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Jesse Prince Affidavit


Title: New Hampshire picket and forced abortions
Author: (Jesse Prince)
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 02:59:50 GMT

Today a small contingent of faithful Scientologists came out to Bob Minton’s
home in New Hampshire to picket. I say "small," as there were only two people
there --  the Boston DSA Maureen O'Keefe and Joe Stover, an OT8. 

Bob responded by pulling out and setting up ten times as many protest signs in
his yard! Pictures were taken by both sides, and all in all, it was pretty
peaceful, no shouting or anything. After a while, the police came and sent the
Scientologists off, saying they were a road hazard and they did not want them to
become road kill.  

I talked to Maureen for a little while, just to let her know my true feelings
about Scientology and why I oppose it. She made an interesting assumption about
me which I hope I cleared up for her. She said to me, "You hate Scientology,
don't you?"  

I told her I don't hate anything. I just feel sorry for the fact that she does
not know what she is really doing or what she is trying to support. Here it is
Labor Day weekend, and she and another OT 8 are out in the hot sun with pitiful
signs protesting instead of enjoying the day with their families. At this point
we engaged in conversation concerning  just how Scientology denigrates and break
down the most basic human structure in our society, which is the family..

We talked about specifics. Now, I could go on and on about others having their
families destroyed by Scientology, but I talked to her about my experience
specifically. We talked about  how the Sea Org  makes its members have enforced
abortions. In fact I now recall a Flag Order which forbids Sea Org members to
have children. In order to have a child in the Sea Org you have to submit
something called a "CSW" which means completed staff work. You have to say how
having a child will increase Sea Org productivity and forward the goals of the
group. During my time as a Senior Executive in RTC, no one -- and I mean no one,
including my own wife, who was one of the women at the secret management base in
Gilman Hot Springs who was forced to have an abortion – was allowed to have
children as it was not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.
The reason for denial was purely financial. Kids cost money.

Standard procedure for any women who got pregnant was for the pregnant women to
read a PR (public relations) pack and/or get a briefing from the Port Captain
(PR post in the Sea Org) on how to explain to the local welfare board how you
were an adult indigent and had to have an abortion and the state needed to pay
for it. My wife and I went through this nightmare when she became pregnant.
Neither one of us wanted the abortion and it caused us much grief. However she
was convinced to have one anyway, and nothing I said or did would stop her. I
even told her we could both leave the Sea Org, but she didn't want to. All I
could do at that point was to support her in her decision and I went to the
abortion clinic with her. 

Going to an abortion clinic was a horrifying experience in the dark side of
human nature. We sat there and saw the misery of others who were there. To be
honest, it all felt unreal. It is dangerous to have an abortion, because in some
cases the mother can no longer carry a child to full term afterwards. 

To make a long story short, my wife and I decided to have children once we got
out of the Sea Org. She was five months pregnant and we went to have an
ultrasound done.  We discovered that the unborn child was horribly deformed and
had to be aborted. In the end  I held the deformed fetus in my arms after it was
born dead. The face was my face. I loved the child and was very upset and hurt
by the experience. This experience devastated both of us and effectively
destroyed our marriage. We are divorced now. 

How is it that you can devote your life to an organization, yet have no medical
insurance or any assurance that you will be cared for by the organization? What
kind of crazy fools is the Sea Org creating in this modern world we live in?

No, I don't hate Scientology. But I sure hate what it does. What kind of coward
would demand the blood of the innocent unborn as a matter of law? L. Ron Hubbard
is the answer, and just like the Nazi soldiers at the death camps, David
Miscavige, Scientology's new dictator, keeps on  pushing the  button or giving
the orders to kill. L Ron Hubbard is dead! Why does the slaughter of the
innocent continue?

Prior to my association with Scientology I was blessed with two healthy
children. It is my belief that as a result of Scientology I lost two children.

I plan to make the subject of enforced abortions in Scientology widely known and
well documented.

I told Maureen O'Keefe that I have no hate in my heart for her. She is way low
on the Scientology hierarchy and far from the inner sanctum of her "church,"
Scientology.  She does not understand what she is supporting and promoting. I
have an obligation to her and everyone else in Scientology to reveal truth about
Scientology, L Ron Hubbard and the people who are running his organization since
he has died, so that informed decisions can be made concerning what to support.
After that, the burden is on them.

