Title: Cult ripped on 50,000 watts of L.A. blowtorch.
Author: tweek@netcom.com (R R M Tweek)
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 22:25:28 GMT

Classify this in the Entertainment category of ARS.  It makes some
good reading, even if it doesn't change the events around us.

Sept 29, 1998, appx 9:15 pm.  KFI, Los Angeles, Phil Hendrie Show

Note:  The "\" character usage denotes a stopped or cut-off stream
       of thought and a change to another thought stream.  You 
       really need to be a regular listener of this show to see
       the benefits of the host's ability to do this, rather than
       view it as a disjointed method of communication... and there
       is usually NO PAUSE between words where the "\" is.

[Talk about Hollywood Boulevard... a monologue...]

What is up with all these Scientology reading rooms they have along the 
street there?  It used to be you'd walk down the street, a Jesus freak
would give you a little pamphlet, you go "thank you very much, bug off"
and you walk down the street.

Now everywhere along the way you get that Scientology reading room, and
they've got that big building on\ I thought that was a gorgeous hotel, 
man, I want to check in and try to cool out.  I wanted to leave my wife 
for a week and chill out in Hollywood in that big\  and it's a 
Scientology building\ it\ the thing is\ its got a beautiful sign, I don't 
know what that used to be, an apartment building or something.

So what [DX skip signal garbled] they have so much money coming in from
celebrities that it\ is that\ oh I know what that is.  Is that a place 
where cel\ uh\ movie actors get to chill?  The\ that big Scientology
building off of Hollywood Boulevard, my understanding is, is some kind of 
Scientology resort for John Travolta, which is where he goes and gets his 
brain clear, or he goes clear, or he goes flatline, or whatever the hell 
those people call it, and he walks in there and flatlines out for a few 

You gotta be Tom g\ Oh, that's it, Tom Cruise, is he the guy?  And John
Travolta?\  So they go in there and the fl\  What do the Scientologists
call it when you're getting groovy?  You flatline or you're clear, you're
clear to land?  or something man.  They've got some word or phrase for 
when your brain has reached Nirvana.  You get flushed or\ yeah, I don't 

But that whole thing right off the freeway there is an enormous, what 
looks to be, uh, reconverted apartment building of some kind, with a
very impressive si\ Oh, it's called an enema.  Thank you very much Johna, 
we just got the word there, the Scientology word there for getting your 
brain clear is "mental enema".  They jam a hose up your nose and see what 
happens.  But it looks like a very beautiful building.  So anyway, you 
walk down the street there, and they'll be passing out all kinds of 
literature\  do you realize, you walk down Hollywood Boulevard on any 
given night man, you've got enough reading material for a year.  They 
give you this and they give you that, there's another guy giving you this,
and in the middle of all that crap there might be some guy who's got a 
real deal on matresses, like a matress warehouse, and you throw that crap 
away with everything else.  "If this is some more Scientology stuff, man, 
I don't want that.  I've got freedom of religion."   "No, it's a mattress 
sale, come on\" "Ah, get out of here."  Mattress sale.

[continues into the gentrification of Hollywood Boulevard 
until he hangs up on one caller and says:]

You're gonna have to start screening these calls man, cause I think 
the, uh, Scientology meeting's letting out, ok, and I'm getting a
whole lot of people who are in space.

[and continues on in the search for the Brown Derby]
[Last I recall of Scieno mentions in this program]

WOW!  As R.C. Collins said in an earlier hour of the show on another 
topic, "ripped them a new asshole."  In the two years I've listened to 
Phil, I don't recall him EVER ripping Co$ like this.  The most I recall
ever, is a quick little flippant comment which ammounts to nothing more
than something like "Scientologists?  Oh, those nuts."  I wonder what
set him off on them, for him to come out with this beautiful piece?

I wonder if Phil will ever do one on Scientology when "in character"
though...  that would be a real treat.

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