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>Virginia, you wrote on Mon, 1 Jan 2001 in message
>>Goodbye Joe, too bad we can't work it out.
>You were responding to Joe Harrington.

Yes, I think she was.
>Perhaps you should know this about Joe Harrington, taken from the
>following message:
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>Subject: Re: Jesse Prince - RTC Officer
>In which Joe says, regarding his Intelligence agency background:
>>It was Coast Guard Intelligence. Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

Well, lets not forget Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) also, from my
good old days in the USMC right before the Vietnam War broke out !! !

>And says, in response to another poster's question:
>>>>how's sharon thomas these days? she processed your intelligence agent
>>>>credentials, didn't she?

I really have no idea re Sharon. I think Kadie O'Malley is the only
one who was keeping track of some of those early players and I've not
visited Kadie's hompage for some time. I doubt I would even remember
her face is she walked up to me. That was 35 YEARS ago!

>>Yes, she did. However I did not learn about the GO's infilitration of
>>Coast Guard Intelligence until 1988, and I never met Sharon Thomas or
>>had any idea she was a GO spy.

Minor correction on the above, I meet Sharon ONCE for about 10
minutes, (around Aug 1976) when I had to go in to the Headquarters
Office to get my photo taken for my credentials and sign them in her

>Unfortunately, in a previous fit of authorship, the same Joe Harrington
>(Intelligence Special Agent) had written:
>>I met [Sharon] Thomas briefly after I finished Special Agent academy
>>training in Washington, D.C. and she processed the paperwork for my
>Joe has trouble keeping his shore-story straight.

Please forgive my fit of authorship and my blatant attempt at
deception. You REALLY got me on that one! Sharon was best known as
that "foxy chick" that worked in as Ricardo Dineso's secretary at the
headquarters of Coast Guard Intelligence in Washington, DC.

>Funny how this connection leads straight back to the "Snow White" era,
>when the G.O. was getting close to finding out about intelligence agency
>use of Scientology, huh?

Yes, the timing was rather uncanny. I reviewed some of the dates on
Chris Owen's GO document site and I applied for Intelligence right
around the time Hubbard came up with his brainstorm to start breaking
into govt filing cabinets to check the status on the investigation of
HIS tax evasion. HUBBARD's PERSONAL TAX FRAUD was the WHOLE issue of
SNOW WHITE, The global and galactic conspiracy against LRH's invention
creations of OTs was a TOTAL scam and I still find it hard for so many
loyal Scientologists to confront the motives behind Snow White. The
evident is simply overwhelming...

Since the early 1950s, the consensus of govt agencies was that Hubbard
was a nutcase obsessed with Commies everywhere and Psychs trying to
capture him and implant him and all his followers with drugs. Their
biggest concern was WHEN he was going to start paying back all the
money he was embezzling from the "Church", under the 501 C-3
exemptions. Of course, tax evasion was a Blessed Sacrament for him,
and he ran around the world for the last 30 years of his life to avoid
paying "one thin dime" of income tax he lawfully owed.

I did meet Sharon once in person, after I finished my Special Agent
training at Bolling AFB and the field office of CGI (Coast Guard
Intelligence) in D.C. And over the 4 years I was assigned to
intelligence duty I may have talked with her 6-10 times when I called
Dinesio's office to check on the status of an ongoing investgation I
was the lead investigator on. I really didn't get the whole picture
until around 1988 when I found a copy of Omar Garrison's book about
the GO. There was very little cloak and dagger ops in Coast Guard
Intelligence. The big agencies always sucked them up and the
Coast Guard stuck with the petty stuff. In inter-agency rivalry in
federal law enforcement makes it very ineffective.

The ONLY investigative file I saw that the Coast Guard had on Scn in
the Long Beach office was a rather thin file which had some rather
boring information about the Simon Bolivar that was docked in San
Pedro Harbor.

I once asked my Senior Agent what the big deal was with Scn and the
Coast Guard's interest in it. His brief comment was that it was some
sort of "damn tax scam", and that the Simon Bolivar probably couldn't
pass the Coast Guard saftey regulations for vessels under U.S.
jurisdiction, and that most of the crew on the Bolivar looked like a
bunch of ex-dopers (an accurate assessment, in my opinion.. :-))

All the agents in our office also were crossed trained with the DEA in
our massive "War" to save our youth from the horrors of reefer
madness! :-))

The only "investigative file" I saw about Scn was the interest the FBI
had in the GO and their infilitration of a couple of law enforcement
agencies in the LA area. I was on the task force with the LAPD, the
LASO, Customs, ATF, and the IRS that had some interest in Scn.

The primary concern was the large cash transactions involving
teeny-booper Messengers in mini-skirts who were transporting suitcases
full of cash that LRH was squireling away in European banks and banks
controlled by police state govts and the letters from distraught
parents and Embassy staff who had NO idea what the hell the Sea Org
was or what their kids were doing running around in quasi-Naval
uniforms.. .

I remember calling Heber about these reports I was hearing and he
assured me it was all BS, which at that time I thought it was as well.
But the FBI and the Coast Guard took it very seriously and they threw
me out of the Coast Guard after 15 years of service, without ANY kind
of hearing or appeal whatsoever.