What about you? Where do you stand?

Respectfully  Submitted,

Jesse Prince 

Title: David Miscavige’s Rise to Corruption (or: Ding Dong the King is Dead)--Reformatted
Author: (Jesse Prince)
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 23:15:50 GMT

The following is an account of my opinion based on eye witness events and secret
meetings I either witnessed or actively participated in while I was in the inner
sanctum of the cult known as "The Church of Scientology." I write this in an
effort to provide an insight into the truth of the actual motives and agenda of
Scientology, which is no religion at all.

On Thursday, August 20, 1998, I attended a hearing at 8:30 a.m. in U.S. District
Court in Denver, Colorado. I had been in deposition all day the day before.
Scientology was deposing me, supposedly concerning the declaration I had filed
in the FACTNet case, but in fact I had been asked very few questions that
related in any way to the FACTNet copyright case. Most of the deposition had
concerned my personal history, much of which had been culled from my pc folders.
It was obvious to me that they were using the deposition to gather intelligence
information about me, which they would then use to discredit me. But I remained
courteous and answered all of their questions as well as I could. I have nothing
to hide. I am not ashamed of anything I"ve done in my life. 

The issues before the magistrate were twofold. One was a letter which Lawrence
Wollersheim"s attorney Dan Leipold had sent to Scientology attorney Samuel
Rosen, in which Dan promised to turn the entire transcript of my deposition over
to Ken Dandar, the attorney for Lisa McPherson"s estate, if Rosen dared to bring
up any information from my confidential pc folders. The other issue was the
length of time Scientology would be allowed to keep me in deposition. Dan and my
attorney Ford Greene wanted to limit the amount of time they could keep me;
Scientology wanted unlimited access to me. 

So I am sitting in the courtroom next to my friend Stacy Young, who is there as
a director of FACTNet. Suddenly I hear Samuel Rosen say: "Your honor, the
witness they are bringing into this case, Jesse Prince, was second in command of
the Church of Scientology. He signed a confidential non-discolosure agreement
not to divulge any information he obtained as a result of his being second in
command of Scientology." 

Rosen continued to do his best to persuade the magistrate not to allow Dan to
send the deposition transcript to the McPherson case (the outcome was that the
magistrate told Dan not to send the transcripts without getting his OK first,
and, by the way, we convinced the magistrate not to allow them to depose me past
noon of the following day). 

But I sat there stunned that I had just heard Scientology admit, on the record,
that I was second in command of Scientology. For me, that was the high point of
the entire deposition experience. 

Now let"s go back in time to an afternoon in the late summer of 1984. I am
sitting in one of many legal/litigation meetings at Author Services, Inc., or
ASI. I am in RTC, a nonprofit religious corporation which ostensibly has
absolutely nothing to do wth ASI, a for-profit corporation. But David Miscavige
finds it convenient at the moment to be the Chairman of the Board of ASI, and,
since David Miscavige runs Scientology (no matter where he places himself
corporately), he can order all of us to meet wherever and whenever he wants us

The subject of this particular meeting concerns the LRH probate case in
Riverside, California, and, as always, more corporate "sort-out." Lawyers have
advised that there is still too much evidence to prove that LRH is incompetent
to manage his own affairs. This is crucial, since the case has been brought by
LRH"s son Nibbs, who has claimed that LRH is incompetent to manage his own
affairs and that his estate is being stolen by the Church of Scientology under
David Miscavige"s leadership. Nibbs is hoping to take over LRH"s assets if he
can prove that LRH is incompetent. So this is a very serious threat. 

LRH has repeatedly said he wants different lawyers to represent him, and that he
wants different legal advice on how to win this case against Nibbs. But DM has
decided that the lawyers LRH already has (and who were chosen, of course, by DM)
are the best possible legal counsel. LRH specifically doesn"t like the fact that
these attorneys are advising him to back away from managing Scientology"s
affairs. Part of the reason for this is that DM feels (and has told the
attorneys) that LRH is losing his grip on reality. 

