Title: Re: Why would Elliot Ableson call me?--Part 1
Author: rkeller@netaxs.com (Rod Keller)
Date: 23 Sep 1997 01:24:11 GMT

Robert S. Minton (bob@minton.org) wrote:
: Elliott Ableson, acting as the cults mouthpiece, called me in NH on
: Tuesday Sept. 16th  about 5:00pm and off the bat wanted to know 2
: things:
: He wanted to check to be sure that I had not personally been involved
: in co$; or even any family or friends-- so he could be clear no
: personal vendetta caused my beef with co$.  He asked me to clarify my
: concerns.   I mentioned the shutdown attempt of ars, Erlich's
: confinement at Flag, the raids on Erlich, Penny, Wollersheim, Lerma,
: Factnet  and other incidents and especially what happened to Lisa
: McPherson almost 2 years ago.  I also told him I was concerned about
: the extremely negative impact $cientology had on people I have come to
: know though ars; and that the whole thing was one big financial scam.

This is always their concern, whether you've been involved in Scn or not.
I was accused by William Thierry Dechaunac (spelling?) of being a former
member at the most recent DC picket, because I knew what department and
division he's in. It's the most important detail they can find out about 
you, and I'm not really sure why. Folks?

You're being handled at the Int., not the local level. This is a very
important distinction for them. Int critics are worth much more in terms
of stats than local critics. Be careful, but I'm sure you are.

: A) We got your medical records too.
: B) We will use your medical records, if you make it necessary, to
: embarrass and discredit you!
: C) Otherwise, how are you going to explain your trip to the emergency
: room at Mass General in Boston 3 days after returning from Clearwater
: in March 97? 

I hope you are well, and able to join us again this year. You're a calm
and reasoned voice, but your message is more effective for that, the
outrage embodied by your sign last time was perhaps the most outstanding
image of the entire event.

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