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Arnaldo Lerma's Postings to
and alt.clearing.technology
on the Internet,
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* Advocacy of free speech regarding Scientology		15
* Criticism of practices and management of Church	52
	of Scientology
* Proposals for reform of Church of Scientology		3
* Comments about current news regarding Scientology	35
(Spain, Germany, Russia, attack on Homer Smith's
phone, secret IRS/Church of Scientology agreement,
Phoenix picketing of Church of Scientology, Tom
Cruise, Michael Jackson/Lisa Presley, Erlich case,
Church of Scientology harassment of Lerma)
* Comments about Mr. Lerma's own experiences in		11
* Comments and questions about Scientology and ex-	15
* Comments about other "ARS" postings regarding		33
* Comments about "ARS" activities			16
* Comments on Church of Scientology's ''OT'' or Upper	9
	Level Materials
* Comments about Lerma's posting of Fishman		9
	Affidavit/Declaration of 4/9/93
* Postings of Church of Scientology's "OT" or Upper	14
	Level Materials attached to Fishman
	Affidavit/Declaration of 4/9/93	-
* Postings of other portions of Fishman			18
	Affidavit/Declaration of 4/9/93
	Excluding double counting of simultaneous postings to ARS
and ACT. It also does not include Mr. Lerma's early postings as
"diconnectd@aol.com," which have not yet been located.
Number of
* Postings of affidavits/declarations/depositions   60
by other ex-Scientologists and court hearing transcripts
* Listing of affidavits/declarations of ex-          9
Scientologists and urging people to read same
* Miscellaneous11
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Subject: Re: Andre's letter
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Thank you Mr Harrington for a terrific
Your posting,
however, leaves me, through no fault of your own,
feeling decidedly homicidal toward those
whom LRH described as members of the
"Better dead for the sake of others club".
I left the 'WOG'' world and began working at FCDC
as I felt I could do something about the madness
around me.
That was 1968.
The basis of any control system is communication -
the suppression and perversion of communication.
Ex-'members' are intimidated into silence and inaction
by unconstitutional disclosure agreements and threat
of never getting out of this universe'.
Existing 'members' are convinced of their proper
positioning by the lack of any challenges to the
completely one-sided viewpoint of the organization that
the individual is nothing and the group everything -
which is incidentally, is Fascism, and is Nationalist
Socialism - NAZI mentality.
That the organizations of the CofS cannot tolerate
the republican concepts of Individual Liberty and
Sovereignty, are, in my view, the obvious points of
An effort should be made, if only to communicate this
viewpoint, that recently departing ~members', send a
deprogramming pack (create an INSTANT HAT- deprogram pack)
of a page of text, create a MINI HAT, deprogram pack, and
create a full hat deprogram pack,
Promote through Cult awareness, and
Gee -
the internet across all forums.
have existing members of
ClearL and others, write
Letters to various posts,
staff lists would help.
If existing members knew there was
a support group, we'd have more.
	A Deprogramming booklet,
 A deprogramming book,
could create quite a media event.
Press releases to read,
"Renegade ex-scientologists publish
deprogramming book to save their kin.."
''Ex-members still seeking Truth yet
reject False Prophet & corrupt management"
And the beat goes on...
~ . .
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Subject: Re: Andre's Mail
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Freezone "Liberty" Procedure
15 July 1994 (suggested preliminary draft)
(c) into the Public Domain
To Current Scientology Staff & Ex Staff & Scientologists.
If you have any DOUBTS about the true intentions of those you now or have
previously SERVED, who now or then sought to CONTROL you, your future,
even your thoughts... Then please take the time to fully CLEAR the
words in a good dictionary..
Free Will
	Most of us became involved with Scientology as it
promised that we would successfully achieve OUR goals.
For many, the goal was to make this a better world.
For some the goal was wealth, power, influence.
	In the Freezone Alliance you will find a confederation
of Sea Org, Ex staff, and expelled Scientologists, who
in fact vastly outnumber the minority that is active
in Scientology and who count the money.
	We still are dedicated to achieving an improvement
in the condition of mankind. However we do not feel
that the route to "Total Freedom'' is on a Bridge to Slavery.
For more information find internet access.
post to Alt.Clearing.Scientology
Regards, The ex-SO, Ex-staff r ex-Scientologists of the
A brotherood dedicated to Liberty.
Arnie Lerma
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Subject: Miscavage's Nightmare
Date: 2 Oct 1994 16:08:44 -0400
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	Consider the potential influence of an organized
field comprised of ax-members of the OSA, GO, RTC,
Sea Organization, FOLO's, Orgs, RO's, CMO, Gold Org,'Flag', etc.
	The potential size of this field staggers the imagination.
Many, as I once did, seek to just forget thier experiences
and get on with thier lives.
	A number, however, upon that tree of liberty of the 90's
called the internet have thrown off the shackles of fear of
intimidation and harassment by those who we now consider to
be cultists, and are speaking out.
	What if this vast field of wasted willingness and purpose
to make the earth a better place (in spite of all obstacles)
were to come forward en mass?
What if all the ex-pc's.
What if all the ax-staff...
	Were to organize on the basis of open, free , nexpression,
freedom of speech, and the integrity of the spirit to
bring forth a coordinated grass roots citizens movement
to bring to the open forum of the internet and from there
springboard to the media mavens to create
	a truly open inguiry into the crimes of this cult.
The truth can only bring an end to the lies and deceptions
practiced in the past.
Open discussion, without fear,
	The ability to speak out without fear,
This is the inherent duty of the individual.
	And if the vast ex-field were to organize into a politically
savvy pressure group.
We would be unstoppable,
And able to move mountains.
	Not to mention a 7th grade dropout who seeks world domination
by the use of a large pile of money, scraped together by the
sweat, tears & in some cases, veritable slave labor, of a vast
field of individuals.
For whom the time is coming to come forward.
And take a
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Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 13:30:33 -0400
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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Its time to build anew
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
	I was asked to post this mail to ARS,
and am quite glad to comply.
I've been reading these affidavits,
I've been reading E1 Kin's books
I've been re-reading postings about Bill Robertson...
If each and every one of you consider what you feel is the
right thing to do...you know, what would really be the right
thing thing?
An ideal scene for Ability technologies:
Public are encouraged to use a workable technology.
Co-audit groups grow from neighbors auditing neighbors.
Truth percolates through the society as a spiritual
solvent of corruption and evil.
The complete works of all clearing practitioners
are made available to all with desire and courage
to apply them.
Franchises flourish....
Co-audit groups flourish...
The ownership of truth is the collective consciousness
of all sentient being.
The key factor of auditing that all the standard tech in
the universe can't drill into existence - the native
spiritual awareness of the auditor - is cultivated..
The ability to improve conditions is available in
the public domain for free use for the good of all.
Experienced practitioners are available for
guidance and troubleshooting...
A game is created where everyone wins...
Truth is revered and held sacred.d.
The Existing scene:
A man is revered, and idolized.
The existing bridge is a money pit -
estimated run as high as 500,000 or more for
(more OT levels next week)
Truth is kept on etched stainless plates
in Titanium cylinders
A person posting the truth upon the liberty tree
called the 'Internet' is attacked by the gaurd
dogs of the priesthood.
Men are enslaved.
Promises are broken.
Men are afraid to openly use a technology for
fear of reprisals
Those who are cast out of the temple, are
excommunicated, to live as outcasts.
All intentions of the priesthood are toe to
further enrich themselves
My friends,
It is time to kill it.
And set the field free.
There is no doubt in my mind whether Miscavage et al have
ANY intention of creating a renaissance of free thought
and spiritual enlightenment.
However, I think the people of earth,
are ready, willing, and able.
The question is in the New Age whether we shall
have all the tools available.
Or will we be forced to practice TRUTHas witches had to practice SPIRITUALITY in the Middle ages?
It is time to kill it.
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Subject: AOL scuffle
Date: 15 Nov 1994 00:42:20 -0500
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ubj:Fwd: Re: 2nd request for info...
Date:94-11-14 17:34:27 EST
lol... yes, I see that..
Let me rethink my decision.
Forwarded message:
Subj:Re: 2nd request for information!
Date:94-11-14 13:59:15 EST
There are two sides to Scientology,
one is polished public face
the other are the testimonies from those
who have been in the inner sanctum.
The data in the testimonies regarding Church Practices
are discussions of church of Scientology organization
and its inner workings.
The data in these documents has been confirmed
by many ex-staff. Of the items I am personally
familiar with, they are completely accurate.
The court cases directly relate to Scientology,
what it really is about.
The public should have access to this data.
AOL and the internet are the communication providers of
last recourse.
If there was another way to get this stuff out there we would use
The internet and the communications bulletin boards, AOL
included, are in fact, the LIBERTY TREE of the 90's.
Where citizenry may post information of interest to fellow
The documents uploaded have provided over 250 downloads
in a 2 week period.
I know that's not a huge pile of dough for AOL, but it does reflect
the ' needed and wanted ' status of the information.
I'm not razzing or flaming you or AOL.
I am, however, a fairly persistent bugger...
but I guess you noticed that.
~ -
From: alerma~dgs.dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: CHILD ABUSE
Date: 16 Nov 1994 10:56:49 -0500
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References: <9411141733.00NLG02~support.com>
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	The article's have been forwarded to Wash Post writer
Richard Leiby, who covered the Mary Sue Hubbard trial in the
early 80's.
another thread ...
I just logged into FACTNET for the first time.
	Holy catfeces batman, what a comprehensive collection
of testemony re church practices. I cannot recammend it
highly enough. 303-530-1942 modem at 8-N-1
	The information might deprogam Greg Wilhere himself if
he read it in one gulp.
	Downloads of testimony from America OnLine are now at
270 ! The letter comparing the internet as the Liberty
tree of the 90's hit home, and more affidavits were released.
