Title: A.r.s Week in Review - 9/7/97
Author: rkeller@voicenet.com (Rod Keller)
Date: 8 Sep 1997 00:39:32 GMT

Week in Review Volume 2, Issue 21
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
copyright 1997

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
of the most significant postings. 

The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
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> Houston

A Houston Chronicle article reports that Scientology has opened a new
location in that city. 

"The Church of Scientology of Houston will open its first bookstore
Wednesday in the Park Shops in Houston Center, 1200 McKinney." 

Patrick Humphrey reported on the appearance of Scientology's Jive Aces
jazz band at Super Crown Books in Houston, Texas this week. 

"I wandered back towards the front, and who should cross my path but Tom
Wright, who apparently is hatted to be the oily PR flack for the cult at
any public events. I told him that Hubbard couldn't write to save his
life, which produced the predictable response of 'well, how are all those
books being sold?', to which I told him, you tell me -- you're the ones
hiring people to buy large numbers of 'em to keep it up on the NYT's
best-seller list; at that point he was distracted by the appearance of the
Aces, cloned in their teal suits with blue ties. Within a minute, the Aces
were filing out of the store on their way to their next appearance (I
presume downtown at the Co$' new bookstore in The Park)." 

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> Advertising

Martin Poulter described steps being taken against Scientology's deceptive
advertising in the UK. 

"One of the principal ways they try to recruit in this country is via
Dianetics leaflets. Someone I know, who wants to remain anonymous,
forwarded some of these leaflets to the Advertising Standards Authority,
complaining that the leaflets are presenting as fact something for which
there is no evidence.  The ASA have upheld the complaint and issued a
warning to Scientology (specifically to New Era Publications, I presume)
to state the claims as opinion rather than as fact. 

"The bad news is that the ASA has limited powers to enforce its request. 
It deals with non-compliant advertisers either by persuading the media not
to carry their adverts (which does not apply in this case, because Scn
print the leaflets themselves). 'Adverse publicity is frequently
underestimated as a sanction but those who have been on the receiving end
of such media scrutiny rarely offend again.' So the choice for Scn is
between removing the tone of absolute certainty (which appeals to
vulnerable and uncertain people) from their advertising, or become
officially recognised as a deceptive advertiser, with more 'media

Message-ID: <EFs34A.G6C@fsa.bris.ac.uk>


> Operation Clambake

Andreas Heldal-Lund has changed the location of secret Scientology
documents on Operation Clambake. 

"My home page has been given a new address: 

"Old links still work, they are just automatically redirected to the new
address, even if you request a document down in the system. There is only
one problem; some older versions of MS Internet Explorer seems to have
problems with the redirect and gives an error. If you get an error, make
sure you change to the new address." 

Message-ID: <340ddc35.550027047@news.sol.no>


> Dennis Erlich

Lawrence Wollersheim predicted this week that developments in Dennis
Erlich's copyright infringement case will cause Scientology problems with
their copyright registrations.

"On Sep 15 the judge in Dennis Erlich's case will order Scientology to
produce the originals of the Hubbard 1986 will and the 1982 copyright
transfers giving RTC and Bridge Publications ownership of all copyrights
and trademarks. Scientology WILL NOT produce the originals of the Hubbard
1986 will and the 1982 copyright transfers giving RTC and Bridge
Publications ownership of all copyrights and trademarks because they are
forgeries.  They will non-comply with the judges order and take the court

"MOFO will bring a Rule 37 motion to dismiss the case for Scientology's
noncompliance in discovery. When Scientology defaults on presenting the
original 1982 and 1986 documents every lawsuit anywhere in the world
involving Scientology copyrights and trade secrets involving RTC or Bridge
publications is for all intents and purposes OVER as the other victims of
the fraud will demand the production of these documents if it has not done
so already." 

Message-ID: <340F8799.7C08@worldnet.att.net>


> EarthLink

Scientologist-owned EarthLink Network Inc. announced $15 million of
private financing this week to allow it to finish this year. From Reuters: 

"The lead investor in the private placement was Soros Fund Management LLC
through its Quantum Industrial Partners LDC, which purchased $5 million of
common stock in the offering. Additional investors included existing
shareholders, certain members of EarthLink's board of directors and
management. Proceeds from the offering will enable EarthLink to continue
expanding its operations as it continues to strive toward profitability.

