Thanksgiving Day 2002

Today, I was just bubbling with news, until I read ARS. Then I didn't feel so special any more.

1. Phineas Fogg is mysteriously signed up to an Islamic newsletter.

2. Valerie Emmanuel's boss receives a letter from Mafia lawyer Abelson, accusing her of impropriety in the post office.

3. I receive a visit yesterday from two detectives of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, which handles domestic terrorism. They were investigating a complaint from...guess who? Emails were mentioned, supposedly posted by me, discussing fertilizer and fuel oil. I was asked several times if I wanted or planned to blow up our local org. I think these will be very good connections for future information campaigns.

OSA, I'm afraid this is another footbullet for you. I didn't even know there WAS a "Criminal Intelligence Unit." Happily, you led them right to my door, ya stupid fucks! Moreover, thanks to your idiotic spasm of forged posts a while back, anything you show law enforcement which appears to be from critics will get exactly the attention they deserve after the cops are shown some of your former forgeries.

Can you get any stupider, you Earth Worm-Babies? I don't think so, but I've learned not to be suprised. I was actually concerned when talking to the detectives at first. Thought it was about the prostitutes using our street as an office, or maybe the recent complaint I made about taggers in the hood. But, when they mentioned Scientology, I burst out laughing and invited them in.


Rev. Barb
Church of Xenu, San Diego
Chaplain, ARSCC

The set-up of Mark Bunker<br>

NEW TIMES Los Angeles Vol 3 Number 12 March 19-25

From City of Night Column by Lisa Derrick

....Meanwhile, Connie wasn't the only guru
working Hollywood on Friday. Up at the
Universal Amphitheatre, Scientologists
celebrated L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, and Scientology
official Mark Ingber announced "Scientologists Online,"
a plan to send Internet website templates to
116,000 CofS members. Seems the Church of Scientology
is a bit "enturbulated' (one of their favorite words)
by all the "suppressive people" (another fave phrase)
who have created such ant-Scientology web sites as and, and Church officials hope
that by creating many, many websites that link to
Scientology's home page, Scientology can clog search
engines and prevent information critical of the
Church from reaching those interested in learning *all*
about Scientology. The template kits include a click-
through to the official Scientology website which
offers members the chance to make the 10% commission
on new mambers' "donations," a commission normally
offerred CofS's staff.
On Saturday, meanwhile, picketers gathered at
L. Ron Hubbard Way to protest with signs decrying
the high cost of Scientology ($360,000 to cross
"the Bridge,", or in the case of Lisa Mcherson,
her life: she dies under the "care" of fellow
Scientologists in a locked hotel room in 1995).
The plucky group of twenty-plus - included anti-cult
activists Priscilla Coates, Ted Mayet, Grady Ward and
former Scientologist Dennis Erlich - peacefully
strolled the sidewalks as Church members hastily
dismantled picnic tables and body-routed the
faithful through a back entrance so they wouldn't have
contact with "criminals." And those Scientology
Communications Courses don't seem to work too well:
A departing Scientologist in a green VW van shouted:
"Suck me! Fuck you!" at the picketers as he peeled
out of the Scientology parking lot...

23 March -

Author: Arnie Lerma
Date: 23 Mar 1998 09:47:56 -0800

A flyer handed out in St Bart's French West Indies [ TODAY ]
to harrass Mr Minton

Mr Minton vacations in luxury while charging his
mother who lives on social security interest on a loan when he has
millions of dollars at his disposal

Mr Minton exploited the people of third world countries,
manipulating thier debt to make millions for himself
and the rulers in power

Mr Minton refuses to help his own son with a loan to
purchase a house but forked over 1.5 million to
fund the members of a known hate groupd in a campaign to
create intolerance and hatred.

Mr Minton acts like a bully to anyone he can manipulate with his money,
his second wife left him rather than put up with his brutal beatings.

Mr Minton buys people with his money and is financially supporting a ring
which includes wife beaters, child molesters and a pornography editor.

[ picture of Minton talking to Rev. Dennis Erlich at Celebrity center picket in
LA ]

caption Mr Minton associating with an accused child molester

end of flyer

15 March 98

Bob Minton's neighborhood was leafletted again [ unconfirmed ]

LA Incident Report 04

15 March 98 11:30 PM

11:30 PM EST 3/15/98

Graham Berry's neighborhood has been leafletted.
We just discovered on cars in a two block radius
of his home.

Check your own neighborhood now

Arnie Lerma


LA Incident Report 03

15 March 98 11:30 PM

Title: Follow up information regarding Gene Ingram's LA Picket Harassment
Author: (Neal Hamel)
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 04:01:46 GMT

Gene Ingram was trying some harassment through the motel manager of the
Days Inn where the majority of picketers were staying. ]

I just spoke with the motel manager and have clarified a few things.

About two weeks ago in the meeting with the manager and the motel owner,
Ingram implied or told both of them that the picketers would be carrying a
bomb. He also got a copy of one of my letters which had my name and phone
number on it.

Ingram did not recontact the motel manager until this Friday apparently
while were picketing. He started asking lots of questions and told the
manager that he was a policeman. The manager was wary because his story
did not fit.

Yesterday, a letter from Jeff Jacobson had sent to the manager giving
details of Ingram's modus operandi finally arrived. The manager became
concerned and called the local police and faxed the information that Jeff
had sent over to the police. (Good going!)

Last night a person named Joanne who said she worked with Ingram, called
several times after 10 pm asking for more information about motel guests.
The manager refused to give any details of the guests.

