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Lisa McPherson family files suit against cult of power and greed


Just caught the channel 8 news (St.Petersburg), they just reported
that Lisa McPherson's family filed a lawsuit today against
Scientology. WTVT channel 13 did a very good piece on the story
yesterday, complete with a live reporter in front of the Fort Harrison
hotel. It was about 5 minutes long and said she was chained in the
basement and had cockroach bites on her, they even mentioned the
introspection rundown (the reporter mis-spoke and called it the
introspective rundown, but they showed what appeared to be the
bulletin that clearly said introspection rundown). It's good to see
some local coverage informing people about the cult in there own back
yard. Most people in clearwater i talk to are affraid to even drive
past the Fort Harrison hotel.

See 20 Feb article in Saint Petersburg Times

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