Title: MINTON & PRINCE ATTACKED BY MOB! (Unconfirmed Report)
elrond@cgo.wave.ca (Gregg Hagglund)
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 00:23:52 -0500

   The following is an unconfirmed report via Police Sources
"the old boy network" out of Boston Mass.

   Sept 10, 1998 Boston Mass.

   Robert Minton and Jesse Prince were surrounded and attacked
by a group of taunting Scientologists outside of the Boston Org.
   Out numbered and surrounded by an out of control
group of religious fanatics BoB Minton, after being repeated
kicked and finally punched defended himself with his Picket sign
which broke. (The sign was made of cardboard attached to a balsa
wood stick. This stick is so flimsy it is permitted on to Aircraft.) 
   At this point the Boston Police apparently intervened and because
Mr Minton used a "weapon" (as opposed to flailing about with his
 fists and feet.) he was arrested. (Overforceful response.)
   An unofficial commentary about this incident "If we hadn't
arrived just then Mr Minton and Mr. Prince would likely have 
received a severe  beating at the hands of the Scientologists. 
Those folks were really worked up. They were out of control, 
completely out of control. Messrs. Minton and Prince were visibly shaken. 
No alcohol was apparently involved on either side of the fracas."

   One Scientologist was taken to hospital for examination
of a small abrasion and released. 

   The Ambulance was not paid for.
  I repeat: The Confirmed Facts are not yet available.

   I suggest we wait for a complete report after
a court appearance by Bob, probably tomorrow.

I hope the complete videotape, if it exists, was seized by the Police.
I know that such swarmings in Canada are frowned upon and if
the swarmers are identified they are usually heavily fined and
or jailed for 30 days or more.

I hope everyone, Bob, Jesse and the Scientologists are physically ok.
And I hope that *all* picketers will remember to let the local
Cops know, in advance when you are going to Picket.

If what I have learned is corroborated then I think it
is about time for the US Justice Dept to act and investigate
the Co$ for Criminal Harassment and Conspiracy to Violate
BoB Minton's Civil Rights.

This is disgraceful conduct, if true, by the Co$. 
Worse than the bumping and taunting and 
candle exstinguishing in CW two years ago.

I think an appropriate response by all Picket Activists
should be to stage a Peaceful Picket this Saturday or
Next at your local Borg.

If this unconfirmed report is true then it will not
be the first time, nor sadly, the last time that the Co$
will have physically attacked Picketers.

Watch your 6!

["You know, people die if they criticize scientology - 
      I should take care if I were you." 
-Marcus Nyman, OSA (former GO), $cio-org, Stockholm, Sweden.]

 Gregg Hagglund SP5
 Rendered Net Invisible to 
 Participating Victims of Co$.

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