	For clarification of intent, I seek the establishment
of a Free and Open field of Clearing Practitioners. Free from
interference from what currently passes for 'top management'
of the CofS, or RTC or whatever corporate permutation is
currently in use to shield assets.
	I believe the time is rapidlt approaching for Miscavage
& cronies to place thier own 'heads on a pike' for the sake
of mankind in general.
	The documneted atrocities leave to solution - the old	-
solution - buy off, intimidate, sue, or otheriwse invalidate
and suppress 'all dissenters' is rapidly dengenerating into
an impossible task.
	Imagine if the the resources, money & effort, were put into
delivering double-blind tested theraputic practices - AKA Auditing
instead of suppression of those ax-members with the courage and vision
to speak out and try to do the right thing.
	If the CofS wishes to clean up its act, I ask, for the sake
of mankind, a handful heads....let them consider thier
treasonous activities from a view with steel bars for a few years.
	Documents in FACTNET archives reveal estimates of
ONE HALF BILLION DOLLARS of pending lawsuits against this "churchn.
	Thos involved in some of those lawsuits, are, in my opinion,
the honest, courageous seekers of truth that this planet
needs, not the (In my opinion) scum that have risen to the
top of the current management structure.
From: alerma~dgs.dgsys.com (alerma)
Newegroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: David Miscavage
Date: 14 Dec 1994 23:22:35 -0500
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	Some of your goons stopped by a while back,
to ask why I was attacking, I wanted you to know
that what I want is your "head on a pike - to quote
your dead master.
You are a downstat.
You squander money attacking all critics.
You are incapable of expanding in a zone of TRUTH.
You cannot stand the TRUTH.
	You hide behind a corporate structure like the
scumballs you are.
All you can proffer is fluff and images.
You are probobly impotent.
	I hope a few of your close by slaves have the
nerve to do the right thing.
I'd like to quote your dead master again.
I want your "head on a pike".
From: alerma~dgs.dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: $50,000 for info, PART 5
Date: 22 Dec 1994 19:52:44 -0500
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
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References: <3dbcqv$2sc~news.rain.org>
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	And I suppose that the data about Facnet &
Larry was dug up at the local library?
	Hey, You reading this, the previous posting
is a Patton Leather example of OSA character
dead-agenting. This research was most likely done
by a well paid (what your 'donations' buy)
private investigator.
THis is what is done.
Its supposed to intimidate all into silence.
	It demonstrates to me the desperation of that
(I'm told) 7th grade drop out, AKA Poodle-boy,
AKA asthmatic midget who runs the show.
	Must be nice to work for someone with such
love and charisma.
A real inspiration.
What your fees buy:
Private Investigators
More Lawyers
More Lawyers
Hypocritical Full Page Ads
$15 a week for slave laborers...
From: alerma~dgs.dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Pseudo-Intellectual Buttheads
Date: 22 Dec 1994 22:20:51 -0500
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
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Message-ID: <3ddfmj$993@DGS.dgsys.com>
References: <9412191456432876@crusadel.uucp.netcom.com>
NNTP-Posting-Host: dgs.dgsys.com
	Perhaps if the merry band of crusaders
would just post a copy of their mission orders
we could all give them a win, and upon completion
of all their targets they would go away.
Add this to what your "donations" by:
Internet time for mission ops 'volunteers'.
Lurker et al, what's in it for you?
Happy holidays to all, anyway...
================= ===== =,==~=======================,==================
From: alerma~dgs.dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Welcome to alt.religion.scientology
Date: 5 Jan 1995 22:05:08 -0500
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
Lines: 55
Message-ID: <3eic14$rb3@DGS.dgsys.com~
References: <9501011932314462~crusadel.uucp.netcom.com>
<3egpsh$luv~nyxl0.cs.du.edu> <3ei256$jgt~pandora.sdau.edu>
NNTP-Posting-Host: dgs.dgsys.com
This newsgroup had 4 sets of posters.
Those who consider the technology of Scientology to be bunk
	Those that consider the administartion of that
technology to be an abomination.
	Cof$ cultists, (who are in the stage of acceptance where
all the Ron God says is true)
And OSA Operatives and thier wit-less pawns.
	Perhaps a members of a fifth group stop here
to see whets going on....
	I feel that there is some good workable
technology here, however, the administartion of it
as evidenced by the attempts to silence those
who know enough to crticize, if nothing else, moves
me to extraordinary lengths to make thier crimes known.
	If there were wordsI could say that would
create a great purge of the evil intent inside upper
upper scientology management, I would say them..
	To all those on staff reading this stuff, -
do not compromise yourself. And if you have been compromising
as a pattern, for a while, consider for a moment how
you once thought things should be, and how that has been
tarnished to become what you tolerate today.
	If you are anti-the technology, It doesnt matter
whwther you try it or not, based on the ineptitude of
Cof$ management, you guys make perfect sense to me.
And who have the courage to speak your convictions.
Even if under an anoymous post.
The dismatling of the franchises was criminal.
The sacking of the assets of all involved was criminal.
	Oh it was probobly technically legal in the eyes of the
law....but it was criminal for the sake of mankind.
	You cannot continue to attempt to emulate a man
that went quite mad .
	And this technology in the hands of evil players,
could effectively enslave mankind.
Arnaldo P Lerma
Postd ng
From: alerma~dgs.dgsys.com (alerma)
.. ~ . .. . . . .
	I also was locked up on one occassion for an afternoon, and
on another was under 'house arrest'.
	Anyone whoseeks to suppress free speech, thought and ideas,
is himself a manefesting suppressive traits.
	The one-god, one-source, roe-deity think that pervades those
wrapped up in the Cof$ is in itself fixation, introversion, and
merely symptomatic of having surrendered ones own causation, one's
own ability to think for himself and substuted roe-think.
	I believe there is good workable roe-tech, - but the bulk of the
manefestation appears to be ron-mindset, - with symptoms of slavery,
coercion, blackmail, threat, control, overwhelm and an insular viewpoint
that makes only those that are inside the roe-world right.
""The first great object is truth,
and we ought to follow where it leads" John Wilkes 1777
From: alerma~dgs.dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technology
Subject: Re: RI-ACT-44 Homer Wilsoon Pi6S continues Suppressive Acts
Date: 18 Jan 1995 00:54:46 -0500
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
Lines: 27
Message-ID: <3fiaf6$8lr~DGS.dgays.com>
References: <9501172106.AA17506~freenet-a.fim.uni-erlangen.de~
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X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
	The correct indication of the supressive group, is the management
of the Church of Scientology.
	Who would suppress free speech at all costs, while justifying
any and all actions against those with the nerve to speak out.
	Whether I agree or disagree with a particular poster is
irrelevant, I will fight to the death to protect all beings right to
originate communication in the public arena,
	Anyone may post his message on the Liberty tree of the 90's
that is the internet.
	Those that seek to supress free thought, and full disclosure!
are the enemies of mankind, the enemies of freedom, the enemies of
nThe first great object is truth, and we ought to
follow where it leadst' John Wilkes 1777
Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma
From: alerma~dgs.dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Harassment
Date: 24 Jan 1995 00:53:29 -0500
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
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X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
~Don't try to persuade. Penetrate. Don't try to overwhelm. Penetrate...=
	Hubbard believed in the practice of usimg affirmations, and one of the
affirmations that he repeated frequently was as follows:
"All men shall be my slaves!"
"All men shall grovel at my feet and not know"
Posti ng
From: alermaodgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Embarrassed by Cof$ activists
Date: 4 Feb 1995 18:07:33 GMT
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
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Distribution: world
Message-ID: <3h0fp5$44honews.dgsys.com>
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	Dear Korreen, Russell and some of you newly online
in the name of Ron...
	When I was a true believer, as you are today, I would
have been horrified by the postings you feel motivated
to post to this group.
	As representatives of the Cof$, which I spent 7 years
of my life supporting, no matter what OSA goons would
like you to believe, you are an abomination.
	I occasionally read your posts and am mortified
at the image of Scientology that your countenance
	It is an embarrassment to me, to see the pedantic,
parade of Hubbards quotes, in your posts.
You, as 'true believers', betray by the identity of
your styles, a repetition of the same mindset, that
brings to mind, the click of goose-stepping heels,
marching to one drummer.
Arnaldo Lerma
Ex-Sea Organization Member
From: alerma@dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Gains in Cof$ and Out
Date: 6 Feb 1995 21:25:31 GMT
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
Lines: 24
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <3h644b$taonews.dgsys.com>
NNTP-Posting-Host: dgs.dgsys.com
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
	While I was inside the Cof$, I felt I experienced great
gains in self discovery, abilities gaines, and things that
go bump in the night lost.
Of course that was between the ages of 17 and 26 years of age.
	In the years 'outside' of the Cof$ since then, I feel my gains
are even better than those inside.
	It appears that the living of a life, alone, creates gains
in ability and insight.
	So, if one is inside the Cof$, one's gains are due to the Cof$
and LRH as source.
	But outside the CofS there are likewise, great gains to be had,
just by living life, with oneself as source.
Arnaldo Lerma
PS: There have been over 1500 downloads of affidavits on the Cof$ from
America Online 'Other Religions' file area.
From: alerma~dgsys.com (alerma)
Newagroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: A Route for Redemption of Cof$
Date: 25 Mar 1995 06:30:01 GMT
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
Lines: 76
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <310d99$odv~news.dgeys.com>
NNTP-Posting-Host: dgs.dgsys.com
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
The following is an example of the actions that Scientology
is capable of. These are typical, and many, many more have been
documented. The information is percolating through electronic networks
worldwide. The following is being sent to you to as a wake up call for
REFORM throughout the entire operation. What is needed is a
coup of sorts, to oust a corrupt self serving management, and bring
the Cof$ back to the CofS I once thought would help make this a sane
livable world. You are being sent this as I know you are protected
from ~entheta~, do not confuse entheta with truth,
I shall remind you that Clear #1, John MacMasters,
the author of the POWER PROCESSES, said "Never let them say you have
witholds when you are trying to correct an outness". You must stop being
reasonable and save the Cof$ from itself.