In truth, DM was not the only one who knew that LRH was an old man past his
prime, with no real "new ideas" or "brilliant revelations" for quite some time.
All he could do was say the same thing, over and over: "There are more BTs! Many
more than people realize!" Hubbard really was a bit senile at the end there -
his brain pretty well fried by a wide range of drugs which he used for his
"research" -- and this scared the hell out of his top messengers and others near

For many years, LRH's top aide, Pat Broeker, and his wife, Annie Broeker, looked
after the daily care of LRH. Pat was the financial conduit between LRH and the
vast reserves of liquid cash mounting in the multiple corporations of
Scientology which LRH always had at his disposal. David Miscavige would be
called by Pat to bring hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in cash in
briefcases to cover "basic expenses" for LRH and his small crew of four staff.
Often the prearranged meeting place was near Las Vegas. On many of these
occasions, Pat and Dave would go to a casino and gamble away thousands of
dollars of  LRH's money, just hanging out having a good time together. 

But as LRH felt his grasp on the Scientology empire weakening, he became
extremely suspicious of Dave and ordered me to give him a security check to see
if Dave was trying to prevent LRH from having his way with the church as he was
used to having. Basically, LRH was upset that he could not simply romp from one
fake corporation to another, wreaking havoc in his wake, as he had always done.
And he was being advised by attorneys whom Dave had hired that in order to
protect his money, he should disappear for a while. All of these circumstances
added up for LRH, and he was not at all sure he could trust DM. He was afraid DM
was trying to take over. Sure, he had practically raised Dave from a pup, but
still, who could be trusted in this business?

So I was ordered to sec check DM to determine his real motives for passing along
legal advice that he back off from his own church. When I walked into Dave"s
office he was crying like a child who had taken a crap in his pants and now
stank to high heaven. Dave swore up and down to me that he was only following
LRH"s own orders to get an "All Clear" -- meaning to get LRH dismissed from all
the outstanding litigation -- so that LRH could travel freely again, without
fear of subpoenas or worse. 

LRH had been in hiding, not only from the public but also from 95 percent of all
his staff, for the last fifteen to twenty years anyway. Dave was extremely
indignant at being asked such incriminating questions, but because of the
questions I was asking him, he was fairly certain that LRH would soon assign him
to the RPF (the Rehabilitation Project Force, Scientology"s political prison). 

In the security check Dave made sure he told me about the trips to the casinoes,
the heavy drinking and the women he and Pat had enjoyed together. Dave freely
confessed his sins and Pat Broeker"s sins as well. He said if he was going to go
down, he was going to make sure Pat Broeker went down as well. He was very
critical of Pat, saying he had a long history of alcohol abuse and recklessly
spending LRH's money. Of course, the person who received the report of Dave"s
sec check was Pat Broeker. So it didn"t surprise me a bit when Dave and Pat
suddenly became best buddies again. I seriously doubt that anything but reports
full of glowing praise for Dave ever went to LRH. In retrospect I realize both
Pat Broeker and David Miscavige had an interest in keeping the status quo with
LRH, since both of them had dreams of one day being the new dictator of
Scientology once the current Ding Dong king was dead.

LRH went on spending his millions freely on property and "research" (all this
really meant was that he was buying more and more drugs for himself) and buying
exotic animals like buffalo, llamas, swans and  peacocks at the ranch at

LRH seemed resigned to follow the legal advice of Dave"s lawyers and stayed away
from Scientology. However, he made it known that he was still very salty about
the whole deal and refused to make contact as he had done in the past.

About a year and a half later he became very ill.

I will continue this story very soon. It is not my intention to post a book on
this newsgroup all at one time. However, I will say this: What I am relating to
you here will never cost you a dime. It will always be free on the internet. I
am not a writer, nor am I trying to be. (And here is a good place to say thanks
to Stacy for being my editor -- she"s making sure my posts to you are readable!)
If I could have anything I wanted in return for exposing the true nature of the
inner workings of Scientology, I would ask its current members and staff to run
away as fast as possible to recover their lives. That"s all I want. 

