Just got promo in snail mail slot , just now from
Network Solutions, a VeriSign Company... for website services, this
is a 11 x 15 postcard... says...


1) start with a Web site like this:

[ picture of a website for 'sample company' ]

2: Add your web address - www.squirreling.org

3. And a matching e-mail address like this

To get started visit www.now.imagecafe.com


man, somebody is laughing at scientology!
this must be a huge mailing! I bet millions of these went out
Thank you to the folks at Slashdot.org!!

PS: check out http://www.squirreling.org - THANK YOU Fredrick Rice
for grabbing this site!! NICE pointers!

And most of all, thank you to the geeks at network solutions!

I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
The only thing that always works in scientology are its lawyers
The internet is the liberty tree of the 90's
http://www.lermanet2.com - mentioned 4 January 2000 in
The Washington Post's - 'Reliable Source' column re "Scientologist with no HEAD"

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From the Anderson Report:

"...consistently in dianetics and scientology, many of the techniques
used were and still are potentially harmful hypnotic processes.
They are administered by the wrong people, on the wrong people,
for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way."