Title: Re: OSA ALERT: "Handling the situation in Maryland"
Nuke <nukewaster@aol.com
Date: 16 Oct 1999 18:09:06 -0700

Glad to see the efforts of Marylanders acknowledged by the Cult of Greed and
Power. Means the Task Force was on the right track. Funny, Dan Fefferman failed
to mention any $cientology connections or support on Maryland Public TV
recently. The AFF's Ron Loomis kicked some cult apologist butt. (Transcript
soon, thank you, XenuBatChild).

ROSCHUNI; and LLOYD EBY should have their houses picketed for exercising their
Constitutional Freedoms? No, of course not, we'll leave that tactic to the
Scientologists bedazzled by the smoke and mirrors of LRH and David the Dwarf.

Wanna give Dan Fefferman an earful about his choice of counsel at ICRF@aol.com,you see 
Scientologist Kenrick Moxon as well as Eric Lieberman both work for 
Scientology (as if he doesn't already know?!?) 

On 16 Oct 1999 17:27:30 -0500 in <slrn80hre1.j8o.elkube@min.net , elkube@min.net
 Andreas Heldal-Lund - www.xenu.net sez:
   | I just got this by e-mail. This is an alert OSA now sends 
   | out to Maryland members:
   | I have been sent a copy of your comm on how well you are 
   | doing as a Scientologist, which is well done.
   | We are working on handling a situation in Maryland 
   | regarding potential religious discrimination against new 
   | religious movements in Maryland, being fostered by known 
   | anti religous movement members. A resolution was passed
   | which mandates the creation of a "fact finding" Task 
   | Force who are to determine whether or not there should be 
   | legislation enacted to prevent "cult" activities on 
   | college campuses. The hearings have been very biased and 
   | I am concerned about this situation.
   | I would appreciate it if you would please call Sue Taylor, 
   | our Director of Special Affairs Public Relations Officer 
   | in Washington D.C. who is working with me to handle this 
   | threat to religious freedom.
   | ARC
   | Lee Kemp, Secretary
   | for Heber Jentzsch
   | President CSI
 	this was in response to maryland's 'task force to
 	study the effects of cult activities on public
 	senior higher education institutions'. 
 	a coalition of religious groups, supported by the
 	unification church ('moonies'), sued to prevent the 
 	task force from delivering its final report: 
 	guess who leads the legal team? kendrick moxon!
 	the suit was dismissed on the grounds that the 
 	plaintiffs did not have adequate standing, ie,
 	they couldn't demonstrate they'd be harmed if
 	the report was released. apparently, their 
 	complaint on the constitutionality of the task
 	force is still pending.
 	the final report was delivered to the governor
 	of maryland a couple wks ago. it is avaliable at
 	the 1st part of the report is boring administrative
 	details: we met on this date, at this location,
 	these members were in attendance, we heard testimony
 	from these people, proceedings are publicly available,
 	etc. contrary to what the legal complaint says about 
 	the lack of representatives from 'cults', there seem 
 	to have been a fair number of such folks, as well as 
 	a couple of our favorite cult apologists.
 	note that inspite of the plaintiffs denial of
 	religious freedom claims, the task force did not
 	actually address the issue of *religious* cults, 
 	choosing instead to define a 'cult' very generally
 	as a harmful group. their mission statement:
 	"To determine the extent to which there are groups 
 	whose activities on the campuses of USM institutions, 
 	St. Mary's college, or Morgan State University are, 
 	intentionally or innocently, inappropriately:
 	--causing demonstrable physical, psychological or
 	  emotional harm to students
 	--interfering substantially with the educational
 	  mission of the institutional policies and /or
 	--violating institutional policies and/or federal,
 	  state or local laws.
 	and to make recommendations concerning courses of 
 	action that might be pursued by individuals or 
 	institutions to assist in the prevention and/or 
 	resolution of those problems."
 	a list of 'cult' characteristics from the report:
 	 1) absolute obedience to leaders 
 	 2) charismatic, inspired and dogmatic leaders 
 	 3) deceit 
 	 4) threats 
 	 5) coercive persuasions 
 	 6) retention techniques
 	 7) alienation from family, friends and society 
 	 8) physical and/or emotion abuse 
 	 9) mind control 
 	10) exploitation 
 	11) world view denouncing current values and beliefs
 	12) blackmail
 	gee, how many fit co$?
 	the conclusion of the report was disappointingly
 	bland: cults are a complex issue, the incidence
 	of harm is very small but significant, we need to
 	educate our students in recognizing danger, we 
 	need to provide a source of information for
 	students and their parents, and so on.
 	generally i am rather sensitive to freedom-of-
 	religion issues, but i have trouble understanding
 	what all the arm-flailing was about over this
 	task force, especially after reading its final
 	report that said pretty much nothing. it seems 
 	to me that co$ (and the other 'cults') acted 
 	exceedingly guilty for having not been accused 
 	of anything.
 	as one contributor to the _chronicle of higher 
 	education_'s online forum wrote about this task
 	force: 'truth invites investigation; it has 
 	nothing to hide'.
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