"Charles (Garry) Betty, president and CEO of EarthLink added, 'This
private financing demonstrates the confidence investors have in
EarthLink's business model, and it provides capital to continue to fund
EarthLink's growth.' During the past three quarters, EarthLink has
decreased its net loss each quarter, while increasing revenue 88 percent
to $18.8 million in the second quarter of 1997."

Message-ID: <f4a99b5c2254f688e1d4a8623356e999@anon.efga.org>


> Germany

Agence France Presse provided additional details on the rally Scientology
is planning in Berlin on October 27th. 

"A march which is to pass by the historic Brandenburg Gate on October 27
will be organized by a Freedom for Religions in Germany movement founded
in the United States in April with notable assistance by the controversial
Scientology organization. The movement claims membership of Christians,
Moslems and Buddhists. 

"The Church of Scientology is claiming the title of Christian denomination
but German authorities have said it is a financial business acting under
the cover of religion. In the United States it is considered a church. 
The church expects to draw 10,000 people to its Berlin rally. US jazz
musician Chick Corea may be among the participants, the spokeswoman said." 

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> Graham Berry

Attorney Graham Berry provided details on some of the cases he will be
involved in against Scientology in the coming months. 

"[T]he end of summer leads me to prepare the soon to be filed litigation: 
Berry v. Miscavige, Rinder, Farney, Moxon, Quinn, Drescher, Abelson,
Ingram, Lewis and Landmark.  Write a multi-volume treatise on
Scientology's litigation history and practices, with appendices of
relevant documents. Work on a book on my own Scientology litigation and
harassment experiences. A sale of the book and movie rights is almost

"I rush to the airport to deal with DM's minions in Denver tomorrow. A
discovery status conference - and he will be deposed in the Factnet case." 

"The cults lawyers (Rosen, Yingling, Blakely & Chase) and Intelligence
Chief Mike Rinder were strangely foaming at the mouth over my weekend
posting. In the afternoon they even told the Magistrate Judge in the
Factnet case about it and asked that I be ordered to sign a
confidentiality agreement because I am writing the books I referred to in
the posting. The Magistrate Judge smiled broadly when he read my posting
that Rosen handed up with Yingling and Rinder watching. Rinder looked
ashen, white, puffy, drawn and exhausted." 

"The Factnet case has revealed that BPI, at best, may have a claim to 13
copyrights and that RTC has no longer any tenable trade secret claims. The
Cult cannot afford to take the Factnet case to trial. Incidentally, the
cults legal expenses on the internet cases is approx. $15-20m." 

"Finally, are Annie Broeker's screams in solitary confinement - as has
been alleged in various declarations - still being heard on the RPF in
Hemet? Roxanne Friend's files (which she gave me) are illustrative in this
regard - and applicable to McPherson. Incidentally, can anyone put me in
touch with Joe Leessor?  Some claim he was LRH's hit man and heavy. It
seems he may have been at he hospital just before Quentin died-possibly as
a result of the plug being pulled. And where is Mark (Marty) Rathbun, who
allegedly took John Travolta's jet to beat the fleeing Annie Broeker to
New York and to bring her back to the RPF in Hemet? Last that I heard he
was handling Suzette Hubbard's and Guy White's marital and child custody
issues-until the church discovered Guy's and my burgeoning friendship and
ordered him to disconnect from me on pain of losing access to his kids." 

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> Tony McClelland

Scientology critic Tony McClelland received a phone call from Scientology
and OSA member Brian Johnstone this week, asking a number of strange

"Brian asked if I knew the whereabouts of Joe Szimhart or whom he traveled
with? Was it Joe Kelly or Pat Ryan? I replied that I did not know where
any of the three were and if I did know I would not tell him.  Brian asked
if I knew about Joe's record and if I was in favour of coercive
counselling. I replied that I did not know about Joe's record and that I
was in favour of exit counselling and added that I thought exit
counselling would be good for all Scientologists so they could make an
informed decision. Brian expressed concern that Joe's activity was breach
of United Nations Human Rights. Because I did not know about Joe's case,
but I do know about the Introspection Rundown I asked Brian how he felt
about the incarceration of an Australian for 3 months on an IR and was
this a breach of Human Rights. 