What really sealed my fate with the Coast Guard was a tough decision I
made about the District Intelligence Officer, LTCdr Gene Tulick...

Gene was about 35 years old, a gung-ho Intelligence officer who really
liked carrying his gun, flashing his "creds" as a "Fed". But Gene had
a terrible problem with alcohol, and had been involved in several
accidents were he was a fault and we ended up covering his asshole as
part of the "cop to cop" mentality that exists at all levels of law

One night, Gene fell asleep very drunk in his apartment (he had
recently separated from his wife and he was under tremendous pressure
to make a big drug "bust" so the Coast Guard could justifty the tens
of millions we were spending in our stupid War against Drugs.

Gene put a a pizza in the oven before he left asleep in his apartment.
Another agent, Bruce Wood had a a LOT of personal problems and he had
recently separated from his wife as well, and was sharing the
apartment with Gene. The pizza caught on fire in the oven and if Bruce
had not been partially awaked, they probably would have both died from
smoke inhalation.

Bruce had recently been recommended for Officer Candidate School, so
he had a strong loyalty to Gene, as a friend, and as his senior
officer. On several other occasions, Gene had threatened civilians
firearms. These were people who were not under the jurisdiction of the
Coast Guard and were not subjects to any criminal investigations.
Again, the agents in the office had to cover for Gene's poor

Shortly after the pizza fire, Bruce's received orders for Office
Candidate school and this was the height of his career, to be an
officer in the Coast Guard.

Early one morning, about 5 am, I received a call from Bruce's wife,
Kathy. She had just received word that Bruce and 20 other Officer
Candidates had been killed in a collision with another vessel in
Yorktown, Virginia. Despite what I considered Bruce's sometimes
questionable investigative ethics, I considered him my closest friend,
and the news of his death hit me hard.

I pondered on the deteroriating situation for about one week and made
one of the hardest decisions in my life, my decision to report the
deteroriating conditions in the District Intelligence Office and the
activities of the District Intelligencd officer, who was putting many
other people in jeopardy by his poor judgement and abuse of power.

So the following day, with the greatest of reluctance, i placed a call
to the the officer of the Director of Coast Guard Intelligence,
Ricardo Diniasio and told him the full story of the inner turmoil in
our office. I considered Diniaso a person of high integrity and truly
one person who would understand his decision to call him and the
motivations behind what I reported.

But tragically, this action just served to amplify what the FBI and
other agencies already knew about the GO, that LRH had used the GO to
collect derogatory informtion about govt officials and agencies, and
use it in their endless war against our govt. Thus began the
dismantling of my Coast Guard career.

So, if I have any axe to grind, it is related to the GO's sabotage of
MY career because of their lying about their clumsy spy antices. My
lost pension and benefits who would have started around 1982 probably
cost me close to $1 Million over the years.

During the 1970s, I think very few Scientologists had any clue as to
what the GO was, let alone the bizzare conspiracy theories that
Hubbard had effected the entire organization with. It took me MANY
years to figure it all out, and I discover more and more every day.

I hope my public gift of NOTS, humbly tendered to Mankind and the
emerging Internet on 25 Dec 1994, cost them a bit and afforded the
public an opportunity to get a free glimpse of what the ultimate price
a person sometimes pays for the "Total Freedom" that LRH seduced many

>So, Virginia, be proud: you and your investigations list are now official
>targets of a co-ordinated discrediting campaign by some of the brightest
>and best, busy being all that they can be.
>Knowing this, you can now go back and review what you have been exposing,
>and review Harrington's understated and underhanded involvement in
>discrediting you. My, my, but you must be hitting nerves.

I really don't know what areas of credibility she had to begin with
and what I might have done to "discredit" her. He biggest gripe
appears to be with the "mandatory" 6 month sec checks, but over the 10
year period she was involved with the OT levels, NOTS and Sec checks,
she must have invested close to $500K or more, and quite honestly, in
retrospect, any retribution taken against her by some "Ethics Order"
seems rather shallow at best.

But I think adults should be allowed to spend THEIR money in whatever
way the see fit. The elite status of OT classification or special
category often appeals to one's ego and pride, and LRH was a master at
exploiting it. To some young, starry-eyed and naive new staff member,
being an "OT" or having the opportunity to work toward it is perhaps
one of the highest things one could aspire to. And the vast majority
of staff members I've known or audited over 35 years was really good
folks with altruistic motivations.

Hubbard's highest crime against his fellow man is that he ruthlessly
exploited the good intentions of the many who would believe in him.
And he did this, IMO, to fill the void of his personal insecurity and
his need for self-aggrandizment.

But we all have personal fralities and my hope is that ALL of us, on
both sides of the coin, can do some more soul-searching and less
finger pointing and starting clear the world by honestly clearing our
inner world first.

And perhaps it a bitter pill to swallow when you start doing some
serious soul-searching. I don't think this experience is unique to
Scnists. I think we all go thru this as a part of living. I know I
certainly have.