Title: Re: ABC's 20/20 Features Scientology Crook Kent Stryker
Anonymous <nobody@replay.com>
Date: 28 Sep 1998 14:58:05 +0200

Hud Nordin wrote in message ...
>In article <360F18B2.2423@dejanews.com> x_clam@dejanews.com writes:
>>ABC's 20/20 Features Scientology Crook Kent Stryker
>When I heard one of his addresses was Glendale, a hotbed of
>Scientology, I was wondering if he just might be. He displayed all the
>ethics of a Scientologist. Damn.
>>I just watched a 20/20 piece on another disgusting piece of dog crap
>>Scientologist. The Crook, Kent Stryker is a well known Auditor and OT in
>>the Glendale area.
>>Kent/Crook's scam is that he has all 100's of names similiar to well
>>known Charities like the Cancer Society.
>His way of helping the world is to create (800 toll-free) directory
>listings, maybe with accompanying corporate shells, for hundreds of
>sound-alike charities, like the "National Cancer Society." When someone
>goes to directory assistance to find such as the well respected
>American Cancer Society, they might get fed one of his numbers. He
>happily accepts donation really meant for the famous charity, by one
>estimate to the tune of $500000 annually.
>>There were some heart breaking stories of people in pain being ripped of
>>by Scientologist Kent Stryker.
>>Anyone who saw this peice and knows Scientolgy recognized the MO.
>I felt slimy just watching this guy in action. Scientologist?

Well, whattaya know!  Ol' Kent even has a $cieno$pam page!

http://myreligion.scientology.org/kentstryker/index.htm [ this page link was
removed after Kent Strker was radied by the FBO in October 1998 ]

"Hello, my name is Kent Stryker, and here is a little bit about myself:
I am an inventor with several successful inventions in commercial use. I am
also an entrepreneur and start new businesses regularly. I was never
successful until I began using L. Ron Hubbard's technology and have been
very successful since then."

Yes, we see that, Kent!  VERY successful!  Not to mention FRAUDULENT!  The
Commodore would be proud indeed.

"Although I had a Master’s Degree from Cornell University I could not hold a
job long or earn over $5,000 per anum. After learning Scientology technology
in 1969-72 my income went up to $100,000 then on up to $500,000 in 1990 and
every year has been very successful since then. This was my ruin in life and
it has been wonderful to have it handled."

Gee, Kent, I hate to tell you this, but I think 1998 is going to go down on
record as a BAD year, for you personally.  Sleazy fuckers like you often
have a hard time of it once your scam is exposed on national TV.

Kent's favorite quote: "Production is the basis of morale." - L. Ron Hubbard

Kent, I think you have an M-U here.  It does NOT say that production is the
basis of MORALITY.  Ya see how one little word can fuck up your whole day?

Now, which agency is investigating Mr. Stryker?  Are they aware that
significant portions of his income may have been diverted to $cientology?
Do they know that a "tax-exempt" entity may have profited from Stryker's