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Title: Kennedy on Miscavige
Author: (GrahamEB)
Date: 24 Sep 1997 06:13:48 GMT

I learned today that after George Magazine did its' article on Gremany
and Scientology,David Miscavige flew east and met with John Kennedy,Jr.

After the self-appointed cult leader left the meeting Kennedy thought and
said:"what a nasty piece of work he is."

Look for a fuller report in an up-coming major-media story.


Graham Berry

Title: Berry to DM
Author: (GrahamEB)
Date: 11 Jan 1998 02:21:10 GMT


1998 will be no better for the cult than the end of 1997.The past few days I
have been meeting and communicating with at least 2 major media outlets a day
that are working on new stories.One will be even more comprehensive than the
Secret Lives reworking of The Shrinking World of L.Ron Hubbard.Naturally,I am
assisting them to be so factually accurate( with documents and witnesses) that
you cannot ,in good faith, sue them.Today I even met with a major network head
and tonght I am meeting with a senior U.S.State Dept official.Yours may not be
a" turn the other cheek" kind of cult,commercial organization and political
movement.And when it comes to your political and commercial organizations
operations to intentionally destroy me, I am not a turn the other cheek kind of

And how are you all going to claim that a 501(c)(3) "church" should provide a
defense and indemnification to those of its' directors, officers, staffers,
attorneys and private investigators that engaged in the sort of Fair Game
Policy activities that I am about to sue you personally for---along with
,Ingram,other p.i.s, Bob Lewis,etc.,With the press and the federal and state
govern ments monitering the litigation you are going to have to defend and
indemnify on your own individual dimes.I wonder who will bail first, stipulate
to a judgment " on terms" and turn states' evidence? Can you really trust each
and every individual,with all their personal financial considerations, to "stay
the course?"I do not think so.

You have surely been cursed to live in interesting times!And do not think you
can avoid service of process by putting all these prospective defendants on
that old hulk you call The Freewinds---as you apperently did with Marty.A legal
procedure called substituted service, or service by publication, will defeat
such an attempt to obstruct justice.And remember that there is so much out
there now that waiver doctrine, and the crime/fraud exception to the attorney
client privilege, means that none of you can hide behind any ordinarily
applicable privilege.Moreover,think of the adverse reaction of the judge and
jury when you try to claim privilege for Fair Game Policy activities.Damages
to me of at least $90 million(compensatories and punitives)!

Just imagine the evidence that is going to be relevant in discovery and trial.
And little if any can be the subject of a proper claim for confidentiality.
Oh, DM, after all you have done to destroy me and my livelihood,reputation and
privacy, my heart does not even bleed for you?

Incidentally,care to explain why you and Hebe were at Sonny Bonos funeral?A
U.S. Congressman was a closet scientologist--or just in your pocket?Now, what
about political donations?

And I am coming back into some scientology related cases. Now that will be
good for Abelson and the other attorneys, and bad for Sea Org Reserves,won't
it?Admit it DM. Scientology litigation is so much more interesting with me than
without me,isn't it? Especially since you have accepted the fact that I cannot
be handled and have no fear.


* * *

Graham E. Berry

Title: Henson,Berry,Abelson,Guttfeld & The Cult Of Treason
Author: (GrahamEB)
Date: 14 Jan 1998 09:27:34 GMT

Today, tuesday January 13,1998, I entered a general appearance in three of
the Henson cases: 1) To vacate the restraining order in Barton v.Henson;

2) To defend him in the two breach of restraining
order cases;

3) To advise in regard to the litigation he might file
against both the Church and the City for the violations of his civil
rights--particulary potent because of Bartons' status as an L.A.P.D. Chaplain
whose actions exposed the City to substantial Section 1983 liability.

When I arrived at the courtroom in Hollywood I
encountered scientology para-legal (?) Howie Guttfeld "running" scientology
in-house attorney Elliot Abelson ( yes, things are more than a little like The
Mad Hatters Tea Party Party in scientology!).Eliott said that he was there to
observe since he had some criminal defense experience.

Berry: Isn't that why DM hired you?

Abelson: DM did not hire me.

Berry: Well then, he is going to need to very soon!

Abelson: Are you still going to sue DM and me?

Berry: And a bunch of others as well , including Lyman
Spurlock and Norman.How is your malpractice insurance?

