Jamie Kennedy, did a performance at a benefit for the LMT
featuring his slam poety recital of his  anti-scientology masterpiece
"Judas Son"

The links to http://www.mp3.com/stations/jamie_kennedy
no longer work... he seems to have been 'silenced' by scientology ( who else )

Does anyone have a copy of this?

"My father had a letter from Ron saying that he would  break my father's legs"

his dad was Ron Dewolfe..

Is there a video tape of his performance at the LMT benefit?

This was and is an important piece of work, IMO, his rant, written before he 
had read lermanet2.com, completely and utterly summarized the contents 
of lermanet2.com Exposing the CON

Any help locating this .mp3 so it could be webbed would be appreciated..

arnie lerma

PS: EVERYTHING Scientology does on the net and society and to members  is 
about procuring and in pursuit of SILENCE.

Your willingness to help expose scientology would be fulfilled, by just helping to do somthing about that...

Another Good job "Keeping Scientology Working' by David Miscavige....

Jamie Kennedy wrote: " My mom sadly shook her head and told me that this is only
the beginning, that they won't ever stop until I'm quiet, they have
too much money, too many thugs and slaves and lawyers, that I'm
fighting an impossible fight, that this fight almost killed my
grandfather and HAS killed other people.
So: if I vanish, you know who the suspects are. Just had to
let everybody know."
MORE here: http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/openmic.htm