Individuals with the certainty of thier own convictions, and the courage
to ACT, must take actions to initiate a deep soul-searching reform, a
and must move the existing Cof$ closer to being the organization I
it was when I got involved in 1968.
Arnie Lerma Ex SeaOrg Officer, Finance Banking Office, Clear 3502, and an old
friend of Pat Broekers & Johnothan Epstien AKA Jono
The following reform actions must be DONE to
fix the Cof$. ~
1) Pay Larry Wollershiem his 4 million, six hundred thousand
dollar judgement now.
	2) Terminate all Cof$ instigated legal actions in progress.	- -
3) Publish the names of all past & current Private investigators.
4) Return all PC folders to anyone who asks.
5) Publish all restricted and confidential OSA documents.
¨Clean handsshappy life~ (who said that?)
6) dismantle all covert ops with concurrent full disclosure
(from Armstrong Affidavit - something about renting a shredding
machine that came on the back of a truck and keeping in running
24 hours a day for weeks)
7) All questionable actions by all involved written
up and published online.
8) Settle all outstanding debts (recently some action on this,well done)
(but its too little - too late)
9) Sponsor the publication of all books previously supressed
by CofS attorneys. - Hey, it'll feel good, to air all the laundry.
10) Make full restitution to all those splinter or reform
movements who you have destroyed by baratrous litigation.
10) How about an internal coup to accomplish the above?
There is a road to redemtion, but that road SHALL LEAD THROUGH THE
TRUTH to better world for us all.
Warning: By not undertaking the above actions you are risking the desctruction
of what has become a very evil cult, AND THE GEMS OF TRUTH THAT DO EXIST
Ron is DEAD. Stop worshiping him,there is workable tech in the core of
$cientology. There is also some not very workablke tech.
Ron went mad at the end. He was an embarrassment that had to be hidden away.
Ask Pat Broeker.
The ~Road to Total Freedom'' seems to lead to a madman
that had to be hidden from the public.
	Also, The Organizations must get rid of GROSS INCOME as thier statistic,
and substitute well done auditing hours (Academy co-audits count...)
(Staff auditing counts) (HGC auditing counts)
What a poor substitute for results - an orgy of litigation. Arnie Lerma
Arnie Lerma , Clear 3502, Ex Sea Org Officer
John McMaster, Clear #1, originator of the ~Power Processes",
said something like NNever let them tell you you have a withold
in a just cause" or something like that.
From: alerma~dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: OT8's arn't wearing any clothes
Date: 7 Apr 1995 23:45:18 GMT
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X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
	I notice a pattern in life of false pride,
a sort of enforced pride, that if not asserted and believed
demands one admit a gross error.
I see this is owners of very expensive .
	= cars, stereo's, doploma's, most anything
can fill the blank.
	Having spent tens of thousands or 100's of thousands of
dollars pursuing . In this case OTB, one is
left with a, say, $200,000 dollar reason to maintain ones
course of action, and smile, and think, 'Ohhh, they gave me
a plaque on the Freewinds 'l...
	To admit being fleeced is very difficult when one has
traded ones fortune for invisible robs of gold.
Arnie Lerma Clear3502, ExSea Org Officer.
I would prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
-~=~-,,,-~=, -==~===se-~==========================================
! alerma
From: alerma~dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Ambasadores of $cientology
Date: 8 Apr 1995 04:37:00 GMT
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X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
	In order to further reduce the spammin effect of the
cretins posting on behalf of the Co$, it may be a good idea
to ignore them a bit more and discuss the criminal activities
of the Sect. 85t of thier postings, however inciteful, are there
just to get you & the new reader in ARS to waste his time.
	Information disclosed on a timely basis, pasted in big posters
on this liberty tree that is the internet, will ensure the rapid and
constant dissemnation of the FACTS, that the spammers intent is to
obfuscate...(sorry, I like the word..)
	I too, occassionaly take a swipe at the schoolyard taunts by the
Cof$ cretins. Man... IGNORE them, thier next stop is apathy. DOn't bother
insulting them for being fools in a few line repost/followap, THAT is
obvious to all, and need not even be pointed out.
Nuke them with DATA.
	Even L Ron Hubbard said ~Never engage in unseeming disputes with
the uninformedr these guys are newbies, OR and completely cut off
from reality living in 'Ronny's World' where all is defined well
in one sphere of domination, and NO data may be accepted from outside
that sphere - especially is it challenges a reality described in the
rRon-World' doctrine of Scientology.
	The CofS spammers and that 'OTB' Oblivionisky havens a CLUE how
to change an idea.. They are at the complete effect of Ron Hubbard and
a his merry band of facsists - having had
Changing anothers ideas is an art.
It is the art of enslavement.
It is the art of domination.
It is also the art of enlightenment...
Which one is it in the case of ScientologY?
Follow the money...
Follow the slave labor...
	Run your hand up to the wall on your right, the barrier to
outside information from the REST OF MANKIND, the barrier that says
"Not invented by RON", and if you follow that wall carefully, you will
find yourself back where you started, and realize you are INSIDE
a barrier to your own free through"....
" You must disconnect from (blah blah)"
"that is just entheta"
"Lies and distortions"
"More lies"
	n its a plot against us" (it must be a plot because they cannot concieve
that individuals could be capable of free though, free action, without
consequences of dealing with some pin head t ethics officer' or OSA scum,
as they have to worry about)
They must inform on ones friends (Knowledge reports)
(Like in a communist country, - no, like in 1984)
	n The group is everything and all is justified as we hold the
keys to the universe.. n
	If you held the keys to the universe you wouldnt need attorneys,
investigators, and boneheads like milne, vera etc.
'' And the rank and file must be shielded from these lies"
	And the rank and file but be informed about the true nature of thier
slave masters...
You are fodder.
You are grist in the mill.
You will be thrown away like used tissue...
'cause another one is born every day' (last line by PT Barnum)
	Arnie Lerma Clear 3502, Ex-Seaorganization Officer, Finance Banking
"I would rather die for speaking my mind that live fearing to speak"
From: alerma(~dgsys.com (alerma)
News~oups: aft. religion. scientology
Subject: OTVIII Series 1
Date: 1 Jun 1995 01:25:30 GMT
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	Tillrnan and hiends, ok i've led you on.
I dug up the pile-o-affidavits that had been
stored off-this-site, and here is Fishmans case
# 91-6426 HLH (Tx) filed on 9 April 1993.
Not 1984...
Now i've re-read this bulletin a couple times.
	And IMHO it is LRH's style. Some freezoners
don't agree, but lets take a look at the title:
Please note this is a first issue. ANyone on staff
for a while will recall how quickly some HCOB's
were reissued back then, with new ISSUE numbers...
Now the routing
OT VIII Course Students
OT OT VIII Auditors
AO Review Auditors
AO C/Ses
Note the typo or is it? OT OT VIII Auditors..
Dennis, would you have been on this
distribution list?
The alleged tulletin' is marked 70, 71, 72, & 73
handwritten in upper right corner.
(as if this was from some previous case)
The bottom is stamped 0129, 0130, 0131,& 0134
as a numbered attachment to fishman's affidavit.
This document is a matter of public record.
As it was included as evidence in a court proceeding
doesnt alone gaurantee its authenticity.
But as Hubbard is describing this (OTB) as the
"3rd wall of fire", and those of you who
are familiar with Xenu and friends, loyal officers
or not, who will see a striking similiarity in style.
I am not convinced it is a forgery as many submit.
Though I'm certain Cof$ it behooves the Cof$ to
maintain that it is a forgery, whether it is or not.
Anyone got copies of Attorney Flynn's stuff?
Again sorry for guessing the year of this incident, The stuff
was stashed off site in case of a goon attack.
(B1~W - its all off site again)
Arnie Lerma Clear 3502, Ex Sea ORg Officer, Finance
rahul.net!a2i!infoseek. com!uunet!news.nyc.pipeline.com!newsiunkie.ans.net!howland.reston.ans.n
et!news. sprintlink.net!news. dgsys. com!DGS. dgsys. com!alerma
From: alerma(gdgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion. scientology
Subject: Re: That OTB file, again
Date: 3 Jun 1995 17:00:23 GMT
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X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
Please read at bottom:
: >>a forgery until Arrne verified that it was the
real thing circa 1984.: >
: > >>> I've not changed my mind. Mayo gave it 0% probability and I
: > give it .00001% probability of being authentic.<<
: >
: >>Huh ?! Did I miss a post ? And how could Arnie check this 1984 when
: >>this was introduced much later, I assume at the first Fishman trial ?
: >>Tilman
: >
: > >>> Yea, give us the details. You should keep in mind that this
: > was not one of the documents claimed by the scienos in the raid.<<
: >
: >
: >Isn't it interesting that Dennis - the expert - needed some confirmation
: >from Mayo to have an idea if it was real - or not. And still isn't "quite
: >sure". It seems, at one time he thought the "OT 8" materials to be legit.
: >
: >They arre total crap. Anyone who really knew Scientology would know it at
: >nnce.
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
	OK, perhaps a post of mine did disappear, I dug up my copy from the
Fishman Affidavit, and yes, I provided false data, it was NOT from a 1984
case, it was filed in April 1993.
	The affidavits are stored off site for obvious reasons, so I was
referring to recall instead of looking at the papaers in hand when I
quoted 1984.
IN looking over this document, I'd like to stress that it is
marked plainly a) ISSUE I
and b) Limited distribution, apparently
to be part of OT section 8.
	The document appears to be rayed out as a normal HCOB, and
I know Mayo's and Dennnis's opinions, but like Mayo and Dennis
I have an opinion also.
IMO, the writing IS Hubbard style.
