*****   Facsimile Transmission   *****
     Date        : June 25, 1997
     Pages       : Cover + 5

     To          : George Reynolds, Counsel Admin. of U.S. Courts
                   Honorable Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senate Judicial 
     Fax Phone   : 
     From        : Tom Klemesrud
     Subject     : Need for Judicial Reform
     Dear Mr. Reynolds and Senator Feinstein:
     When I talked to Mr. Reynolds on the phone today, the second 
     question Mr. Reynolds asked me was if I thought the Committee on 
     Financial Disclosure was doing its job.  I answered that I was not

     Now I can say--after reading the enclosed news article in the 
     Minneapolis Star-Tribune--I think not.
     It is clear that Judicial reform is needed--legislation if 
     necessary--in order for the public to use its only effective check

     on the otherwise-unchecked power of federal judges.
     Full disclosure of underlying assets--stocks, bonds, stock short 
     positions--should be readily available to the people.  (I do no 
     less for the IRS every year showing my income and all stock 
     If a judge doesn't appreciate the need for such, then that judge 
     should re-think his choice of occupation, in my opinion.
     Tom Klemesrud
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