Abelson: I don't have any . The church will be
indemnifying me!

Berry: I will enjoy watching you argue to the I.R.S.
that this church should should indemnify you for conducting "Fair Game"

Abelson: The church doesn't conduct " Fair Game "

Berry: Sure.

Berry, the assistant city attorney and the judge then retired to the judges
chambers where the case(s) could be discussed outside of the earshot of the
scientology representives such as Howie and Elliott. Indeed, judicial officers
informed Berry that Elliott Abelson had been such a persistant pest that he had
been cautioned.Berry opened by commenting that " all is not what it appears on
the court papers!" The Court seemed surprised and sympathetic when apprised of
the salient facts and obvious abuse of the judicial system and its' orders.

The two Municipal Court cases were consolidated , bail stood and the cases
were continued to February 22 for a pre-trial conference.

Outside the courtroom I told Abelson that we would be subpoening DM to
testify at the Henson trial.Abelson responded that the church was concerned
about my vodka drinking.

Abelson: You do drink vodka don't you? I remember from our dinner
together some years ago.

Berry: And I also drink scotch, white wine , red wine and
whatever else might be appropiate for the occasion.

Abelson: Well Graham, we are very concerned about your safety.
Wouldn't it be terrible if you were to have an accident, after you had been
drinking vodka?

Berry: I deliberately maintain such a high profile to discourage

I distinctly sensed that Abelsons remarks were intended for
"handler " Howie Guttfeld. Later, Howie got behind the wheel of the royal blue
1998 B.M.W. 740 (?) IL and drove Elliott out of there.

ARS had its' participient (s) there with whom I spoke at length
before moving on to hear more of the cults' current DA campaign against me. It
is obvious that it has seriously damaged the attempts of Applied Scholastics to
introduce L.Ron Hubbards' texts into the LA Unified School District. I can
hardly describe the collective outrage over Eugene Ingram going to the head of
security of the entire school district and urging an investigation and public
warning of my proclivities and presence on school premises. My retort was that
the investigation would reveal both of Ingrams' allegations to be totally
false and defamatory.

The DA Paks all accuse me of being a child molester who is using
charitable activity to molest school children and misappropiate charitable
funds being raised.Not only are both allegations totally without foundation but
School District officials have expressed their outrage over Ingrams' suggestions that any outsider, me included, would have access to School
District funds.

Not only do the DA PAks " enturbulate " the School District at the
worst possible moment for scientology and its' current dissemination push, but
their provision to members of the California legislature almost guarantees an
investigation into the activities of scientology,as opposed to its' first
amendment protected beliefs.

Abelson: What religion are you Graham? Not that it is any of my

Berry: I don't mind telling you. I am Episcopalian.

Abelson: A perfectly respectable religion that does not upset too
many people, except maybe, the Pope.

Berry: At least they are not trying to take over the world and
clear the planet.

Abelson: Are you suggesting that those are seperate goals?

Berry: Absolutely not. If scientology clears the planet it will
rule the world. To scientology, clearing the planet means ruling it according
to the " technology" of L. Ron Hubbard. A world without crime means a world
without opponents , and critics of , scientology. Scientologists are the most
ethical people in the world because they will do what ever is necessary to
enable scientology to clear the planet and to rule the world. They are the very
same thing Treason. The same thing that led to the F.B.I. 's 1977 raids upon
the church of scientology.

Abelson: I'll give your regards to Sam Rosen.

Berry: Don't {he's just like all the other scientology lawyers}.

Abelson: I didn't think you would consider consolidating the
cases. But then again, you are a good lawyer.

Berry: {To himself} But when your counsel took my deposition in
Abelson v. Greene you said I made an even better witness than I did lawyer!
What gives here?

Abelson: Are you happy at Musick, Peeler & Garreet?

Berry: Very much so.

Abelson:I had a case against them many years ago. I thought they
were very good and gentlemanly.

Berry: I totally agree.

Abelson: You would like to be able to stay there wouldn't you?

Berry: Of course.

Abelson: Graham, I have to make a phone call.Bye.

Berry: { to himself} Sure, to report into DM who will really
chew you and Rinder out for allowing the Henson case to begin escalating to an
international cause celebe' and first amendment fight.