its Cadet hat on parents in PAC (a fact I just recently
>     added up) by using them as a via. The result has been a ruddy old
>     mess of no responsibility on either side - a between two chairs
>     scene."
>Lest the reader be inclined to think that this situation of the Sea Org
>not taking responsibility for properly caring for children of its SO
>members, read on:
>     "This has continued to be the case all the way to PT [present time -
>     and this Aides Order was issued in July 1981, a full *eight* years
>     after Hubbard's "advice" letter was written] as shown by the fact
>     that parents have taken no real initiative to see that the Founder
>     advices re the Cadet Org/CEO are put in and in fact covertly or
>     overtly cross order them. Other parents simply neglect their parent
>     hats altogether (some parents have even routed out of the SO and
>     left their children behind!). On the other side of the coin the SO
>     has also continued to neglect their hat with respect to Cadets as
>     shown by the fact that they have continually put their unwanted or
>     reject staff into the CEO and have done nothing effective to handle
>     the degraded conditions that the Cadet Org and CEO recently fell into.
>     The GO recently had to bypass to get the place adequately cleaned up
>     to pass an official inspection and avert a legal flap."
>                                             --Aides Order 203-71, page 6
>On page seven of Aides Order 203-71, it states (caps in original):
>I can attest that there were many unqualified persons posted to the
>Cadet Org as nannies. My own son's nanny (JoAnne B.) failed to keep
>her eye on my 7 year-old son and *lost* him in a huge crowd while
>at the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade in 1981. I subsequently
>received a phone call at the org while I was at work, from the Hollywood
>Police Department, asking me to come down to the station and pick up my son
>who had beem found wandering the Hollywood streets, crying and alone in
>the crowd of several thousands of people attending the parade.
>One Cadet Org nanny named Terry H. used to take young boys aged 7-8
>years old up on the roof of the Cedars Complex parking garage at
>the 4800 block of Fountain Avenue, where he would force them to
>perform oral sex. He also anally sodomized them, all under threats
>of violence. I personally knew four of these five children; their
>parents were Sea Org members in PAC.
>The above quoted excerpts come from the Sea Organization Aides Order 203-71,
>issued on 28 August 1981, entitled " PAC CADET ORG / CADET ESTATES ORG
>ESTABLISHMENT EVAL", as approved by the Watchdog Committee for the
>Board of Directors of the Church [sic] of Scientology of California!
>But there is more insight into the Sea Org's lack of proper care of
>children to be gained by reading other issues. Criminality, disease,
>filth, illegal acts, illiteracy and generally degraded conditions
>existed at the Cadet Org for at least a decade.
>From Cadet Org Guardian Office Executive Directive #4:
>      "The main thing that led up to the move to the Annex is that
>      the Fountain Building [at one time a location of the Cadet
>      Org] is illegal for organized child care."
>      "Then in Feb. the hepatitis scene happened and we were swarmed
>      over by County and State Health Inspectors. The County Inspector
>      (an ally) found out about the existence of the Fountain and said
>      this is not OK and let's quickly work together and handle it. He
>      continually predicted an attack from another agency and was not
>      able to say which one... I will not go into detail of what they
>      could have done but ...we were suited in 1974 for running illegal
>      child care and this would have been our second offence. First time
>      we got probation and you could imagine what the second offense would
>      have gotten us."  --Stephen LeMarr, Assistant Guardian Cadet Org,
>                          for The Churches of Scientology of California
>From Child Care Org Executive Directive #36:
>     "There are a number of parents in PAC who do not take their
>     children on Liberty Day or who take them for a short while
>     and then return them early when they could be spending more
>     hours with their children. There is no real excuse for doing
>     this."
>Many staff did not take their family time with their children. Often
>they were *ordered* to remain on post to get their "stats" up! Yet:
>     "This tends to ARC Break the children and the nannies as well
>     since the children are left wondering where Mommy and Daddy are,
>     why they haven't come to pick them up, or why they can't spend
>     more time with them. There is always a short crew of nannies on
>     the weekend, when most liberties occur, and children who have
>     not been picked up when they expect to be become enturbulated
>     and spread this enturbulance around the environment. This upsets
>     nannies who then have to handle these upset, ARC Broken children
>     so they don't create problems with their group."
>As a result of this, the following was ordered:
>     "Any parent who isn't able to take their child on Liberty must
>     fall into one of the following categories:
>    [...]
>    [...]
>       LIBERTY.
>    [...]
>          --Susan Calhoun, Commanding Officer Child Care Org PAC
>            as approved by the Board Of Directors of the Churches
>            of Scientology
>As you can clearly see from a reading of the above, parents were
>in many cases not able to spend time with their children. Children
>in the RPF or RPF's RPF were not allowed to take time off to be with
>their parents. Likewise, it was often the case that parents in the
>RPF or RPF's RPF were not allowed time off to be with their children
>(and spouse)! Wonderful "religion", this Scientology cult!
>After years of failing to properly care for its Sea Org members'
>children, Scientology's senior management issued the following
>     "Our Children are our most valuable future resource. Sea Org
>     children are the future officers and executives of the Sea Org."
>According to the sworn depositions of former Sea Org members, including
>Mary Tabayoyon, women were actually ordered to get abortions. I knew
>Mary and her husband Andre while I was in the Sea Org. If you have not
>read their affidavits, I strongly urge you to do so.
>On June 29, 1979, Scientology issued the following statement of policy:
>     "Any couple violating this rule [of no more babies or pregnancies
>     in PAC] will be subject to immediate Fitness Board to determine
>     whether they are sufficiently a facility differential [producing
>     enough, or "upstat"] to their org and the Sea Org to warrant the
>     expense, manpower and space required to care for their child. If
>     the Fitness Board finds that they are not, they will be routed out."
>       --LRH Comm Network International ED NW 26 PAC of 29 June 1979,
>        "Pregnancies and Babies in PAC", issued to all PAC staff and
>         executives, as approved by the Commodore's Messenger Org PAC
>         for the Boards of Directors of the Churches [sic] of Scientology
>Scientology mostly cares about making money. If the Sea Org shows any
>interest in children, it is primarily done out of their view of children
>as personnel resources.
>Scientology's long-standing failure to properly care for children makes
>me wonder what goes on behind the barbed wire at the Gold Base.
>I welcome information from Sea Org members who were there and who have
>recently left.
>See http://warrior.offlines.org

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