Part of the agreement we all made when we became cult slaves was to turn our
backs on our friends and family, so I know that many people literally have no
place to go if they leave Scientology, particularly the Sea Org. But there are
people working to resolve this problem. This will change soon.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jesse Prince

Title: Hello Critics of Scientology and Scientologists;

Author: (Jesse Prince)

Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 20:03:22 GMT

My name is Jesse Prince. I was part of the horrid organization known as the "Sea Organization" from 1976 - 1992. I was a Senior Executive in RTC for 5 years (1982-1987). This is not something that I am proud of---to the contrary I am still recovering from the experience. I have been disassociated from any form of Scientology for the last 6 years, since I escaped in 1992, I had been afraid to come out and was feeling hopeless, but that is all behind me now.

Three weeks ago I contacted Stacy Young. In talking with her I realized I could help in the struggle to expose the truth about Scn and get them to stop hurting people and ruining lives of decent and innocent people. The following Sunday after Stacy and I met, Mike Rinder called Bob Minton to ask if I was now on his payroll. It was obvious that they knew Stacy and I had met and were ready to attack all of us---which is what they have been doing ever since. Scn attorney Rick Moxon has already put me on notice that I am to be sued if I divulge any information about their criminal activities. However, I will not be silenced by these thugs.

I feel an obligation to do something to expose the criminal and psychotic nature of the upper echelon of the Sea Org (all corporations included) in an effort to get some relief from the attacks that come to anyone who opposes this godless so called church. Since I made the decision to expose the truth about the true nature of Scn I have had my life threatened by one of their hired thugs and they try to follow me around where ever I go. To say the least, I have personal knowledge of crimes and cover-ups that have them very worried if they want me killed before I could even fully come out of hiding!

Well, I want you to know I am alive and well and I have one hell of a story to tell. The Internet will be the forum I use to tell the truth and nothing but. If you liken the Internet to a basketball game, I plan to take Scn to the hoop like Michel Jordan.

Bob Minton, Stacy Young, FACTnet and others are making this possible.

I'm coming out for me and you.


Title: What-----Who?
Author: (Jesse Prince)
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 03:10:39 GMT

If you had the unfortunate experience of having had the "privilege" of
paying tens of thousands of dollars for Scientology auditing, then
you'll have an idea of what I'm about to say here. If not, I'll make
it simple for you. When a Scientology victim progresses up to OT3,
what do you find out? L. Ron Hubbard tells you there is no such thing
as God or the Devil. It's all an alien space war. 

Furthermore, you find out that your whole body is nothing more than a
hotel for disembodied spirits called "body thetans" or "BTs," and
groups of BTs called "clusters" that need extensive auditing. The
result? Pay more money, of course, to get more auditing.

That L. Ron Hubbard said there was no God was a real shock to me,
since I believed in God then and I still do now. I had thought
Scientology was a non-denominational religion. If there is no God,
then why all the hype about religion? 

Now we move forward to 1982. In the summer of 1982 I was at Flag and I
worked in the Qualifications Division as a cramming officer. Right
around August a friend of mine, Mike Eldridge, came to me and told me
he was on a special mission. He showed me a dispatch which he said was
from LRH, which in fact was an order to find the best supervisor or
cramming officer in all of Scientology and bring that person to the
secret base in Hemet, California, to do correction on Int management
staff - CMO Int, ASI, Int management, etc., because they did not have
a clue how to manage international Scientology and were doing a bad

Mike told me the search was over, because I was the person that met
the qualifications of the LRH order. Although I should have been
impressed by this, I told him I had no intention of going with him
anywhere, LRH order or not. 

Later on that day, Mike came back and told me that I had no idea of all
the bad things that would happen to me if I refused the order from
LRH, that I would be declared, expelled from Scientlogy, and harassed
for the rest of my life. He told me Int management needed to reform
and I would be instrumental in getting that done. Well, I ended up
going "over the rainbow" to the secret location at Hemet. Instantly I
was presented with almost as many stripes as a zebra to show my
authority and was given other trappings of power as well - my own
private berthing space rather than being put in a dorm, personal
servants to clean my room, people to service my every need. 

