During the 2nd week of August 1999, there was a knock at my door, it was 2 members of the FBI Anti Terrorist Taskforce...

The gentlemen were invited inside and made to feel at home, seems they had received an anonymous report that **I** was planning to "Black Out" the internet.

What this was from was a follow-up to a suggestion made on the newsgroup Alt.religion.scientology for critics to take a break and stop posting messages for a few days, the thread was called "Black out"...

So... just so any Fed type reading this understands what was and IS, going on, a few lines of this posting were lifted out of context - certainly out of character for the author of the Liberty Tree Story , - and then likely with additional fabrications were sent to the FBI anti Terrorist task Force...


The Rule #1 I apply whenever $cientology does something like this, is to turn it to advantage, I mean here we have a trio of Federal Law Enforcement in my living room...so they got the True Nature of $cientology grand tour.

Some time later one of them said, that he thought the anonymous report came from "the church"...

I expect this pattern of generation, and fabrication, will continue.

Any and all bonifide Law Enforcement Agents are welcome here,

I look forward to every opportunity to educate folks about what they are dealing with.

You are also welcome to look around this computer, I will, however, call your agency and make sure you are who you claim to be, as $cientology's dirty tricks PI Eugene Ingram has an arrest warrant for Impersonation of a police officer.

Coffee or Tea?



Arnaldo P. Lerma
6045 N 26th Rd
Arlington, VA 22207

703 241 1498

There are 3 other entrapment incidents similar to this I will not web at this time, but will discuss with any law enforcement, remember, Scientology is under indictment in Spain for "simulation of a felony"

And there is enough to make Criminal RICO case, if one you have the courage to act


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