Title: Re: Scientology's 3rd letter to Mrs. Minton 8/26/98
elrond@cgo.wave.ca (Gregg Hagglund)
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 23:17:55 -0500

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In article <35f47c59.10379820@news.loop.com>, wgert@loop.com (wgert) wrote:
{wgert) is an emplyee of the cult called scientology...
>On Mon, 07 Sep 1998 05:10:03 GMT, smokesig@ix.netcom.com (Neal Hamel)
>>On Mon, 07 Sep 1998 02:01:12 GMT, wgert@loop.com (wgert) wrote:
>>>I doubt it very much that the Church/ or Mike Rinder sent a copy of
>>>this letter to you so you must have gotten that letter which was
>>>addressed to Therese (this being said on the basis that such a 
>>>letter really exists and is not another lie having been fabricated by
>>>Bob Minton).
>>>Are you filtering the mail to your current wife?
>>The obvious thing is that his wife turned the letter over to him.
>Yes, sure.  As *obvious* as the ars-bigots-propagated-FACT that Robert
>Minton did not have anything going with Stacy Young.  That *obviously*
>could not be true because it was Scientologists who were making that
>claim and whatever is said by a Scientologist cannot be true

   What was ~obvious~ oh pig porker, was it was *none* of your 
business. Would you care to invade ~my~ privacy, a Federal Crime
here and see what happens to your Criminally Convicted Cult?
>But Bob Minton finally confirmed his affair with Stacy in a posting to
>You see, that's where people differ: There are those who look to
>really find out what is going on (like me), and there are those who
>never even bother to look but just dub-in (like you).

   Oh yeah sure Weggie, Bob is hiding Theresa's mail by posting
it to the Internet! Bob is hiding his personal affairs from everyone
by ...posting them to the internet! 


   And just how is that job as a Sysadmin at Supernews going? Hmmm?

   You see this where objective open minds and constrained limited minds
differ. One will look at all sides of an event, testimony, arguement, document
etc and assess the likihood of its validity, the other will disregard or accept
information input on the basis of externally dictated and controlled rules
imposed upon it.

   The latter is, of course, you Weggie.

   And that is why you *can* not answer these 
simple reasonable questions:

Answering these simple questions will go far to dispel
the appearance to many that the Co$ lacks the fundamental
tenets taught by and expected of the religious mainstream:
Integrity, Honesty, Compassion and Charity.

   Section 1: A Test of Faith. - Honesty

  [ A 'Yes' to the following demonstrates an absolute loyalty
to Hubbard and a singular lack of embarassment in the
face of what is considered by many to be complete lunacy
or chicanery on the part of Hubbard. 
This is called unshakeable Faith.
Do you have what it takes?]

   Do you believe, despite his documented failure at University
   that  Hubbard was a Nuclear Physicist?
   Do you accept thought has weight as Hubbard taught?
   Do you accept calculus does not work as Hubbard taught?
   Do you accept radiation is water soluble as Hubbard taught?
   Do you accept there is no Christ as Hubbard taught?
   Do you accept in Xenu the Galactic Overlord as Hubbard taught?
   Do you accept there was a 1950s style civilisation on earth
   75 million years ago, with a population over 100 billion,
   which perforce would have had to co-exist with the dinosaurs
   and yet left absolutely no traces?
   Do you accept there are implant stations on Mars as Hubbard taught?
   Do you accept there are locomotives on Venus as Hubbard taught?
   Do you accept any of the above are scientifically based as Hubbard

Section 2. Substantiation - Integrity

   If you do accept any of the above are scientifically based, 
   would you provide the independently verified data which
   ratifies the above. And while you are at it how about posting
   source scientific data from independent peer reviews which verifies
   the efficacy of *any* Hubbard 'Tech'.

  Section 3. The Questions of Charity and Compassion.

   Please list for us all the Hospitals, Hospices, Soup Kitchens, Shelters
for the abused and homeless, foodbanks, and other charities the Co$
supported with some significant fraction of its financial resources.
   How many last wishes of terminally ill children did the Co$ facilitate
in being realised?
   Did the Co$ spend as much last year on feeding and clothing starving
children in any part of the world as DM spent on having a private golf course 
built in Hemet?
   Does the Co$, with its millions spend *any* significant percentage of
its income on public charitable works? Or do they spend greater than 95%
on the care, promotion and maintenance of the Product?

   Please post the address of the Retirement Home for Co$ members
or for the Sea Org.

And here are some new ones:

   If the Co$ is expanding then why has it closed seven of
its ten facilities in Ontario Canada in the last five years?
   If there are so many scientologists then why can the
Co$ in Canada barely round up 350 men women, children
and *paid* attendees at a mjor event in the heart of
Canada's most populous MegaCity ? (6 millions within a 45 minute
drive of Toronto.)
   If Scientology is a Science then why is it not taught
at any Accredited Academic University anywhere
on the face of this planet except in courses on Business Fraud ,
Law Courses on Libel and Slander and abuses of the Courts, 
Sociology under Abusive Cult Movements and in Relgious Studies 
Under New Age Fringe Cults of Personality?

Just when *exactly* is the Fifth Marcabian Invasion Fleet
(which Hubbard warned us about) going to arrive?

And last, but not least, these two:

If Scientology is so useful and so important then
why do the Orgs lie to enquiries about Xenu
and then expect people to pay Hundreds of 
Thousands to discover they have been lied to
in the first place.

Why do you continue to post such easily
discernable distortions and outright lies
about the *actual* functioning of the Co$.


["You know, people die if they criticize scientology - 
      I should take care if I were you." 
-Marcus Nyman, OSA (former GO), $cio-org, Stockholm, Sweden.]

 Gregg Hagglund SP5
 Rendered Net Invisible to 
 Participating Victims of Co$.

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