"Brian replied that the person that was incarcerated on the IR for 3
months had changed his deposition following the one he wrote the day after
his release. I asked Brian if he was also able to get the Police to change
the record of their release of the member when they released him from the
3 month incarceration. Brian was not able to answer the question and there
was a period of silence." 

Message-ID: <340e0e63.387283357@news.mpx.com.au>


> Paulette Cooper

Paulette Cooper continued posting her diary from the time when she was
heavily harassed by Scientology. 

"The really horrible harassment started around October of that year, when
I received the most incredibly vile anonymous smear letter based on lies
of the type typically made by Scientology of their enemies (prostitute,
thief, sexual pervert), and some gross distortions of information known to
the former boyfriend who had tried to get me into Scientology in 1968. 

"[T]here was also a tremendous amount of personal harassment. I was
getting a number of obscene calls (only when I saw the Washington
documents years later did I learn that the Scientologists had put my name
and phone number on walls, graffiti style), nuisance calls (one day as
many as 11, which obviously made it hard to write, people visiting my
apartment late at night trying to get in, etc. I was starting to get quite

"On December 19th, 4 days after I secretly moved here, and Joy took over
the old apartment, a young black man came to my door. [He] rang 'my' bell
holding flowers. When Joy opened the door, he unwrapped the
'flowers'--which were just a few twigs on top to hide a gun.  He put the
gun at her head, cocked the trigger, and the gun was either empty or
misfired. He then began choking her, but she managed to break away and
start screaming so he fled." 

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> California Bunker

Grady Ward took a trip to Scientology's bunker location in northern
California, where an archive of Hubbard's writings is reported to be kept. 

"Here are the coordinates for datum WGS-84:  The main gate with the nicely
lettered sign (reminiscent of the 'Star Trek' typeface) which says 'NO
TRESPASSING Trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,'
is at:  N 40 degrees 21.570 minutes latitude W 124 degrees 20.463 minutes
longitude and the cutoff from Mattole Road (which is only labeled 'Not a
through road' is at:  N 40 degrees 20.887 minutes latitude W 124 degrees
19.804 minutes longitude

"The cutoff is approximately 2 miles northwest of Petrolia, California
(which is about 20 miles west of highway 101 in southern Humboldt County)" 

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> RPF List

Anonymous poster "Warrior" compiled a list of Sea Org members who he
recalls being sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) punishment

"A large percentage of these people were sent to the RPF as supposed 'List
One R/Sers', although others were sent because of other reasons like
'out-2D' behavior, for being 'low OCA non-producers', 'repeated stat
crashers', etc. 

"Barbara Adams - HCO Area Sec ASHO D;  Bella Adams - was CO Cadet Estates
Org;  Chuck Adams;  Steve Adams - Estates Mgr ASHO D;  Paulette Ausley -
she's the one who did the false 'L-1' labelling;  Cindy Avrin - ASHO D Div
6;  Patricia 'Patty' Azevedo aka Patty Grant;  Rick Aznaran - now of
Phoenix Investigations;  Vicki Aznaran - was Pres RTC;  Jamie Beardsley -
ASHO F Div 1;  Jane Bertinot - ASHO D Div 6;  Sherry Bird - ASHO D Div 2; 
John Bostrum - was Dir Income ASHO D;  Wendy Bostrum - Letter Reg ASHO D; 
Sissy Brown - Recruiter ASHO D;  Kevin Bryan - HCO ASHO F;  Stacy Bryan -
ASHO F;  David Butterworth - GO/OSA/ASHO D;  Maggie Butterworth - CO ASHO
D/LRH Comm/Case Supervisor;  Richard Byrd - Bridge Pubs