The document is numbered (in handwriting in upper right comer)
(whicb indicates to me that is was included in some previous case
that I have yet to locate)
The document is stamped with a court clerk number in bottom right
0129, 0130, 0131, 0132... as part of Fishmans Declaration
in Case No 91-6426 HLH (Tx).
The distribution list contains a typo, to wit:
LIMIlED DISTRIBUTION (Underlined, full caps)
OT VIII Course Students
OT OT VIII Auditors
AO Review Auditors
AO C/Ses
the line I'm referring to is OT OT VIII Auditors.
	Many years ago, at FCDC, I'd be the one who got
the incoming HCOB's & HCOPLs off an old electrospark
gestenter phone duplicator, a plastic mimeograph form
would be wound around the barrel, and then the thing would receieve
the data Dom a similiar device on the other end.
This was the 'Fax' machine of the 60's. A spark would cut
the letter holes in the plastic, which would be put on
the mimeo drum to print the PL's & HCOB's.
	Now I recall from back then, that oftimes, an ISSUE I would come
in, only to be replaced by an ISSUE II, sometimes days, occassionaly
hours later, with instructions to DESTROY previous ISSUES.
The style seems to me to be Hubbardian.
Much of the data within correlates to existing ~fo & alien' lore.
By examining the xerox of a xerox of a ?, infront of me
I can only say it 'looks rayed out right'. Though if I wished to
counterfit a church document with the computer in front of me
it would require little effort.
	And I do not consider the 'data' in this document to be any
stranger than my first read over the OTIII materials back in
: >
: >>hkhenson(~shell.portal.com (H Keith Henson) wrote:
: >>Even the most knowledgeable St. Dennis thought the OTVIII material was
: >>a forgery until Arnie verified that it was the real thing circa 1984.
: >
: > >>> I've not changed my mind. Mayo gave it 0% probability and I
: > B've it .00001% probability of being authentic.<<
: >
: >>Huh ?! Did I miss a post ? And how could Arnie check this 1984 when
: >>this was introduced much later, I assume at the first Fishman trial ?
: >>Tilman
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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: OTVIII
Date: 3 Jul 1995 04:21:08 GMT
Organization Digital Gateway Systems
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X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
Xerox copies of this 'OTVIII' bulletin were reportedly mailed
from a Clearwater Florida postmark to a number of individuals.
I believe this was in 1990. The document exists as an exhibit]
in an Affidavit by Steven Fishman...along with the complete
OT levels as of 1977.
Deana Holmes (mirele~xmission.com) wrote:
: Hey, Grady! You really took the bull by the horns!
: Anyway, there must be some way to figure out whether this is the
: Real Work of Ron or a mere crass forgery. Helena Kobrin says that
: it's not one of theirs, but given the embarrassing aspects of OTVIII
: as displayed here (including the notion that Jesus was a pedophile),
: I tend to think that she might actually be Iying. After all, it
: would be very, very bad publicity if (for example) some
: fundamentalist Christians latched on OTVIII as an example of the
: evils of $cientology.
: In other words, now that SCAMIZDAT is making the rounds, it's better
: to lie about it than tell the truth. Then again, she might actually
: be telling the truth, but that would be a novel concept...Helena
: Kobrin telling the truth for the lie cult of $cientology.
: Surely someone on a.r.s has experience with using the various
: filters, grammar checkers and the like and can run this OTVIII
: through it and compare it with known ElRon writings. I, for one,
: would be very curious to see a result of this.
: Deana Holmes
rnirele~xmission. com
Path: rahul.net!a2i!olivea!hookup!news. sprintlink.net!news.dgsys.com!DGS. dgsys.com!alerma
From: alerrna(~dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 8 Jul 1995 04:47:49 GMT
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Message-ID: <3tl2ll$e77(~news dgsys.com>
References: <3tcq9n$r5a~Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> <3tk4fg$sqj~newsbf02.news. aol. com>
<3 tl Orj $dru~camelot. ccs. neu. ecu>
NNTP-Posting-Host: dgs. dgsys. com
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
: In article <3tk4~$sqj~newsbfO2.news.aol.com>,
: Cyntheta <cyntheta(~aol.com> wrote:
: >I am a citizen of the United States. Our founding fathers had the great
: >wisdom and foresight to include in our Consitution the right to free
: >speech. Only in a barbaric and uncivilized world could a person's right to
: >voice his own opinion be censored.
: > However, I don't think even Thomas Jefferson would approve of cowardly
: >bigots who voice their opinion while hiding behind a screen.
This nation was founded by citizens who had the courage to speak
thier minds, and chose to do so anonymously, for fear of retribution
by the Crown.
They would circulate anonymous leaflets, deriding what was considered
a conupt, tyrannical, despotic, heavy-handed government.
It was the practice of the day to nail said proclamations upon
the local [iberty Tree', typically an elm, of large proportions
at the town square or at an intersection of two busy paths..
It is the practice TODAY to post said proclamations upon the
LIBERTY TREE of the 90's, the internet, where citizens of like mind
may school together like fish in the deep, exchanging ideas and
information, and perhaps then go on thier way to share thier newfound
knowledge with others who may benefit.
Those who fear retribution from any totalitarian group whose ACTIONS
in the real world stand as self-evident affronts to liberty, freedom
and justice, are welcome to speak thier minds in this little town
hall, on this new TREE of LIBERTY.
And those who fear nothing are welcome here too.
Arnie Lerma
"Clear 3502" Ex- Sea organization Officer F130
"I would prefer to die speaking my mind that live fearing to speake"
rahul.net! a2i! olivea! charnel. ecst. csuchico. ecu! csusac! csus. ecu! csulb. edu!nic-nac.CSU.net!usc! cs.
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From: alerma(~dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Elaine Seigal Letter (best of ARS)
Date: 8 Jul 1995 05:43:45 GMT
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< Comments by Arnaldo Lerma in O >
(NOTE: If you know any other Scientologists on Internet or
America Online, please e-mail this briefing to them).
Dear Scientologist,
	As you know, there has been quite a bit of false and
derogatory information going out over the Internet by a few
detractors, squirrels etc.
~false and derogatory' above is referring to SWORN affidavits,
PERSONAL first hand testimonies, and SUPPORTED by the
US SUPREME COURT judgements - these are what Cof!F considers
false and derogatory information - George Orweil is smiling in
his grave >
	The Church fired a project to collect up all this
information, and we have been in comm with some of you
already. We have obtained legal input on some of the
messages that individuals have posted that could be libelous
or in violation of copyright laws.
< Here is where Erlich is lined up in sights of the Hotof Babble's
barotry gun >
	We have a plan of action that we are taking, to simply
outcreate the entheta on these newsgroups
(alt.religion.scientology and alt.clearing.technology), and
get positive information to the general public on what
Scientology is, our activities around the world, successes
stories and LRH writings. There will also be some legal
actions, which you will be further briefed on. Basically, as
a group we will NO longer put up with our religion being
criticized, harassed and denigrated on the Internet.
As a first step, I want to thank those who have posted
positive material and handled some of the entheta that has
been posted. This is very much appreciated!
<what 'handling?' >
	Secondly, I would like to ask your assistance in
getting each one of you to post positive messages on the
internet (at least once a week, more if you like), about
< Ahh the Cof$ becomes the Church of Spamatoligy>
	We want to make these messages "high ground". In other
words, don't get tempted into a two way comm with some 1. I
jerk on the Internet. Ack him and continue to post POSITIVE
and HIGH TONED messages that really explain what Scientology
IS doing, how it helped you or a friend, community activities
of the Church, Church expansion. It is easy to get into an
opp term situation with the detractors over this system, but
this doesn't necessarily communicate very well to the broad
public who may read this.
< High Toned ? Woody, Noodle, Jet (joke), clueless Ronartist?,
~le Vera? >
There is an excellent issue by LRH which is PR Series
27, THE ENEMY LINE. In here, LRH says that you never forward
<sorry bout the typo above, look like should have said " always
foloow up with a better campaign of your own. ">
	This should be applied whenever you post a message on
Scientology, as we want to keep this on a theta,
dissemination cornm line to the broad public.
< 0K, I got this right, Vera=Woody--Ronartist=Jet=theta >
	The Church of Scientology International is getting our
own site onto Internet, and we'll also be posting messages
regularly in there, so if you feel you are getting attacked
by so~ne detractor or jerk, let us know right away, and we can
get you material to counter whatever is being said.
<the Cof$ rebuttal department must all be on the RPF by now..>
	lf you imagine 40-50 Scientologists posting on the
Internet every few days, we'll just run the SP's right off
the system. It will be quite simple, actually.
<You will NEVER see even 40 or 50 $cientologists as 1) they
can't afford a computer, 2) After they read the SWORN affidavits
and FIRST HAND inside STORES they leave $cientology.. and join
the Freezone 3) because of the FALSE claim of ~ million
	CSI will be e-mailing around various briefings and good
news messages to individuals for posting also, so that you
are getting new material to post. If you need material or
want to get your material cross-checked with us for content,
e-mail it (to this address for now, until CSI gets our own),
and we'll get you the material you need.
~lines to patrol, to spam newsgroup with" >
	The two newsgroups on the Internet are
~alt.religion.scientology", and also
"alt.clearing.technology" (which was set up by Homer Smith, a
squirrel and declared SP). We need to fill up both of these
newsgroups with positive information on the Church.
< I know Homer, I like Homer, he's quite an extraordinary
human being, 'squirrel' is a derogatory term used by Cof$
to describe anyone who is capable of exposure to the
sacred scriptures of L Ron Hubbard and can still maintain
the ability to think for himself, and has not confused
the power of'SOURCE' (as the culties describe it) with
the power of 'TRUTH', which the rest of us call it. >
	For those of you with access to America Online, you
know there is a similar situation with Scientology being
attacked on that system. So this would apply to this
newsgroup as well (posting positive messages on Scientology).
