Title: Re: Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-3/4
Author: Perry Scott <perry@nospam.ezlink.com>
Date: 9 Oct 1998 16:16:51 -0700

In article <3624583b.11733210@news.tiac.net>, bob@minton.org says...
>With titillation galore, for some reason Scientology thinks the Nigerian
>government is interested in their usual scurrilous statements about Vaughn and

"Lurid blood sex crime actual evidence."  This piece from Scientology
is 100% Standard Tech, their "religious practice".  The ability to create 
these types of scurrilous pieces is what Scientology means when they demand 
"religious freedom".

I note that some of these incidents could not have been obtained without
culling Vaughn and Stacy's PC folders, their "confessional"s.  Confessional
is not private in Scientology.

Scientology also forces people to write up their "wins", so that they can
be used to repudiate the victim, should they choose to later defect.

>Probably in a concessionary moment to the Moslem faith of the Nigerian

Scientology, through Hubbard's words, defames "People of the Book - Jews,
Christians, and Moslems".


Hubbard on Poverty 

      "It is all very well to idealise poverty and associate
      wisdom with begging bowls, or virtue with low estate.
      However, those who have done this (Buddhists,
      Christians, Communists and other fanatics) have dead
      ended or are dead ending.", HCOPL 21 Jan 1965 


Hubbard Defames Islam 

These three quotes occur in succession in Whats Wrong with
this Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor, L. Ron
Hubbard, 9 Dec 1952.

Hubbard on the Lodestone 

      "It's an enormous stone hanging suspended in the middle
      of a room, this is an incident called the Emanator by the
      way, and this thing is by the way the source of the
      Mohammedan Lodestone that they have hanging down

      Hubbard asserts that the Lodestone is an artifact of an
      incident [implant or false memory]. This is consistent
      with other incidents found in Scientology, for example
      R6 which is the basis of Christianity. 

Hubbard on Mohammed 

      "...that, eh, when Mohammed decided to be a good
      small-town booster in eh Kansas, Middle-East, or
      something of the sort." 

      Kansas is a large, flat, semi-arid, sparsely populated
      state roughly in the center of North America. In this
      context, Kansas is disparaged as a cultural backwater,
      seemingly unworthy of notice. By extension, "Kansas,
      Middle-East" (at least in the United States)
      characterizes Mohammed as a local personality in an
      insignificant corner of the world. Hubbard showed
      disrespect for the founder of nearly all major world
      religions, so this gratuitous snub is not unexpected. 
      Hubbard gratuitously insults Mohammed and Islam in
      stating that Mohammed began his ministry as "a good
      small-town booster [advocate]". 

Hubbard on Mohammed's Motives 

      "By the way, the only reason he mocked that thing up, is
      the trade wasn't good in his hometown. That's right. You
      read the life of Mohammed. And he's got a black one and
      it sort of hung between the ceiling and the floor, I don't
      know, maybe they call it the Casbah or something or...
      Anyway, anyway, that thing is a mockup of the

      "mockup" refers to the Scientology concept of thetans'
      ability to fabricate something simply by willing it into
      Hubbard gratuitously insults Mohammed (again) by
      stating that Islam was created in response to business,
      rather than spiritual motivation. Given Scientology's
      tendency to over-emphasize monetary gain, Hubbard is
      the pot calling the kettle black. 
      "The Casbah" is very nearly an ethnic slur in the United
      States, given the ethnic stereotypes portrayed in movies
      such as Casablanca. "The Casbah" is synonymous with
      corruption and intrigue and was sadly one of the few
      images that Americans had of Middle Eastern culture
      during the 1950s. 

Hubbard on the Roots of Islam 

      "The Emanator is bright, not black. And so, your
      volunteer, who insists on a sightseeing trip, goes in and
      this thing is standing in the middle of the room, and it's
      going 'wong wong wong wong wong' and he says: "Isn't
      that pretty?". It sure is, and then he says "Mmmgrmrm
      ponk" Why, I'll tell you, they cart him from there, and
      they take him in and they do a transposition of

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