"James 'Jim' Neil Chapman - was Treasury Sec ASHO D;  Teresa Cintron -
AOLA;  Frank Clark - AOLA;  Lori Coanda - ASHO D;  Debra Convery - ASHO
D/CEO;  Al Crivello - was AGF AOLA;  Linda Darlington - ASHO D;  Shelby
Davis - ASHO D;  Marilyn DeWitt - ASHO F;  Kathy Drayton - LRH Comm ASHO
D;  Cathy Dunn - CESO;  Bruce Duszak - AOLA;  Ben Elkington - Treas Sec
Pubs - now an IAS patron;  Sue Elkington - Pubs US;  James X. Ellingson -
ASHO D Div 2;  Gary Epstein - was CO AOLA;  Leslie Epstein - CO ASHO/CO
AOLA/LC NW;  Mitch Esterman - ASHO D Word Clearer;  Sally Esterman - CCLA
- was Mitch's wife - now deceased;  Richard Ferry - CESO;  Doug Fiandaca -
SO in PAC;  Joyce Fiandaca - GO GLA;  Patricia Garrett - ASHO F;  Bobby
Giles - Purchasing Agent for L Ron Hubbard;  Claire Graef - ASHO D;  Allen
Grondin - Tech Sec/Chief Off ASHO D;  DK Halloran - PAC SO

"Elsa Hamilton - ASHO D HCO;  Eddie Hansen - Cope Officer ASHO D;  Jackie
Harvey - SSO ASHO D;  Marty Helgeson - ASHO F;  Linda Hodge - ASHO D Div
2;  April Huff - Bridge/GO Finance;  Greg Huff - Bridge Publications;  Bob
Jaillet - Bridge Publications;  Karen Jensen - Dir Inc ASHO F;  Marty
Kassowitz - PAC SO;  Penny Keaton - ASHO F;  Anita Klock - Bridge
Publications;  Paul Koval - CO ASHO D

"Janet Landon - ASHO F;  Alan Lazar - AOLA;  Sandy Lazar - AOLA;  Mickey
Layne - ASHO D;  Gerianne Long - Bridge Publications;  Sam Loria - AOLA; 
David Mayo - was Snr C/S Int;  Merrill Mayo - David's wife;  Sherry
Miljoiner - ASHO D Word Clearer;  Doug Nagy - Tours Reg ASHO D;  Guy
Norlen - FBO NW;  Jeanie Norlen - ASHO F;  Renee Norton - CO ASHO F;  Ivan
Obilensky - CO AOLA;  Paulette Otten - SO in PAC;  Richard Otten - FBO NW; 
David Pearson - FBO Pubs US;  Nancy Phelps aka Nancy Schwartz - ASHO F/PAC
SO;  Alan Prager - CO ASHO D;  Dawn Prager aka Dawn Granger aka Dawn
Greene - Public Off/CO ASHO D;  Cecilia Prefontaine - AOLA

"Kari Rask - FR NW;  Rosan Rich - Dir Inc Pubs US;  Sue Richeson - BSO
ASHO D;  Barbara Rubio - was ordered but refused to report; was Snr C/S
ASHO D;  Mike Rubio - ASHO D HCO/Flag/FOLO WUS;  Don Saito - Address Off
ASHO D;  Elaine Savitsky - TTC ASHO D;  Vic Scelza - FOLOWUS;  Bobby
Schaffner - ASHO F HCO/Address Off - now dead;  Ken Shapiro - Body Reg/
SHSBC Sup ASHO D;  Candace 'Candy' Sias - Pubs US;  Paul Sias - Pubs USS; 
Michael Silverman - AOLA Registrar;  Pat Silverman - AOLA Div 6;  Bill
Skrifvars - HCO Area Sec ASHO D;  Karen Spencer - FBO ASHO D;  Larry
Spencer - FBO ASHO D;  Sheila Stankey - AOLA;  Andre Tabayoyon - AOLA; 
Mary Tabayoyon - AOLA;  Leslie Thompson - Dissem Sec/CO ASHO D;  Ralph
Toddhunter - ASHO F - wife Susan died of cancer;  Bob Toftness - TTC ASHO
D;  Ruthie Weissberg - PES ASHO D;  Carol Woodruff - AOLA;  Craig Wright -
ASHO D Tech Div;  Suzanne Wright - Pubs US;  Stacy Young - RVY's wife; 
Anne Zanier - FOLO WUS;  Loren Zanier - CESO

"For every person I have named, there is another person whose face I can
recall but whose name I cannot, who was on the RPF. Sad...Makes me angry." 

Message-ID: <5un41c$p6e@drn.zippo.com>


> Russia

Itar-Tass carried a report this week on cult activities in Russia,
including Scientology. 

