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>Scientologists are continually led to believe that somehow
>they need to support the organization in order to insure
>it's survival. This is totally false since most of the
>resources do not go to support the needs of the parishoners
CST Bylaws - "The corporation shall have no members"

Truth canot be destroyed, only perverted, so there is no downside to
fighting anything as long as one is guided by love of truth.

>In fact, if there are any positive aspects of Scientology
>this would be the only thing to survive the eventual
>collapse of the current heavy-handed system.

Though, what you describe as "heavy handed" is in fact fascistic

>Most Staff and sea-org are not in it for the money
>and actually want to help people. As such, when
>the organization falls, the good natured rank-and-file
>Scientologists would be attracted to others who would
>come up with more effective solutions to make auditing
>available to others.

why limit 'effective solutions' to 'auditing'?

>The whole system is based on individuals taking responsibility,
>so at the moment, any good that has occured is becuase
>individuals at the local level have worked hard to make
>things work. The high fees and heavy restrictions only
>make their job much, much harder so that when the central
>organization falls, it will be much easier for the
>majority of good-natured folks to make an impact.

There is no "OT" without complete responsibility. including
responsibility through time...

The limited apparancy of 'responsibility' in Scientology which is
merely "true for you" is not true enough to carry the weight of any
real personal power.

David Miscavige's brand of $cientology PROVES this on a daily basis.

>In such an environment, there would also be the opportunity
>for tolerance amongst all those who would have differing
>views as to how one might apply the experience now
>gained from Scientology even if it be in conjunction
>with newer applications or others systems.

If any therapy, of any kind, improves your life, beyond the $cientology
glib 'If it's true for you, it's true for you' and beyond any real damage that
it might do to others [ www.slatkinfraud.com comes to mind ]-
because you dont stand alone, none of us is standing alone,
we are all connected, flying through the universe on
spaceship earth. it should be considered as a valid weapon in the
arsenal against not only human suffering, but all evil and greed
induced suffering of all life forms upon this planet.
>Becuase of this, the best thing that could ever happen
>to Scientology is for the current closed-system
>to collapse. If the purpose is to find a solution

yes, I have concluded, that there is no other solution.

$cientology's OSA cheiftan Mike Rinder told me just before scientology lost their trade secret
claims in Judge BRinkema's court in december 95... "we can make this
all go away" what will it take? he asked

I told him, You guys are gonna have to chenge your evil ways...

He said "we will never do that"

I said, see you in court...

They lost their trade secrets and OUR war continues

>that is the greatest good for the greatest number
>of dynamics, then the current system clearly exludes
>too many people (most of them in fact) to be a positive solution.

The current system is based on exploit and greed.
The greatest good for scientology is confused with
the greatest good for all life forms of this grand
Gaia system we all live in and share.

End note:

The term ' The 7th son" came from the indigenous indian's saying and
viewpoint about how to manage a tribe's affairs.
Decisions were to be based upon what was best for the 7th generation
ahead of the situation at hand. To attempt to plan so far ahead
denotes a vision that eludes contemporay earth corporate thinkers....

Who are now infected with Hubbard's make-it-go-right lie regarding
the statistics of the next quarterly earnings report instead of the
consequences of actions today might have upon the '7th son.'

Contrast the "7th Son" to Scientology's 'Thursday at 2PM...'**

Did Hubbard know he would be 'found out' someday?

Perhaps there is no planning ahead in Scientology because
Hubbard knew that for $cientology there will be no 7th son.

** Thursday at 2Pm is the end of the statistic week in scientology
orgamnzations, if the statistic is up one is UPSTAT and way too
cool... if it is down, one is in deep deep doo-doo....."

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Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics...

I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
The only thing that always works in scientology are its lawyers
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