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> > Wake up call to the Clam Scam Cult -- everyone in Hollywood knows

> > Scientology is a big, fat SCAM! Good luck peddling your poison in

> > Tinseltown!

I liked how Cuba Gooding Jr., Tom's supporting actor, the best supporting actor, got up and profusely thanked God -- [considered] by scientology belief an R-6 implant -(*Note)- for his success, in a sincere and enthusiastic speech that moved the audience to a standing ovation.

Tom Cruise must have been choking back the bile.
But, he's a good actor; he maintained his usual shit-eating grin.

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Last night in Dave Letterman's monologue, he congratulated Cuba Gooding for winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor; the mused that Gooding's was the only Oscar won for the movie "Jerry McGuire"....and that Tom Cruise didn't even win 'Best Scientologist'...

(*Note) = an 'implant' is (in $cientoilogy) an overwhelming incident where false memories are created by electronic means, which the subject then thinks are his own - it's no accident that I consider Scientology itself to be an implant of sorts, where hubbards false science fiction cosmology are enforced as true upon his happless subjects...


Comedy Central 30 March 97

A comedian was telling a joke about how he feels like an umpire when he meets women ....

Girl is saying:: ... I don't think that I dropped out of High School affects my carreer (STRIKE ONE!)
--------------------- I read a great book called Dianetics (STRIKE TWO)...

joke contiues for a while..


Absolutely Fabulous! (recent series) British

Most recent 3 shows available on Cassette - third show includes a hysterical sequence, of a fellow infilitrating the Sea Organization to try to get Tom Cruise to do a screen play.... a MUST SEE... very funny.


That Sci-Fi spoof series called Mystery Theatre 3000 -

A picture of a Volcano appears in the old movie being shown, one of the fellows says:

"Oh wow, man, D-ann-ett-ics...."

Next guy sez: See Page 57, how to get more money out of Tom Cruise...


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Birgitta <bid@extrico.se> wrote:
> Karin Spaink wrote: >
> Much to my surprise - and laughter - it turned out that >
> Lekin and his kind were _Marcabians_. (Such a pity Lekin >
> wasn't called 'Xenu'.) And the opposing alien, the one who >
> managed to kill all Marcabians aka MIBs and who saved this >
> planet? His name, of course, was Comdor. _Comdor_. I think >
> that's short for 'Commodore'. Comdor was from the Pleiades, I forgot to add, and Lekin from the Orion constellation. It _does_ sound familiar. >
> There was no trace of Scieno-beliefs in the movie; CoS >
> wasn't advocated; not a single reference to the tech. >
> But I can't help thinking that the scriptwriters (William >
> Applegate Jr., Joseph John Barmettler and Richard Preston >
> Jr.) took their plot straight from OT3. >

> I took a look at the list and saw the name Mary Sue! Did you miss that?
> Birgitta Shit, you're right... She can't have been an important character or else I would have noticed the name. But it reassures my hunch that here we have a director who pokes fun at CoS. groet, Karin Spaink - I write, therefore I am: http://www.xs4all.nl/~kspaink Steunfonds rechtszaak Scientology v. Spaink et. al.: - Vrienden van K., giro 450 9627, Amsterdam