	The Planetary Dissemination Org (PDO) will be
getting their own site onto Internet, which will be for the
dissemination of LRH's works, WIS book, and other materials
and campaigns. We intend to put these works onto laser
discs, and utilize all the tools of the Internet to
disseminate Scientology internationally.
< Add this to the list of "what your "donations" buy"
professionally orchestrated mindless spamrnings, rmgroup
messages, raids on a simple truthseeker, harassment
of elderly mothers in hopes of intimidating silence,
anonymous cancellations of posts by Cof$, and a litany
of lies by brainwashed dunces>
	This is very exciting, and will be a new era for
computer users as regards the subject of Scientology.
< Yes, it is very exciting, the morons dont seem to
have done anything right, - in fact, the actions of
the Cof$ on the net have been, in fact, the MOST
SELF-DESTRUCTIVE actions, I can only, grasp, at
straws trying to make their actions make sense, they
have CAUSED more damage, and propagation, and by thier actions
motivated more otherwise disinterested people to spread
the TRUTH of the Cof$ - I am dumbbounded..If I were
an asthmatic dwarf, running the Cof$, I'd throw them all
	Look for CSI's first posting very shortly. We WILL
outcreate anything that is on there.
< well, when is this show gonna start? or are these self
destructive actions you have already engaged in, it? >
	I would like to hear from you on your ideas to make the
Internet a safe space for Scientology to expand into.
< well here's my 2cents worth, get honest, come clean,
follow the instructions of the United States Supreme Court
and pay Wollershiem the 4.7 million dollars his current
judgement is worth, but then, by examinations of your
scriptures, and validation by your actions, you feel you
are above the law...
But you are not above the Liberty Tree that is the Internet>
Elaine Siegel
Office of Special Affairs International
rahul.net!a2i!olivea! spool.mu. ecu! agate!howland.reston.ans.net!news. sprintlink.net!news. dgsys.c
From: alerma(~dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: aft. religion. scientology
Subject: ARS Oldie but Goodies - Here come the goons
Date: 8 Jul 1995 05:50:34 GMT
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
Lines: 102
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Message-ID: <3tl6ba$e77(~news. dgsys.com>
NNTP-Posting-Host: dgs. dgsys. com
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
10 nov 1994
CofS unleashes the goons.
I have been advised by my attorney to post this
description of recent events:
I hereby declare and state the following:
This morning I drove to the bank, and two men in a
Blazer style truck were following me.
I doubled back, lost em and went home aDer
going to the bank. Shortly thereaDer the fellows
showed up on my dorrstep and said, "We are from
the Church of Scientology"
I closed the door.
I found an unsigned affidavit with my name on it
that apparently sought to acknowldge information I
may or may not have divulged
during the Church's auditing during my involvement
over 15 years ago.
The affidavit further contained outright false data
for instance it said that I "...eventually left the Church
entirely because I could not maintain a high enough
ethical standard and wished to protect the organization
from my destructive behaivor"
It also called upon me to "recant these statements in full
and to make it known that my actions were unfounded"
In fact, - I left the Church after being given a choice
of my health and safe passage out of the State of Florida
in exchange for not going through with a marriage to
Suzette Hubbard for which we had already gotten the
blood tests and filed the license to be married at the
Clearwater County Court House, a few blocks from
the main buildings there. I reached the conclusion
that truth, justice and ethics had nothing to do with
the Scientology. And spent a few years trying to
forget the time I invested with the Church
seeking to fix whets wrong in the world.
Needless to say, to sign this document, would amount to
perjuring myself.
Shortly after the visit (within 60 minutes) from the CofS goons the following
Fax was received with no return header.
Recieved in full caps.
WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW IS: (13old face)
end of Fax recieved.
My attorney advised me to report the incident to the
I did this, and gave the agent copies of the affidavits,
tabbed to areas of exceptional interest.
The agent advised me to file an official police report with the local
police, I did the Case # is 941103049
I also gave the local authorities Andre's affidavit.
My report to the State Attorney General should be there in 24
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From: alerma(~dgsys.com (alerma)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: OSA Scum
Date: 11 Jul 1995 01:36:16 GMT
Organization: Digital Gateway Systems
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Message-ID: <3tskig$fgk~news. dgsys.com>
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X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
Any questions from cmiller & related ilk, regarding
why some post anonymously, is merely an effort, to
locate the consipracy, the leadership, the mastermind,
behind the revelations of the criminal underbelly,
hidden from well meaning $cientology sheeples, as
these OSA scumbags cannot conceive freedom of thought,
cannot conceive individual citizens, standing up,
perhaps, emboldened by the opportunity to stand together,
on the internet, and say to the scum in broad daylight,
for all to see: Here is what you have degraded to, here
are the criminal acts you justify by your 'cause',
by your false "SOURCE".
There MUST be a sinister presence, as mere 'wogs & sp's"
have no power of their own, (or so your SOURCE has told you)
and you scum, have long since lost sight of any goals,
 at all related to true freedom, liberty, - free thought,
Free expression DOES NOT EXIST in your world, you substitute
'SOURCE' you go further and appear to do ANY1WNG necessary
to maintain the flow of that honey-like drug called money,
at whatever cost, and your actions grow more desperate
each day, as more and more simple, caring, individuals
are revulsed by your actions, actions in the past and
actions in NOW.
There is no conspiracy, there is no structure here, except
that excercise in liberty, where those who have realized
a common revulsion for your actions, choose to stand together,
In broad daylight, and spit in the eye of those who have the
audacity to hawk 'total Beedom', while abusing liberty,
and justice of all.
Now that there is an internet, you will never again, like
the cowards you are, be able to attack, defame and suppress
one isolated person at a time, like you are used to.
We stand together, to compare notes, to raise funds, to
spread the gospel according to good sense, with pride in
liberty, and an unending optimism, that you will never
again achieve supression of individual liberty for the
sake of your financial coffers, your jobs, or your boss, or
your "SOURCE"
We are dedicated to the TRUTH.
And exposing all of it to the public, EVERYWHERE, until
you will no longer even have a place to hide.
Arnie Lerma
Ex-Sea Organization slave, Finance Banking Officer,
"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak"
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Subject: Web Recon
Date: 12 Jul 1995 05:13:57 GMT
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Holy catshit batman'
I just went web browsing and the affidavits
are everywhere!
You guys (cof$) are finished.
The public outrage generated by the
revelations currently available to the
public make direct governmental action,
on behalf of citizenry, not only
politically possible, but inevitable...
There's not much time left.
What'cha gonna do?
: I was thrown into ~Treason" a low ethics condition, and was told by my
: Ethics Officer Frank Thompson that I could work my way up from "Treason"
: by protecting the Church from the FBI investigation. I followed the
: orders of my Ethics Officer which resulted in my being charged with
: Obstruction of Justice. At the same time, Church attorney Timothy Bowles
: worked closely with the United States District Attorney in Los Angeles in
: order to secure my conviction and eliminate any exposure to the Church.
: April 29, 1994Page 2Time 11:45 AM
: In an effort to suppress the Church's involvement in the fraud, Church
: officials ordered me to commit suicide, which was avoided due to a
: successful exit-counseling intervention by former members Margery
: Wakefield, Eddie Da Rocha, Richard Padilla, and through swift and
: effective therapy by Dr: Geertz.
: I suffered a psychotic break, and I was institutionalized at the Hollywood
: Pavillion, a mental institution in South Florida.
: The FBI limited its investigation of the Church's involvement in the fraud
: to only one interview of former Mission Staff Peter and Barbara Letterese
: the very couple who trained me to commit the stock fraud in the first
: place.
: My expert witnesses on cults, Dr. Margaret Singer and Dr. Richard Ofshe,
: were not permitted to testify at my trial as to how to the Church of
: Scientology influenced my thinking through mind control techniques, after
: the Church of Scientology paid their own experts to convince the trial
: judge that the theories of Drs. Singer and Ofshe were not "mainstream" and
: should not be accepted by the court, facts which were overturned on appeal
: in a separate case two years later. ~
: With all possibilities of a fair trial derailed by the Church of
: Scientology, I entered an Alford Plea (innocent of the charges but
: responsible for the acts alleged), and was sentenced to five years in
: prison. I was released early on December 29, 1992, and I remained on
: probation until the end of my sentence.
: While at the Federal Correctional Institution of Tallahassee, prison
: officials uncovered an attempt to assassinate me by another inmate, Luis
: Martinez, a Scientologist from Miami who was facing deportation to Cuba
: and was promised legal help by the Church if I were killed. Luis Martinez
: had a screwdriver fashioned into a dagger in his locker, as well as
: pictures of me, and a stack of Scientology Technical Bulletins and Policy
: Letters. -
: While in prison, I began to turn my life around by becoming a cooperating
: witness for the Internal Revenue Service during their criminal
: investigation into the Church of Scientoiogy. I also ran the computer
: room for the prison's education department, working 11 hours a day to pass
: the time and keep my sanity. Shortly afterward, I was visited by a Mr.
: Peter Comras, who claimed to be an agent of the Israeli government
: investigating Scientology. Mr. Comras gained access to the visiting room
: at the prison under false pretenses, which is a crime. It turned out that
: Mr. Comras was a private investigator hired by the Office of Special
: Affairs of the Church of Scientology to investigate me as part of the
: Church's "Fair Game Law," in which the critics of the Church can be
: deceived, lied to, intimidated, harassed and sued.
: In November 1991, I was in fact sued, along with my psychologist, Dr.
: Geertz. Alone and in prison, without benefit of counsel, I was forced to
: defend a million dollar lawsuit brought by the in-house Scientology law
: firm of Bowles and Moxon.
.!~- ' : ~ ::
: April 29, 1994Page 3Time 11:45 AM
: In the course of defending my civil suit, I had to prove something that I
: was unable to prove during the course of my criminal trial -- that
: Scientology had influenced my thinking in order to get me to commit
: financial crimes for them. In order to defend my lawsuit, I also had to
: prove that I was driven psychotic by the Church, a condition known in
: Church jargon as "PTS (Potential Trouble Source) Type III."