"About 250,000 families have been destroyed by exposure to sects active in
Russia, said Viktor Navarnov of the Russian Prosecutor-General's Office.
He said in an interview with the Itar-Tass news agency today that a
similar number of children have been abandoned by parents who went into
the fold of sects. Navarov said his view was that unopposed by the public,
cults are winning over increasingly more Russians.  However, a blessing to
murder and suicide are part of the ideology of many cults, he said. 

"Navarnov, who oversees ethnic relations laws, cited the Scientology
Church founded by Ron Hubbard as one of the most aggressive cults in the
world, whose code teaches among other dicta that one's self-determination
and honour are more important than one's current life and never hesitate
to harm the other for a fair cause. The prosecutor said these teachings
spell licence for murder and suicide. He cited similar calls expounded in
the book by a leader of the Bogorodichny Centre. 

"Navarnov said the Hubbard proselytizing methods are defined in Russia as
pernicious and a danger to the public. The Russian Health Ministry by its
order issued in June of 1996 instructs health officials 'not to allow
propaganda and the use of methods of scientology and dianetics'." 

Message-ID: <3c7e2fd144e99c4d03898cb754db1555@anon.efga.org>


> Robert Vaughn Young

Robert Vaughn Young has been posting memoirs of his time spent in
Scientology. Excerpts from his latest chapter: 

"The ability to throw and give a press conference was usually the last
part of the training that we gave to Scientology PRs and the final
drilling for it was what was called 'Reporter TRs.' The 'TR' acronym stood
for 'training routine' or 'training regimen' and came from drills or
exercises Hubbard had designed for auditors. When the acronym was applied
to 'Reporter TRs,' it was a series of drills that a PR did to learn how to
answer questions and to take control of the conversation and, if need be,
to cave a person in. The drill consisted of a PR and a coach. 

"Coach: Okay, start. So tell me, what is scientology? 
Student: Scientology's a way of thinking that...
Coach: Flunk. Wrong answer. Here, read this. (Coach hands student PR the 
sheet with the approved replies.) 
Student: Got it. 
Coach: Good. Start. So I'm supposed to ask you, what is scientology? 
Student: Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. 
Coach: Who dreamed it up? 
Student: L. Ron Hubbard.
Coach: Flunk. You didn't correct my use of the word 'dreamed up' and it 
might appear in the story. Start. So who dreamed it up? 
Student: If you mean who discovered the laws of Scientology, it was L. 
Ron Hubbard, an American writer and philosopher. 
Coach: Wasn't he a science fiction writer? 
Student: Yes, he...
Coach: Flunk. Too quick on the admission. Start. Wasn't he a science 
fiction writer? 
Student: Mr. Hubbard was one of America's most prolific writers, writing 
millions of words in many fields and futuristic fiction was only one of 

"The last Reporter TRs' drill was what was called 'verbal karate.' This is
where the 'reporter' is arguing and the student PR has to cut him down,
take control, wipe him out and dominate. The PR is told he is free to
scream, curse, pound the table, do anything he wants to take command and
control. When we wanted to really put the PR through the wringer, we'd pit
two people against him/her and let 'er rip! That was why it was called
'verbal karate.' The idea was not that one should approach all reporters
that way, although we did get some who misunderstood when to do it, but
that the PR was _able_ to do it. 

"But then no one had ever drilled holding a press conference on the day
one is being raided by the FBI. It would take me years to look back and
fully realize why Artie had declined to hold the press conference himself.
After all, he was the head of Public Relations for the Church of
Scientology and had been so identified in the media. Instead, he gave it
to me. But in a few hours, I would start to learn the real reason Artie
did not want to do it: he knew too much.  Instead, I was about to be
sacrificed to the Los Angeles Press Corps and Reporter TRs wouldn't save

Message-ID: <5ud46j$163$1@eskinews.eskimo.com>


> St. Petersburg Times

The St. Petersburg Times this week carried letters to the editor and a
front page story on Scientology and Lisa McPherson. 

"The focus of Wilson's piece on Scientology was the tragic death of Lisa
McPherson.  Many people cared greatly for Lisa and the only desire of
those who were with her was to help her. Wilson's crude disrespect for her
death, her religion and, in truth, for any Scientologist became clear when
he callously described the matter of her death as a mere 'PR problem.'