Then along comes David Miscavige to brief me on the current scene at
Int. During the briefing he interrupted himself to make what seemed to
me at the time to be a non-sequitur point. He said to me, "You
realize, don't you, that there is no such thing as God?" 

I replied that I had read the OT3 pack and was therefore aware of
LRH's view on this subject. 

I have often remembered that conversation since I've left Scientology.

As you move even higher up the "Bridge to Total Freedom," to the level
of New Era Dianetics for OTs, or NOTs, you are told to ask a whole new
level of BTs and clusters the following questions: "What are you?" and
"Who are you?" endlessly. At this level of NOTs you learn that
everything is made up of BTs - your emotions, your thoughts, your
body, your mind, the entire world is nothing but masses of these
disembodied beings. 

Moving along, we get to OT8 and what does LRH say now? He says that he
is Satan, the "bringer of light," and he makes mention of a final
conflict as given in the Book of Revelations. Again I ask, why call
Scientology a religion when its founder believes he is the antithesis
of God - the Devil himself? 

Well, here is a little story to shed some light on What... Who? 

I'll eventually tell you my whole story, but first, this one:

It was the summer of 1992 and I was desperately trying to leave the
Int base any way I could. I was living with others who were also
trying to leave. We were all kept in an old house known as the Old
Gilman House, or OGH, which also served as the "isolation house" for
physically ill Sea Org members. 

It was there that I saw a grisly sight that still gives me nightmares.

A Sea Org member of ten years plus, Diane Morrison, who was
approximately 30 years old, had been diagnosed with cancer.
Scientology is paranoid about X-rays and gamma rays, and they refused
to let Diane get chemotherapy. The two Scientology doctors, one was LRH's
personal physician--N.B. LRH is dead too..., prescribed a course of
vitamin therapy and auditing to cure Diane's cancer. 

Needless to say, Diane continued to worsen day by day. Finally, one of
the doctors told her to let go so she could just die. Some doctor, huh?
Diane stopped eating and drinking after that, and she turned into a walk-
ing skeleton. She was in constant pain and would moan and scream day and
night. Her husband, Shawn Morrison, was the Port Captain, which is the
post responsible for dealing with public relations matters for the
base in Hemet. Shawn refused to visit his wife, but after a time he
was ordered to go and visit her. When he saw what had happened to her
he screamed and ran out of the room. 

It was known that Diane was very close to death, and it would have
been a public relations flap if she had died on the base. So Shawn was
ordered to take her off the base to his mother's house so she could
die there. Being a good Sea Org member, Shawn drove her, screaming and
moaning, to his mother's house where she was laid under an air

Diane died within two days. She did not die of cancer. She died of

Shawn was upset because he had to miss post time to drive Diane to his
mother's house. 

Diane's death was a horrifying experience to all who knew about it. 

Knowing that LRH insisted he was Satan, knowing that you are used
until you drop dead in the Sea Org, do you really want to be a part of
this way of thinking or this way of life? What about the nut cases
running Scientology and the Sea Org? For all of you misguided people
still in Scientology or the Sea Org, please get a clue and take this
cue and run for your  life away from anything to do with Scientology
or the Sea Org, lest you become the next Diane Morrison or Lisa

Scn is a dead archaic idea. L Ron Hubbard is dead, a victim of his own
machinations! Take a hint, it's over. By the mere fact Scn will not embrace
modern medical technology to the detriment of it's members is appalling. Why
would anyone just eat raw meat after the advent of fire? Hell, we now have
stoves, microwaves, etc. Get the point? LRH is dead and a few mindless puppets
are carrying on the tradition of something that may have been novel in the 50's
but the novelty of Dianetics and Scn have long since passed.

Scientology is evil to the core. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Jesse Prince

Title: Welcome to the Sea Org, Marty Rathbun
Author: (Jesse Prince)
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 08:36:05 GMT

I just want to give my heartfelt thanks to all of you out there that are
interested in knowing the truth concerning Scientology. You know I just can't
refer to Scientology as a church in any way; it would be an insult to all

I have many questions being asked of me and I promise, in one way or another, to
get to all of them. It will be best if I just get the whole story out, chapter
by chapter, and I promise all will be revealed. 