When Ingram called today she confronted him with his claim that he was a
policeman. Ingram told the manager to not tell police that he had claimed
that he was a police officer or, in the words of the manager, "it would
blow the whole thing up". He also told the manager that she would doing a
good job for him. This last little bit unnerved her which is why the
manager contacted me today.

However, despite Ingram's veiled threats, the manager did tell the police
that Ingram had claimed he was a police officer and they told her that if
he showed up again to call the fraud division immediately.

Jeff Jacobsen, who is still at the motel, was able to talk to the manager
and tell her about Ingram before I got there this evening so she was not so

-Neal H.

LA picket incident report #01
Type: Robbery

Martin Ottman, stacy Young and Robert Minton
went to Santa Monica Beach Ca - they just returned
the car [ Robert Minton's ] at approx 11:45 AM PST
12 March 1998
to find that Mr Minton's
computer, A digital Camera and Stacy's purse and
its contents had been removed from the trunk.
There appear to be no visible marks.
Waiting for police at this time at site.

Update: Personal Phone books were also taken

NOTICE to users of IRC #scientology on EFNet

"Swede" {Scientologist operative for Cof$] on IRC Channel Scientology
typed following:

> <Swede> the sheriff got shot
> <Swede> by the deputy
> <marion-> jim: could you get in the car, please, sir!
> <_Zane_> Does anyone have details on a SF picket?
> <Swede> who was part of CAN
> <Swede> and then they all lived happily forever...
> <Swede> the dead sheriff and the deputy, sort of like Psycho - the movie

If "Swede" or any other osa scum [Scientology agents] start posting anything that
smells like it might be used by this cult in a transcript of #scientology
channel as evidence of violence please kick the bastard off the channel

LA picket incident report #02
Type: Citizens Arrest

News flash: Peter Reichelt and his girlfriend
were subjected to a citizens arrest by clams
at Hemet. They arrested four clams in turn.
Then the sherriff showed up.apparently Reichelt
and girlfriend rented a helicopter and flew over
Hemet. Then they went back in their car, and
the clams went after them

Report all picket incidents to

or call Arnie Lerma 703 241 1498


FAA probes complaint by Church of Scientology;
Group claims copter flew too low over school

BYLINE: Susan Thurston, The Press-Enterprise


Federal aviation officials are investigating a complaint filed by
the Church of Scientology alleging that a helicopter hired by two
Germans flew too close to its school behind the Soboba Indian

The Germans, who authorities said were television reporters,
later were involved in a confrontation with Scientology officials
outside the school in which both sides arrested each other.

The Church of Scientology has had a troubled history with the
German government, which contends the group is a moneymaking cult
with totalitarian goals.

Since June, the church has been under German government
surveillance as a threat to democracy, a step toward a possible ban
of the organization. Some German states already have placed it under
observation by agencies designed to combat political extremism.

Scientologists have compared the church's treatment in Germany to
Nazi isolation of the Jews in the years leading up to the Holocaust.

The U.S. State Department criticized German actions against
Scientologists in its last four annual worldwide reports on human
rights abuses.

Ken Hoden, general manager of the church's Golden Era
Productions, said Monday's incident was related to the problems
Scientologists have in Germany.

He described the helicopter's action as "a total disregard" for
the privacy and safety of the children who attend the Castile Canyon

Hoden said he contacted the Federal Aviation Administration's
regional operations center in Los Angeles after school employees
reported the helicopter was flying at a dangerously low altitude.

The FAA forwarded the complaint to its flight standards district
office in Riverside, which will conduct the investigation, said FAA
spokesman Tim Pile.

Scientologists believe two passengers in the helicopter were the
same people who posed as German vacationers during a public tour of
the church's complex in Gilman Hot Springs on Sunday, Hoden said.

They left after Hoden said he started questioning their motives
because they matched the description of a couple who earlier had
been "harassing" the church's headquarters in Los Angeles.

The helicopter was traced to Landel Aviation in Desert Hot

Pilot Steve DeJesus said the Germans originally said they wanted
to rent the helicopter to take photographs of the Soboba Indian
Reservation east of San Jacinto. When they got in the air they said
wanted shots of the school and Golden Era Golf Course, both next to
the reservation, he said.

"They were a little misleading. If we had known they were
investigating the Scientologists we probably wouldn't have taken the
flight," said DeJesus, who has flown for Golden Era on various

He said he flew within a safe distance of 300 to 500 feet above
the school, disputing Scientologists' claims that he came within 50
to 150 feet.

"We didn't fly over any people or over any buildings," DeJesus
said. The children went into the buildings as soon as the helicopter
appeared, he said.

Scientologists called Landel Aviation "fishing for information,"
he said, then arrived as the Germans were leaving and started
questioning them.

A few hours later the Riverside County Sheriff's Department was
called to the Castile Canyon School on a report of trespassing.

By the time deputies arrived, Sgt. Darryl Birney said Hoden had
placed the two Germans under citizen's arrest because he said they
refused to leave. The Germans, in turn, had arrested four
Scientologists, alleging they held them against their will, Birney

Arrested on trespassing charges were Ina Brockmann, 33, and Peter
Reichelt, 40, both of Mannheim, Germany. Arrested on false
imprisonment charges were Hoden, 51, Scientologist cameraman
Francois Dejust, 35, school security guard Uwe Stuckenbrock, 34, and
church employee Henry Batterton, 39.

A report will be turned over to the Riverside County district
attorney's office.

-------------------------------------------------------------end of article


comment: Unless the skid touches the ground it is not trespassing,

this was decided in a supreme court case 20 years ago.