"Wilson ignores a huge discrepancy when he discusses the findings of the
medical examiner, Joan Wood. Wood did not even conduct the autopsy. The
man who did was associate medical examiner Dr. Robert Davis, a
board-certified pathologist whose testimony regarding the details of the
autopsy of Lisa McPherson does not support Wood's inflammatory

"It is long past time for the records of her autopsy to be made available
so that the mystery surrounding her case can be put to rest rather than
used to refuel the year-long public media circus.

"Brian Anderson, public affairs director, Church of Scientology of

"The Church of Scientology's original portrayal of how a 36-year-old woman
died under its care bears little resemblance to the sobering tale
unfolding this summer with the release of the church's own internal
records.  The records are a collection of detailed, handwritten logs kept
by the low- and mid-level Scientology staffers who cared for Lisa
McPherson at the church's Fort Harrison Hotel in November and December
1995.  Their contents - page after page of frank and vivid daily reports -
contrast starkly with the official version of McPherson's death put out
last December by the church and its Los Angeles lawyer Elliot Abelson." 

Message-ID: <34085195.5329427@news.eskimo.com>
Message-ID: <340f8964.1058075@news.eskimo.com>


> Toronto Picket

Gregg Hagglund and other Toronto suppressives again picketed Scientology's
org this week. 

"The Demo ran from 2pm to 4:45pm on a fine sunny day.  Demonstrators
included Gregg Hagglund, Artemis, D'Artangnan, V-Tech, Nan Maclean and
Cerberus.  Leaflet dissemination stats: 450 copies of RXspecial, Dyin'
Ethics, and 'The Court's Opinion' were snatched up by passersby. 

"After our last Demo/Picket on Aug. 16th I sent a list of complaints to
the Metro Police about the conduct of the Co$ Toronto staff under the
direction of Al Buttnor during the absence of Police cover.  The Metro
Cops responded by mustering a massive show of manpower and gracing our
opening moments with a total of three bicycle cops, three beat cops and
two Sergeants. He explained the show of force was to demonstrate to the
Co$ not to mess with our Demo. Again. Ever. 

"He also complimented me on my new equipment and as per my (unpublished) 
request, he was willing to advise me on its lawful and technical use. 
Since my new piece of hardware was the same as Police Issue he gave me a
quick briefing and then invited me to try it out.  'This is the Toronto
Contingent Of the ARSCC, which does not exist, 'I
said,'....exist..xist..ist..st' echoed off the office building walls.  I
lowered the microphone of my new 10 Watt Megaphone and gave the Sergeant a
raised eyebrow. He smiled and nodded and said it was ok but he wanted to
go up the street a bit and check again. He walked away and headed up Yonge
towards Bloor, advising me to give the Megaphone another try when I saw
him wave. 'Our Last Demo was interfered with by disruptive tactics,
including sound. The use of this megaphone is the promised result. You
drew it in.. it in..t in... in.'

"Heads appeared in the upper windows of the Org. The sergeant gave me a
thumbs up and started walking back. He gave me a 'repeat' sign and so I
obliged.' Scientology does not tell the truth.  Learn all about the dirty
little secret of Scientology: the story of Xenu the Galactic Overlord." 

"Now at first the traffic was surprisingly sparse. It being Labour Day, I
had experienced huge traffic before in the same area in previous years, so
I was a little disappointed. And traffic picked up considerably by 3 pm. I
kept up a consistent but static commentary on the M-phone. I quoted some
of OT3 and many of Hubbard's most outrageous statements like the Fair Game
Policy. By 3:30 pm we were getting low on flyers. There were a lot of
people who wanted to talk and more who wanted to listen to discussions.
Sometimes I was literally being mobbed for RXflyers! Artemis was getting
out a steady traffic of the 'The Court's Opinion' flyer and whenever I saw
someone with one I would ask if they wanted the comic book companion and
usually they would. 

"[A] Lady clam marched out the org door carrying their 'Stress test' table
and she plunked it down right in front of the natural 'discussion' area
beside the org. However, since that is still part of the sidewalk of 700
Yonge street, I picked the table up and walked it 10 feet up the side
street and put it down.  Then I stood in front of the Org. and using my
M-phone I said, 'This sidewalk is mine until 5 pm. I signed for it. If you
want to demo your $50 voltmeter in the $5000 casing then stay on Org

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