Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health
by L Ron Hubbard.

Dianetics describes itself as a blueprint for the mind.
And introduces something called the reactive mind.
However - what this book does do... to anyone who reads it
and 'thinks' they understood it and that it "makes sense"
is this.

being a blueprint for Hubbards view of what the mind is.
It causes the reader to assume his mind works this way.
By implication, Dianetics, causes the reader to

The proof of this conjecture

Is after thousands of dollars of 'processing'
the final end congnition - realization, is
in fact a true one - is that

damn straight you do, only it doesnt occurr to you
that you mock it up because of you read DIANETICS!

So here we have the perfect scam.

A book that by IMPLICATION
causes the adherent to create a
mock up of a reactive mind - Hubbardian style...

Then a complex, expensive, gobbldegoop, technology
that extracts the maximum amount of money for
relieving the same situation it created.

Now this PATTERN OF CONDUCT repeats itself on the
UPPER LEVELS that the scam artists describe

yup, it sure is advanced technology,
the most complicated fraud in the history of man!

You see Hubbard then initiates
those who have reached a state of
"Being willing to believe ANYTHING"
{that's my definition of a Scientologist)

into the Afterburner stages of the scam

To consume any money they might have left.
By inventing Body Thetans...
and the exclusive Copyright and once Trade secreted
means of removing them - NOTS Auditing and the
story of Xenu and the Space cooties.
Hubbard even ha a laugh, when ou are told
to 'run the incient of OTIII, Incident II,
only up until you see the picture of the

I bet its a jaunty looking natical pilot with bad teeth too

And the Cognition at OT8?

"I now know what Im not and am ready to find out what I am"

Give me a break.... thats why many joined scientology..

There is another theory that is titillating me lately,
that actual nerve synapses, the repeaters on a nerve trunk lines,
when artificially stimulated, [irritated ]
for thousands of hours by the DC current of the
Emeter - might look, and READ on the emeter just like
BODY THETANS... you see Hubbard said, if someone doesnt
"Have any body thetans" when they get to OT III
send them back to do more auditing at the lower levels..
{ to hold the cans for a good long time... until the BT's "appear"

Perhaps its just the Emeter current
induced damage that becomes the Body Thetans.
hubbard used to hold the cans for hours..
I bet he had thousands of irritating nerve synapses.

I discussed this with Michael Pattinson Full OT8
and he said he thought he had tons of BTs..
until he put the CANS down..
then they gradually went away..

Dennis Erlich said he could feel the
electricity, and thought it was a factor
when he first left the cult of scams...

And the research Ive been doing supports this
rather 'the truth is out there' conjecture,
in many surprising ways

So thats my summation of how this scam works

This is the CORE secret.

Near the center of the Onion of deception

Arnie Lerma