The trial started on April 3 in Moscow. The lawsuit was filed by Russian so called "Peoples Committee on the Freedom of Conscience" headed by former priest Gleb Yakunin (who was defrocked for activities "incompatible with the service of a clergyman") against Alexander Dvorkin, head of the information and consultative center of Saint Martyr Iriney Lionsky of Moscow Patriarchate, for his booklet "10 questions to a hesitant stranger or a manual for those who do not want to be recruited". Yakunin fights for the honor and dignity of "religious organizations registered in Russia" which Dvorkin named as totalitarian sects among which are Krishna’s consciousness society, Church of Scientology, Moon's unification church, and others..

Not one of sects have joined the suit.

Krishna's consciousness society issued a paper saying that they don't give rights to Yakunin to represent their interests. Nevertheless representatives of sects are sitting in the court hall and submitting papers to the plaintiffs. Some adepts from Scientology and one from Krishna have joined with personal suits, but with the beginning of the trial they removed their suits from the process declaring that they are CHRISTIAN-ORTHODOX-SCIENTOLOGISTS (!?)(accompanied by a loud laugh in the court room) and don't want to be present in the trial against the Russian Orthodox Church.

Two representatives of Peoples Committee on the Freedom of Conscience: Levinson and Osadchev, understanding that they are fighting for the repute of nobody, declared themselves to be members of ALL sects including international groups Krishna's consciousness society, Church of Scientology, Moon's unification church, Church of Christ, Christian mission "Family", Mormons, Jehovian Witnesses, and Russian born groups: Church of Godmother and Vissarion.

They only denied being members of Aum Shinri Kyo, Jim Jones, and David Coresh groups, and [the] White Brotherhood (a Soviet criminal group).

The strange situation arises since Lev Levinson holds positions of the secretary of the Board of Human Rights in the Political Consultative Committee under President Boris Yeltzin and the helper of Russian member of the Parliament Valery Borshev, who is the deputy chairman of the Parliament Committee on Public and Religious Groups.

Is the religious freedom in Russia is so high that sect members rule the policyhere?

In their issue the Plaintiffs declares as a slander the conclusions of the author about sects because not a single criminal case was instituted against those sects in Russia.

During the questining both multisect members showed poor personal knowledge of criminal facts of those sects in the west. They declared that their interests as multisect members will be defended by western specialists (there can be misspellings because of retranslation from Russian)

They declared that they have an agreement to come with all persons. It is a question who will pay for their travel to Moscow because multisectmembers mentioned in the court that they don't have even a rubble on their bankaccount.


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