From: Stacy Brooks <>
To: Arnaldo Lerma <>
Subject: email to Fox
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:57:24 -0400
Organization: Lisa McPherson Trust 727 467-9335
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Dear all,

This is the letter I just emailed to Ken Lacorte at Fox, for your info.


Sent to

Dear Ken,

I understand you were instrumental in getting Fox to take down the
Scientology marketing hotline number they were running all day yesterday. I
appreciate whatever part you played in getting it taken down. I would like
to suggest that Fox should air a correction for all the people who saw it
and may have called the number, thinking it was a legitimate number for
mental health assistance. I saw it as I was watching the Prayer Service
yesterday, with President Bush giving his prayer. It ruined the Prayer
Service for me. I was appalled that Fox was urging people to call this
predatory cult for help at such a time of vulnerability. I really do think
Fox has a responsibility to do something to correct what they did.

For your info, I'm the head of a Scientology watchdog group called the Lisa
McPherson Trust, and my organization has been contacted by hundreds of
people who have lost everything to Scientology. We are trying to help these
people whose lives have literally been destroyed. God forbid that Fox News
has been responsible for causing others to be defrauded by this cult.

I am attaching an email that is being sent around by Scientologists in
which they are proudly announcing that their hotline number is running on
television, and also that they are successfully keeping credentialed
psychologists from helping victims of the disaster at the World Trade
Center. You are probably aware that Scientology is out to destroy
psychiatry and psychology and replace them with Scientology's own
fraudulent practices.

Please do something to repair the damage Fox has inadvertently caused.


Stacy Brooks
Lisa McPherson Trust

Here is the email from Scientology (explanations of some of their terms
have been added in parentheses):

FROM: "Karen Scott" <>
TO: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>
DATE: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 <time stamp deleted>
RE: READ THIS - Sea Org & Volunteer Ministers in NY

Pls dissem widely to Scientologists.

To: Scientologists <--
From: CO I HELP Canada

Dear All,

For the last two days I have been in New York Org running, with several
other Sea Org members, the deployment of Volunteer Ministers into the
disaster zone. (The Sea Organization is the elite paramilitary unit of
Scientology. Its members sign billion year service contracts to work for
the group in exchange for Scientology training).

We have experienced considerable success making ourselves stable terminals
in the disaster zone giving assists and supplying food to the police and
fire fighters. ("Assists" refers to "touch assists," a technique developed
by L. Ron Hubbard in which having someone "Feel my finger" repeatedly is
supposed to help the healing of injuries).

We are "the guys in the yellow shirts" and that alone now gets us past the
road blocks into southern Manhattan. The Dianetics 1-800 number was placed
on the TV as a number to call if you wanted to help. With our higher
confront and work ethic we have established ourselves to such a degree that
we now have the Red Cross referring social workers and psychologists to us
at the org for training transport into the disaster zone. (The Org, short
for organization, is what Scientologists call their local "church").

We hat them on assists put a shirt on them and send them in. Our people
have been in the area since Tuesday afternoon. (To "hat" someone is a
Scientology term for teaching a subject; i.e. a trained chef would wear a
chef's hat).

With Scientologists and non-Scientologists combined we have sent out close
to 150 Volunteer Ministers so far. At the highest peak so far we have had
close to 40 people working the zone at one time.

Tonight, just a short time ago, I took a tour of the disaster zone. I had
up to this point not personally gone in.

I'm going to attempt to convey in a few short sentences using our terms
what the scene is:

It is highly unlikely you have ever scene anything to compare to the sheer
MEST damage here. (MEST is a Scientology concept. It stands for Matter,
Energy, Space, and Time: L. Ron Hubbard's concept of the physical universe.
Hubbard wrote that humans can have godlike powers over MEST, leave the body
at will and travel through the cosmos. His expensive courses will teach you
how. Of course, no one has yet to achieve any of these feats but you might
the lucky one).

Unless you have been in a bombed out city before. Nothing you have ever
seen in any movie comes close to this, nothing. For miles the streets are
gray ash and paper mush and the trees are hung with rags of paper from the
Trade Towers. Everything as far as you can see is covered with white dust.
The number of crushed ambulances and foreignness piled on top each other or
lying torn apart in the streets from the second blast and collapse is
undesirable. I have seen the mountains of bent steel and cement rubble
which is all that is left of these buildings. Text cannot convey this
reality to you. If you watch the TV footage of ground zero, this is what it
looks like.