: In order to do this, I introduced into the court record OT Levels I
: through VII, which I obtained not through discovery in any legal
: proceeding but which I had purchased in 1987 from fellow Scientologist
: Ellie Bolger of Clearwater. I also introduced OT VIII, which i had
: received from my former criminal attorney, who had obtained the materials
: from expert witness Richard Ofshe.
: The OT materials remained unsealed for eighteen months. Despite the
: Church's attempts to suppress these references, I argued that it would
: have violated my constitutional rights to seal any documents that were not
: obtained through discovery
: Dr. Geertz' attorney, Graham Berry of the law firm of Lewis, D'Amato,
: Brisbois & Bisgaard of Los Angeles, showed a great deal of courage by
: fighting back against the Church of Scientology and the attorneys at
: Bowles and M~xon. With the help of F.A.C.T., which stands for Fight
: Against Coercive Tactics (a bulletin board service for ex-cult members
: operated by former Scientologists Lawrence Wollersheim and Bob Penny),
: together with evidence provided by members of the Cult Awareness Network,
: Dr. Geertz and I uncovered information about David Miscavige, the managing
: agent of the Church of Scientology and commanding officer of the Religious
: Technology Center.
: David Miscavige's mDther-in-law, Mary Florence "Fro" Barnett, died from
: four rifle shots, three to the chest and one to the head. Originally
: classified as a "suicide,~' upon closer inspection it was determined from
: the ballistics and the height of Ms. Barnett that the wounds could not
: have been self-inflicted. Evidence was collected that just one week prior
: to her death, Ms. Barnett had threatened to sue the Church, and was in
: contact with David Mayo, a former member who was an avowed enemy of David
: Miscavige.
: Furthermore, one of David Miscavige's sisters had committed suicide after
: completing OT VII. Another sister left the church and became a prostitute
: after starting the OT levels. David Miscavige~s own father was once
: arrested for rape.
: Knowing through policy letters on the subject that the Church maintains a
: double standard -- on one hand catering to celebrities like Scientology
: royalty while on the other hand maintaining forced labor camps for
: Scientologists in ethics trouble (known as the Rehabilitation Project
: Force) and for children and other innocent victims who just happen to be
: the unwanted offspring of Sea Org (Scientology staff who have signed a
: billion year contract) parents (the Estates Project Force), Dr. Geertz and
: Mr. Fishman served various celebrities with deposition subpoenas. The
: celebrity witnesses included Isaac Hayes, Maxine Nightingale, Kelly
: Preston (the wife of John Travolta) and others. Actor Tom Cruise avoided
: service of his subpoena by hiding in the men's toilet of the Scientology
: Celebrity Center.
: April 29, 1994Page 4Time 11:45 AM
: Not willing to confront the interrogation of the celebrities or David
: Miscavige, Church of Scientology in an unprecedented move made a motion to
: the court to dismiss their own case against myself and Dr. Uwe Geertz with
: prejudice, which means that they could never bring the same suit again in
: another court.
: The court agreed to dismiss the suit, which was a victory for the
: defendants. However, the court also left the OT Levels unsealed and in the
: public domain. Furious with this decision, the Church appealed this
: decision to the Court of Appeals and lost. For the first time in the
: United States of America, these secret documents are now open and
: available to the public. Separately, a recent case also made these levels
: also available in England.
: Why are these "secrets" so important to the Church of Scientology?
: Why has the cult gone through such lengths and spent so much money to seal
: these documents?
: To understand this, one must first-grasp exactly what the upper levels are
: and where they came from.
: During l9Bl, while I was an agent in the old Guardian's Office of
: Scientology, I participated in a mission to recover a set of documents
: containing confessional write-ups of L. Ron Hubbard, some of which were
: WFitten in 1949, and others in 1954. These materials, called O/W
: (Overt/Withhold) Write-Ups, were part of materials used ~for an author zed
: biography of L. Ron Hubbard-to be written by author Omar Garrison, but
: which was never written. The materia-ls were stolen by Lavenda Van
: Schaick, an ax-member, from Gerry Armstrong, an ax-member, who was Omar
: Garrison's research assistant at the time. I recovered these materia~s
: from an air conditioning duct in Lavenda Van Schaick's sister Lisa's
: apartment, during a raid in which Lisa Van Schaick was raped as a
: diversionary tactic by two Sea Org staff members. I had occasion to read
: these documents before turning them over to my senior (supervisor), A-G
: (Action Deputy Guardian) Fred Hare of the Guardian's Office, who had
: ordered the mission.
: The following is a brief summary of what was written by L. Ron Hubbard in
: his confessional:
: In 1947, L. Ron Hubbard was a psychiatric patient at the Oak Knoll Naval
: Hospital under the care of Dr. Irving Kutzman.
: At one point Hubbard was placed in a six-man ward where there was a
: patient named McClellan. McClellan was "clearly schizophrenic", accc-ding
: to Hubbard, and "screamed by day and by night" that he was being attacked
: by "germs."
: Hubbard wrote that he "experimented on the man", and noticed that the man
: became worse whenever he told McClellan that the germs were attacking him,
: and conversely improved when he directed the man to "send the germs away."
: This little vignette from Hubbard's past is starkly familiar to processes
: run on OT Levels III through VII.
: April 29, 1994Page STime 11:45 AM
: Central to Scientology dogma is the concept of the thetan, or spiritual
: entity, which supposedly or at least according to Hubbard, occupies cne
: body at a time, and after death, discards the body and then goes thrcagh
: various between lives area implants (also called the heaven implants) and
: picks up a new body at the moment of conception.
: Next is where the control mechanism comes in on the upper levels --
: Hubbard warned that if a thetan committed too many harmful acts (overts)
: or kept too many secrets (withholds), the thetan's ability to confront
: life would diminish, and he might not have sufficient power to pick up
: another body, but might instead attack itself to a body part.
: Thus, a thetan who lost power sufficient to pick up a new body would
: become a "body thetan" (or BT) and might cling to a body's nose hair or to
: an injured limb like an-elbow, and further add to or cause illness and
: disease in the body.
: Rather than go to a doctor or psychologist, the individual would be
: charged with removing these unwanted body thetans through rigorous
: Scientological processes of ''intending them away" or "causing them to
: leave the body."
: Therefore, the conventional physician, whether treating the body of the
: mind, is viewed as a quack by Scientologists because the doctor does not
: know about or accept the premise of "body thetans." Psychiatrists and
: psychologists have often criticized the Church for allowing their staff
: who are unskilled and untrained in the traditional mental health
: professions to handle and treat the mind, and consequently they have been
: viciously attacked by the Church of Scientology for over forty years; with
: dirty tricks, smear campaigns and "psychbusts", which are protest rallies
: against psychological and psychiatric group functions, resulting in
: criminal acts of Church-sponsored terrorism against them.
: If a wealthy Scientologist makes it as far as the upper OT Levels, he will
: invariably be told that there are millions, billions, or trillions of
: these body thetans attached to him that he has to get rid of, and they
: have to be disposed of "one at a time." The cost can exceed tens of
: thousands of dollars and may approach three or four hundred thousand
: dollars for assistance in the removal of these body thetans. A parallel
: can easily be drawn between Hubbard's encounter with McClellan's germ
: phobia and the fear induced to remove body thetans which continuously
: creates a very lucrative income for the Church.
: For the benefit of those who subscribe to the technology, even if there
: were any logic to the mythology of the body thetans, and if it were true
: that the body can have millions, billions or trillions of body thetans
: attached to it, it would be an impossible situation to "intend them all
: away" because under that scenario, as body thetans were whisked away,
: others would come in and take their place. The premise also assumes that
: an individual can have command value over body thetans, which is realistic
: as someone who tries to command the germs in his body to go away. The
: success or failure would rest with the gullibility of the individual, and
: the upper level drills of removing body thetans is highly
: April 29, 1994Page 6Time 11:45 AM
: dangerous to the sanity of the victim, since it is a form of demonic
: exorcism (exorcising body thetans away from the body), and it assumes
: facts not in evidence (that the body thetans actually exist and are real
: in the first place).
: Consequently, the OT Levels induce schizophrenia and schizophrenic
: reaction. The same would be true if any church told its parishoners that
: they have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain the ability to
: make germs leave the body.
: What the OT levels have produced is thousands of McClellans -- individuals
: who have lost touch with reality, lost their sanity, and too often have
: committed suicide because they correctly estimated the task of removing an
: infinite number of body thetans from their body to be a hopeless and
: impossible one. The fact that a sane person who has not been exposed to
: the gradient-scale building blocks of Scientology would argue that this is
: all nonsense would not matter. The individual stuck in the slavery of
: believing that he can oust his body thetans through the correct
: "application" of the upper level materials is too often driven "PTS Type
: III, n a form of psychosis, by being a task which he believes to be
: solvable but which he knows innately that he cannot solve.
: In defending my lawsuit, I argued the principle of "informed consent"
: before the court. I stated that even in spiritual matters, the parishoner
: has a right to know what awaits him at the higher levels of his religious
: training. If psychosis and induced schizophrenia lie ahead, then he has
: the right to examine these materials before committing his time and money
: to the study of any religious doctrine. I further argued that it is just
: as unconscionable that an individual enter into the study of a religion
: without knowing the inherent dangers and health risks to his mental state
: as it would be to buy a pack of cigarettes without being told the dangers
: of lung cancer and heart disease. Apparently, the court agreed.