Now, an issue has been raised concerning the pc folder information of those in
power in Scientology. This is what I have to say about that: No, I am not a
Scientologist! That means that I will not act like one. My intention in going
public with the information I have is not to malign any single group or
individual in Scientology. I am simply telling the truth about real incidents
I've seen with my own eyes, that's all. There is no need for me to talk about
anyone's pc folder information. Real events that have nothing to do with
auditing are much more interesting… Just the facts, please.

The bottom line is that the hierarchy of Scientology is composed of people who
are very, very, very mentally ill, sick people of the worst sort. Why? Because
they are sick and don't know it. In all honesty, I hope to reach them so that
they can wake up and start getting well, like I have, and others have to. 

Well, this ties into the next story I'm going to tell, which may give some
insight into why some of those people are so sick in the first place. 

This story is about Marty Rathbun. 

The year is circa 1978. I was forcefully incarcerated in the PAC RPF, and I had
been since one week before my 22nd birthday in March 1977. We were 125 strong in
the RPF. David Miscavige had been running several missions, along with Mark
Ingber, to renovate what is now the big blue building on Sunset Avenue in Los
Angeles. These missions were basically a two stage process. 

Missions were sent to all the Sea Org locations to get all ethics bait personnel
and send them to the PAC RPF to renovate the Complex. We lived in a slave labor
camp environment and for weeks on end were on a schedule of working 30 hours on
and three hours off for sleep, so that we could "meet deadlines." People were
literally dropping like flies, which resulted in many unnecessary injuries. I
remember one person, Bobby Schaffner, who cut off part of a finger during this
time. He was so numb that it meant nothing to him, but he was happy to be off,
since he could at least sleep for a while. 

But my RPF experience is not the subject I'm trying to cover here; that's
another story. I'm just trying to set the stage here. 

Now, it happened one day that a fellow named John Coletto was routed to the RPF
forcefully. By "forcefully," I mean he was surrounded by others who forced him
to go, just the way it happened to me. He came from the Pubs Org, which later
came to be known as Bridge Publications, Inc., or BPI. His wife Diane Coletto
was the Commanding Officer, or CO, of the Pubs Org, and she had been instructed
to divorce her husband John because he was a "criminal." 

Well, this sent John "over the top." After some weeks, he managed to escape the
PAC RPF and shortly afterwards called Scientology officials to let them know
that they had turned his wife against him (a common practice in Scientology),
and he was going to kill her. 
Diane was assigned a body guard. A new person who just routed onto the EPF
(Estates Project Force). The EPF is where you get your initial Sea Org training

Marty was in a car with Diane driving down what is now known as L. Ron Hubbard
Way, when out of nowhere here comes John, her husband, and he has a gun in his
hand. John stopped the car and got into an argument with Diane because she would
not leave with him. He then took the gun and emptied it into her body. Blood and
guts were everywhere. He then took the gun and pointed it at Marty and started
to shoot - click, click, click - no more bullets. 

Marty sat there in shock staring at John as John stared at him. Marty had blood,
bone and guts all over him and barely escaped death that day. John ran off and
was found dead himself a few days later for self-inflicted wounds from the same
gun he used to kill his wife. 

This was Marty Rathbun's introduction to the Sea Org. Marty was assigned a
special Guardian's Office auditor and spent months trying to audit out the
incident. He became part of OSA and was watched and guarded himself for a long

Is it any wonder he is a mindless robot today with little to no will or spirit
left now? 

Monsters of Scientology are created. This is just one story. All John Coletto
wanted was to be with his wife. 

The result was death. 

Death is more common than one would think in Scientology. 

Yes, Marty did blow after the IRS decision. Little David Miscavige often beat
Marty up (in the presence of bigger stronger goons, of course) and all of this
has an effect on a person. 

I'm sure Marty was a decent person before, but now he probably feels hopeless
and is just waiting for his life to end, as, seemingly, that is the only way out
of the Sea Org for him in his mind. 

I want Marty to know it's OK to leave. In fact, Marty, run away as fast as you
can. I'll make sure you won't get hurt any more. Your suffering will be over for
good…. I promise. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jesse Prince