Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:46:32 -0400
From: Mike Krotz <>
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To: arnie lerma <>
Subject: letter

TO: Editor, St. Petersburg Times

RE: 9/15/01 article by Deborah O'Neill, "Mental Health Hotline
blind lead"

The efforts by Scientologists to take advantage of the grief of
victims of this horrible disaster absolutely sickens me. I
haveread other articles and information about their recent actions,
including a press release in which Scientologists brag about
having prevented REAL mental health professionals from helping
people at the scene of the disaster in New York. They were
alsoreported by a Nashville, TN newspaper to have been handing out
fliers at a candlelight vigil there.

Any person or group that uses this horrible tragedy as a means
to forward their own agenda, or in this case to covertly recruit
the unwary and vulnerable, is far below contempt. I have seen how
low Scientology will stoop to destroy its critics, such as the
recent case against Jesse Prince, in which jurors felt he was
"set up" for a marijuana arrest by Scientology, and
subsequently deadlocked. Now they are at a new low, subverting actual
mental health professionals during a time of national crisis,
and recruiting new members at patriotic gatherings across the

The St. Petersburg Times recently remarked in an editorial that
Scientology's past behavior is "not like any church we know."
I certainly agree with that opinion, and would like to add that
itspresent behavior in regards to this disaster is immoral,
disgusting, and should be investigated by the FBI or other
appropriate authorities. This is a cynical and criminal fraud
that is being perpetrated on disaster victims and distraught

Michael Krotz

St. Petersburg, FL 33710