: The Church of Scientology vehemently wants to keep these levels secret
: because the more mystery there is attached to them, the more money they
: can charge in "fixed donations." They also do not want the press and the
: media to rationally look at their product -- schizophrenia inducing
: science fiction which utilizes demonic exorcism techniques. They do not
: want their celebrities to know the contents of these levels, or they would
: no longer endorse Scientology. Without the cloak of mystery and secrecy,
: parishoners who have not been exposed to the levels would see the fraud in
: it and leave the Church in droves. Church executives know this and they
: are frantic about the court's decision. They fear the inevitable -- an
: educated consumer.
: After all, don~t Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Demi Moore, and
: Priscilla Presley have a right to know what lies ahead for each of them in
: pursuit of Scientology? The court feels they have a right to know.
: The public domain is the most important forum we have as a free society.
: The public's right to awareness supersedes the Church executives' right to
: secrecy. Scientologists also have the freedom of choice in knowing what
: is in store for them at the end of the "bridge." It is up to every one of
: us to respect and stand up for the sanity of others. After all, if a
: religion is truly workable, it can withstand the scrutiny of the truth.
: No religion has a right to suppress that.
: April 29, 1994Page 7Time 11:45 AM
: Now that the upper level materials are finally unsealed, people are
: finally free to make up their own minds about the "effectiveness" of
: Scientology.
: Freedom of choice is inherent in religious freedom. Secrecy and covert
: mental manipulation is not.
: That the United States District Court has both recognized and acknowledged
: this proves that there truly is justice, even when it is attacked and
: opposed by the Church of Scientology.
: Respectfully Submitted,
Po" t ing
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Subject: An Open letter to all Netizens - Cof$ threatens netizen
Date: 7 Aug 1995 01:48:35 GMT
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The Cof$ is threatening legal action.
Dear fellow netizens,
& all supporters of the freedom for information..
Picture the following exchange in your mind:
A scene, set somewhere in the not too distant future:
A courtroom...
Q: "What motivated you, Mr Lerma to post the alledged sacred scripture
described by the plaintiff as the POT levels',as contained in the open
court case 91-6426 HLH (Tx)?"
A: I felt that it was in the public interest to know what they
were getting involved in, - you see this all starts out with
'iwould like a free personality analysis?" followed by whatever
is 'found' or invented, "We can help you with that".
Q: You alledgedly signed some agreement to not disclose
these materials while you were in the t~churchtt. How
do you explain this claim?
A: Anything signed under duress is inadmissible as evidence.
I claim that I was brainwashed, under a spell, lost in a dream
- how else could you explain An Evil ruler named Xenu, who had plan
to end overpopulation, trapped everybody in methlelyne Glycol,
stacked up evryone around varios volcanos, and then dropped
H bombs on them 65 million years ago?
The Judge: Order! Order in the court!
Arnie Lerma
"Clear 3502" Ex Finance Banking Officer, Sea organization slave for 7 years
Ex-true believer...
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Subject: Freedom from $cientology
Date: 20 Sep 1995 19:38:49 GMT
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There had been no measurable rain
in Washington area in 36 days..What
was not watered was turning brown,
tree leaves were beginning to curl...
It was a record drought...crops
in the area were a disaster..
It was not until during the actual
review and writing of my affidavit
that the last vestiges of Hubbard's
programming finally dropped away.
m roughout the written works of
$cientology, all sources, all authorities,
all public institutions, even family bonds
are one after another dead agented.
In a simliar fashion as Milne or even Woody
make less and dead agent most everything
that does not promulgate the lies of $cientology.
The effort at degrading and dead agenting
any and all sources of information that are not
LRH as source bears close examination by those who have
been under the spell.
It was as I realized the extent of this dead agenting
programming, and as waves of relief passed over me,
Realizing the extent of the influence even after
so many years...and realizing that I was finally
breaking free from the curse of $cientology....
that lighting struck a few blocks away,
and a hard rain began to fall, that turned into a gentle
continuous downpour.....
I finished up and then went out on the balcony, looking out over
the city, and stood in that gentle rain...
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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,alt.support.ex-cult,talk.religion.misc
Subject: Re: Statement of Steven Fishman
Followup-To: alt.religion.scientology,alt.support.ex-cult,talk.religion.misc
Date: 1 Aug 1995 03:51:09 GMT
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Damn this is good...
Modemac (modemac@netcom.com) wrote:
: [NOTE from Modemac: I am not the author of this document. This document
: was composed by Steven Fishman, and subsequently forward to me by an
: anonymous source.]
: Steve Fishman
: On April 26, 1994, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth
: Circuit in San Francisco denied Church of Scientology International's
: appeal to seal the upper level materials and ruled in favor of myself,
: defendant Steven Fishman, a former Scientologist, and my psychologist, Dr.
: Uwe Geertz.
: Judge Beezer of the Court of Appeals further denied the Church's motion to
: return the previously confidential materials to the defendants, and by
: doing so, ruled that they must remain unsealed and open to the public.
: The controversy began in November of 1991, when the Church of Scientology
: International sued Dr. Geertz and myself for defamation arising out of
: statement which the defendants made to TIME MAGAZINE reporter Richard
: Behar. The statements related to financial crimes which were committed by
: me, Steven Fishman, after I was trained to participate in a securities
: class action fraud scheme by Scientology staff members at the Church of
: Scientology Mimi Org and the Church of Scientology Mission of Fort
: Lauderdale. I spent the money obtained from the fraud on auditing,
: training, and for purchasing the third largest library of L. Ron Hubbard
: books, tapes, cassettes and E-Meters in the world.
: After my arrest by the FBI in July of 1988, Church officials, church
: officials ordered me to murder my psychologist, Dr. Geertz, because I had
: confided in my psychologist about the details of my crime.
: [signed]
: Steven Fishman
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for more info see http://www2.dgsys.com/~alerma
If we do not define the Internet, it will be defined for us...
What follows is my view, after just celebrating my
first year upon the "Internet" with a 9:30 AM raid upon my
home, as US Marshals stood by, when employee's and off~cers
of the cult of $cientology pawed through my personal
belongings, seized my computer, modem, scanner, spare
computer parts, keyboard, monitor, mouse & more than 400
diskettes & backup tapes, on Saturday, August 12th, 1995 at 9:30 AM,
by means of a civil writ for search and seizure.
What follows is some little known history in which to frame
these recent events.
Go back in time to before the American revolution for
independence....There were small communities, hamlets,
villages -- there was a sense of community -- a quality in short
supply in today's world.
At or near the center of town, oft-times at "the fork in the road",
was often a large tree, typically an Elm, (this was of course
before Dutch Elm disease nearly wiped them out), which
served the community's need as bulletin board, public notice
board, newspaper, and legal notice section of the contemporary
urban newspaper.
If there was to be a barn-raising, a citizen would post a written
notice upon the tree. When an official decree or warrant, was
wished to be known by all, a copy would be posted upon that
tree. When a citizen had a complaint or petition, or perhaps,
just news from a letter from England, the information was
posted to that tree.
It was the first information system of the colonies.
The Perot Movement
As an activist in the early Perot Petition drive, and as editor
and publisher of "The Arlington Volunteer's Newsletter",
which for a few issued was the "offcial Perot Newsletter" for
Virginia, I noted the spontaneous awakening amongst citizenry
to take action to make government accountable to "the people".
Wondering what the future would hold, I looked to the past
to f~nd a similar time of "awakening". I turned to the Public
Library system, and researched, here in Arlington, Virginia, as
well as in Savannah, Georgia, various accounts of pre-
Revolutionary America in search of parallels to what I was
witnessing in the present, in order to gain insight into what
might occur next and how to preserve and nourish this
awakening of citizenry to the true responsibility of government
which is to represent the body of the people, as opposed to interests with
money, influence and power. I hoped to keep this awakening in
motion despite the mismanagement and heavy handed tactics
of Mr. Perot's organization.
What I found....
The Sons of Liberty & John Wilkes
In many descriptions of the early years prior to the American
Revolution I found references to secretive groups called "Sons
of Liberty", which spontaneously, and independently, organized
throughout the colonies in response to abuses to liberty by
agents of the Crown.. I did extensive keyword searches for
"Sons of Liberty" and what follows are my findings and how it
relates to the Internet today and the events concerning the cult
of $cientology in particular.
The "Sons of Liberty" was a secret society, with many
members of influence (one of whom was Paul Revere) in
Boston. The Boston Sons of Liberty would meet in the "Long
Room" above a tavern called The Dragon", which had a
copper plate of a dragon on its sign out front, that had turned, as
copper does, green with age and corrosion, and was known to
its patrons as "the Green Dragon". It was in this Long Room,
above the Green Dragon, that the various protests and
demonstrations in Boston were planned, including throwing
some tea in Boston Harbor.
John Hancock, shipper and smuggler, was the financier,
who, at the direction of Boston's own tax collector, Samuel
Adams, financed the protests and activities of the early
Patriots. The "hero" of the Sons of Liberty, was a member of
the British minority party at the time, one John Wilkes, son of
a distiller, who published a political rag called "The North Briton",
whose newsletter was a barb in the side of the King as well as his
lackey in Parliament, Lord Bute. In the 45th issue of this newsletter,
John Wilkes, said that "A man is a sovereign unto himself, and
(thus) may only be ruled by his own consent" .
John Wilkes was most popular with the people, and was elected
Lord Mayor of London at one point. In England he was the champion
of the Colonies, and could be considered the first "populist". The
phrase "Sons of Liberty" was first used by a member of the minority
party in defense of some onerous action by the majority party,
who had fought side by side with the colonists in the French & Indian
War, and knew the tenacity and determination of the colonists, the
member saying something similar to,"Do not underestimate these
"Sons of Liberty" in America..."
Reading these populist writings, in his home north of
London in the early 1760's, that said that elected officials
should truly represent the interests of "the body of the people",
was a man named Thomas Pain.
	When Thomas Pain came to America and began his
writings, he signed his name with a flourish that was
misunderstood by the Americans to be an "e", and tiring of
correcting people, he began for the sake of brevity to call
himself Thomas "Paine".
