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Lisa died needlessly at the hands of Scientology.  Hubbard Tech produced the death of a young vibrant woman.

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Life in Clearwater for a Scientology critic

On December 5, 1995, Lisa McPherson was dead on arrival at a hospital 45 minutes north of Clearwater Florida. According to the coroner's report, Lisa was underweight, severely dehydrated, and had bruises and bug bites (see the entire report here).

Lisa's last address was listed by the police as 210 S. Ft. Harrison in Clearwater Florida, which is the Fort Harrison Hotel, a Scientology property. Lisa had been a Scientologist from the age of 18 to her death at age 36.

Lisa was put on the Introspection Rundown that Scientology uses to handle those who have had a psychotic break.

On November 18, 1995, Lisa was involved in a minor car accident. She was apparently not hurt, but she got out of her car and took all her clothes off and seemed mentally unstable. She was taken to a hospital where she was physically evaluated as being unharmed, but the hospital wanted her to be psychologically cared for. However, some Scientologists arrived and stated that Lisa did not believe in psychiatry, and she checked out after a short evaluation and left with the Scientologists. She went with them to the Ft. Harrison Hotel for "rest and relaxation" according to the church, but church logs from Lisa's stay there  from November 18 to her death December 5 show differently. Some logs are missing, and a high ranking ex-Scientologist has written an affidavit in which he claims that the church has in the past destroyed documents that might get the church in trouble.

The family of Lisa McPherson is now suing Scientology and individuals involved for wrongful death, while Scientology claims it did nothing wrong toward Lisa. The church's web page smears Lisa's aunt and attorney.

On November 13, 1998, Scientology was indicted on 2 felony charges in Lisa's death.  On December 6, 1999, prosecutor Bernie McCabe presented a response to Scientology's attempt to get the case dismissed (note: 250k).

   On June 12, 2000 the criminal charges were dropped against Scientology because (so the prosecutor claims) the medical examiner could not be counted on to confidently testify, even though the criminal charges were abuse of a disabled person and practicing medicine without a license.  You can read much of the Clearwater police department's evidence and Scientology's  logs of Lisa's stay, view some of the autopsy photos, and decide for yourself.

Scientologist OT 8 Dr. David I. Minkoff had his license suspended on August 3, 2001 for one year and was fined for prescribing medicine to Lisa without even seeing her at the request of Lisa's "caretakers."

   The case has moved back to Pinellas County and is scheduled to go to trial in June. 

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