Title: Re: Henson kicks cult ass + Barton story
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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 01:46:37 GMT

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On Sat, 21 Feb 1998 01:15:52 GMT, wb8foz@netcom.com (David Lesher)

>I need a program guide as I'm losing track.... which case of the 80
>billion Co$ has filed was this? 

h. keith henson, who is also being sued for copyright infringement,
also has done solo pickets of the nastiest of the CO$ orgs, during
which his picket signs have been spray-painted, he has been surrounded
by counter-picketers carrying signs calling him a criminal, even when
he went to a convenience stoor near-by mid-picket, his leaflets have
been stolen, and a character named glenn barton, already cited for
frivolous litigation, swears out a TRO against henson saying he's just
horrible, horrible, an evil criminal bomb-making freak who terrifies
him.  then whenever henson pickets after the TRO in LA they drag out
this barton character, who hides behind doors and shrubbery and such
and pops out like a jack-in-the-box from around corners.  one night
barton has a PI (read "goon) with him and makes a "citizen's arrest"
after practically chasing henson, and has his goon put a chokehold on
henson, strangling him.  later they issue a DA pack complaining that
henson bit the man who shoved his arm in his mouth.  duh.

but this is another case.  henson pickets them extensively,
particularly when he goes to LA or hemet or wherever to deal with
court proceedings.  he also likes to picket hemet, a paramilitary
complex with gun-toting security thugs, a fairly ugly place.  there is
no real public to watch except people driving by on the highway, i
think when he pickets hemet he is attempting to communicate mainly to
the cult themselves and inform them their attempts to stifle free
speech are failing miserably and that in fact their efforts against
freedom are backfiring horiffically, to the point that they are even
picketed in their own heavily-defended home bases, and that nobody
will put up with their shit any more.

in any case, they tried to stop him from picketing this compound, in
hemet, and due to the court proceedings he pickets hemet whenever
court business forces him to be there.  in all likelihood, the cult
has been picketed more ferociously and steadfastly the more they have
responded to such peaceful first amendment expressions with RICO-like
conspiracies to deny free speech by abusing process.

in this particular case, the hemet case, the judge threw out the case
and awarded costs.  today.

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[transcribed and reformatted from deana holmes on irc, all bystanders
edited out.]

"We went in and the judge starts questioning Hoden, goes on to Moxon
wants to know what kind of proof Moxon is going to present.  He makes
it clear that the proffer has to go directly to the statute, nothing
about motive or that sort of thing.

Anyway, the judge kept questioning Moxon and it was becoming more and
more clear that he (the judge) was not going to grant this thing
because he wasn't taking *any* shit from Moxon.

He was polite but firm.  He let Moxon go on and on and he'd cut Moxon
off by saying "Oh, no you *won't* present X evidence." and finally he
finished with Moxon and he turned to Graham Berry, who has for the
most part been very quiet except to occasionally object.

He said to Berry, "Mr. Berry, do you have a motion?"
and Berry says, "I move for judgment."


and the judge said, "Granted," after about one nanosecond after Berry
got the words out of his mouth.  Then Berry asked for attorney's fees
and costs.  The court awarded costs.

Moxon was very quiet.

He didn't say word one to the judge.

It was an uncontested, incontrovertible victory and the press was in
attendance Lucy Morgan from SP Times had flown in and Susan Thurston
from the Riverside CA paper (Hemet branch).

Then we waited outside for Keith's PI to show up.

He came by at 10:30.

This hearing started at 9 am and ended by 10 am or so.

Then Berry, and the PI and Lucy Morgan went to her hotel to check out.
We met them there for lunch, which is about a stone's throw from the
courthouse and guess who is there?

Glenn Barton.

I tried to serve Barton today in the lawsuit that berry's bringing
against him for slander and libel and some other stuff.  Barton ran
away!  It was so funny

The bailiffs got upset because I tried to serve him in the courtroom,
so when Barton got up to go outside, I walked out too, tried to hand
the envelope to him, just touch him with it.  I touched him.

He put his hands in the air like I had a gun to him.

Anyway, he backed off, he said he didn't have to take anything from me
and he started to back away from me.  I tried to throw it at him and
it landed at his feet."


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