Title: copyright alert
Author: tilman@berlin.snafu.de (Tilman Hausherr)
Date: 23 Oct 1997 11:15:38 -0700

[ note by Lerma: The internet may be the ultimate forum with which to achieve world peace, tolerant co-existence and social justice. If a functioning judiciary is the difference between armed gangs fighting in the street with guns and a 'civilized society', then the sharing of information and opinions in a world dialogue facilitated by the Internet and an 'unfettered media' will enable citizenry to make educated balanced decisions in order to help correct our current societal shortcomings which exist because not enough information is available through our media and other conventional means.... for whatever reason..-And the 2nd amendment should apply to "the right to keep and bear 'information' in order to protect oneself from despotism of any kind, from those who seek to destroy evidence and information and those who use copyright to conceal evidence of fraud ] and [ unless one is using copyright to conceal or perpetrate FRAUD, anyone, even Bill Gates would understand this public interest exemption to copyright, which must exist, in order to bring an end to the use of armed conflict to end disputes ]

I found this on a mailing list I subscribe (not the one below). Let's
not forget that "former" scientologist Sonny Bono is co-responsbibe for
this, and that it is part of the scientology agenda. Scientology has
already lost copyrights to the public domain in the past.

> Subject: Action alert: Threats to the public domain
> Date: Tue, 21 Oct 97 15:40:36 EDT
> From: John Mark Ockerbloom <spok+@gs1.sp.cs.cmu.edu>
> Sender: spok+@gs1.sp.cs.cmu.edu
> Two bills have been recently introduced in Congress that would seriously
> weaken the public domain, the source of the majority of the books now
> available on-line free of charge.  Both appear to be placed on a
> "fast track", so stopping them will require rapid action.
> The first is a revision to the copyright law that would extend all
> copyrights now in force for an additional 20 years (long past the lifetimes
> of the authors that copyright was designed to encourage).  This would
> keep older works out of the public domain for nearly a century after
> publication.
> Copyright extension bills have been proposed for the last couple of years,
> and have generally not gotten past the subcommittee hearings stage.
> However, this one has apparently already passed through the subcommittee
> without hearing, and is now in front of the full House Judiciary Committee,
> with a nearly identical bill now in the Senate as well.  For full
> information on the bill, why it's harmful, and what can be done to stop it,
> see Professor Dennis Karjala's page, at
>   http://www.public.asu.edu/~dkarjala/
> The second bill is a "database protection bill" being pushed by a few
> big database companies to put certain public domain materials
> under intellectual property controls.  Unlike the bill above, which
> would simply freeze the public domain for at least 20 years, this would
> effectively *remove* material already belonging to the public from
> the public domain.  It would take away a right that the public has
> had up till this time to freely use factual information.  This too
> could seriously hurt the dissemination of knowledge.
> A critical report on the bill, including the full text of the bill,
> can be found in a Hyperlaw report at
>   http://www.essential.org/listproc/upd-discuss/msg00599.html
> (Thanks to Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg for forwarding me that report!)
> This information has also been placed on the News section of the On-Line
> Books Page, and on a new sub-page we've started for resources on free
> speech, fair use, and the public domain.  I'd love to hear about any
> links that would be useful to include on the latter page.
> John
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