Title: Lurker's introduction
freedomfighter <freedomfighter@home.com>
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 15:41:38 -0500

As for my name, I have an exwife who is on OT7, and she has two of my
daughter's with here, and I am not ready to have them told to disconnect
from me for daring to speak out about this most evil of all
manifestations known as the Co$.  Sufice to say that I was once a very
idealistic and spiritually aware young lad, who came up with my college
buddies to Wash DC to protest the War in Viet Nam.  I was for bigger
fare.  I went to the Founding Co$.  I had bought a book in Boston, read
for two days straight. And had contacted the Church in DC to find out
how I could help.

Within in a week or so, I dropped out of the Univeristy of Virginia
School of Architecture (to which I had gotten and early admission) and
joined staff.  My first post was Ethics Officer (totally green) and then
Director of Inspections and Reports. Don Cooper, our black belt -
fumanchu wearing, Org officer returned from Flag (the boat)having
completed his FEBC and his Ls 10-12.  I was a puppy and I must relate
here that no one who has not been on staff can relate to the UTTER
INTIMIDATION this guy weilded at his minion.  Soon Captian Bill arrived
for a Sea Org day recruitment event. I remember I had some money in my
pocket (must have been pay day).  Some of us went out for dinner near
Dupont Circle.  I had a couple of drinks. It was about to be personal
time.  But I went back to the org and signed up for the big boots.  I
think at that time I might have had one session.  My auditor is know an
Inspecture General - Greg Wilhere.

Well as it so often goes I got comm eved and given a new post.  Oh - I
remember I wanted to go back to school.  And I would go up to the
Gaurdian's office and talk to this old guy who slept with a gun under
his pillow. Note here: this was Washington DC). They were very aware of
my father.  He was an attorney, one of the top IRS tax code experts in
the country - like all he did when he was home was study tax code and
prepare for litigation with the IRS.  He was broken hearted that I had
joined the criminal cult.  And he died that way.  What he could do for
the fight today - he wanted to cut them off at the knees but my mom
would not let him.

Well my new post was course admin.  And since I could not even afford
Staff housing $35/month, I slept in the admin room with all those
tapes.  Since this was DC, where Hubbard had started the church, there
where many unpublished and "confidential" tapes.  I listened to many to
recount.  This was a peaceful post as staff posts go.  Except for being
in fear of our she-devil flag trained course super - they just love to
intimidate.  Soon I became the Staff Course Supervisor.  On this post
supervised staff on there mandatory 2.5 hours a day of study.

I left once in April of the following year.  When home to see my folks. 
My kelly green 1969 Camaro was still in the drive way.  I could not take
the guilt of leaving my Sea Org Contract. After a week I went back.  As
in other posts of exstaff - coming and going was not easy wince the pay
was so low.  I had people calling my house, my grandparents house at all
hours trying to get me to come back - a scary time.  I took the train
back from Connecticut to DC.  And I was surpisingly returned to post. 
By July of that year I took the final train to Connecticut.  My Father
had sold my car, thinking I was gone for good.  I took the proceeds from
the car sale and flew to Kansas City to try to get my sister into
Scientology. Amazing!

I never have finished college.  I went back to scientology a few years
later as a public.  I mortgaged and thus later had to sell, a 7000sqft
victorian mansion that i had bought with my 10k inheritance from my
dad.  I turned this girl onto scientology.
She got trained as an auditor.  Her first priority in life became
scientology.  We had three kids.  As we were getting divorced in 88, I
brifly joined staff again - wow what a horrific change.  This time I was
Dissem Sec (hated that one).  I went through marriage counselling with
the church both hear each others overts and witholds.  It just gave my
wife more reasons to leave. To describe how she brainwashes the kids is

My auditing went like integrety processing - natural clear - quicky
grades - review at flag - money gone - sec checs.

Well enough of my story for now.  Sufice to say.  I know this cult. It
is evil - truly evil.  It must be plowed in the ground and salted.  For
the good of Mankind.
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