And there are thousands and thousands of people down there working. Police
and fire and national guard and other workers. The sheer magnitude of the
operation is difficult to grasp.

You will see the chaos merchants on television gleefully embellishing the
misemotion. (Hubbard distrusted reporters and labeled them Merchants of
Chaos. His distrust most likely came from the years of reporters uncovering
the truth about Scientology and about his past).

The truth is the people are working and working and working until they have
to rest. They are not misemotional for the most part. They are fittingly
sad and angry and tired and stunned but they are carrying on. (Misemotional
is just one of many words created by Hubbard to separate Scientologists
from the mainstream. In many ways they speak a language only Scientologists
are able to decode. It is one of the early ways Scientology starts to
re-orient their members to thinking the way the group wants them to think).

What we are aiming to handle is provide adequate support for these people.
You will hear the media running a line that "We don't need any more
volunteers." What they are neglecting is the old datum that behind any army
are 5 people to every soldier acting as support staff to keep him fed and
supplied and in shape. This is where we come in and I can tell you now:
this area could absorb the efforts of a thousand Scientologists for weeks
right now.

Additionally we are trying to move in and knock the psychs out of
counseling to the grieving families and that could take another 100
plus people right now. (The "psychs" are the psychiatrists. Hubbard has
taught Scientologists that psychiatry is behind all the evil on the planet
and must be eradicated. Hubbard was always looking for an enemy and
psychiatry became his biggest once they panned his book "Dianetics" upon
it's release in 1950. Scientology has created a front group called the
CCHR, the Citizen's Committee on Human Rights whose sole purpose is to
destroy psychiatry while hiding behind a lofty sounding name).

Due to some brilliant maneuvering by some simply genius Sea Org Members we
tied up the majority of the psychs who were attempting to get to families
yesterday in Q&A, bullbait and wrangling. (This is the true shame about the
actions of Scientologists during this time of tragedy. Instead of working
side by side with others during this crisis, they push their agenda and
actively try to sabotage the good work of others. Bullbaiting is a
particularly nasty Scientology practice which they train to do. They
attempt to push your buttons and anger you till you leave. We have many
such examples on video).

They have a hard time completing cycles of action and are pretty easy to
disperse. But today they are out in full force and circling like vultures
over these people and all of our resources are tied up in the support
efforts in the disaster zone at present.

There is nowhere on Earth right now that hurts like this place. These are
brave people and they are the able and they don't know it but they need the
Scientologists with LRH's tech to be here right now. The fire-fighter
company down the street from the org lost 14 members on Tuesday. No one can
do anything for them or the rest but Scientologists. (Scientology is a very
self centered "religion." It consists of a series of increasingly expensive
courses which are supposed to make you better in all aspects of your
earthly life. It is essentially a self-help group that concentrates on
"You...You...You." This leads to a sense of superiority which is very
troubling. People who aren't in Scientology are referred to dismissively as
"wogs" and are looked down upon).

The other religions here with their ministers have shown their true colors
and are working hand in hand with the psychs to give these people as much
false data and restimulation as they can. ("Restimulation" refers to a
Scientology concept in which past events in your many lifetimes come back
to essentially "haunt" you. Some of these incidents happened millions of
years ago when an intergalactic evil ruler named Xenu stuffed all into
volcanos and blew us up with hydrogen bombs. This is taught in the secret
upper level course called OT3).

They HAVE NO TECH and they're not even trying to hide it anymore. They've
crossed over and abandoned anything spiritual and to hell with them. (L.
Ron Hubbard's writing on how to handle these past incidents, such as OT3,
are collectively called "the Tech." Can you imagine a minister or rabbi or
other religious leader saying "to hell with them" at a time like this?)

The Red Cross has told us when we went to help at their shelters and found
no one there, "the people say they are doing fine so we send them back
out". That's because the Red Cross' confront is sooo low they can't even
see when people are suffering right in front of them. They are blind.
(Scientology can always find something in you to fix. They hand out
personality tests on the street to look for any "character flaw" and then
tell you they have a course to fix it, pulling you into their increasingly
expensive courses. This is just one of the fraudulent ways they recruit

I have stood in Times Square at 7:00pm with people all around and I swear I
could have communicated in whispers and been heard at 20 feet, such a hush
lies over this place. It hurts. Big time. Nobody is in PT. They are stuck
in the incident. ("PT" stands for "present time." Scientology has you chart
your history on a "time track" that spans billions of years. If you make a
mistake in this lifetime it is most likely you did something similar in
your past that you haven't fully confronted. Being stuck in that incident
stops you from progressing).

