Title: Re: Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Materials
hkhenson@netcom.com (Keith Henson)
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 02:34:27 GMT

ArnieLerma wrote:


:     The one thing I stressed to my attornys, and the one thing
:  Brinkema didnt buy but should have, was the public interest
: argument.  If I'd had Masselli and Lane from the start, we'd have
: won RTC vs Lerma in a big way, instead of just surviving it, while
: watching egg slip off the face of the cult...  and have money
: left in the insurance fund....

:  Scientology is a criminal conspiracy to defraud the public.
:  I posted the fishman doc to ars about 2 years ago..
:  in order to protect the public, and
:  still assert,  that by the common law right of priviledge 
:  that posting it was the right thing to do...  in order to protect
:  my fellow man, the body of citizenry, from which the Government's
:  authority to rule devolves.

Ya know, Arnie, I think we are going to have to get the laws changed,
lobby congress and all that.  Because the Federal Judges seem to have the
idea that using trade secret and copyright law to keep damaging
information criminals use away from the public is the proper way they
should interpert the laws. 

I know, it sound really stupid for Judges to be protecting criminals, 
even folks who kill as they did in the Lisa McPherson case, from citizens 
who are trying to warn other citizens, but that seems to be the case.

Because it is so against any kind of common sense, I bet we would have
relatively little trouble in getting Congress to act--if we can get them
to believe judges act this way!  It will take some thought on how it
should be worded, because a judge can (as Judge Whyte did) simply refuse
to rule on the nature of the copyrighted material, and as a baseline
assumption make like the criminal cult's instructions about the illegal 
practice of medicine are secrets such as Intel has for making chips.   

Keith Henson