FYI - If someone stays up for a while on amphetamine, speed, bezidrene etc
aka 'Bennies' [ which they were known as in the fifties ] one will note that
one tends to grit ones teeth resulting in a sore jaw.....hereafter for a while

There is one line below where the word 'weeks' appears to me to be an
error and should read hours, but the meaning doesn't matter.

Ron DeWolf - LRon Hubbard's son, who changed his name from Ron Hubbard Jr to
Ron DeWolf was also known as "NIBS" stated the following
under penalty of perjury:

"When I arrived in Pheonix Arizona in early '52. He had just arrived from
Witchita with Mary Sue. And the very first day -- the very first day I arrived,
he wantd me audited immediately. But I had been ---- driven all night, and I was
18 years old. I knew nothing about Scientology. All I had read was Dianetics:
The modern Science of mental health, and it never really interested me very
much as a book when I was young. So after a couple of weeks there, we
got involved -- he asked me to sit down on the couch, and I was high
on Benzedrine, Bennies. And we started doing quote "research" on
a book called History of Man. So we spent a couple, three days on that.

Here's the book here, The History of Man; here's a copy of it. And all
the incidents -- he did a few with Mary Sue, but the majority of incidents in
it were off the top of my head, as I had upwards of twenty, thirty milligrams of
Bennies in me. This is -- but the thing about this interests -- the interesting
thing about the book is that its purported to be -- it is presented as these are
incidents which are common to all -- everybody's past.. this is the
PR about the book
this is the thrust of the book that these are early genetic incidents in the
ancient primoral past of each and every man woman and child on earth...
And it came out of my drug trip And the -- I dont know how many thousands of
people have been audited on those particular incidents, like return to the
clam This is where, genetically, your were a clam and you're having jaw trouble,
and that was one of the bases of -- according toScientology and
my father, thats one of the bases of bad teeth, bad -- having trouble with
your jaws because you were having an engram as a clam fifty trillion years
ago..But --"

End of excerpt page 2-14- line 22 through 2-15- line 11
Clearwater Commission Hearings re Scientology
Thursday May 6th, 1982