So I'm sending this out to you. It is a direct request for your presence
here now. We are uptone. We are making it go right. We need help now. And
what this place needs now more than anything else in the whole wide world
is more Scientologists here right now.

Thank you.

Lt. Simon Hare CO I HELP Canada (in NY)

Second Letter to Fox News

From: Stacy Brooks <>
To: Arnaldo Lerma <>
Subject: second email to Fox
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:58:31 -0400
Organization: Lisa McPherson Trust 727 467-9335
X-Mailer: Forte Agent 1.8/32.548
X-Loop-Detect: 1

Second letter sent to Fox:

Dear Ken,

After sending my earlier email to you this morning, I saw this article in
the St. Petersburg Times about the Scientology hotline number running on
Fox yesterday. I want to suggest to you that Fox should invite the head of
the NMHA on the air to tell people not to call Scientology for any kind of
mental health assistance and to let people know about legitimate
organizations they can turn to for real help.

If there are other people at Fox that I should write to about this, please
let me know their email addresses.

Thanks for your attention to this issue.


Stacy Brooks
Lisa McPherson Trust

Here is the St. Pete Times story for your info:

'Mental health' hotline a blind lead

The televised blurb offered mental health assistance dealing with the
attacks. Callers reached Scientologists.

St. Petersburg Times,
September 15, 2001

Television viewers who turned to Fox News on Friday for coverage of the
terrorist attack also saw a message scrolling across the bottom of their
screens -- National Mental Health Assistance: 800-FOR-TRUTH.

Unknown to the cable news channel, the phone number connects to a Church
of Scientology center in Los Angeles, where Scientologists were manning
the phones.

Scientology officials said the number is a hotline offering referrals to
other agencies, as well as emotional support.

"It was entirely a good-faith attempt to help people," said Ben Shaw, a
Clearwater Scientology official.

Church spokesman Kurt Weiland in Los Angeles said the phrase "National
Mental Health Assistance" must have come from Fox. "I can assure you it
didn't come from us," he said. Scientology firmly opposes psychiatry, and
church members campaign to eliminate psychiatric practices in mental

Fox News spokesman Robert Zimmerman said the station received an e-mail
about the hotline and aired the number without checking it.

The e-mail, which Zimmerman faxed to the Times, reads, "National Mental
Health Assistance crisis hot line now open. Call 1-800-FOR-TRUTH." It
makes no reference to Scientology.

"The bottom line is we (messed) up," Zimmerman said. "Unfortunately, it
didn't get vetted. We apologize."

The hotline information ran for several hours -- once appearing below the
image of President Bush and his wife, Laura, at the National Day of Prayer
and Remembrance in Washington.

The news channel yanked the information Friday after learning of the
Scientology connection, Zimmerman said.

Michael Faenza, president and chief executive of the National Mental
Health Association, called the hotline number "outrageous" and said
Scientology "is the last organization" emotionally vulnerable people
should call.

"They just leave a wake of destruction in the realm of mental health," he

The mental health association, based in Virginia, is the country's oldest
and largest nonprofit organization addressing all aspects of mental health
and mental illness.

"This is a very important and sensitive time," Faenza said. "I'd urge the
Church of Scientology to stay out of the mental health side of what
happens in the country now."

Church officials said no one was being recruited on the hotline and it did
not attempt to disguise Scientology's involvement.

"There's no attempt to hide anything," Weiland said. "Given the
circumstances, it's more or less irrelevant because no one even talks
about Scientology when they call."

In some cases, callers were referred by the four Scientologists answering
the phones to agencies compiling information about missing people.

In other cases, callers were directed to agencies taking collections,
Weiland said. If people called crying and upset, he said, they were told
they could visit a Scientology center.

"These people are grief-stricken," Weiland said. "Our people are working
with them to provide help through assistance methods we have in the church
to relieve spiritual suffering."

When a reporter called, a volunteer said free copies of a booklet,
Solutions for a Dangerous Environment, were available to callers. The
booklet is a Scientology publication based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard,
although that was not mentioned in the phone call.

The Church of Scientology has 450 volunteers assisting cleanup and rescue
efforts in New York, Weiland said.