	A hundred years later, the man who shot President
Lincoln, reportedly, jumped from the balcony onto the stage,
and yelled his name (a moniker) "John Wilkes Bute". A
reporter got it wrong, and now history calls him "Booth".
This was fascinating, as well as puzzling, that so little
of this story of the roots of liberty are taught in the American
Public School system...I consider this "lost knowledge",
knowledge I now feel is essential for the maintenance of that
Liberty that our forefathers sought in coming to this ~ew
The Sons of Liberty begin to dedicate Trees of Liberty
It was these trees used by citizenry for communication that
became the subject of near-reverence and dedication in the name
of Liberty. Silas Downer, member of the Sons of Liberty of
Rhode Island, said the following, at a dedication of a Tree of
Liberty, in 1766. It is this dedication ceremony, which brought
me the understanding of what "Liberty" truly is. Note well the
line containing the phrase "under trees and in the wilderness".
It was this line that made me realize what "Liberty" really means.
At a dedication of a Tree of Liberty in 1766... Silas Downer said,
	"We do therefore, in the name and behalf
of all the true SONS of LIBERTY in America,
Great Britain, Corsica, Ireland or wheresoever
they are dispersed throughout the world, dedicate
and solemnly devote this tree to be a
	May all our councils and
deliberations under its venerable branches be
guided by wisdome, and directed to the support
and maintenance of that liberty, which our
forefathers sought out and found under trees and
in the wilderness. ---May it long flourish, and may
the SONS of LIBERTY often repair hither, to confirm
and strengthen each other. --When they
look towards the sacred ELM, may they be
penetrated with a sense of duty to themselves,
their country, and their posterity:--And may they,
like the house of David, grow stronger and stronger,
while their enemies, like the house of Saul,
grow weaker and weaker. AMEN. "
The Stamp Tax
The stamp tax was a cleverly designed tax, that required
that a "stamp" be purchased, and affixed to all documents,
newspapers, bills of laden, court decrees, and posters
It was a nominal tax, but one of its intents was to
end anonyn~ous postings to these trees at the center of
communities, to suppress criticism of the government.
This tax was never allowed to be implemented, as it was the
resulting uproar that ensued throughout the colonies that
created The Sons of Liberty -- as coopers, smithies, cabinet
makers, men who worked with their hands, joined together, in
small groups, independently, to oppose despotic, tyrannical
Local community posting trees were quickly dedicated
by citizenry, with much fanfare and ceremony, as TREES of
LIBERTY, and festooned with imagery:
A boot with a devil effigy climbing out was
the symbol for Lord Bute, - the King's agent in the House
of Commons who led the effort to tax and discipline the
"Colonies" in opposition to minority leader and "populist", John
Wilkes, the champion of the Americans.
The number "45", in celebration of the 45th issue of John
Wilkes' "North Briton".
The phrase "Liberty & Property", used by John Wilkes, and
chanted by crowds in support of Mr. Wilkes, protesting his
imprisonment in England for his outspoken statements about
the inalienable rights of man.
A tarred and feathered effigy of the local "Stamp Tax collector"
and "Long Live John Wilkes"...
Along with various exhortations to rally citizenry against
whatever incendiary actions the Crown was pursuing at the
Which brings us back to today, on the internet.
And who shall rule it.
I consider the worldwide Intemet to be merely a way for
citizenry from far flung physical locations to form "virtual
Communities" around "Trees" called mailing lists and
newsgroups. If a citizen does not like a particular community
of ideas, he may effortlessly and instantly move, at the touch of
a keyboard. If a citizen considers a particular poster's ideas
offensive, he may choose to not read them, automatically....
If a citizen desires to discuss any particular subject, - if enough
interest exists to justify a new newsgroup, he may create one
in which to discuss it.
However, when any individual or group tears these posters
from this virtual tree of liberty, or seeks to censor, harass or
persecute those who post upon this tree, this is, in my opinion
an affront to the Freedom, Liberty and constitutional
guarantees our Founding Fathers felt important enough to
attempt to chisel in stone by including them in the Constitution
of the United States.
Including but not limited to:
	Free Assembly,
(upon a newsgroup or mailing list of choice),
Free Speech,
separation of Church and State,
and Free association.
and the rights against unreasonable search and seizure
	It is also my opinion, and only an opinion, that as the
authority for government and law devolve from an authority
granted by the body of the people, then it follows that
public interest should be considered senior to any fine
points of copyright law.
	Actions such as above should be considered the gravest threat
to Liberty, and it was these same threats, two hundred and
thirty some years ago, that produced the American Revolution.
"The Internet is the Liberty Tree of the 90s. " Arnaldo Lerma
Paraphrased for our times:
A dedication of the internet as a Tree of Liberty
	"We do therefore, in the name and behalf of all true SONS of
LIBERTY throughout the world, wherever they are dispersed,
dedicate and solemnly devote the INTERNET to be a TREE of
	May all our councils and deliberations on its many nodes be
guided by wisdom and directed to the support and
maintenance of that liberty, which our forefathers sought out
and found under trees and in the wilderness.
	May it long flourish, and may the SONS of LIBERTY often
go hither, to confirm and strengthen each other -- When they
look toward the sacred INTERNET, may they be penetrated
with a sense of duty to themselves, their country, and their
Arnaldo Lerma 1995 & Silas Downer 1766
"we shall either define the intemet or it shall be defined for us"
Postscript - 6 Sept 1995
	When dealing with internet issues, keep in mind, you are
dealing with groups of citizenry, gathering, " under trees and
in the wildemess " (the wilderness that is the intemet at this
time), to discuss topics of mutual interest.
	You are dealing with communities, small city-states, of like
minded citizens.
	Anyone who does not approve of some of these groups must
be reminded why our forefathers chose to come to this land.
	An extreme example, is a group of dirty old men (the pomo
on the intemet controversy) which to meet and swap lurid tales
under their OWN tree, - and further...
	If a Church' can seize a citizens property, for whatever
reason, including posting a public record to the side of a virtual
tree' of liberty...then it is time for netizens of the world to
unite to protect this new, powerful, evolving medium--
and to take action NOW.
We must not cut down these trees.
They are freedom
	Those that disapprove of a particular tree must not be
allowed to cut it down. The end of the forest begins with the
first tree felled.
	He may, however, start a group under his own tree, as any
This is the intemet.
	Humbly placed into the public domian, for the common good,
September, 1995.
	Amaldo Lerma
"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to
If I could ask 20 citizens to assemble in my living room
and show them a public court record...
Why cant the same be done 'virtually' in a virtual 'room'
on the 'internet' - the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology
Is not the right of *assembly* gaurantee, of the constitution
extend into a virtual space?
What is senior?
The fme points of copyright law or the public interest?
about $cientology:
	"	capable of such danger that the public interest
demands that people should know what is going on.. "
Lord Denning
for more infommation:
http://www2.dgsys.coml~alerma (pictures of cult raiding my home)
	A.r.s Week in Review - 8/11/96	Page I
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: A.r.s Week in Review - 8/11/96
From: rkeller~voicenet.com (Rod Keller)
Date: 12 Aug 1996 00:03:09 GMT
Alt.religion. scientology
Week in Review Volume 1, Issue 16
by Rod Keller [rkeller~lvoicenet.com]
copyright 1996
Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I aKempt to include news of
significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r. s, I have a
kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
of the most significant postings.
The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of the articles.
Many include an excerpt, and all include message IDs for the articles I
cover. This may or may not be useful to you, depending on how long your
site stores articles in the newsgroup before expiring them.
Free A.r.s Week in Review subscriptions are available, just email me at
rkeller~voicenet. com
It is archived at:
http: /luser 1 . i I . net/~mallen/scn/arswr/ars-summary. html
> Travolta
Scientologist John Travolta made news this week when he visited the
Celebrity Center in Hollywood this week. From the August 5th AP story:
"John Travolta, having a phenomenal year with the success of films like
Phenomenon and Broken Arrow, turned out to celebrate Scientology, the
religious group he credits for much of his success.
"Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, went to a Hollywood party Saturday
night to mark the 27th anniversary of the Scientology Celebrity Centre
	A.r.s Week in Review - 8/11/96	Page 2
"'It's always been a safe haven for me in a town like Hollywood,' Travolta
said. 'I have friends and I have knowledge here."'
Message-ID: <4uSfnl$5gl~news.interlog.com>
> Cruise
Scientologist/Actor Tom Cruise is the subject of a boycott and protest in
Germany this week. UPI and the AP released stories on August 8th
describing the boycott of the movie "Mission Impossible" by young members
of the Christian Democratic Union, the ruling political party. From the
"A youth organization appealed for a boycott today of Tom Cruise's new
movie 'Mission Impossible,' because the American actor is a Scientologist.
The call came after a leading politician said German authorities should
put the Los Angeles-based Church of Scientology under observation as an
extremist group.
"German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's government says the organization has aims
that threaten democracy and is not a church but a business enterprise with
some traits of organized crime.
"A youth organization belonging to Kohl's party said its members would go
to movie theaters where the German-dubbed version of ~Iission Impossible'
starts playing today, and pass out flyers alleging 'dangerous wheeling and
dealings of the Scientology organization."The tactic of Scientology is
to connect it with the notion of success,' said Burkhard Remmers, head of
the Christian Democratic Union Youth Organization in Lower Saxony state.
'That is aided by the many U.S. stars who go on publicity tours in Europe.
But Scientology does not mean success.'
"Franz Riedl, a spokesman at Scientology's German headquarters in Hamburg,
said the boycott call was 'a rebellion of midgets' and part of
politicians' attempts 'to exploit Scientology's fame for their own
From UPI:
"Young members of Germany's ruling Christian Democratic Union set up
stalls and placards outside cinemas Thursday, urging moviegoers to shun
Tom Cruise's latest film, 'Mission Impossible,' as it opened in Germany.
"The Junge Union claims the Church of Scientology, to which Cruise belongs