Title: European Parliament on sects in 1995
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20 March 1997

                 ANNUAL REPORT
                on respect for human rights in the European Union (1995)
                Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs 
                Rapporteur:    Mrs Claudia Roth


The European Parliament,
- having regard to its resolution of 29 February 1996 on cults in Europe
9, [see below]


The right to live and die in dignity
23.    Considers that the violation of certain basic rights perpetrated
by some sects should be combatted by means of careful provision of
information and application of the laws in force;

24.    Voices its deep concern at the unlawful or criminal activities
perpetrated by certain sects and at the violation by some of them of
their members' psychological integrity, such violations being all the
more serious as they sometimes concern minors;

25.    Calls on the Member States, with due regard for the principles of
the rule of law, to take whatever action is needed to combat violations
of fundamental rights perpetrated by certain sects and, if the legal
basis and grounds therefor exist, to provide for them to be prohibited;

26.    Reaffirms that freedom of religion includes the removal of all
forms of discrimination between religions, rites and cults and
reiterates its request that the governments of the Member States should
not systematically grant the status of religious organization and should
provide for the possibility of depriving sects which engage in
clandestine or criminal activities of this status, which confers on them
tax advantages and a degree of legal protection;


Fundamental rights and freedoms
36.    Reaffirms that freedom of thought, conscience and religion and
the freedom of association constitute fundamental rights of citizens of
the Union;
40.    Calls on the Member States to ban all discrimination on grounds
of religion, rites and cults, notably in the relationship between state
and citizen; firmly states that the right to religious freedom entails
the right freely to practise and express this religion;

9 OJ C 78, 18.03.1996, p. 31.

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